One shot, something to get me out of my writing funk. I wrote it all on my lonesome, so, fair warning, it's not proof read. I proof nothing. ;-)

Characters aren't mind. They belong to Tess, Janet, Warner Brothers, and the rest.

Some things just happen organically. That's what Maura always tells her whenever Jane makes a snarky comment about something that slowly came into being.

"Man, Maura, how in the hell did my mother manage to worm her way into your life? Aren't you sick of her yet? I mean, she's got to pester you as much as she does me about stuff."

"You know I've always had an affinity for Angela. She's your mother, she needed help, and it seemed like a solution I could help provide that would be easiest for everyone," Maura shrugged as she continued to sauté onions in a small pan on her stovetop.

"Yeah, but, I mean, how did she even get this far? When did you two get so close that you're talking about 'male specimens' anyway? How did that happen?" Jane finished chopping the carrots and moved to the celery.

"Jane, it was only a matter of time. You are my best friend. Angela is your mother. You and your mother are very close, so it stands to reason that I would become close to her as well." Pulling the pan from the heat, she added the onions to a large pot along with the carrots and celery. "I don't understand why this is troublesome to you. Would you rather Angela and I not get along?"

"What? No! God, no. Can you imagine? As much time as you and I spend together, that'd be a nightmare if Ma hated you. I'm just saying it's kind of weird, that's all." Jane began washing the dirty pots and pans as Maura added chicken to the pot of vegetables.

"Jane," Maura's voice held a tinge of frustration, "Some things simply happen organically. Nothing was forced. It just simply is."

"Yeah… yeah… so, how long until dinner?"