"Okay, Jo is with Ma and Bass in the guest house. Frankie's on duty tonight, and Tommy's working the night shift, which means it's just you and me," Jane plopped down on Maura's sofa with a bowl of popcorn in her hand. "Come on, let's start the movie before Ma changes her mind and decides to come in here and bother us."

"Jane, it's eleven at night. She's probably already in bed. That seems to be her normal routine." Maura sat down next to her friend, taking the bowl of popcorn and placing it on the coffee table before throwing a blanket over both of them. "You really want to watch this movie? You're normally not interested in 'chick flicks', as you call them." She snuggled up against the lanky frame next to her, smiling as Jane wrapped her arm around her shoulders.

"Are you kidding me? My Fair Lady is a classic. I've been wanting to watch it all week. Come on, hit play already."

Giving a snort of amusement, Maura fumbled around for the remote beneath the cover, found it, and hit play. "If I fall asleep, it's simply because it's been a long week, not because I dislike the movie."

"It's okay, I'll wake you up for the good stuff," Jane said, eyes glued to screen.

"Henry Higgins is a pig, and I'm always irritated that Eliza goes back to him," Maura stated as the end credits rolled.

"Oh come on, it's a love story, Maura. If she didn't go back, the ending wouldn't feel right. I mean, they clearly love each other."

"Yes, well… be that as it may, love does not conquer all or move mountains, and the man obviously doesn't appreciate her. She does all of these things for him, and not once does he so much as say thank you." Maura sat up, turning to face Jane. "She becomes, in essence, his house slave."

"Hey, she chose to stay. She didn't have to, and he does a lot of stuff for her, too. I mean, he teaches her how to be a better person, provides her with a place to live and food to eat, and he … he takes care of her. A person doesn't take care of another person like Henry takes care of Eliza unless they love them."

"That so?" One elegant eyebrow raised in question.

"Yeah, that's so. See, your problem is you don't understand how we work, people like me and Henry. We don't say how we feel. We show it. It's in the things that we do. Not everyone has a billion word vocabulary where they can just pull out what they're thinking and express it in some thousand word thesis."

"And you think I can?"

"Probably better than I can, yeah. I'm more a woman of action. You're more a woman of thought. You don't really just do something. You have to sit there and analyze it. Think it over, consider all the possibilities, and then go with what you think is best based on testing and data and whatever. Me? I just do it and deal with the consequences later."

"You're saying I never act impulsively?" Again, that eyebrow rose.

"Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying. You normally don't act impulsively. It's just not your thing." Jane shrugged.

A dark look passed through the doctor's eyes before she leaned forward, grabbing the back of the detective's neck and pulling her down and forward to land a hard, demanding kiss on her friend's lips.

Jane pulled back, jaw slack with surprise. "You… what… did you… Kiss?"

Maura gave a smug smirk. "See? I can act impulsively."

"Maura, you just kissed me." The detective's breath was slightly ragged.

"Yes, I did," came the self-satisfied reply.

Narrowing her eyes, Jane slowly stood up, turned the television off, and offered her hand to the still smug looking doctor. "Come on."

The smugness faltered. "Where are we going?"

"To bed." Jane pulled Maura to her feet and led them toward the master bedroom.

"Jane… are you angry? Please don't be angry with me. I was just trying to…"

She was cut off with another kiss, gentle but no less demanding. "No, I'm not angry."

"Oh," Maura gave a shy smile. "Do we need to talk about it?"

"No, I don't think so." Jane smiled, eyes sparkling in the low light.

"No? But, there's so much to think about, so many things to consider."

"I don't think so," the taller woman began walking again, pulling the doctor with her.

"There aren't?" Confusion was clear in Maura's question.

"No, there aren't," Jane answered as she opened the bedroom door. "Some things simply happen organically. Nothing was forced. It just simply is." Jane turned, walking backward into the room so she could see Maura's reactions, motioning for the smaller woman to close the door behind her. Voice lowering to a raspy whisper, she added, "Right?"


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