So I was browsing through some Hetalia fanfiction and I noticed a lot of fanfiction based on the perspectives of the 50 States of America. So then another idea popped in my head to write a one-shot (or just random spieling by each State…) about all of the 50 States! The idea of this is to learn some facts (possibly unnecessary information, whatever) about each State and get an idea of how each State might be if they were real people. Maybe.

The chapters will go in order of when each State was ratified, so Delaware's up first!

State One: Delaware

Delaware (DE)
Nicknames – The Diamond State/The First State
Ratified – December 7, 1787
Capital – Dover
Largest City – Wilmington
Size by Area – 49th in U.S.
Size by Population – 45th in U.S.
State Flower – Peach Blossom
State Bird – Blue Hen Chicken
State Song – "Our Delaware"
Motto – Liberty and independence
Random Fact – Delaware is the only State without a National Park, but it does have a National Wildlife Refuge.
Height – 4'10
Gender – Male
Personality – Obnoxious for his short stature. Always likes to rub it in people's faces that he was the first State to ratify. Claims to be close with Maryland, but she only puts up with him. Likes to annoy Pennsylvania. Very random for no reason.

"Hey! I'm Delaware! I'm the best State in forever because I'm number one!" Delaware shouted to no one in particular inside his small house. Pennsylvania huffed beside him and crossed her arms.

"…But you're the shortest of us all," she remarked.

"Shut up! Nuh-uh! Rhode Island is shorter than me!" Delaware pointed out.

"Nobody cares about Rhode Island."

"Because you guys are all admiring how awesome I am 'cause I'm number one!"

"Yeah, number one idiot." Pennsylvania rolled her eyes.

"Shut up! So I'm short. Doesn't mean I'm not cool! What do you think, Maryland?" Delaware turned to the slightly taller State next to him. "We're close, right? Do you think I'm cool?"

"U-um…" Maryland fiddled with her dress. "I-I don't…"

"See?" Delaware spun around to face Pennsylvania, not bothering to hear Maryland finish her sentence. "She thinks I'm cool.

Pennsylvania raised her eyebrow. "She never even said-"

"Shut up! I think you're just mad because you were the second State to ratify and not the first, like me!" Delaware pointed his index finger toward Pennsylvania, almost poking her eye out.

She didn't flinch. "I don't really care, actually."

"Jealous! That's it! You're jealous! Admit it!"

"…You are annoying." Pennsylvania balled her hand into a fist. "I'm about to hit you."

"Anyway, I'm bored now." He brushed Pennsylvania off and faced Maryland again. "Wanna go do something, Maryland?"

"U-um, not really…" Maryland timidly replied.

"Great! Let's go swimming!" He announced, yet again ignoring Maryland.

"You are so incredibly random!" Pennsylvania threw her hands up in frustration. "It's forty-three degrees outside! You can't go swimming!

"Yes I can! I can do anything 'cause I'm first!"

"You're making absolutely no sense!"

"Oh, hey, look!" Delaware suddenly pointed to a green Styrofoam object on the side table. "It's my number one foam finger! Awesomeness! See, this just proves how awesome I am!"

Pennsylvania inspected it. "…It says 'Made in China.'"

"Yeah, 'cause even China knows how awesome I am. He made it for me."

Pennsylvania's cheeks began to burn in anger. " I swear to I don't even know what, I'm going to hit you!"

"I want some popcorn." Delaware said randomly.

"What happened to swimming in forty degree weather?" Pennsylvania asked.

"Nah, I wanna watch a movie and eat some popcorn." Delaware walked over to his small collection of movies by the TV.

Pennsylvania shook her head. "You are too spontaneous…"

"W-what movie are you going to watch?" Maryland attempted to ask.

"Hmm, let's see…" Delaware pulled a few movies out and tossed them aside. "I got Firstborn, First Dog, 50 First Dates, First Daughter… You know, I only like watching the first date on 50 First Dates, 'cause the rest aren't as good…"

Pennsylvania facepalmed. "Sigh… Geezus…

"Oh, let's watch Pokemon: The First Movie! 'Cause that's the best one!" Delaware held up the familiar movie.

"Seriously?" Pennsylvania questioned.

"Shut up!"

Anything I say isn't meant to offend anyone who lives in those States in any way. Just figured I'd say that now. I'm just poking fun.