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Untold Stories of the Trauma Center

Chapter 1: Wait…what?


"What the hell is this supposed to be?" One Doctor said, "Don't know, a furry worm?" another said, then a Nurse shuddered "Creepy…"

They were looking in the fridge.

"Let me see" Dr. Simon Keller, resident cardiothoracic surgeon and the hospital 'nutcase' as people jokingly called him; behind his back. Well he did have a chainsaw he kept in his office, which he often lit on fire…so…, add pyromaniac to the list. "What are we looking at…?" he asked, reaching the fridge "Holy crap!" he yelled "Shut the door, shut the door!" after he slammed the door, back to it, he panted "What…the…hell…was that!" the Doctor that first noticed it grimaced "That's what we were trying to figure out" Simon then took a hesitant step away from the fridge "What should we do?" he said "Blow it up?"

While the three doctors and the nurse tried to figure out what to do with it, 'it's' next 'victim' was nearing…Derek Stiles. "What's going on everybody?" he asked "Monster in the fridge" the nurse said like this was a regular occurrence. Derek slowly turned to her "A monster…?" then he chuckled and proceeded to open the fridge….

….thirty seconds later, he was frantically shoving a chair in front of the fridge door "You…" he took a deep breath "…were right!" the celebrated surgeon who took down GUILT was freaking out at whatever was in that fridge as his assistant, Angie Thompson approached the steadily growing mass of doctors/nurses "Doctor?" she inquired as Derek was now sitting in the chair in an attempt to hold it down "A-angie.." he smiled nervously. As the surgeon attempted to explain everything to his assistant, 'it's' next 'victim' approached… Gabriel Cunningham. As he approached, he silently grabbed the chair Derek was in and just…shoved it. "What the hell were you doing in front of the fridge anyway?" he asked after Derek bumped into the wall, Derek; instead of answering just said "Don't open that…" as the Diagnostician simply smirked and grabbed the door's handle…

…fifteen seconds later, Gabe was standing in front of the door, just like Simon had earlier "The hell was that?" he looked to everyone standing there "Told you" Derek said as the nurse muttered "Monster in the fridge" ever so casually "I am never going to get used to this place" she added with a shudder. Angie turned to Simon "Is it really a 'monster'?" she asked the cardiothoracic surgeon who just nodded and watched in dismay as the nurse reached for the handle "ANGIE!" practically everyone shouted as she instantly recoiled, sighing "If this really is a 'monster'…" she air quoted "…what are we supposed to do with it?" she asked as the group huddled together.

"I said blow it up" Simon said.

"My vote'd go to having Maria dispose of it" Gabe said.

"I'm with Simon, kill it with fire" Derek shuddered.

Angie just sighed.

The sound of the fridge opening caught everyone's attention. It was CR-S01.

"Shut the door!" the entire group shouted to the surgeon. He did as told "Is there a problem?" he asked "Monster in the fridge" everyone said simultaneously. He raised an eyebrow as he turned back to the fridge…

"Don't open it…" Simon warned.

"Careful kid…" Gabe warned.

"Step away from the fridge…" Derek warned.

Angie had yet again remained silent. Trying to figure out what it really is.

CR opened the door and looked inside "I see no 'monsters'" he stated.

"Maybe he scared it off" Simon said as Gabe and Derek chuckled. Even Angie giggled a bit.

CR walked to the group "The only thing in there is an excessive amount of mold" he said "there is no living creature in the refrigerator."

Everyone looked to each other then started laughing.


Lesson learned: Never leave food in the fridge and then forget it for several weeks, it may start growling at you.

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