Untold Stories of the Trauma Center.

Chapter Four: Tedium Thy Name is Trauma Center.


A few weeks after the Komodo Dragon incident, things were back to normal. CR-S01 as stoic as ever(and beginning to develop freezer burn), Gabe, going to eventually lose a lung, Hank...disappearing at the oddest times, Maria inflicting bodily harm on an intern for bumping into her, no one knowing where the hell Tomoe is, Naomi and Little Guy getting embarrassed by Simon...

"Dude just kiss her." "Doctor!"

"What? You know you want to."

...Angie, camping in Derek's office in stern belief that the Komodo Dragon is going to pop outta no where and Derek sitting at his desk trying to do a Rubix Cube instead of his paperwork "I...got it...come ooonnn...AUGH DAM-"

"Doctor Stiles!"


The nurse shook her head.

There was a knock on the office door "Yo, I need to talk to-"

"He's not-"

Simon waltzed in "Oh he is...and so are you...mwhahahah..."

Derek facepalmed. Angie on the other hand, she was still bitter about the whole 'He wanted to use me as bait' thing...

She stood up and started poking him in the chest backing him out of the door...Thirty Seconds later...

She wound up upside down in a trash can.


Simon walked over to the Nurse's Office and gave a sigh "Another cat's-"

"Do you mean this cat?"

Simon jumped a foot in the air iGod Dammit Tomoe!/i

He tuned his head and stopped at the hall "Uh...Cunningham? What are you...?"

He was walking down the hall pretty much strutting. He was whistling.

Simon turned back to Tomoe...who wasn't there. iHow the hell does she do THAT!?/i


Naomi and Little Guy were in the former's office with the door closed.

An Intern stopped and listened...

"Gently now..." Naomi said in a hushed tone "...slide it in nice and slow."

The Intern blinked.

"But what if-" Navel's, aka Little Guy's, voice was heard. "Shh...just relax."

The Intern got beet red.

From inside...one would see..

Naomi was teaching Navel how to play Jenga. They were re-stacking it,


One afternoon, out by the pool, everyone was enjoying themselves.



Everyone bolted. Hank was a literal cannon ball.

Everyone but Gabe got away. He wound up drenched head to toe "What the hell...?"

The others snickered.

Gabe muttered, pulling his shirt off.

You're Welcome Ladies.