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Winter Cup Finals – Seirin vs. Rakuzan

Aomine shook his head as the entire stadium exploded with cheers. Ever since Touou lost against Seirin in the second match, he knew that sooner or later, Seirin would win against his former captain's team. There was so much potential in both Kagami and Kuroko, and they had improved tremendously since their last match with Touou.

He felt his gaze straying towards a certain red-haired basketball player. The happiness on Kagami's face was contagious. Reluctantly, he felt a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. When Kagami was happy, his entire body seemed to radiate his happiness. His red eyes seemed to gleam and shine from his delight. His red hair, damp with sweat, stuck against his forehead, and his cheeks were flushed with pride and euphoria. Kagami was exuding such genuine joy that it hurts. Aomine don't remember being that happy before.

He absently chewed on the inside of his cheek, shoving his hands into his pockets. As the cheering started to die down and the congratulations were paused to make way for the award ceremony, he turned around to leave.

"You're not going to stay and see him, Aominecchi?" He was forced to stop as a familiar blonde blocked his way.

"No." he answered grudgingly, seeing as the blonde utterly refused to step out of the way. "It isn't necessary."

He sidestepped Kise easily, swerving to the side as the blonde tried to tackle him. Kise pouted as Aomine effortlessly avoided him. The Touou's ace was as annoyingly evasive as ever. Like a slippery snake, Kise thought, an insult – a compliment, really – Kagami had given him after their second match. The rematch between the two schools was one of the best and most exciting to watch in the tournament. Both Power Forwards definitely had improved by leaps and bounds since the first match. Both were unrelenting and fierce in their assaults and defences. Both were unwilling to give in. It was probably Aomine and Kagami's toughest match in the Winter Cup. During the entire match, Kise was on the edge of his seat, too tense and excited to sit still. The rematch between Seirin and Touou was definitely a spectacular match. In the end, Seirin won by a point difference. Despite the unexpected loss on Touou's side, everyone left the stadium amazed.

"Huh, what are you talking about? Why would it be unnecessary?" Kise asked curiously. "I am so sure that Kagamicchi would be happy if he sees you!"

"Stop talking nonsense, Kise." Aomine said blankly. "Why would he be happy seeing me?"

Kise barely managed to stop himself from rolling his eyes. Sometimes, Aomine was really dense.

"But I thought he like–" Kise yelped as a fist smashed against the back of his head, cutting him off.

Midorima ignored the blonde's whining as he turned to address him. "Aomine, I thought you weren't going to come."

"It's a match between Captain Akashi and Seirin. I wouldn't miss it for the world." Aomine said.

Midorima nodded slowly in agreement. The trio glanced over at their former captain's incredulous expression. The redhead was frozen stiff with shock, unresponsive to his team.

"This must really be a shocker for him." Kise murmured. In all the years he had known Akashi Seijuro, he had never once seen his former captain lost before. Seirin, the entire team, were evolving so fast that even the Generation of Miracles found some difficulties catching up.

"I have to go." Aomine suddenly said, staring at the screen of his phone. "Satsuki and the others are looking for me."

His dark eyes flickered over to the both of them, half-lidded and mysterious. Those eyes of Aomine never failed to give Midorima the impression that they're judging his worth. It was a little disconcerting whenever Aomine stared at him that way.

"I'll see you guys again. Maybe." Aomine said monotonously and he sounded so much like Kuroko that Kise could not help but winced.

He turned away, and the pair watched him left to where the Touou team was waiting.

Another thing that had changed other than the reconciliation of their relationship was the relationship of Aomine and his own basketball team. In the rematch between Seirin and Touou, the one reason Seirin was having such a terribly hard time was because Aomine was actually working together with his teammates. The combined teamwork of Touou and their own individual skills increased their strength immensely. Kise was actually a tad surprised to see how efficient Touou became when Aomine was willingly working with them. It was a very big change when you compared to the past where Touou was only depending on Aomine.

In fact, Kise mused, the change only happened when Kagami seemed to mysteriously become friends with Aomine. He had a sneaking suspicion that Kagami had something to do with that. No one dared to ask Aomine what happened though, and Kagami seemed to be threatened by Aomine to not tell anyone under 'the pain of death', as said by Aomine himself.

The two Power Forwards might seem different as day and night at first glance, but they were more alike than they think.

Aomine exhaled slowly, quietly enjoying the night breeze. It's such a good night, he thought absently. He decided to take a short walk around the park before heading home. He glanced up and stopped in his tracks in slight surprise upon seeing the figure in front of him. The red hair was so glaringly bright and vivid even in the darkness.

"Kagami?" he murmured in confusion. Shouldn't he be celebrating with his team right now?

Kagami's head jerked up, dark eyes instantly seeking him out. A grin appeared on his face and he pushed away from the streetlight he was leaning against.

"Hey, Aomine! I was waiting for you. I knew you would walk through this path." He smiled, jogging up towards Aomine.

"Why are you here? Shouldn't you be celebrating with your team right now?" Aomine asked, arching his brow delicately.

"Ha ha. Everyone is tired after the match, so we're going to celebrate tomorrow instead." Kagami shrugged, smiling bashfully. "Kise mentioned seeing you, so I came after you. Why did you leave without seeing me?"

"What makes you think I came to the match to see you?" Aomine sneered scathingly, outraged that the redhead would think that he would come to the match just to specially see him. "Don't get too ahead of yourself, Kagami."

"That's not what I mean. I'm just wondering why you left without seeing anyone. Kuroko was hoping to see you, you know." Kagami snapped. Aomine scoffed, looking away. Was it his imagination that he saw the look of disappointment in Kagami's eyes?

"Because I don't feel like seeing anyone." He answered smoothly. He gave Kagami an annoyed glare and stepped around him.

"Hey, wait!" Kagami called out, pivoting on his heels quickly, a hand reaching out towards him. He grabbed the hem of Aomine's sleeve, tugging him back. Aomine stumbled slightly, caught off guard and nearly collided right into the redhead.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Aomine growled, attempting to shove the latter away from him.

Read, attempting.

Kagami had a vice grip on his wrist, his other hand on his hip to steady him. Aomine shuddered as Kagami exhaled softly behind him, warm breath caressing the ridge of his left ear.

"Have you forgotten the favour you still own me, Aomine?" Kagami purred. Aomine jerked away from him and hurriedly put a good distance between the both of them.

"What favour?" he asked coolly. He smirked as Kagami visibly twitched in indignation.

Kagami stalked forward, growling when he backed further away. "Stop trying to be funny! The favour you owned me when I promised you that I won't tell anyone about your hospitalization and our outing!"

Fuck. It had been months since the two of them went to watch the street basketball competition. He thought Kagami had already forgotten about the favour.

"And what about it?" he asked blandly, quirking an eyebrow.

Kagami smirked mischievously and stopped directly in front of him. He casted a suspicious glare at the redhead, the look in his eyes daring the Seirin's ace to try anything funny.

"Well, it's about time you return the favour, isn't it?" Kagami said slyly. "Oh, quit looking at me like that. I'm not asking you to run down the streets naked, am I? It's quite simple really..."

Aomine tensed, the look in his eyes steadily growing darker. He does not like the smirk on Kagami's face. It simply spelled ominous.

"Go out with me, Aomine." Kagami declared.

Wait, what? Aomine balked, speechless with shock. Did Kagami just say what I thought he just said?

"As friends." Kagami hurriedly corrected, noticing the horrified look on his face. He laughed in embarrassment, realizing what his request must have sounded like to others.

"As friends." Aomine echoed dryly. He shot the other boy a deadpanned stare. "Is it really that simple, really?"

"Is it so hard for you to imagine that someone wants to be your friend, Aomine?" Kagami asked mildly, reading his thoughts perfectly.

Yes, he thought scornfully, since the people around me either hates me or are jealous of me.

"You know, Aomine, when I asked you to accompany me to watch the street basketball competition, I initially wasn't expecting much. I had my reservations about you..." Kagami continued speaking when he remained silent. "I was surprised to find myself enjoying your company, and I would like to hang out with you more often. I – I mean... if you allow, of course."

"That was surprisingly eloquent of you." Aomine mocked. The redhead stiffened and glared at him, cheeks red.

He turned away, hiding an amused smile. He ran his fingers through his short hair, silently pondering on Kagami's unexpected revelation. Kuroko's new Light was an interesting man.

"I owned you a favour, after all. If that's what you want." He finally said, half-shrugging. "Just don't expect me to pay for your food or something."

Kagami watched him walked away in surprise. After what Aomine had said finally sank in, he grinned and scampered after the latter.

"Hey, shouldn't you be treating me? You owned me, you know!" Kagami demanded. "You are such a scrooge, Aomine Daiki!"

The two slowly walked off, bickering playfully, or in Aomine's case, in contempt. Their voices faded away, leaving the park completely silent and seemingly untouched by humans. Peace reigned once again, leaving no traces of any of their presences.

And the end.