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From Pottergirl1: Will you forgive me if the prompt is stupid? Cuz I'm not any good at this...okay, maybe like Nick catches Klaine doing "something" in Blaine's room and Santana(she MUST be in there cuz I love her) comments and mentally scars everyone, with a bit of Brittany confusion in there as well? I hope that's okay...

So I tweaked this a little; like, I put them in Kurt and Nick's shared room, because I forgot about that bit of the prompt, and Santana doesn't scar anyone, except possibly Finn...I hope it's okay, though :)

Nick Duval: I so did not want to see that. Thank you very much, Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson!

Kurt Hummel: You could have knocked!

Nick Duval: I didn't know I'd have to! And you could try not making out on MY bed!

Santana Lopez: Okay, hold up. Hummel was getting down and dirty with his pet hobbit? I never thought I'd see the day.

Blaine Anderson: We were just kissing!

Santana Lopez: So says you, Frodo. What sayeth the prep-school wonder?

Nick Duval: They were making out. There was tongue. There was hip action. They were not just kissing.

Santana Lopez: Pretty damning indictment there, Hobbit. Gonna argue?

Nick Duval: It's been five minutes. I don't think he's arguing.

Santana Lopez: Radio silence is very telling, Pippin. Prep school has a point.

Brittany S. Pierce: 'Tana, why did you call him Pippin? Is he Kurt's bird?

Santana Lopez: What? No, Britt. Why would he be a bird?

Brittany S. Pierce: I had a bird called Pippin, but Lord Tubbington ate him.

Blaine Anderson: No, Brittany, I'm not a bird. I wouldn't have facebook if I were a bird.

Brittany S. Pierce: Lord Tubbington has facebook.

Lord Tubbington Pierce: Meow.

Finn Hudson: Wait, what? Kurt and Blaine were making out? Nick Duval, you did not need to share that!

Nick Duval: Sorry, man. Think how I felt, having to see it!

Kurt Hummel: Finn, for goodness' sake, it's not really any of your business.

Finn Hudson: I'm your brother, I don't want to know about what you get up to!

Kurt Hummel: But you could have spoken to me about not wanting to talk about it. You didn't have to make a whole new status about it, two hours after Nick originally posted. I bet everyone is reading this.

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Jeff Sterling: They've done much worse, for the record.

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Kurt Hummel: JEFF!

Finn Hudson: OK, dude, I seriously don't want to know.

Kurt Hummel: Finn, you are such a hypocrite! You don't want to know anything about my sex life, but you're perfectly fine with asking me how to get Rachel to let you get to second base!

Rachel Berry: Excuse me?

Finn Hudson: Thanks, Kurt!

Rachel Berry: Finn Hudson, get yourself on chat right now!

Finn Hudson: Thanks, Kurt!

Kurt Hummel: My pleasure :)

Nick Duval: Oh, for goodness' sake! Guys, if you have to go at it, at least do it on Kurt's bed! Or, I don't know, in Blaine's SINGLE room!

Jeff Sterling: You have to know that they're doing it on purpose now.

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Santana Lopez: Get some, Hummel ;)

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Brittany S. Pierce: Get some of what? I didn't think Kurt liked dip. He say it's fattening.

Nick Duval: ...Does anyone have any idea what she's talking about?

Kurt Hummel: Understanding Britt is kind of an acquired knack. But no, I don't know what she's talking about.

Jeff Sterling: Dip.

Kurt Hummel: Sorry?

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Jeff Sterling: She's talking about dip. Obviously.

Because of course Jeff would be the only one to understand Brittany's insanity.

And my reasoning for Brittany saying what she does in that last one is that the only time she's previously heard that expression is in relation to some kind of dip.