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Today was another day after Sam was suspended after his conduct unbecoming of an officer. He was at home for most of the suspension he was not allowed to have regular contact with Andy. They would stay in contact with email and the occasional text message. They didn't want to have any more reason for the board of investigations at headquarters to keep the suspension going any longer than was necessary. Occasionally they would bump into each other at headquarters when they would go for a meeting with the board. The suspension was killing both of them; they both wanted to be back at work, a job both of them loved but most of all they wanted to be together in every sense of the word. On the job and being able to be open about their relationship to their friends. Everyone at the 15th knew that Sam and Andy had been seeing each other when he was UC.

Sam was finishing the last of the jobs that he had to do in the house. During the suspension he caught up with all the handy man jobs that he kept putting off. He had decorated the whole of his house and was just finishing putting together the last jobs in his bedroom. Which was getting a brand new bed, he thought about things that would keep Andy happy when she would like. So a brand new bed was high on his list because it would be a new bed for him and Andy to use together. So there was no history in connection with the bed, new bed, and new start in life. That had been his focus for a good couple of weeks, making things perfect for her. So he had gone out and bought her a robe and hung it up in his wardrobe. Sam had cleared space for Andy's things in his drawers and wardrobe. He just wanted her to be in his life, more and more as the time passed. Sam had just finished putting the last slat on the base of the new bed when the phone went.

Sam picked up his phone and looked at the caller ID. He didn't recognise the number.

He hit answer and said "Hello"

"Hello, is that Officer Samuel Swarek?" The voice on the other end said.

"Yes, this Sam Swarek."

"Officer Swarek, this is Inspector Vickers from the board of investigations. Would you please report to Headquarters tomorrow afternoon…." Sam's stomach was getting in knots as he was listening to this phone call. "…at 1400 hours. Please come in full dress uniform." That comment made Sam's stomach tighten.

"Yes, sir. Can I ask what this is in connection with?" Sam enquired.

"Sorry, Officer Swarek I can't discuss it over the phone. Will be able to explain to you tomorrow."

"Ok, Sir. Will see you tomorrow at 1400 hours."

"See you tomorrow Officer Swarek" Inspector Vickers hung up the phone.

Sam hung up his phone but just looked at it. What do they want to see me about tomorrow and why do I have to go in full uniform? Am I getting kicked out of the force? Right, Swarek pull yourself together and not worry about things that you don't have control of. So get back to doing what you were doing.

Sam wrestled with the new mattress of the bed putting it onto the bed base. Once in place he proceeds to make up the bed with new linens. Sam planned on sleeping in the guest room until the suspension was over. So that Andy and him would sleep together in the new bed for the first time as a couple.

Sam remembered one of the last conversations that him and Andy had before he went UC. Talking about Andy and her planning a head and how much he teased her about that. Now he was planning himself how can things change in such a short time! He could hear her voice in his head teasing him about HIS planning, which made him smile with a full on dimpled smile

Now with everything in place he stood at the doorframe looking at his handy work. God I hope she likes it. Sam thought.

He then went to his wardrobe and pulled out his uniform to get it together for tomorrow. Hanging it up in the spare room he walked out into the kitchen and looked at the clock it was close to 9pm.

Sam picked up his phone and decided to text Andy.

Hey Beautiful, How are you doing? I got a call from the board today. Did you get a phonecall? I MISS YOU xxx

Sam put his phone down and began to make his supper, when his phone beeped.

It was a reply from Andy.

Hey Babe, I am doing well. I got the call too. Wonder what its about? Missing you more. Xxxx

"What time do you have to be there? My body is aching for you. Xxxx

"1400 hours. You? Don't Sam this suspension is making me go crazy not being close to you. Xxxx

"Same time, strange they want us to be in at the same time. I know beautiful all I want to do is kiss you and hold you close. Xxxx"

"How is your new apartment? Got everything done? Xxxx"

"Babe, the apartment is great, I can't wait for you to see it. I am holding out hope that tomorrow we can put this to bed and we can move forward. Xxxx"

"Right, got to go and get my uniform out for tomorrow. Will see you tomorrow. If it's good or bad we can move forward together. Goodnight Babe xxxx"

"Goodnight beautiful. See you tomorrow. Sweet Dreams. Make sure they are Sweet Swarek Dreams. Xxxx"

"Oh, Sam. My dreams are always Sweet Swarek ones. Xxxx"

"Really? do tell! Xxxx"

"Nope, I will just leave you on that thought. Xxxx"

"Tease, please tell me. Xxxx"

"NO. Goodnight Babe xxxx"

"OK. Goodnight beautiful. Xxxx"

Sam put his phone back in his jeans pocket and leaned against the counter top his head falling back. God that woman drives me crazy. What has she been dreaming about? He got off the counter top and continued to make his supper of a seared Tuna with salad.

Once he had eaten he cleaned up his dishes. Sam then headed off to bed in the spare room. He got undressed pulling out his phone and began flicking through the pictures on it most of them were of Andy. He was so missing her. He then placed his phone on the night stand and fell asleep. He hoped that he would have his own Sweet McNally dreams.

Sam woke up in the morning and looked at the alarm clock on the night stand. The digits showed it was 10am. So he made his way out of the bed and went to get a coffee to help him wake up and to face the day with caffeine flowing through his veins. Knowing that today could be the end of his career with the MPS and the thought that he could move forward in his life with Andy. He rubbed his head then put a pot of coffee on while he went for a shower. Once he was showered and shaved he wrapped a towel around his waist, made his way through to get his coffee. He made his way over to the sofa and put the TV on to the sports channel to catch up with hockey scores.

Sam's thoughts then went to Andy who would be over thinking things at the moment. He wished he could have been there to make the problems go away and hold her. He wanted to pick up the phone or drive to her and screw the rules. They had gone so far without really breaking the rules too bad, only a few more hours, hopefully.

Sam looked at the time on the clock it was now nearly 1230; he had caught up in watching the highlights of the games. Time flew by. He had to go and get dressed and get going to headquarters.

So Sam quickly got dressed in his full uniform with dress jacket and cap. He hadn't worn that cap in such a long while. He was nervous and that manifested it through him constantly smoothing out his jacket and fidgeting with is cap. He looked at his watch and realized it was now 1315. He picked up his phone, wallet and badge in case he had to turn it in and keys to his truck. He walked out and got into his truck and made his way through the lunchtime traffic to headquarters.

Once at headquarters Sam pulled into a parking bay and made his way to the building. He then got a glimpse of Andy walking towards the building too. She looked amazing in her uniform.

He called out to her "Officer McNally" he decided to try and keep it as professional as possible. His stomach had butterflies in it.

Andy turned and looked as she saw Sam heading towards her.

"Officer Swarek, fancy meeting you here." Andy was the one that was trying to make light of the situation. Which was a total role reversal it was usually Sam that did that.

"Yeah, you ready?" Sam looked at Andy.

"Ready as I will ever be. Officer Swarek you look handsome in your uniform. Never seen you in full uniform" Andy replied.

"Well thank you, you don't look too bad yourself." Sam smiled and winked.

They both walked into the building together and walked up to reception.

The girl on reception asked, "Good Afternoon, how may I help you both officers?"

"I am Officer Samuel Swarek I have an appointment to see Inspector Vickers at 1400 hours"

The receptionist looked through the computer to find Sam's name. "Officer Swarek, got you now. 3rd floor and speak to the officer on the desk at reception there."

"Thank you." Sam walked away

Then the receptionist spoke to Andy "Yes, how can I help you?"

"Officer Andrea McNally, I have an appointment with Inspector Vickers at 1400 hours"

The girl found Andy on the computer. "Yes, got you Officer McNally. Why don't you follow the other officer to the 3rd floor."

Andy walked away and headed towards Sam who was standing at the elevators to go up. They didn't speak but the tension was palpable between them. They both got into the elevator and rode the elevator to the 3rd floor.

Exiting the elevator they found standing at the reception desk Frank Best and their union representative Officer Mark Durham.

Sam spoke first "Hi Boss, and Mark."

Frank turned "Hi Sam" then he caught sight of Andy "Hi Andy."

"Hi Sir." Andy replied nervously.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked Frank.

"Got a call from Inspector Vickers yesterday afternoon asking me to report for a meeting. You?" Frank answered

"Same." Sam said fixing his uniform


"Same as you and Sam." Andy quietly spoke.

"Looks like we will be getting the verdict on your suspension and if any punishment that is handed down." Mark interjected.

Everyone nodded.

Someone appeared behind the reception desk and spoke. "Are you all here for the Board of Investigations in regards to Officers McNally and Swarek.?"

Every in unison said "Yes."

"Officer Samuel Swarek?" The young officer said

"Yes" Sam spoke up.

"Officer Andrea McNally?" he then said.

"Yes" Andy replied.

"Staff Sergeant Frank Best and union rep Officer Mark Durham?"

Mark and Frank said, "Yes"

"Okay would you all mind coming through with Me." The officer asked them to do.

Andy walked through first, followed by Sam, then Mark and Frank.

Andy's nerves were beginning to rise up in her throat like acid. She thought that she was going to be sick or pass out. She took a deep breath trying to settle herself of what is to come.

Sam looked over and saw Andy looking worried. He wanted to reach out and take her hand in reassurance but he couldn't with Frank being so close and the thought of the white shirts watching them. All he could was give her a nod and a smile. Andy missed seeing that smile which somewhat helped settle her nerves.

"Would you all please take a seat here and someone from the board will be out to get you as soon as they are ready. Good Luck" The young officer said before leaving.

Everyone sat down staring at the door that was in front of them. Sam brushed off some thing off the pants of his uniform. Andy looked down at the floor. Both of them felt like they were sitting outside the school head's office waiting to be called.

What felt like an eternity but must have been only about 5 minutes the door of the room opened. An older officer in a white shirt came out "Officers Swarek, McNally and Durham. Staff Sergeant Frank Best. We are ready for you now. Please come in."

Everyone rose to his or her feet. Sam looked at Andy "Ready?"

She turned her head towards Sam. " Ready!"

Both of them took a deep breath and walked into the room followed by Frank and Mark.