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The Epilogue

Thursday Night.

Sam walked into the station and was greeted by everyone in the station with Swarek. Instead of heading to the locker room, which he had done for years he headed straight to the parade room. He saw Oliver standing at the back and went over to speak to him.

"Hey Ollie, how are you?" Sam asked his best friend.

"Hey Sammy brother, I am good. All the better for seeing you." Oliver replied.

"I see nothing has changed in my absence. Dov and his rookie still bickering like an old married couple?"

"Yeah they are and driving us all insane. Diaz and Collins aren't speaking at the moment due to something that Collins said on the job. So they nearly came to blows, so Frank has moved Collins temporarily to shift 2 to allow the dust to settle. Peck is being Peck. I am surprised that Andy hasn't told you this." Oliver said.

"We haven't seen much of each other these last couple of weeks due to my current shift schedule. Today is the first time we are actually working together in a long time."

"Ok, but do you know, what this is all about today?" Oliver asked, as he hated to be kept in the dark.

"Yeah I do but I can't divulge at the moment, you will have to wait to hear it from Frank."

"You're no fun brother now." Oliver huffed at what Sam said.

"I was never fun." Sam chuckled.

The parade room went quiet and in walked Frank, Andy and Joe, Sam's cousin.

Sam gave Andy a smile and she returned it.

"People can I have your attention." Frank called the parade room to order. "Tonight is going to be not a normal shift. I am going to need all your help on this one. Right what we are about to say in this room doesn't get talked about outside this room, got it."

The officers that were in the room said, "Got it." Then it became quiet.

"Well most of you know the newly appointed Superintendent Joe Swarek of the RCMP, he is here to ask for our help on a case, that he is working on. So Joe would you like to brief us." Frank stepped back and Joe stepped forward.

"Thanks Frank, normally this would be a case that would be handled by us at the RCMP but as this started off as case from the Met. We are going to allow you to run with it. The background of this case is Detective Andy Swarek." Joe looked at Andy. "From the Sex Crimes unit. Came in contact with a woman from outside the Canada calming she had been raped by her boss and wanted out. Further into the investigation we found out that she had been trafficked into this country. Her boss was James Johnson the notorious leader of the James boys. Which brought in Detective Sam Swarek from Guns and Gangs, with his CI's he found out that he had ties to European and Asian warlords. Which sparked our interest and we came aboard to help. So tonight there is a shipment of maybe 2 containers that has been flagged up as coming from these warlords. So you are all going to be helping with this case along with officers from the RCMP, members of the sex crimes unit, guns and gangs, and help from those at the Port Authority in this. We believe from the intelligence that we at the RCMP have gathered that there are guns and other ammunition being transported into Toronto in these containers along with possibly other women. So this case is going to have to be handled with the upmost care. Detective Swarek would you like to continue." Joe said.

Sam and Andy stepped forward and then Joe spoke again. "I mean Andy, not you Sam." Joe looked at Sam.

Andy spoke, "Thanks Joe. These women have more and likely been sexually abused before they even got on board the boat. So they will be more likely be starving and scared when we come across them. So when we actually stop the containers and we find the women, I want Officer Peck and Detective Traci Barber to be in charge of getting the women out of the container and into custody. No male officers can have any contact with the women; we don't want to scare them. They may have been abused too on the ship, but we don't know that until we interview them. Interpreters are on stand by to help with the interviews. They will be brought back to this station to be interviewed. Sam do you want to take over now."

Sam nodded, "Right the plan is for us to watch the port. We will not be stopping the containers at the port; we want to get James Johnson and his crew, plus the others that are involved in this. Some of you will be in cruisers in one dotted around the exit on streets that we think that they may use to take them to their destination. Some of you will be posing as port workers at the port to make sure these containers get off without a problem. Once the containers have been off loaded they will be gps tagged, so we can trace them. When they get to their destination we will arrest the person's responsible for the trafficking and for possession illegal firearms. Ok, Officers Shaw, Diaz, Epstein along with Detective Jerry Barber and I will be tracking the movements of the container in unmarked units. Can you meet me in interview room 2? Go and get changed out of your uniforms and be in your civilian clothing in 5 minutes. Can the female officers go to interview room 1 with Detective Swarek and she will brief you all there. That includes you Traci. Joe and Frank will give you the rest of you all your duties. So do not call anyone that is not in this room. We don't want Johnson and any of his associates to be tipped off. Rookie's I am sorry but this is too dangerous for you to be out, so you will be confined to the station, we will need your help when we return."

There was an audible annoyance from the 4 new rookies that they had been benched for this operation.

"Right that is it, for now. We have 45 minutes to be down at the port. The cargo ship will be arriving in about an hour. So get to it." Sam ordered the officers and walked out of the parade room.

Andy followed behind him, "Sam" she called out.

He turned around to face Andy "Hey, how are you?" Sam asked.

"I am good. I can't wait for this case to be over and then we can spend some time together. I feel like I haven't seen you in ages." Andy said as she pulled Sam into her.

"Yeah I know. I just want to get back to being some what normal."

"At least when we have made the arrests, Joe and the RCMP will be taking over the case afterwards. This is the only time I will be glad that the feds have taken over. I just want to crawl into bed and sleep for a few days." Andy said then yawned.

"I don't think we will get much sleep, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah that is true. I need to go and brief the girls and I will see you." Andy placed a kiss on Sam's lips. Then walked away.

Sam shouted Andy back, "Andy are you sure about this?"

"Yeah I am, if it gets too much you know where I will be."


Andy walked away and Sam went in the direction of the interview room designated for his briefing.

Sam stood waiting for Chris, Dov, Jerry and Oliver. Oliver was the first to arrive.

"So this is the big case that you have been working on?" Oliver asked Sam.

"Yeah, it is. I will be so glad when it's over. It's taken it out of Andy the hours that she has been putting into this case. She just wants to help these women escape from the horrible conditions that they will be living in." Sam said as he placed his head on the wall closest to him.

"Yeah, we know how passionate she gets when there is something she needs to fix."

Chris and Dov came in, Chris acknowledge Sam with a nod and Dov just said "Swarek"

They were now just waiting on Jerry to turn up then they could get the briefing done and get out.

Jerry turned up a few minutes later, "Sammy."

"Oh come on Jerry don't you have something else to wear, you scream detective in that." Sam looked at Jerry he was still dressed in his white shirt and aubergine suit.

"No Sammy, we all don't have the good fortune like you to be able to wear, what ever you wear." Jerry gestured his hands up and down pointing at Sam.

"I have a spare pair of sweats and non branded t-shirt you could wear." Dov offered Jerry.

"Epstein, thanks for the offer but I will pass." Jerry turned down his offer.

"Jerry this is my op and you can't go out like that. You are taking Epstein here up on his offer."

Jerry nodded not to argue with Sam just before an op.

"Right here are your folders of the main players in James boys and their rap sheets." Sam handed around the black folders. "I want you to memorise them, as these files aren't allowed to leave the station. This is a dangerous op and we are going to be on the front line of this. Jerry you are with Oliver in the brown sedan, Chris and Dov you will be in the black sedan and I will be with Joe in his car. We will tail the trucks out of the port to where ever they go. A member of my team will be back at base keeping tabs on the GPS of the containers in case they split off in different directions. Andy and the other females will be in 2 vans. They aren't going to be directly involved in the take down. Stay in radio contact with everyone who is on this op and direct them to where you are for back up. We will be using channel 5 for this op, so please make sure that your radios are set on that channel. SRU and ETF are on stand by too. It could get messy and be aware of who is around you and have their backs. I don't want 6 months of my life to be wasted, got it. Meet you all out front of the station in 5 minutes." Sam dismissed everyone.

Now this operation is close, the nerves in Sam's stomach were heightened. He wanted this operation to be over with so he and Andy could get back to their normal life. He missed his wife. After what she has just went through, she needs the time to recover and enjoy this time too.

Sam walked out the station and waited by Joe's silver Hyundai Tucson. Joe came out of the station talking to Frank who was in charge of getting the uniformed officers and those working as port workers in position.

"You ready to go?" Joe asked Sam who was leaning against the hood of the car.

"More than ready, I seriously can't wait for this to be over. I would like to get back these 6 months. I have missed so much." Sam said.

"Yeah, Andy was telling me that, when we spoke over the phone a few months ago to discuss this case." Joe unlocked the car and jumped in to the driver seat.

Sam jumped into the car and they headed off to the rendezvous spot in the parking lot at the Bar and Grill just near the Port.

When they got to the parking lot, Sam went out and spoke to Oliver and Chris who were driving the other cars. "Remember the rules of tailing keep about 3 cars width back and don't make it obvious. If you think that you are being watch drop back behind another car or allow one of the other's to take the lead. Joe and I will be the first car out, followed by Chris then Oliver. Got it, remember no heroics I want every officer to come back in one piece. Now just sit on your radios and wait for the signal."

"What is the signal Sam?" Oliver asked.

"Trust me it's not going to be Bohemian Rhapsody. It just going to be a simple on the move and go."

They both nodded.

Sam walked away and got back into Joe's car. "Right everything is set on my end. How is everything on your end?"

"My guys are in position and the port authority guy is saying that the ship is just coming by the far side of Tommy Thompson park. So should be here soon. Now we just have to wait." Jo said as he looked out of the windscreen. "You looking forward to this weekend?"

"Yeah I am, Andy is a bit nervous but she will be fine. Shame Uncle Simon and Aunt Kate couldn't make it."

"Yeah I know they wanted to come but as you know dad hasn't been well for a few weeks. So they decided not to risk it."

"Yeah I totally understand. I will have to give them a call when this is all over. We may take some time and go and visit them."

"They would love that, getting a chance to spend some time with you and Andy. I think they love you more than they love me." Joe teased his cousin.

"What isn't to love?" Sam joked back.

"I would say that there is more to love now, you seem to have put on a bit of weight Sammy, since you got married." Joe pointed out.

"I hope to god I haven't as Oliver went the same way after he got married to Zoe. So how's your love life now? You got anyone in London?" Sam changed the subject away from himself.

"Yeah I have, she couldn't get time off work so couldn't come back with me for this trip. She would have been bored anyway with me having to do work for this case. Why did you have to call in a family favour to ask for information?"

"Well Joe, after finding out about the international aspect, I knew you were the only man I knew in intelligence and with ties to Europe."

"Yeah, my contacts are trying to get enough information together to take it to the ICC at The Hague. To hopefully they can get an indictment against them for international crimes against humanity. So it looks like this may help."

"Your welcome. Right," Sam looked at his watch. "How long do you think that it will be before the ship comes in?"

"Let me check with my guy?" Joe said then picked up his radio. "RC1 to RC3 what is the status of the ship?"

"RC3 to RC1, the ship has just passed Wards Island beach. So will be pulling into the Port very soon. Over."


"Now we just sit and wait. I hate waiting." Sam said.

"Yeah, I know but you waited for 2 years to get Andy and you got her. So just a few more minutes won't kill you."

Sam didn't say anything he kept staring out of the windscreen.

Then the radio kicked into life, "RC3 to RC1 the ship is now being docked. Stand by."

"Copy that." Joe said into his radio.

"Looks like we are almost a go." Sam said into his radio.

There was a bit of radio chatter then the radios went dead, waiting for the call. Nothing was said in the car for a few minutes.

"So are Sarah and the family up at the moment?" Joe asked.

"Yeah, they are. They are at our house." Sam answered Joe.

Then the radio came into life. "The ship has now docked and the trucks are being lined up to take their cargo. I don't know which ones our drivers are on."

"Copy that." Sam responded into the radio, "Sam to Andy, do you hear that?"

Andy's voice came through the radio, "Yeah, I hear that. We are at the station at the moment."

"Ok, just stay where you are. We will call you just before we go in for the take down."

"Copy that. Stay safe both of you." Andy said to both Sam and Joe.

"We will try."

Then the radio went silent again but not for long. "Right the containers are being off loaded now. I am walking up the side of the ship to get a better eye view of the containers."

"Right everyone get ready."

The tension in the air could be felt.

"Swarek, our two containers are the next to be off loaded. We are just approaching the side of the two trucks lined up to take them."

"Ok, be careful we don't know if the drivers are packing." Sam responded to the call.

"Copy that."

Sam looked at his watch and it was just after midnight. He began to think if this thing goes down quickly then he might get some sleep tonight but then he thought he wouldn't.

"Swarek, the first truck is being loaded now. So stand by."

Then there was radio silence.

"First truck has been loaded and hasn't driven off. So it must be waiting for the next truck."

A minute or so later the radio came into life. "Right both trucks have been loaded. I am just going to walk by and put the tracker on them."


"The trucks license plates are Oscar Tango November 456 and Mike Quebec Delta 841"

"Copy that."

"The trucks are on the move."

Sam and Joe sat waiting a few seconds before the trucks rolled by them.

"Everyone it's a go." Sam said into the radio.

So the convoy of vehicles pulled out of the parking lot and followed them at a discrete distance. Then Sam realized that they were going a really familiar route, then past a very familiar building.

"What the hell is going on?" Sam asked Joe.

"I don't know." Joe said as he drove behind the truck.

Then the two trucks pulled into a parking lot next to an abandon building. There was James Johnson and 3 other guys standing waiting for the truck. Sam recognised then as Johnson's henchmen, Robert Willis, Michael Green and Albert Dixon.

"Frank is seriously going to be pissed that James Johnson has been doing his business right just outside the back entrance of the station. I better radio this in." Sam said as he picked up his radio. "Frank, just to let you know we have tailed the trucks to the abandoned building on Front right behind the station. Can you get everyone in position now? Once we see the cargo container opened we are going in."

Frank's voice came over the radio, "Sam are you serious?" you could hear the anger in his voice.

"I am Frank." Responded to Frank over the radio.

"Ok, I will get Andy and all the officers in position. How long are you going to hold off before calling it a go?"

"2 minutes, it will give the team time to walk over from the station."

"Copy that."

"Oliver, Jerry, Dov and Chris do you see any look outs around the building or in the windows?" Joe asked.

"Negative" came from Oliver

"Negative" was Chris's response.

"Ok, you heard we are a go in less than 2 minutes. Stay safe guys and lets clean the trouble from your own back yard." Jo said to

Sam and Joe waited to see if the containers doors were opened. Sam looked at his watch then looked through the wing mirror seeing officer's approach on foot. Andy was with the girls just behind the other officers in full gear.

Sam stepped out of the car and Joe followed him, they walked over to the assembled officers. "Right you know what to do. We go in 10 seconds." Sam looked around the corner seeing the 6 of them still standing there.

"RC1 to all RC come to Front and wait for my instructions." Joe ordered his guys.

Sam had one final look and picked up his radio "Go."

Sam, Oliver, and Joe were the first to make their appearance, "Police stop don't move." The drivers, Johnson and his 3 guys didn't stop.

Sam notice Johnson reach around to his back and Sam let off one shot. Which missed, which was unusual for Sam. There was a gun battle for about 5 minutes, the detectives and officers all moved forward and the Johnson gang retreated into the building. Then there was another round of gunfire for about 5 minutes. There were more of Johnson's men inside along with other's which Sam thought these could have been his associates. The gun battle stopped, the detectives', the officers that weren't injured advanced to find that 6 associates had died and the two drivers. Johnson and his 3 henchmen surrendered.

Sam breathed a sigh of relief, "Joe, these guys are yours now. You taking them to London?"

Joe took a breath as this was his first operation in a while, "Yeah they are mine but I won't be taking them to O division headquarters in London, Ontario. I am sticking around for your thing and heading back to my London in Britain."

Joe called for his officers to come into the building and to take the 4 men away and start questioning them.

"Right lets go and see what is contained in these trucks." Sam said as he put his arm around the shoulder of his cousin.

Outside the abandon building there was a hub of activity from the EMTs treating the officers that got injured with bullet grazes or bullets in their vests. Then there were guys from Guns and Gangs and Sex Crimes unit. Sam looked into one of the containers and saw flat wooden case upon flat wooden case. The guys from Guns were opening the cases. "Right what have you found so far?" Sam asked one of the guys.

"So far 6 AK 47s, 4 Remington 870's and 2 Remington 1100's. That is only 6 cases we have opened up." The guy said from the container.

"Right, good work. Make sure they are safe before you off load them into the van."

"Will do."

Joe spoke from behind Sam, "Well it looks like you have done a good job here. My bosses are going to be happy to see these weapons off the street."

"So will mine, Joe"

"Right lets go and see what is in the other case and see if Andy has got any illegal's." Joe suggested.

Sam had totally forgotten about Andy and the possible women. So he called out "Andy." To get Andy's attention like he did on the almost kiss night.

Lucky for him Andy heard Sam, "Over here Sam." Andy was standing by the other container.

Sam and Joe walked over. "Hey." Andy said.

"Hey, what have you found?" Joe asked Andy as Sam was checking to see if Andy was all right.

"We have found 8 women and 3 children. They were right at the back of this container behind what looked like legitimate freight in front. They have been taken off and walked back to the station. Gail and Traci are starting the interviews along with some of my sex crimes co-workers. Looks like we did a good job, huh?"

"Yeah we did a good job." Sam said then placed his hands on Andy's waist bringing her close to him. "Right you have done your job. Now it's time for you to go home." Sam ordered his wife.

"Yeah, I just wanted to see my case through. I will go back to the station and see what is going on then I will go home." Andy promised Sam.

"Ok, I will see you at home." Sam said as he placed a kiss on Andy's lips.

"See you for dinner tonight Joe?" Andy asked her cousin in law.

"Yeah, I will see you all. Goodnight Andy. I better go and check in with my guys." Jo said as he left to go and speak to his fellow RCMP officers.

"How long are you going to be?" Andy asked Sam.

"I don't know, I hope it will only be a couple of hours. Just need to speak to Frank and give my bosses an update. Then I will be home to you." Sam placed a quick kiss on Andy's lips. "Now Mrs Swarek, go home."

Andy nodded, then walked away.

Sam went to get a situation report to find out how many injured officers there were, how many guns and any other ammunition was found at that stage. He then walked back to the station to find out the situation and see if Andy had actually gone home.

Back inside the station, it was a busy with activity; the rookies were running about doing the jobs the senior officers were asking them to do. Then Sam went and spoke to Frank and gave him the latest information he had. Frank was understandably pissed off that this was going on in his own back yard. Sam bid his goodbye to Frank to allow him to calm down and said to he looked forward to seeing him on Saturday.

Sam then asked Traci, "Has Andy gone home?"

"Yeah, she has. I saw her leave in her car about 20 minutes ago when I was outside speaking to my mom. Harry wasn't settling back to sleep so she called and tried to get me to help settle him down."

"Ok, Goodnight Traci. See you on Saturday."

"Yeah see you Saturday I can't wait neither can Leo. He's looking forward to seeing JJ again. Night Sam."

As Sam walked away to pick up his truck, Oliver stopped him. "What a night buddy?"

"Yeah it was busy. Glad it's over." Sam said then started to yawn.

"You able to come to the Penny for a quick bite?" Oliver knew if he didn't get a break now he wouldn't get food till his shift was finished.

"No, sorry brother. I just want to get home but we will see you on Saturday."

"See you Saturday and goodnight." Oliver said as he turned away and headed back to work.

Sam walked out of the station and jumped into his truck and headed home to Andy.

When he arrived home, Sam silently made his way into the house, trying not to wake anyone up as it was just after 4am. As he entered their bedroom, Andy was just getting into bed.

"Hey you." Andy said then smiled.

"Hey yourself. I thought you would have been in bed by now and asleep." Sam said then yawned.

"I would have but I had something to take care of." Andy said as she crawled into bed.

"Right I am going into the shower and then I will be in bed in about 10 minutes." Sam said as he made his way towards the en-suite bathroom.

"Ok." Andy put her head on the pillow.

Sam quickly got undressed and had the quickest shower he has ever had. He wanted to wash that night's event off him.

When he walked back out he found Andy was already slightly snoring, she must have gone out when her head hit the pillow. Sam put on a t-shirt and shorts and crawled into bed. Andy like she always did sensed Sam and reached over to him and put her head on his shoulder. Sam put off the nightstand light and shut his eyes. Sleep claimed him shortly after.


They both were awoken at about 7 am with a sound of crying; Andy made her way out of bed, when she heard this. So she made her way to the crib in the room and picked up her 2-month-old son, Sebastian. Sam sat up watching his wife with his son in her arms as she came across to the bed.

"Looks like he didn't want us to have a long sleep." Andy said as she sat down on the bed, so she could feed him.

"Yeah, he seems to know when we need sleep and wake us up." Sam said as he stroked his son's head.

"I am now glad that I can enjoy my maternity leave properly. I just wanted to see that one case to its conclusion." Andy said as she lifted her shirt to start to breastfeed him. Andy managed to persuade her bosses to allow her to come back for one shift to see her case through, on the understanding that she wasn't going to be on the front line.

"We did good and I bet the higher ups will be happy too. We got guns that were destined for the streets before they hit them. My boss will be happy when I go back to work on Monday." Sam looked on as his son fed.

"Now I can enjoy this weekend and look forward to the two parties we have going on." Andy said looking down on her son, who looked the spitting image of his father as a baby.

"Yeah, I can't believe that we have made it to 3 years of marriage already. It has gone by quickly. I can't wait for Sebastian's baptism on Sunday." Sam put his head against the wooden headboard.

"I can't wait either. It should be a lot of fun." Andy rocked her son to stop him falling asleep while feeding.

"I love you Andy." Sam said as he moved behind Andy and looked over her shoulder.

"I love you too Sam. I love our little family." Andy turned her head and kissed Sam on the side of the cheek.

After Andy had finished feeding Sebastian she went to change his diaper on the changing station, which was moved into the bedroom to allow JJ to sleep in the nursery.

Then all of a sudden the door of the room flew open and in ran shouting "Dadda" it was their nearly 2-year-old daughter Savannah. Savannah was born on the exact date of Sam and Andy's year anniversary; she looked so like Andy and had her temperament. They came back from honeymoon pregnant.

So this weekend was going to be a busy one, with Savannah's 2nd birthday party, their anniversary and Sebastian's baptism.

"Hey baby." Sam said as he held out his hands to his daughter who then jumped onto the bed.

"Dadda" then made some noises trying to put a sentence together.

Sam dutifully nodded.

Sarah came rushing into the room, "Hey you two, sorry I tried to keep her as long as possible so you could sleep."

"Its ok, Sarah. Sebastian wouldn't allow us to get much sleep anyway." Andy said as she rocked her son in her arms.

"Do you want me to take both of them, so you can get more sleep." Sarah offered.

"No Sarah, it is fine. We haven't spent time together like this in a couple of weeks. Go back to Ben and we will see you later." Sam said.

"Ok, you know where I am if you need me." Sarah left the four of them together. Sarah adored her niece and nephew.

"Savannah, do you want to sleep in here with Daddy and me?" Andy asked her daughter.

Savannah eagerly nodded and pulled the duvet up around her. Andy put Sebastian back in his crib, as he was asleep. Andy sat back on the bed and Savannah lay in between her and Sam.

"Mama." Savannah sat back up and turned to her mother with her arms out for a cuddle. Andy stretched out and brought her daughter to her chest.

"Mommy loves you." Andy said as she kissed her daughters dark hair.

"Daddy loves you too." Sam stroked his daughters back as he moved beside his two girls.

Sam put his head on the pillow looking at his two girls sharing a mother and daughter moment. This made his heart fill with pride at the family he and Andy created.

Andy drifted back off to sleep and so did Savannah. Sam stayed awake for a while watching then fell back asleep.

Savannah stirred a couple of hours later, "Dadda, pee pee." She shook Sam.

Sam rubbed his eyes and lifted his daughter up and carried her to the bathroom. Once he placed her on the toilet he stood watching his daughter until she was finished. He saw Andy was still asleep, so he lifted Sebastian out of his crib and walked out of the door to allow Andy some more sleep.

When he got downstairs, Ben who was in the kitchen making some breakfast greeted him. Savannah clung onto Sam's leg.

"Morning Sam. Morning Savannah" Ben said as he stood at the stove.

"Morning." Sam said sleepily.

"How did the op go?" Ben asked.

"It went fine, we got the guys we were looking for."

"Good, coffee has just finished. Sarah and Freya are in the living room. JJ is still asleep."

"Thanks, I will go and say hi to them. Savannah come on we will go and see your Aunt Sarah and your cousin Freya." Sam looked down at his daughter.

Savannah ran off in the direction of the living room and Sam followed behind her.

"Morning Uncle Sam." Freya said as she saw Sam enter.

"Morning kiddo."

"Morning again Sam, sorry about earlier." Sarah was apologetic.

"Don't worry about it Sarah. You looked after them until we got home. Now we are home its time for us to look after our kids."

"Uncle Sam do you want me to look after Savannah and Sebastian until you get some coffee." Freya loved spending time with her little cousins and she also knew her uncle couldn't function without his coffee.

"That would be nice. Thanks" Sam said as he handed Sebastian over to his now 16-year-old niece.

"You got him." Sam worried that she hadn't got a proper hold of him.

"Yeah I have, it's not the first time I have held him."

"I know. Savannah stay here with your Aunt, until dad comes back. I will be drinking something hot and I don't want you to get burned." Sam looked at his daughter.

His daughter nodded, just like both her parents did.

Sam walked back into the kitchen and picked up his mug for his coffee. Once it was poured Sam leant against the counter top and drank it, enjoying the much needed caffeine fix.

Ben then asked, "Is Andy still asleep?"

"Yeah, she is. I thought she could do with a bit more. She has been doing the job of two parents for a couple of weeks as I was tied up with that case. She has been amazing." Sam smiled.

"Well working right up till 2 days before Sebastian was born and caring for Savannah. She does need a bit of down time. When are you taking a break for paternity leave?"

"After I tie up the loose ends of that case then I will take it. So hopefully by the middle of next week."

"Ok, what will I do with Andy's breakfast?" Ben asked.

"Put it on a plate and she can heat it up when she gets up." Sam said.

"Right I am about to plate up. Can you go and ask Sarah to go and get that lazy son of ours out of bed."

"Ok," Sam said as he walked out of the kitchen.

"Sarah, Ben is about to plate up the food. So he has asked you to go and get JJ up."

"Fine." Sarah said handing Sam, Savannah then headed to go and wake JJ up.

"Freya you can put Sebastian in his car seat, till after breakfast." Sam spoke to his niece.

"Ok, Uncle Sam." Freya got up off the sofa and placed Sebastian in his car seat and fastened the straps shut.

"Right time for breakfast Savannah, were is your high chair?" Sam asked his daughter.

Savannah ran over to where her high chair was just in the corner of the dining room.

"Good girl." Sam bent down and kissed his daughters head. Then picked her up and put her in the chair.

Ben started to bring through the breakfast plates; Sarah came down with JJ behind.

JJ didn't speak to anyone he was at that awkward just gone into his teenage years stage.

Over breakfast Sam caught up on what was happening with JJ at school and Freya who had just got her first proper boyfriend Darryl. Sam also helped feed his daughter her toast and scrambled eggs.

Andy came into the dinning room and saw her family sitting around the table. Ben spoke to Andy and then went and heated her plate up. Andy sat down and took a cup of coffee, "Sorry guys for sleeping as long."

"Its ok, Andy you needed sleep." Sarah sympathized with Andy.

"How is my little girl?" Andy looked at her daughter who had a piece of toast in her chubby hand.

Savannah tired to speak but spat toast all over.

Sam and Andy giggled, and then Sam went to work to clean up the mess.

After Andy had eaten, Sam went and showered and changed. Then he got Savannah dressed and waited for Andy to finish feeding Sebastian before changing him. Once Andy was showered, Sarah unceremoniously kicked the 4 of them out of their home to have some family time. Sarah wanted to concentrate on cooking the meal that the Swarek family would be having that evening. It was just going to be the 8 of them and Joe. Tomorrow is going to be the extended family day.

After packing up Andy's car they headed off to the one of the local parks. Sam pushed Savannah on the swing and Andy pushed Sebastian back and forth in his car seat stroller, watching Sam push his daughter on the swing. Once Savannah got bored they headed towards the Zoo. Sam pushed Sebastian and Andy carried around Savannah on her hip, pointing out the animals as they went around.

Savannah was so excited to see the animals she kept jumping up and down on Andy's hip; her favourites were the elephant, the wallaby, the Gorillas and the penguins. Sam loved the lions, Andy just loved everything. Se was a big kid at heart and having her own kids it brought it out of her even more.

Sam bought his two kids a soft toy, a penguin for Savannah and an elephant for Sebastian. They all headed back to their house for the family dinner. When they got there Joe was already there in the kitchen helping Sarah with the dinner.

"Sam and Andy, can I speak to you both?" Joe asked.

"Ok, Freya you take Savannah and get her sorted for dinner. Ben can you put Sebastian down?"

Freya took her little cousin's hand and took her away to get her ready for dinner. Ben took the car seat from Andy and headed towards their bedroom.

They walked into the living room, "Right I know Sarah doesn't want any shop talk over dinner. So I thought I would give you both an update on what my guys have found out. Johnson confessed to the trafficking and the possession of illegal firearms. Plus he has given us the names of his suppliers and we have passed these onto Interpol. So you guys have done some real good, so you should be proud of yourselves."

"Thanks Joe for the update. I am glad that he has confessed. Now I hope we can find the girls that he has trafficked into this country illegally and get them somewhere safe." Andy said.

"Yeah, thanks for the help Joe. We couldn't have done it with out you. I am glad that there is one less gang out on the streets of Toronto tonight." Sam said as he patted his cousin on the back.

"Your welcome. Right lets get some food, I am hungry I haven't eaten a proper meal since last night." Joe said.

The rest of the evening and into the earlier part of the night the Swarek's and McBride's spent time laughing and joking. Then Sam and Andy went to put Savannah to bed, so she would be ready for her party tomorrow afternoon. Sam bathed her while Andy put Sebastian down in his crib. When Savannah was ready for her bed, Andy read her a story and when she fell asleep they both kissed her goodnight and walked out of the room.

Joe left about 9 as he was getting tired, as he didn't get much sleep after the operation. Then after sitting discussing Savannah's birthday party, Andy went for a long bath and Sam went to bed. Sam was asleep by the time Andy got to bed. So she kissed Sam's nose and said "Goodnight" before placing her head on his shoulder. Sam brought his arm around her.

During the night Sam and Andy were up 3 times with Sebastian. Sam wanted Andy when both children were born, for her to express milk so he could help with the night feeds. Andy didn't want that she wanted to do the night feeds too.


A knock at their bedroom door up awaked Sam and Andy; it was Sarah, Freya and Savannah. They came in with a tray of food which looked like it anniversary breakfast.

"Sorry for waking you. This is Savannah's anniversary gift to you, breakfast in bed." Sarah walked over to the bed with the tray.

"Well thank you Savannah, Sarah and Freya. How is our birthday girl this morning?" Andy spoke still sleepy holding her hands out for her little girl.

Savannah scrambled onto the bed towards her mother. "Mama." Then hugged her mom.

"Morning baby." Sam said ruffling his daughters' hair. "Happy Birthday Savannah."

Savannah turned to her dad and gives him a hug around the neck.

"If this is ok with you, we will take the kids till you have your breakfast. Then we can do presents afterwards?" Sarah asked them.

"That is fine with me. How about you Sam?"

"I like it."

"Right that is settled, Savannah come with me and we can have some pancakes." Sarah held out her hand for her niece.

"Go Savannah, with Aunt Sarah and Freya." Sam urged his daughter.

Savannah crawled off the bed and jumped into her aunts' arms. Freya picked up Sebastian and walked out saying "Happy Anniversary Aunt Andy and Uncle Sam."

As the door closed, Sam placed the tray between them. "Happy Anniversary Sweetheart." He lent across the tray and placed a kiss on Andy's lips.

"Happy Anniversary baby" Andy said picking up the coffee on the tray. "I can't believe that we have been married for 3 years now."

"Yeah, time has flown by but we have 2 beautiful children too." Sam smiled then took a drink of his coffee.

"They are beautiful and we made them. I didn't think I would be a good mother but I trusted you and look we have made it 3 years."

"Andy and here is to more years together and maybe 1 or 2 more children." Sam suggested.

"Can we just get used to having 2 children before thinking about anymore. I want to reclaim my body for a bit." Andy picked up her fork and started on the scrambled eggs on her plate.

"Well I would like to reclaim your body, just for me at some point too. I know you have to feed Sebastian but I want your body all to myself again."

"Aww you're jealous of your son. That is so sweet." Andy laughed.

"Shut up you."

Sam and Andy ate their breakfast in silence, enjoying it just being the two of them for a little while before the house became filled with their friends.

After breakfast and Sam placed the tray on the floor, Sam and Andy cuddled and kissed for a bit before getting out of bed. Sam gave Andy his anniversary present of an eternity ring similar to the one that he got her when Savannah was born. Andy gave Sam his present a Track day with Oliver and Jerry.

When they got downstairs, everyone including JJ was up. They sat around on the living room carpet watching Savannah open her many toys, that her mom and dad and uncle and aunt got her. To be honest she was more interested in the boxes that they came in rather than the presents.

The late morning and into the early afternoon, the 6 grown ups helped put together the things for the party together. Sam, JJ and Ben put the tables up and Freya, Sarah and Andy put the food together. Then Andy set Freya and JJ to work to put the party bags together.

Then Tommy turned up with gifts for Sam and Andy and also his granddaughter who he loves so much. He took his grandkids a walk to the local park just so he could spend sometime with them. He promised Andy that he would be an active part in their lives and he has done so since Savannah was born.

When Tommy and the kids returned, the guests for the party started arriving. First as per usual was Dov and with his fiancée Sue, Chris and his current girlfriend Rachael, Gail and Nick who decided to give it another shot and have been together for 1 year. Oliver, Zoe and the Shaw girls came next; Jerry, Traci, Leo and their year old son Harry closely followed them and then Joe. Last like usual was Frank, Noelle, Matthew and their 4 month old daughter Eliza.

The party went by really quickly with their friends and family. They didn't have time to have party's or anything recently due to the births of Harry then Eliza and finally with Sebastian.

Sam made a speech, holding his daughter on his hip "Thanks to everyone who has come for our little girls birthday and our anniversary. We love you all and thanks for all your support. I love Andy more than I did 3 years ago when we said our vows. She has given me 2 beautiful children and her love every single day. I am proud of her and what she has achieved in her job. So here's to many more happy years together sweetheart and here's to Savannah Annie Swarek." Sam lifted his glass of scotch in toast to his two girls.

"Sam and Andy and Savannah." The crowd assembled said.

One by one they all left with either an adult party bag or a children's party bag. Then it was only Joe, Tommy and Sarah's family and Sam and his family left in the house.

Joe, Sam, Tommy and Ben went to work to clean the house, so that they could relax for the rest of the evening without tripping over something. Freya and Andy went outside to shoot some hoops, Sarah looked after her niece and nephew.

Joe and Tommy left after the house was back to normal and promised to see them at the church in the morning. Once Savannah and Sebastian were put to bed, Sam and Andy curled up on the sofa together and watched a movie with Sarah, Ben Freya and JJ who went to the den to play some video game.

Sam fell asleep on the sofa and Andy had to waken him to get him to bed, "Sam, you better wake up. Time to go to bed." Andy pinched his nose to help wake him up.

Sam swatted Andy's hand away, then his eyes gently opened. "Huh?"

"You fell sleep watching the movie, time to go to bed." Andy poked Sam gently in the ribs.

"Ok, ok, I am getting up." Sam stood up from the sofa and extended his hand to Andy. "You coming?"

"Yeah, I am." Andy said as she grabbed Sam's hand.

They bid Sarah, Ben and Freya a goodnight and headed up the stairs to their room. Sebastian was sound asleep when they crept in.

Andy undressed quickly brushed her teeth and jumped into bed, Sam did the same. They were too tired, so they gave each other a few kisses before.

Sam said "Goodnight Andy I love you"

Andy responded with, "I love you too, Goodnight babe."

Sam shut his eyes he was asleep within seconds.

Lucky for them that Sebastian only woke up twice during the night so they got a bit more sleep. He must have sensed his parents needed their sleep.


In the house it was a hive of activity on Sunday morning. Andy tried to get Sebastian ready for his baptism in the white suit that Tommy bought for him. Sam tried to get Savannah dressed too but she was having one of her stubborn days like her mother and wouldn't allow Sam to dress her. Eventually after a bit of persuasion he did so, putting her in a purple dress, white tights and purple strappy shoes.

Andy quickly got herself ready and Sam too. Sarah and Ben were packing up there car as they were heading off home after the after baptism meal.

They made their way to the church where the pastor who took their wedding, preached. He was also responsible taking Savannah's baptism too. After Sam and Andy said their vows of responsibility as parents. Jerry and Traci said their vows of responsibility as Godparents. Sarah and Ben are Savannah's Godparents.

After the service at the church was over with, Oliver and his family, Jerry, Traci and their family, Frank, Noelle and their 2 kids, Joe and finally Ben, Sarah and their 2 kids headed off to a small restaurant for the meal. The other former rookies couldn't get the day off work to attend but promised to come by the house later after shift.

Once the meal was over, Sarah Ben, JJ and Freya left and headed back to St Catharines. Sam and Andy promised them they would see them pretty soon. Then the Shaw family headed home followed by the Barbers and then the Bests.

Sam and Andy with their two children headed home to enjoy their time together, alone in their home. Savannah was put down for a nap as she was tired and Sebastian was put in his crib. Sam picked up the baby monitor and headed to the living room to find Andy crawled up in a ball on the sofa.

"Hey baby." Andy said as she looked up from the sofa.

"Hey beautiful." Sam said as he walked over to the sofa and sat down.

"What a busy few days, but I wouldn't change them for the world." Andy slid over the sofa and put her head on Sam's shoulder.

"I wouldn't change it for the world either." Sam placed a kiss on top of Andy's head.

Andy looked up, "Sam I love you."

Sam looked down at his wife, "I love you too Andy." Then kissed Andy.

When they broke for air Andy spoke to Sam, "I am so glad that I didn't want to go back." Andy smiled.

Sam said "Me too." He pulled his wife into his arms.

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