It had almost been nearly six months since Peter Beale left Albert Square that Christmas Eve, he'd left to stay with sister Lucy. But now the twins return, more troublesome than ever. Has Lucy grown out of her wild ways and has Peter grown up enough to throw a punch...We'll just have to wait and see.

It was around 8.35am, everyone had just started opening up. It was when Lauren and her best friend Whitney were talking outside Whitney's house, when the girls spotted a black BMW pull up outside The Beale's house. Intrugued and curious the girls ran over to the end of the road to see who it was.

"Who do you think it is?" Lauren asked exitedly, holding onto Whitney's arm.

The girls gasped and giggled as the driver's door opened and a seemingly tall lad, short brown-blonde hair, jedward style fringe, wearing aviator sunglasses, a grey suit jacket, white shirt, jeans and platform shoes.

Lauren and Whitney looked at eachother in amazement.

Then the front passenger door opened, a shortish girl, long blonde hair with brown highlights, Jackie O sunglasses, a black and blue shirt, red skinny jeans and white stilletoes stepped out shutting the door behind her shortly after the driver.

The girls watched as the lad walked up to Ian's door and knocked on it, only to walk away a few mintues later.

"Excuse me!" Whitney shouted, edging towards the pair.

"Yeah" said the young girl. "What do you want?"

Whitney took a step back.

"Look she was only trying to be nice" Lauren said, walking forward.

"Alright love. No need to have a go" The lad spoke. "Come on Luce, we might as well stay here"

The girl nodded and walked off with the lad down the road towards the Vic.

Lauren looked at Whitney in amazement.

"It can't be" Lauren said.

"Who?" Whitney said, going blonde.

"Couldn't you see" Lauren said, hurrying Whitney along the road to her house. "That was Lucy"

"Lucy Beale?" Whitney went dumber.

"Yes! But that couldn't have been Peter" Lauren said, opening the door to her house with Whitney following behind.

Hi! Peter is portrayed by Thomas Law & Lucy is portrayed by (well you decided tell me)

Reveiw botton is well you know where ;) xx