When Autumn critcly injurs herself in prison, Forest and Sam think about the reasons. Is this a accicedent or is this a damaged girl's cry for help? M x

Peter's POV

The phone call came around half 6 our time, I couldnt stop contonplating why she'd do something like this. This didnt seem Autumn.

"What's new?" Lauren said, as I got off the phone to Sam as we left the airport at heathrow.

I gave Lauren a look.

"Not good then?" She said.

I nodded.

We arived back at Albert Square around 10pm, Clive answered the door and looked as though he hadnt slept in 50 years.

Forest's POV

"How bad is she?" Lauren asked.

I tried to control my tears as Sam began to speak.

"A cracked rib, black eyes, split lip, broken foot. She's done more harm to herself than she did to Lauren"

I had to run out of the room as my brother told them how she was, I wanted Autumn to be okay.

Lauren's POV

My hand shook as I held the pregnancy test in my hand.