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Onto the Story

Just after Kain's report

"So the brat is powerful, i knew he was training to be strong, just didn't expect him to be that strong." Stated an old man

"If hes really a Mid A to Low S rank then he will become a major problem if these report's about the Uzumaki clans resurrection is true." A very old Kunoichi stated while looking at a folder

"Considering we didn't do anything to help out our allies it's expected they will want revenge on us. But they will also want revenge on Kumo, Iwa, Kiri, and even those smaller nations which means the Uzumaki clan will want to wipe out the world just so they can come back and live in peace." Stated an old bandaged man

"If the Uzumaki do try and come back we are all screwed as we have the Uzumaki Heir in our 'custody' so to speak." Stated the old woman

"We have to try and keep the Uzumaki here in Konoha under our control but i got other news. It appears as if another Uchiha survived the massacre but the intil my men have acquired isn't complete and these are just rumors but if another Uchiha did survive then they will know the truth about Itachi and us and we will have a major problem." The bandaged man stated looking slightly grim.

"So how do we keep the Uzumaki brat loyal to Konoha?" asked the other old man.

"I'm not sure, the brat is powerful enough already and has managed to hide his skills from everyone. If he's hiding his skills then he knows something and we will have a problem if he knows the truth about his clan." Stated the old bandaged man

One month Later (back in normal time)

"Hey Kain-Sensei isn't that Kakashi's team down there?" Naruto asked while sitting perched on a branch over looking a small clearing that Kakashi and his team where camped in.

"It would appear so, well lets see whats up." Kain said as he dropped down from the trees before walking towards Kakashi

"Kain? What are you doing here?" Kakashi asked shocked to see a team here when he didn't call for backup.

"Well we just finished our Third C-rank mission and were on our way back to Konoha when Naruto spotted you guys here and we are kinda curious about why you are out here." Kain simply said as if it was second nature with the way it rolled off his tongue

"Well me and my team are on our First C-rank mission but we ran into a small snag but its nothing we cant handle." Kakashi said not even looking up from his little orange book.

"You say you just finished your third C-rank? I bet you didn't do anything except hold your team back dope." Sasgay sorry Sasuke stated arrogantly as he watched Naruto quietly drop to the ground without making a single sound.

"You know im starting to question if your gay or not Sasuke, anytime you see me you always try and make yourself seem better then me and you always turn down every single girl in all of Konoha that willing throws themselfs at you." Naruto said while he leaned against a tree with his arms folded.

"Maybe he is gay, he is always showing off and he really does turn down so many offers, I mean really how many guys would turn down the chance to have their own freaking harem of women just to kill your own brother?" Yuri asked while she checked her nails and seemed to not have a single care in the world.

"I AM NOT GAY YOU STUPID BITCH." Sasgay oppps my bad Sasuke yelled out not noticing the twin swords appearing around his neck or Yuri behind him holding said swords.

At this Kakashi finally put his book away before he sent a glare to Team Uzumaki

"Would you kindly remove your swords from my students neck and I will be bringing this up with Hokage-sama" Kakashi asked/stated while walking toward Sasuke to help 'the last Uchiha' if needed.

"Yuri stand down the welp isn't worth the effort, when he dies I want it to be because of his own arrogance not because my student couldn't let a simple comment by." Kain said with a sigh

"Fine Kain-sensei but next time I won't let him off so easy, but it would be a shame if the so called 'last' Uchiha had an accident because of his arrogances" Yuri told Kain with the same sweet smile but had the same evil gleam in her eyes showing she would make it appear as an accident and get away with killing him.

"You think you can kill me bitch im a fucking Elite Uchiha" Sasuke shouted at Yuri's retreating back.

"Sasuke you say your an Elite and yet your still just a normal Genin while my entire team are Elite Genin's of at LEAST B rank or Higher, hell Naruto is S-rank if he was serious. While you Sasuke Uchiha are at best a Low C-rank and you need to learn your place. Now Kakashi let me tell you, Wave is run by Gato trust me I know because we had to go through it to get here and Naruto being our sensor and tracker had detected Zabuza Momochi in the area along side Ameyuri Ringo and her apprentice Raiga Kurosuki so this mission of yours is alot harder then a C-rank." Kain stated with a small smirk on his face as he watched as Kakashi had an internal battle about what to do.

It didn't take long for Kakashi to sigh and agree to accept Kain's help but internally he was wondering how their genin would survive this mission as he believed Sasuke to be the strongest out of the two teams (oh how wrong you are Kakashi, and everything will be explained soon so dont worry)

As Team 7 and Team Uzumaki were heading for Wave everyone but Sasuke, Sakura and Tazuna seemed to notice that they had someone following them but for the life of them couldn't figure out who it was as no one not even Naruto who is the best Sensor in the two teams seemed to be able to figure out who the tail was but Kakashi had simply stated that they were no threat to the mission so he left them be.

About thirty minutes into the journey once they arrived in Wave the two teams find themselves trapped in a strange fog/mist that covers alot of the forest.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the two teams heard a hear a loud shreik and look to see Sakura pinned to the cliffside by an enormous sword with a notch cut into the blade where her neck is. Holding the sword, glaring at the young ninja, was none other than the demon of the mist, Zabuza Mamochi.

"Ya know, this was too easy. I could've killed this bitch and no one would've noticed." Zabuza sneered.

"Of course, she's a no talent hack. An academy student could kill her. We were just wondering when you'd show yourself." Naruto replied as if it was obvious.

"What?" Zabuza was thrown off guard at the Genin's remark.

This is a Preview of what will come but just so you know the chapter isnt finished and I only posted this because I decided too.