Note: Thank you to Inachis again for all of her help.

Chapter 2

(Sunnydale, California)

Faith was surprised that the stranger could come so near them before she noticed him. In one move she spun around and drew one of her stakes, because someone coming at them in Sunnydale at night was seldom a good thing.

What she saw surprised her and her guess was that this wasn't a vampire at all. A demon maybe, but certainly not a vampire. She looked at a man who was around 6 feet tall, had an athletic build and long blond hair that fell over his shoulders. What surprised her even more was the fact that he was dressed like someone from a renaissance fair or someone out of a fantasy movie. He wore trousers and a long-sleeved shirt in white, which seemed to be made out of fine linen or something similar. Over that he wore light leather armor, but what intrigued her the most where the weapons he had strapped on. A long sword at his side, several daggers, a bow and quiver strapped over his back and something that looked like a black walking stick in his hand. None looked cheap or like toys on the first glance.

Noting all this took her only a moment and at his words "I'm no god, that's for sure, but I can help," she relaxed a bit because she could feel nothing evil about him, but only a bit. While Faith was looking the stranger over Willow looked at the man with tears in her eyes and said, "I don't care who or what you are at the moment, but if you can help Xander, please do so. We can talk later."

"Indeed," the man said and leaning on his walking stick a bit he came near Willow and Xander and knelt down beside them. He quickly evaluated the wounds Xander had taken in his fight with the vampire and then he looked at Willow with a serious look. "When did he stop breathing?" he asked the young red haired woman beside him.

"Just a few moments before you appeared," Willow replied, a bit panicked and with tears still running down her face.

"Good, then we still have a chance," the man replied and with a quick movement, which was almost too fast for even Faith to see, he drew one of his daggers. Before he could even come near Xander with it he could feel the tip of the strange wooden stick on his neck and the dark haired woman said, "What do you think you are doing?"

Rolling his eyes he replied, "Trying to help your friend, but if you keep insisting on interrupting me, his time will run out quite soon." As he heard a frustrated growl from the woman he felt the pressure from his neck disappear. He quickly used his dagger to cut open the shirt the young man was wearing.


Faith and Willow could only watch and hope as the man worked on Xander. After he had put his dagger away again they saw how he put his right hand on Xander's chest directly over his heard and his left one he held over the biggest wound Xander had sustained in the fight. They saw how the man closed his eyes, started to concentrate and then heard him mumble something that sounded like "Balsam Salabunde, heile Wunde."

Both looked at each other with a question in their eyes, but seeing that the other hadn't understood it either, they shrugged their shoulders and kept on watching.

At first nothing seemed to happen, but then suddenly a slow white glow was streaming from the man's left hand into Xander's wound. This seemed to go on for nearly two minutes during which Xander's wounds started to close slowly. Suddenly Xander took a deep breath again and then started to breathe normally, but the man kept on going.

Both girls hugged each other, overjoyed that their friend was breathing again and after they released each other, Willow blushed a bit at the strange, but nice and warm feelings had run through her as she felt Faith's soft body and her breast pressed against her.

Faith noted this, but kept quiet and only smiled to herself. She turned her attention back to Xander and the stranger. She noted that Xander and the stranger were suddenly glowing with the same white light that had streamed out of the stranger's hand before and as blood dropped out of the man's nose and he stumbled slightly, she said loudly and with a bit of fear in her voice, " you think that that is supposed to happen?"


Just as he stared the healing spell on the young man on the ground, like he had done countless times in his adventuring days before, Samuel felt that something was going wrong. As soon as his arcane energy started to gather he felt a strange oily darkness surrounding everything around him and that 'darkness' was fighting his effort to gather his magic. Pressing his teeth together he concentrated a bit harder and after a struggle which resulted in sweat breaking out over his whole body, he finally managed to push the 'darkness' aside. He was finally able to mumble the spell he needed to heal the man. At first everything went as always, but as soon as the young man started to breathe again everything went to hell. More and more energy was pulled out of him and he had to struggle not to lose his consciousness at the sudden strain. He struggled to remain in control and end the spell, but everything he tried failed and the energy kept on being pulled out of him and being transferred into the young man. Knowing both of them would die if he couldn't break off the energy flow, he tried even harder to get back control.


(Somewhere else)

After Marbo had talked with Samuel and sent him off to the other world, she returned to the realm of her father. After she had talked with him for a while she sat down in front of her father's viewing pool to watch over what was happening on the other world. She watched over the events and as soon as she saw how Samuel and the young man her father was so intrigued about started to glow in a strange white light, she yelled loudly, "FATHER!"

Having rested on his bone throne for a while, thinking over several things that gods like him find important, he was shocked out of his musings by the loud yell from his daughter, which broke the wholesome quietness that normally ruled in his realm. After a quick look at his daughter he appeared beside her in less than a blink of a mortals eye. Her daughter pointed at the pool and said, "Look father, something is going wrong."

He quickly looked at the pool and watched at what was happening on Earth. Then he shook his head in annoyance. "They really dare to interfere with my chosen ones? How dare they?" he yelled out in anger, which had all the subjects of his realm covering down in fear.

Seeing the normally stoic face of her father enraged made Marbo shudder. The last time that happened was as those idiotic priests down in Al'Anfa overstepped their bounds and damn, what followed after that made her shudder even now from time to time. She wondered what he father would do. She only hoped he wouldn't break the old accords over this, because that would mean terrible things for both worlds.

Relieved, she saw that her father was calming down again and then she saw how the two huge black stone ravens that had been decorating the viewing pool just moments before turned from stone to flesh.

Both stretched their wings out and then shook their whole body a bit, which resulted in a lot of stone dust pillowing around them. With a loud 'rarrrrrr' both took to the air and after a while their uneasily flight turned into the graceful one you normally see with ravens. They flew around a bit more to stretch their muscles after their long sleep and then with a swoop they flew in and through the viewing pool. Marbo looked at her father in surprise and asked, "Father are you sure that is wise? What will your brothers and sisters say?"

"We will see," was his quiet reply.


(Colorado Springs, deep inside Cheyenne Mountain, SGC)

Major Samantha Carter sat at the desk in her office and stared on the screen of her laptop with a cup of now cold coffee. She was still deeply buried in the logs and files regarding their stranger visitor from several hours ago. It all really didn't make sense and she couldn't explain what had happened. She looked up for a moment and rubbed her tired eyes with her left hand while the right one grabbed the cup. She took a sip of it and then looked at the cup with distaste. She got up to get a new cup, but just in that moment the base wide alarms were blaring again. She quickly put her cup down and saved her work and then hurried to the gate control room to see what was happening now.

It looked like she was the first one to reach the room which wasn't too big a surprise because it was quite late already and only the sergeant on duty and a few technicians occupied the control room. "Report sergeant," she yelled.

The young sergeant jumped out of his chair and gave her a hasty salute before he replied, "Sir, our satellite network reported a high energy signature similar to that of an opening Star Gate 650 feet over a small town called Sunnydale in California."

To say the Major was astonished about this report would be an understatement as high as the Statue of Liberty in NY, but she quickly gathered her wits again and said, "Thank you sergeant. The General and Colonel O'Neill should be on base soon, so let's get all the facts together for a briefing."

The sergeant nodded and so the two of them quickly gathered all the facts they could and prepared files for a briefing. Just as they finished a tired looking General Hammond entered the room, quickly followed by his XO, Colonel O'Neill. "Report Major, what has happened this time?" the General asked.

The Major quickly handed them both one of the small folders they had prepared and then explained what had happened. After she had reported all what they knew so far the General just shook his head in frustration. He took a deep breath turned to the leader of SG1 and spoke, "Colonel, gather your team as well as SG 9 and 10 and fly to this town to investigate. I will call the airbase and have a transporter ready for you."

The Colonel simply nodded, knowing now wasn't the time to make a joke or a wisecrack. He turned to Sam. "Carter, prepare the briefing room while I gather the teams. Briefing in 10 and rollout in 30."

Sam just nodded and both went to their tasks. After a quick briefing for the rest of their team, as well as the other two teams, all left the SGC to board their transporter and head for Sunnydale.