With my organs back in place, some benign side effects, a transporter to go back to the Big MT, and some new equipment and weapons, I returned to the Mojave.

I had a clear idea what to do next before returning to you. Now that I had more than enough caps and my body had been artificially upgraded, I headed to the Medical Clinic in New Vegas to finish the job. Dr Usanagi added every single implant she had to my body with the help of an Auto-Doc. I needed to become stronger, faster, if I wanted to survive this last journey and protect the future I am building.

Faster reflexes, improved vision, empathy, nervous system, logical thought processing, probability calculations, enhanced muscles, enhanced regeneration and immune system, a sub-dermal armor, and four other implants from my personal Auto-Doc. It's hard to know how much of my body is actually human anymore.

When I returned to Novac, tired and trying to get used to the results of the enhancements, I was surprised to see you had waited for me all this time. I couldn't tell you what had happened, I couldn't tell you what I had seen and what had changed. I didn't know if you'd approve of my goal, and I couldn't let that get in the way of protecting the Mojave from the NCR and the Legion.

We traveled together again, solving past issues as best as we could, gaining confidence in a future that didn't involve death.


I hope you understand now why I accepted this power, why I am fighting in this war, and why I'm leaving. He is calling me and I need to know why he set me up. I need my answers as I've given you yours.

Thanks to my little expedition in Utah, Zion will be a calm place now, as it used to be. Left in the blood-stained hands of a ghost who will do his best to protect it.

The Sierra Madre won't receive any more curious visitors or treasure hunters. Now that the emergency broadcast is silent, the Madre will be too. Dog will find peace in Jacobstown now, while Christine stays as the silent warden of the casino.

Big Mountain is returning to it's old purpose, building the future, helping mankind develop its potential, using technology and science to thrive and prosper while The Sink becomes my home, filled with chatty appliances, and the Think Tank keeps its discoveries safe until they are needed by the outside world.

The Mojave will change. When the second battle of Hoover Dam ends, someone will rise as its ruler. We'll help the NCR take on the Legion, and with the upgraded securitrons at my side, I'll be able to convince the NCR to step back once everything is over. I can't avoid the change, but if I am the one to cause it, I'll make sure it's for the best.


A/N: Finally finished as of date 20/9/2011. Just before Lonesome Road is released.

I hope at least someone enjoyed this as much as I have. I've had tons of fun writing this, as it was more of a personal project than anything.

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