1# - Summertime blues…

Lily sighed as she finished packing up her trunk. She sat on her bed and started playing with her vibrant red hair while looking at the Gryffindor dorm room. Her green eyes moved around not really paying attention to anything – she was deep in thought.

Someone walked into the room and sat beside her. Mary McDonald, her best friend. Her pale blue eyes met Lily's and she registered that something wasn't right.

'Are you worried about your O.W.L. results? Because I'm pretty sure you'll get all O's.' Mary said, smiling.

'No, it's not that… I'm thinking about what I said to Potter that day on the Lake…' Lily admitted, sighing once more and dropping the hair.

'Oh…' said Mary. 'I thought you hated Potter… Well, after what Snape said to you, I'd rethink my hatred of people as well… The git.' She mumbled. Lily let out a small snort.

'Yes, I suppose you're right… I just feel bad about saying those things to him while he was just trying to defend me… I was completely blinded by my annoyance of him to actually realise what was happening until I arrived at the dorm room and it all hit me.' Lily said. Her eyes were now tearing.

'Oh, Lils, don't cry…'

The redhead shrugged. At that moment and flustered Emmeline Vance stormed in.

'Merlin! Merlin! Merlin!' she was muttering under her breath. Lily and Mary looked at their friend in amusement.

'Em, are you all right?'

'Yes! Oh, yes! Oh, my! Yes! Yes! You are NOT going to believe what happened!' she said, her smile growing bigger every second.

'Then, please, do share…' said Lily, cleaning her eyes.

'My hand just brushed against Remus' down in the Common Room and he turned and said "Sorry, Em…" and left!' she finished, looking at her friends probably expecting similar reactions.

'Ok… So, he called you Em…' started Mary.

'And your hand, what it?, brushed against his? Right…' Lily finished.


'Sweetie, I think you're reading too much into this…' said Hestia Jones, coming out of the bathroom. The four of them, along with Marlene McKinnon had shared a dorm in the Gryffindor house for the past 5 years and they were all close friends.

'I'm not!' pouted Emmeline. 'I know he likes me, ok?'

'He's the one who doesn't know it, yet? Yeah, Potter used that one on my on… Let me think… Third year? Yep, third year.' Lily said, smiling.

Hestia and Mary laughed. Emmeline didn't.

'But it's different with Remus! He's not an arrogant toerag!'

'Why don't you ask him out, then?' suggested Hestia.

'Are you insane? I can't just ask him out!'

'Of course you can! This is 1976! Be an independent woman!' said Mary, lifting her right fist.

Lily snickered.

'Yes, otherwise, why did all those women burned their bras in the 60s?' she said. The others laughed at that again.

'Funny mood, Lils? Maybe the Potter fella is brushing off on you, eh?' asked Marlene, walking in.

'Shut up…' Lily said, blushing. Blushing? Was she crazy? Lily Evans didn't blush!

'Let's go? I really want to have breakfast before getting on the train…' said Hestia, walking out.

James Potter was silently picking on his eggs while Peter Pettigrew talked about food with enthusiasm. The Great Hall was filled with students excited about the Summer Holidays, but James was just annoyed. By the sound, the people, even by his shy little friend talking in front of him.

His hazel eyes were tired behind his glasses and he sighed.

'Are you all right?' Peter asked, finally realising that his friend wasn't really paying attention to him.

'Yes, Peter, I'm swell…' James answered, his voice filled with sarcasm.

'Is this because of…?'

'Can we not talk about this? I'm tired and I want to go home and, no offence, but I seriously do not care about what happened that day when you ate chicken strips thinking they were fish fingers…' he muttered.

'What a jolly morning!' said Sirius Black, entering the Great Hall and instantly making all the eyes fix on him.

James sighed with a smirk. His friend was insane. How could he be so excited in the morning? But then again, he hadn't been the one sad and moping for the past two weeks now.

Sirius walking to them while all the girls' eyes followed him. His long dark hair moved elegantly with the light breeze that came from the windows and his black eyes glowed with mischief.

Remus Lupin was following him. His light brown hair covering his eyes while he walking with his head bowed, trying to pretend he didn't know Sirius. It didn't work, since his friend soon pulled him by the shoulder and both of them walking side-by-side to James and Peter.

'Good morning…' said Remus.

'Morning…' said James and Peter.

'Wow, aren't you two fun and exciting?' said Sirius, rolling his eyes. He started putting eggs and bacon and literally everything he could reach on his plate. Remus decided to go with toast. 'Mate, I'm sorry and all that, but at least now you can see that you have to get over Evans!'


'Look at the bright side!' said Remus. The other three looked at him with curiosity, since Remus was never the one to look at the bright side of things. 'At least now we are going home for the summer and you don't have to bump into her in the corridors…'

'Yeah, I guess you're right…' James said. 'Wait a minute…' a smirk appeared on his lips. 'Why are you so happy and jolly?'


'Nothing! Merlin's pants it was nothing! He's all lovey dovey with Emmeline Vance!'

'Am not!'

'Yes you are! Your hands brushed and you couldn't stop smiling since!' Sirius said, imitating a girl's voice.

James and Peter's eyes went wide.

'Seriously?' asked James, smiling. 'Wow, Moony! She's pretty! Go for it, mate!'

'Yeah, she's really nice, too, you know?' said Peter.

'I know all that but it's not like I can actually do anything…'

'Oh, please don't tell me it's because of your "furry little problem"!'

'Of course it is, Prongs! The guy is insane!' said Sirius.

'Look, I don't want to ruin her life by making her go out with me, ok?'

'Mate, I'm sorry, but ruin her life? You're on of the best people I know and she'd be lucky to have you!' said James.

'Yeah, man! You're smart and funny and all that rubbish girls fall in love with!' said Sirius, smiling.

Remus sighed. 'Let's just forget about this, ok?' he looked down at his plate and started eating in silence. So did James and Peter, shaking their heads in defeat.

'Way to kill the mood, Moony…' said Sirius, almost inhaling his food. 'Don't look now, Prongs, but your lady is walking in her Remus' girlfriend.

'Sod off!' said James and Remus in unison.

To say that the holidays were boring with be an understatement.

Lily Evans was sitting on the sofa, watching some old movie and not really paying attention to it. That's why she was so excited when a small owl tapped on the window.

She quickly got the letter from the bird and gave it some water. It was from Emmeline.

Dear Lily,

How are your holidays treating you? Mine have been rather boring… Except for the part when Remus and I are writing to each other! Can you believe it? I know that Black probably forced him to write is first letter because he's so shy, but we're communicating weekly now and it's great! He's so amazing, Lils!

I have to tell you something, though… He told me that he gave up his prefect position… Why do you think that is? Maybe because of his 'time of the month'… Do you reckon we should tell him we know? It's been two years!

Anyway, my mum and I are planning on going to the Diagon Alley as soon as the letters arrive, do you want to join us? I invited Mary and Hestia as well, so it'll be great!

Miss you!


Lily smiled at the letter. Her friend matched Remus in every way and she was happy they were talking now. But her mind wandered to the prefect duties. Who would be now that Remus gave up the position? Would she be alone? Would it be one of the other Marauders. She flinched at the thought. She couldn't face Potter with the guilt that eating her alive. Lily caught herself thinking about him when she was distracted and she knew it was because she felt awful about what she had said. But what could she do? Apologize? Beg for forgiveness?

Her parents walked in and saw their daughter staring at the piece of parchment.

'Everything ok?' asked Mrs. Evans. 'You seem worried…'

'I'm good, thanks mum…' Lily said, standing up. 'How was the, uh, lunch with the Dursleys?'

'Dreadful…' said Mr. Evans.


'Do you want me to lie, Claire? It was dreadful! They are awful people and Vernon's sister Marge is the worst!'

Lily laughed. Of course it had been awful. Her sister's fiancé was the sole most boring person on Earth and he was fat and annoying. His family would have to be the same.

'Sorry about that…' she said, not really sorry at all that she hadn't been invited.

Her mother laughed as well and went to the kitchen.

'Sure, you're good, Lily-petal?'

'Yeah, dad, I'm fine… Hm, Em just invited me to go with the girls to the Diagon Alley when the letter arrive, is that all right?'

'Of course it is!' said her mum from the kitchen.

'Great!' with that, Lily climbed hat stairs to answer her friend.

Elizabeth Potter was taking care of her lilies. The lilies and tulips were her favourite of the whole garden and took care of them as if they were her children. She looked over her shoulder to see her son coming back from his morning jog.

James looked awful. His eyes were always sad now, his hair was mess and he was skinnier since he just didn't feel like eating.

'Hello, pumpkin, want to have breakfast with me in the garden?' she asked, smiling at her pride and joy.

'Nah, not hungry…' he said, looking down.

'Jay-jay, you have to eat! Let's go…' she said, pulling him by the arm. She sat him down and put a plate in front of him. The table was full of delicious food their house elf Pinky had made. The Potters loved Pinky and they treated her like family, while she made delicious food for them and always blushed when they hugged her and gave her Christmas gifts. She was, in fact, a free elf who worked for payment since Mr. Potter believed that having house elves working for no money was the same as slavery.

'Mum, I'm not hungry…' he said.

'What happened this year? Were the O.W.L.s that bad?'

'They were fine. Great, actually, I just… don't feel like talking about it…'

'Please, talk to me, pumpkin… I just want to help.' She held her son's hand. They were cold like ice.

'It's Evans…'

'Oh, I see… What happened this time?'

'I just… Give up, you know? She doesn't like… She really doesn't and I'm tired of getting hurt and kicked and hexed and all that…' at this point, she saw a lone tear fall from James' eye. Her hear shrank and she couldn't believe how much her only son was suffering over this girl.

'Look, James, listen to me carefully, ok? I think you're crazy for going after this one for so long… What? Four years? But I really think this could be it and if you think so too, you have to go for it.'

'But she hates me, mum!' he looked up and his eyes was hurting.

'No, she doesn't. She doesn't even know you properly, pumpkin! You just ask her out and hope that she'll fall in love with your good looks and you arrogance, but you have to show her who you really are! A wonderful young man who is incredibly intelligent, remarkably talented and cares about the ones he loves! That's who you are! When Lily Evans with her long red hair and her beautiful green eyes sees this, she'll feel the same way you do.'

'You think so?'

Elizabeth nodded.

'You have to tone your Marauder-ism down a notch… That's all…'

James gave her a weak smile and hugged her. He had grown at least one foot during the three weeks he'd been back and was now very much taller than her.

'Thanks, mum… You're the best!'

'I know, I know… Now, go get ready because we are picking up your father at the Ministry and we are going to get you some new clothes!'

James groaned.


'Because you're way taller and you need new clothes!' she said, matter-of-factly.

James pouted, grabbed a piece of toast and left, giving his mother a kiss on the cheek.