Chapter One, Hatchlings

Note: I know Jetman takes place in the near future, however, the first chapter takes place in 1991, when the series was aired. So the birdonic waves were emitted in 1991. The present in this story is now, so 2011, so 20 years later, after the Vyram, an evil dimensional clan that sought to destroy Earth, have been defeated.

In 1991, the international defense agency, the Sky Force, has created "Birdonic Waves" an amazing technology that gave humans abilities we never thought possible. It was meant to go to five elite members of the Sky Force, however, due to Vyram interference, the only member who received the powers was officer Ryu Tendo, who became Red Hawk. Fortunately, the four other rays, meant for elite officers, were released. However, these waves were released on Earth, hitting four different people in Japan, none of which were trained military officials. The first two landed on two people on opposite sides of the social strata: a rich heiress and a portly farm boy. They were the first to be recruited, and become the Jetman. They were given Cross Changers to transform into Jetman. The rich Kaori Rokumeikan became White Swan. The vegetable farmer Raita Oishi became Yellow Owl. The last two landed on two more normal individuals in the middle of the social stratum. Gai Yuki, a womanizer and bad boy, whose form of income was through gambling, and Ako Hayasaka, a high school senior, who was crafty and money-hungry. Ako refused to join the team unless she was paid, however, she soon saw the team fight and her true sense of justice was awakened. Gai, the most rebellious refused to join the team as well, but eventually did as well. Ako became Blue Swallow, and Gai became Black Condor. After the Vyram were defeated, Ryu and Kaori got married, three years later, Raita married his childhood sweetheart, Satsuki, and Ako became an idol singer. Gai died after being stabbed by a mugger, but not until after watching his friends have fun at Ryu and Kaori's wedding, making peace with the fact that Kaori was marrying his former rival.

Unbeknownst to the Jetman, a fifth birdonic wave was emitted during the intial incident, and somehow managed to go all the way to America. It struck Josie Roth, a pregnant ACLU lawyer. The only one who knew about this was Commander Aya Odagiri, who had the American branch of Sky Force find intel about her, revealing that she was not exhibiting the effects of the birdonic wave.

In 2011, at the age of 20, Josie's daughter, Ariana would finally exhibit these powers. Fortunately, this coincided with the revenge of the Vyram. The Jetman needed a new member. However, Ariana would prove to be a challenge.