After World War II ended, Princess Diana of the Amazons stayed in America and married Steve Trevor with the Queen's reluctant blessings. They enjoyed four years together. Then in 1949, Diana found out that she was pregnant. Shortly before the baby was born, Steve was killed in a plane crash. Diana was heartbroken at the loss of her first love, and terrified at the thought of raising a child on her own. In a moment of weakness, she decided to give the baby up for adoption, in the hopes that he would grow up loved and happy in a stable home, (Yeah Right!). She briefly met the couple that adopted her son. She knew their names. She knew that they came all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Believing she made the right choice, she returned to Paradise Island.

**I thought that this would make an interesting story. I know that it would make some people happy if Johnny's parents weren't really his parents. And it'll be interesting when Diana comes back for him and sees all of the gang violence that her son is caught up in. I'm thinking maybe Diana/Darry. I know Darry is 20, but Diana is physically 25, but can probably pass for a little bit younger. She's a cougar. And since Wonder Woman is involved, I'm debating the possibility of some sort of terrorist threat or something like that. Or is gang violence enough for her to deal with here? This is not an official chapter, but I hope to start posting chapters soon. Let me know what you think of the idea.