Good Cop, Bad Cop

"Johnny," Johnny felt someone shaking him, "Hey, Johnny wake up."

"What is it?" Johnny had fallen asleep to the rumbling of the train. He wiped the sleep from his eyes and saw that it was daytime outside.

"We gotta get off the train," Pony helped him up. Johnny stretched his back, groaning as he heard a satisfying crack. His body ached from sleeping on the hard floor.

"Alright, let's go."

They stepped up to the edge, looking out over the land rushing past beneath them.

"Don't land on your feet. Soon as you hit the ground, start crouching and rolling away," said Ponyboy.

"Okay, on three," said Pony.

"One-," they said together, "Two- Three!"

They both leapt off the train down a grassy hill.

Diana sat with her arms crossed, waiting calmly for news on the boy's condition.

They had no difficulty getting him admitted, at least not after the initial reactions to their sudden appearances and outfits. Once the nurses and staff saw how badly he was injured, he was immediately taken in for emergency surgery.

Now they were in the waiting room, gaining strange glances from the few others waiting to be seen or waiting on loved ones. Drusilla was nervously pacing the floor, shivering even though they weren't cold.

"Dru, that's not helping anything. And I don't think the custodian will appreciate you marking up the floor."

Drusilla walked quickly to her sister and took the seat next to her.

"I really don't like this place. It's too- clean, too- bright… and quiet. There's just this aura here that's very off-putting."

"I understand. Many people become nervous in hospitals."

"But why is it like this? Isn't it supposed to be a place of healing, a happy place?"

Diana nodded. "That's true. But not everyone can be healed, or not completely. Many who come into this place may never leave alive."

Drusilla shuddered at the thought. "You mean like the boy we brought in?"

Diana didn't answer. She just stared into space, looking worried.

"What's wrong?"

Diana took a moment to gather her thoughts. "When I first saw that boy lying there, for just a split second, I thought… I thought it was Johnny."

Drusilla put an arm around her sister's shoulder. "That's a horrible trick of the mind for a mother."

Diana laughed humorlessly, "I can't even imagine what it must've been like for mother when I was away during the war."

"Listen, we've done all we can here. Why don't we go look for Johnny now?"

Diana shook her head. "It wouldn't be right to leave him now. We brought him in; they're gonna want to know what happened to him."

"But we don't know anything beyond where it happened."

"Still, we need to wait. Even though I worry, I know Johnny is strong. Stronger than any child should have to be."

Drusilla didn't know how to reply. She just nodded and sat back in her seat.

"Wonder Woman?"

The sisters looked up and saw a police officer approaching. He was staring at them in amazement.

"I've been expecting you, officer," said Diana as she stood to shake his hand.

"I guess you don't recognize me." He smiled nervously. Diana frowned in confusion.

"No, I'm sorry; I…" she shook her head slightly, but stopped when she got a better look at his face. "Actually, you do look familiar."

"I'm Tom Belford. My father was the warden at the Fort Meyer Penitentiary."

Diana gasped, placing her fingertips over her mouth as she remembered.

"Oh my… Tommy? You're all grown up!" She laughed and pulled him into a hug.

He chuckled, "You haven't changed a bit."

Drusilla cleared her throat loudly. "Oh," Diana stepped back and gestured at her. "This is my sister."

Tom smiled at the younger woman and shook her hand, "Yes, I've heard of Wonder Girl. I haven't heard anything about either of you in a long time, though."

"We went back home after the war," said Drusilla.

"What brings you back now?"

"It's a long story," said Diana.

"Oh, alright," he suddenly became serious, "I hate to change the subject, but I'm here about the stabbing victim. They told me you brought him in."

She frowned and nodded, "Will he be alright?"

He hesitated for a moment. "They said that what you did bought him some time. But it's still a long shot."

Diana sighed sadly, "I knew that'd be a possibility."

"If neither of you mind, I need to ask a few questions and get your statements." He glanced around briefly at the others in the room, "It might be best to do it at the station."

"Of course, we're happy to do anything we can to help," said Diana. Drusilla nodded in agreement.

"Great, you're not under arrest or anything so it's your choice if you'd like me to drive you or if you'd like to drive your own car."

"We can just ride along," said Diana.

"Alright then, I'll show you to my car." He smiled slightly and began to lead them out of the hospital.

"Winston!" Buck shouted. The door rattled as the older man banged on it.

"Go away!" Dallas shouted back sleepily, his voice partly muffled by the pillow. His head was throbbing from his fight with Tim Shepard the night before. Or was it the two or ten beers he had after the fight?

"Get up, Winston! It's the cops!"

It took Dally a moment to realize what Buck had said. "What the Hell do they want?"

"They wanna talk to ya!" Buck yelled, losing patience, "Somethin' about a soc stabbing!"

Dally suddenly remembered the previous night. He jumped up and looked around the room. Ponyboy's damp shirt was hanging over the armchair in plain sight. Dally snatched it up and stuffed it under the mattress.

He growled under his breath and pressed his knuckles into his forehead, trying to will away the throbbing as he got up to open the door.

Buck was standing there, looking annoyed. Two middle-aged fuzz were standing there behind him, smirking as a cat would after cornering a mouse.

"How'd you find me?" asked Dally, glaring at them.

"Come on, Winston, you're not exactly anonymous here, especially when you're here just about every weekend," one of the cops answered.

"I thought there was some confidentiality bull for when you rent out these rooms, Buck," said Dally.

"Not when they're threatening to fine me for serving minors," said Buck before leaving the room.

The cops and Dally stood in a stiff silence before one of the cops spoke, "A kid from the West part of town was stabbed in the park not far from here last night. Would you know anything about that, Winston?"

"He probably had it coming," said Dally, coldly.

"Perhaps we better take this to the station. You might be more cooperative there," said one of the cops.

"Am I being charged with anything?" asked Dally.

"Not yet," one of them answered.

"So I don't gotta come," he said.

"That's true, if we were giving you a choice."

Dally glowered at them for a moment before saying, "Whatever. Let me get my shirt."

"Make it quick." They stepped out of the room while Dally hunted for a clean shirt.