Usually I love stories where the Under-Dog slowly develops into a totally kick ass character through a lot of trials and crazy situations, they find their niche, their friends and a purpose in life that they didn't have before. Its one of the reasons why I like KHR so much and Tsuna has always been a character of particular love for me.

But the temptation to do something like this was entirely too strong. I can only hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

I apologise now if anyone finds the beginning insulting/sexist, but let's face it, Italy is rather old fashioned and Japan probably even more so. Examine Reborn's behaviour toward Kyoko and Haru with a modern eye (Or rather, a feminist's), instead of teaching them how to defend themselves now that they're wrapped up in the future and defenceless, they get shunted into the kitchen and told to shut up. And when they protest suddenly 'oh noes we can't take care of ourselves and have to appease the women'. That is all the reasoning you shall get for the change in the Canon present in this chapter.

Pairings: NONE yet. No Guardians/Tsuna though, explanations will be below.



Gender: FEMALE

Age: 14

Blood Type: A


Height: 155cm [ 5'0" ]

Weight: 46kg [ 7.2 stone ]


Best Subject: GYM

Worst Subject: MATHS

Club Activities: N/A



Gokudera Bianchi sighed as she read through the papers on the young girl, Timoteo had come to her requesting a favour, he wanted her to go to Japan and teach Iemitsu's useless wall-flower of a daughter how to become a suitable wife to a Mafia Lord, the Lady Decimo. Looking through the information the head of CEDEF had on his only daughter she could only shake her head in disgust at how little there was, one or two pictures obviously taken by the girl's mother here and there showed a fourteen year old girl who, for lack of a better description, could make Bambi weep with envy.

She had a thick mane of wavy chocolate hair that spilled down her back, flawless pale skin on a petite face with huge cinnamon coloured brown eyes that stared at the camera in slight shock, a spoon dangling from between her lips and a bowl of ice-cream in hand. There were a few grade sheets here and there, again, obviously forwarded by the girl's mother as they were crumpled and smudged, clearly originals instead of photocopies. The results were less than fantastic in all honesty but, the rosette haired young woman frowned, they weren't bad enough to refuse her Candidacy to become the Decimo herself.

The Poison Assassin sighed at the obvious Political ploy this was, no Mafia wanted a woman at the steering wheel, they would lose face. No, they were obviously intending to groom little Tsunayuki-chan to be a good little bed warmer for the next best thing and then have her squirt out the next generation of Vongola. There were occasions when a female would lead but it was almost always because her husband had been the head before his untimely demise and she had been forced to step in and lead because all legitimate Heirs were either dead or too young to take the mantle.

Not for the first time the Assassin thanked her lucky stars that she had a brother, even if he were born from a Mistress instead of her mother, at least with him taking over as Head of the Family when he proved capable and ready for it she wouldn't be expected to marry someone who was capable of doing so because no one wanted to listen to a pair of breasts give orders. She sneered unhappily and set the files down before going to pack her bags and belongings, mentally drawing up lists of what to teach Tsunayuki-chan when she arrived in Japan.

Poison Cooking was definitely on the top of the list, along with how to defend herself, because Bianchi had a very unpleasant feeling that her husband to be was that thug, Xanxus.


If you were to ask anyone around Namimori about Sawada Tsunayuki, you would receive varying answers.

Those who knew a little of her would say that she was a no-body, kept to herself, didn't do too well in school but was fairly pretty. Those who knew her a little better would look nervous while saying pretty much the same thing, only leaving off the no-body part and advising her not to upset the girl. The people in her school would go silent, their mouths sealing shut before they walked away, swiftly with their heads down trying to ignore the fact that someone had ever even asked them about Sawada Tsunayuki. If one were to ask her friends... well, they wouldn't ask her friends because A) no one would be able to believe they were her friends and B) you would be sent to the hospital for three months for not showing the proper respect when speaking of the young woman.

Information on Sawada Tsunayuki was so thin on the ground that Bianchi was beginning to think that there was entirely more to this than met the eye and Iemitsu knew absolutely fuck – all about his daughter and her life.


The young woman in question was currently finishing up the last of her breakfast, long before her mother had even risen for the day, taking her dishes to the sink she rinsed them and set them on the side ready to be washed up properly later before gathering up her school back and heading out, pausing in the hall just long enough to put her boots and blazer on – giving herself one last check in the mirror to make sure there was no fault with her appearance before opening the front door and leaving. Not even hesitating as she passed the bear-like man stood to attention at the front gate, obviously having been waiting for her.

"Ohaiyou Tetsuya-kun," she greeted, offering him a small smile of greeting which was returned with a larger and warmer one from the older male who bowed differentially to the tiny girl.

"Ohaiyou gozaimasu Sawada-hime," he returned, smile widening at the sour look that twisted her face.

"How many times, Tetsuya-kun? How many times must I beg you not to call me that?" she asked, glancing over at him from the corner of a brown eye as they marched towards Namimori Middle School, punctuality was essential and being a member of the Disciplinary Committee it was their duty to be there earlier even than the Teachers to oversee the opening of the school and the checking of the facilities. Break ins were not tolerated and neither was damage done after-hours by club members, usually the Sheep were well behaved but there was always one with more balls than brains who tried to upset the order and wander away from the Flock.

"At least once more, Yuki-sama," the black haired male relented, still grinning like a bastard at the look on the young girl's face, the one that she was currently directing towards the sky saying quite plainly through the downturn of her mouth and the wrinkling of her nose 'Why me?'.

"Better, I suppose," she grumbled, "As good as I'll get I'm sure," she added before they reached the main gates, the assembled Namimori Prefects taking one look at her and immediately assembling in ranks and bowing, all at once, in perfect form while wishing her a good morning. She would say this about Kyouya-kun, he had them well trained at least, that or terrified to the point of compliance. "At ease for Kami-sama's sake. Someone open the gate before Hibari-senpai gets here and chews us out," she demanded waving a hand for them to get a bloody move on, the dark haired Prefect used to be there at five AM on the dot but started showing up later at seven since Tsunayuki joined them and took position as the Club's Errand Girl – that didn't last long, she rose through the ranks at an alarming rate, startling even Hibari himself with what she was capable of when given the chance to flourish in an environment that encouraged her to grow a spine and was willing to praise her when she displayed it. She was affectionately referred to as the Disciplinary Committee's Princess, they all respected her and if pushed (though not very hard) they would quite easily admit that they enjoyed her company, just like Hibari Kyouya, she showed a side softer side of herself to them and only them. From everyone else, she hid her true self with the ease and experience of a lifetime.

Half an hour later and the usual morning preparations were complete, Tsunayuki armed with pen and clipboard moving from room to room, making notes as she surveyed each of them, deciding which teacher needed more chalk, more text books, what desks had been defaced and owners to be punished, belongings left behind to be submitted to the Lost Property Office to be picked up at a later date. She then moved onto the Gym and took note of what equipment was missing, checked the rosters for which clubs were on the previous evening and which one would have had access to the equipment with which to steal from it – this information she would give directly to Hibari-senpai when he walked through those gates, he would want to deal with this kind of unruly behaviour himself.

With another hour before her Senpai was actually due at the gates Tsunayuki returned to the Committee room and gathered up the files in Hibari-senpai's in-box and began to sort through them. Taking note of who had been issued Detentions the previous day by Teachers, checked reports handed in by other Prefects regarding rule-breaking and punishments, she would file these, amend various Student Records with the newly acquired information and then check her e-mails for the latest gossip. Being the only girl in the Committee made her fairly invaluable, no one could gather information like her, the fact that her best friend (secretly so as not to affect the girl's popularity) was Sasagawa Kyoko meant that the 'Errand Girl' got the best gossip from around the school. Kurokawa Hana wouldn't send her anything, but her Facebook status updates were very informative for figuring out what was fact and fiction.

Tsunayuki would note all this information down, rewrite it in a coherent fashion and when ten to seven rolled around, she would gather it up, along with the theft report and the names of delinquents who skipped out on Detention the evening before along with those who ditched their Class duties and present them to Hibari-senpai.

Three years ago, she had been weak, useless, pathetic and basically an embarrassment to anyone who had ever had the misfortune of meeting her.

That changed when she met Hibari Kyouya, despite others claiming him to be a feral beast, he had his honour and he didn't hit girls for misdemeanour's or accidents. When Tsunayuki knocked into him, sending his paperwork flying and upsetting her drink over his shirt, she had been terrified that she would end up swallowing several of her own teeth but instead, as punishment, he forced her to work as the Disciplinary Committee's Errand Girl for the next two weeks. She would have to fetch food and drinks for the members, sort and deliver paperwork, take notes of their meetings and handle the filing system, she would also have to snitch on any misbehaviour she witnessed for the next two months. If she failed to show up or broke anymore rules, Hibari promised to send her to the hospital – though he never said it at the time, Tsunayuki now knew that had he carried through with his threat and beat her black and blue, at least she would have an unscathed face.

While working there, the boys had been shocked with how swiftly and efficiently she was able to sort their filing system and their paperwork, not that it was bad to begin with but she just made it easier. She also seemed to know everything that was happening in and around the school better than any of them did, girls liked to gossip and she heard more things than they did because, well, people tended to clam up and go silent around the Disciplinary Committee for fear of getting 'Bitten to Death'. The more she got to know the Prefect!Delinquents the more they came to like the, at the time, shy young girl who reminded them so much of a scared little rabbit that even the harshest of them couldn't find it in him to torment her. It actually resulted in them leaping to her protection when they witnessed some guys from another school harass her on her way home from school one evening.

She couldn't bring herself to leave them after that when her punishment was over and, instead of forcing her away, Hibari merely handed her a uniform and gave her a time to show up the next morning and that was that. No-Good Tsuna became a member of the Namimori Disciplinary Committee.

It was hard, there were plenty of bruises and blood and sweat, even a few tears, and a broken bone from learning how to fight and uphold the Order of Namimori Middle but she wouldn't give it up for anything. They were her boys and Kami-sama only knew how badly everything would fall apart if she weren't there to keep it all moving smoothly, keep Hibari-senpai from pitching a fit due to caffeine deprivation, keep everyone abreast of the clique troubles the Sheep were having and act as a buffer between the Prefect!Delinquents and the delicate sensibilities of the Teachers.

"Sawada," Hibari greeted, stalking through the gates with his usual morning fanfare.

The girl nodded, having been stood at the gate for a few minutes before his arrival, falling into step just behind and to the left of him, she handed him the clipboard with everything nicely summed up in her neat handwriting, "Good morning, Senpai," she greeted smoothly as they moved back towards the school.

They walked in silence, Hibari going at half his usual stalking speed in idle consideration to her shorter legs so she wouldn't be forced to jog unbecomingly to keep up with him (And break the rules of No Running in the Hallways), the older teenager greedily reading through the information she provided him, a stormy scowl, darker than his usual, marring his face as he sneered down at the papers. Someone had stolen from his beloved Namimori Middle, someone was going to get Bitten to Death, slowly and painfully. He was ever so slightly growling under his breath by the time they reached the Committee room and he finished reading, sitting himself down at his desk and setting her report to one side as he turned the computer on.

"Go and stand at the Gates," he ordered, a dark scowl on his face as he glared at the computer screen, no doubt attempting to will it to work faster through the power of Killing Intent alone, as he did every morning and failed. "Detain the Baseball Club members as they come in."

She nodded and bowed shortly, "Hai, Senpai. The usual lock-down location?" she asked flatly, usually Detainment involved removing the troublemakers from the rest of the Herd and to a secure location so they wouldn't give the other Sheep any ideas about making a fuss. Usually this location was the field behind the outside Swimming Pool, out of sight of the near-by Science block due to the treeline. Though sometimes he preferred to take care of such troublemakers off campus – he didn't want the pavements or the walls to get stained with unnecessary blood.

He nodded sharply and the girl turned on heel and left him to his brooding, knowing better than to say anything with the mood he was currently in.

"Hisoka, Makoto, Satoshi, with me. We are to Detain members of the Baseball Club as they come in and remove them to the usual location for interrogation," she barked at the lined up members of the Committee as they flanked the corridor, standing to attention as usual. When she first joined she found this behaviour disconcerting but now she knew it was their way of showing respect for her and for Hibari-senpai and Tetsuya-kun. Almost immediately the three Prefects grunted their acceptance and fell into step behind her, maintaining a distance of a few feet behind her so as not to step on her heels – she was much more graceful than she used to be but that didn't mean she didn't have her clumsy moments from time to time.

"Sawada-hime," Satoshi began, somewhat hesitantly, he was a new member of the club if her memory was correct, transferred in six months ago from another school after being expelled for Arson. The law was laid down within an hour of his arrival within the school and three months later and several unpleasant scuffles later he was drafted into the Committee. She grunted to confirm she heard his tentative opening, "What seems to be the problem with the Baseball Club?" he asked curiously.

She sniffed and frowned, usually her boys didn't need a reason to do as told but the Baseball Club did have an event coming up soon and no one liked to lose face in front of other schools, she would have to request some special consideration in light of that from Hibari-senpai. Unless he liked the idea of a full scale uprising he would hopefully listen to her and not break anything in the player's hands or arms.

"The Baseball Club had access to the Equipment room yesterday evening, a bat and a catchers mitt have gone missing along with several balls. Theft is inexcusable in Namimori Satoshi-kun," she told him firmly, glancing over her shoulder with sharp, hawk-like brown eyes, "And it will be punished as appropriate."

He nodded, Regent-quiffed mottled brown/blond hair (Hibari-senpai would not tolerate breaks in the dress-code, Delinquents with bleached hair were forced to dye it black, Satoshi evidentially was not as capable of doing so as others, she would have to pull him aside later that evening and do it for him properly) wobbling with how fast he was doing so, "Understood ma'am," he agreed under her cold gaze, watching as she turned away and breathing a silent sigh of relief as she did so. True, Hibari-sama intimidated him but he knew where he stood with the other male and so didn't fear him, but the girl, Sawada-hime, she was a different kettle of chips. He had fought her only once and he hadn't even been able to lift an arm before one of her tiny fists was smashing through his guard and into his gut, nailing him so hard he fell to his hands and knees immediately and up-chucked everything he had eaten that day and then some. The others in the Committee respected and adored her, she had their unwavering loyalty just as Hibari-sama did, but they seemed more concerned about upsetting her than him.

It made him worry, if Hibari-sama was going to put them in hospital for pissing him off, what would Sawada-hime do to them if they pissed her off?


Gokudera Bianchi was, quite honestly, not expecting this.

'You really screwed the Pooch on this one, didn't you Iemitsu?' the rosette haired assassin thought as she watched his daughter easily command the large force of Japanese Thugs around, clad in a pristine black blazer with a red arm-band proudly displaying her membership to the Namimori Disciplinary Committee, the crisp, flawless white shirt blouse she wore underneath, her neat little blood red tie and her smartly pleated mid-thigh length skirt. Black tights and steel-toe capped black knee high boots completed the image that her high-ponytail and lack of make-up complimented nicely. All business and cold professionalism this girl. The Assassin grinned, she knew several Hitmen who would approve of this girl for that appearance alone, never mind her straight spine, poker face and the three mountainous teenagers with hard faces following along behind her at a respectful distance.

She had been observing the girl for three days now, looking for a way to insert herself into the young woman's life but the more she watched, the more certain she was that she deserved to be given a legitimate chance to become the Vongola Decimo.

Yes her grades weren't perfect, she spent all her time working in the Disciplinary Committee and maintaining such levels of professionalism there that she rarely attended class and never collected her Homework. The Disciplinary Committee wasn't a club but given how its members were there before the teachers in the morning and left long after them in the evening she would say, hand on her heart, that it was more intensive than any club and it taught much better combat skills. Yes she wasn't the Head, but anyone with eyes could see that she was running the show, Hibari Kyouya maintained Order, Sawada Tsunayuki maintained the Disciplinary Committee AND Hibari Kyouya.

Watching the young woman swiftly and efficiently take down large groups of men twice her hight and three times her weight with only her fists and the occasional pipe or garbage can lid, she could safely say the girl had the combat skills, there was room for improvement – as always – but she was far beyond her peer group and better even than the last two candidates for the Vongola Decimo position. Add to that, her Leadership abilities, witnessing her direct the three monoliths through the crowds of semi-alarmed, semi-resigned students to haul out various troublemakers, even wading in herself once or twice, clearly showed that she was respected, admired and even liked by those under her command.

The rosette haired woman sat back and sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose and reaching for her cell.

"Bianchi? Why are you calling? Has there been a problem?" came Timoteo's voice from the other end of the line, his voice sending shocks of mixed emotions through her as she wondered how to break the news to him.

"I am sorry, Nono," she began with a heavy sigh, "I cannot do this job."

There was a breath of silence before he spoke again, she could hear the perplexed frown in his voice, "What has brought this decision on, Bianchi?" he asked.

"Iemitsu's information is wrong! The girl, Tsunayuki Sawada, his daughter, she is nothing like his information claims. I cannot, in good conscious or sound mind, turn this girl into a Marriage Piece. Not when she could legitimately be capable of leading the Vongola!" the woman explained in a rush, her voice powerful, determined, she would not do this, she would not destroy the powerful young woman who was only just growing into what she could be down below. "She is already more qualified – " Bianchi winced here but ploughed on regardless, "than your sons were."

Timoteo sighed, grunting a little as he shifted in his seat, she felt guilt stab at her again, not only for reminding the man of the deaths of his sons but also for unloading yet another difficult decision onto the back of an old man who's legs could barely hold his own weight, never mind the weight of expectations everyone was laying on him to pick a good successor. "You wish for her to be tested?" he asked tiredly.

"I do. Fairly. She has the potential, she certainly has the skill, everything else is dependent on who guides her and the chances you're willing to give her," the rosette haired Italian explained, sitting back on her cold seat on the roof opposite the school, raising her binoculars to spy on the young girl once again as she greeted the icy-faced young man who led the Disciplinary Committee as they escorted several teenagers to a secluded location.

She heard a sigh on the other end, followed by a slight chuckle, "I must admit, I was feeling guilty about forcing a young lady to Wed against her will. I shall be sending Reborn along to train her. Perhaps, after ten generations, it is time the Vongola accept the future. Yes, time for a change I believe." She heard him chuckle as he said this, as if he were enjoying a good joke that only he could understand.

Bianchi smiled, "Thank you Nono, you will not regret this," she swore, listening to his laugh again, feeling lighter at the undertones of hope and slight excitement she could hear within it.

"Timoteo my dear, how many times must I encourage you to use my name? Nono is merely a title and a stuffy one at that!" he exclaimed down the line, his voice light with mirth, "I trust you my dear, now please prepare for Reborn's arrival. Gather as much information on the Young Lady as possible as it seems Iemitsu has been less than effective in this instance."

"Of course sir," the rosette agreed with a smile, "It was nice speaking to you again. Ciao."

"Ciao," he bade her before the line went dead.

Pocketing her phone and smiling in hope, Bianchi lifted her binoculars again and began to study the young girl with the future of the greatest Mafia family in the World resting on her petite shoulders. It wasn't foolishness to believe that those deceptively fragile shoulders were more than capable of holding up to the task.


So? What did you think? 8) I rather like it.

For those of you confused, Nono is a title, much like Primo or Decimo, its not his name. The Ninth's real name is Timoteo and the three former candidates were all his sons – I always felt sorry for the poor guy when I found that out. His three real sons were murdered and his adoptive one tried to kill him more than once.

Pairings for Tsuna: I know people are going to be pushing for Tsuna/one of the Guardians but I'm going to set the record straight with – that's never going to happen. Tsunayuki is a professional to the core, if they're working for her or with her, then she will be emotionally unable to form attachments of that nature. The current winner of my mental pairing poll is Dino. Feel free to come up with your own options. No Squalo though – that's a relationship that Tsuna may end up putting him in jail or hospital for. He is a chronic disturber of the peace.