1 The Moment Passed Me By

By: Nicole Lopez

Chapter One: It's So Easy To Leave Me All Alone With

The Memory Of My Days In The Sun


'It's been a long time since Moolah Beach ended, but everyday is still fresh in my mind.' I balled that up and threw it in the trash. It was bs. I had blocked out everything, except winning the cash. I don't even know why I chose 'Moolah Beach' as my topic. It was pure torture over there for me.

Summer had chose Kyle over me. Can you believe that? They guy is already balding, but I was past that now. All that adolescent nonsense was behind me now. It was time for college, but I couldn't forget about it all yet. No. Not yet.

We still have this "reunion" of the last three casts. The only one I bothered to watch was my own, which made me look like a conceited loser, which I'm not. Ask anyone … except my old girlfriends. That's not the case at all.


"Chasity. I'm so excited about this reunion. I haven't seen you or anyone else in ages!" I exclaimed over the phone while packing. This was going to be fun … seeing what everyone was up to and how they've changed, if they've changed.

"I'm glad you're happy about it."

"I'm going to finally see DREW again. It's been way too long." I continued, not paying attention to the lack of happiness in her voice.


"And I bet Summer and Kyle are still together too … and little Jacob. He's probably a heartbreaker now." I proceeded.

"Nancy. Nancy!"

"What?" I asked, wondering why she was screaming my name over the phone.

"I'm not going," Chasity said simply.

"What?" I answered, stunned, as I dropped the few items I had held in my hands.

"I'm not going."

"You can't do this Chasity. You have to go … you're like my best friend from the cast." I admitted, sitting down on my bed.

"I would love to go, but … college is starting and things are really hectic. I need to focus on other things beside Moolah Beach."

"But, it's been your life for three years. You've been a host, gotten to star in your own movie … everything."

"I know, but I want to do this, make it on my own. I don't want to ride on anyone's coattails."

"Chasity. Please. Everyone's going to miss you. You're the heart and soul of the group." I pleaded.

"Sorry Nance. I can't." She replied. After that, the conversation grew dimmer and before I knew it, I was off the phone with her. I can't believe she didn't tell me earlier …


"Kyle, you understand my reasons, right?" I questioned him, lightly touching his shoulder. He pushed it away.

"It's cool. Who was I fooling, thinking that it would last forever."

"Don't take it personally." I whispered as he started to go off on me.

"How am I NOT suppose to take it personally? Huh? You're breaking up with me and you're telling me not to take it personally? Summer. Please." Kyle declared, walking off. Leaving me on the beach alone.

The beach … the beach was where we met, where everything clicked, where I knew that he was going to be mine. And now … now, I'm going off to college. Kyle's wonderful, an amazing boyfriend, but I'm too young to settle down. I need to see what else is out there, explore my options. If things don't work out, I know that Kyle will want me back. It's happened before anyway.


Dude. I can't believe she dumped me, right on the beach too. After everything we've been through … major Clarke drama, false media, ex- boyfriends and girlfriends … and at the drop of a dime, it's gone.


I'm so excited about this Moolah Beach reunion. I've always wanted to meet the other casts, especially the first one. All the guys were hott, except for Jacob. He was cute, though. And, I miss Noel so much. I swear we should've hooked up on the beach, but I know my mother would disapprove. Unless he was a billionaire, but if he was a billionaire, he wouldn't be on the show … I would hope not.


I don't know why we have to go to this reunion. It's been … what six months since our season ended? Personally, I don't want to go back and relive any of it, especially since I didn't win, but I have to go. My mother's making me. She always makes me do stuff that won't benefit me any in the future. She's the one who got me on the show anyway.