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Chapter 1: Secret Message

Everything Will be Alright by hardy101

Chapter 1: Secret Message

No one's POV

"You gotta do it Clay we need him." Jax the club's VP said to his father/president of the club. Clay sighed knowing the VP was right. Clay pulled out his cell phone and hit one.

"Yeah" The voice said on the other line.

"We need you." Clay said as he lit a cigar and looked around the church to see everyone starting at him.

"Whats going on?" The voice asked.

"We got into some shit with the Russians they set us up." Clay said as he sighed and blew a puff out of his cigar.

"How many bodies?" The voice asked.

"4" Clay sighed and everyone else bowed their head.

"Our guys?" The voice asked again.

"Prospects" Clay replied.

"I'll be down tomorrow I'm leaving now." The voice said.

"Thanks bro" Clay said as he hung up and everyone looked at him.

"Well?" Juice asked.

"He'll be here tomorrow afternoon." Clay replied and everyone nodded their heads.

"Alright boys it's been a long day go home to your family." Clay said as he slapped his hand on the table signing the meeting was over. Everyone got up and made their way toward the door. Jax Teller was about to leave when Clay pulled him back.

"You tell Bella or I will." Clay said as he looked his son dead in the eye then walked out. Jax sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He then stepped out of church and made his way outside to his bike.

"Hey Jax" A voice said from behind Jax. Jax put his hand on his knife just to be safe. Jax turned around and sighed.

"Ima" Jax mumbled as he watched her sway her hips in her short shorts and a tank top that showed her boobs walked over to him.

"Mind giving me a lift big boy." Ima asked as she ran her hand down Jax's arm.

"I got to get home to the family." Jax mumbled as he put his helmet on.

"That never stopped you before." Ima smirked and Jax frowned.

"Look Ima it was one time and I was drunk as shit and fighting with Bella." Jax said and Ima smiled.

"Come on baby you know I take good care of you." Ima said as she whispered in his ear and Jax clutched the bar handle.

"Go bother someone else bitch." Jax said as he started his bike and zoomed past. Leaving a very pissed off Ima. Ima frowned but smiled when she saw Juice.

"Oh Juice baby there you are." Ima called over towards Juice who was talking to Tig and Chibs. Juice looked up and his faced paled.

"Oh fuck this bitch won't leave me alone." Juice mumbled and the guys chuckled as they watch her sway her way over toward them.

"Hey baby wanna have some fun?" Ima purred and Juice mentally gaged.

"No bitch I don't want your std shit." Juice yelled as he ran into the clubhouse.

"Juice baby come back it's not that bad." Ima yelled as she ran after him. Tig looked at Chibs and they both started to laugh. But they stopped and stared at each other.

"Shit I need to get my dick checked." Tig said as he grabbed his balls and Chibs laughed and walked inside the club house with a scared Tig following behind him.


Jax pulled up to his and his girlfriend's house. One of these days he plans on asking her to marry him.

Jax sighed as he got off the bike. He smiled when he heard his son's giggle coming from the back yard. Jax walked over to the back gate and smiled as he saw his three year-old son playing with his 12-year old son. While his 14-year old daughter was swinging with his 1 year old daughter on the swings. Jax eyes lit up when he saw his beautiful girlfriend behind his daughters pushing them on the swing. Jax opened the gate.

"Daddy" Three year old Abel yelled as he spotted his father coming in from the gate. Abel sprinted off toward his father and flew into his opened arms.

"Hey little man." Jax said as he picked up Abel and walked over toward the swings. Where the rest of the kids were at.

"Hey pops" 12 year old Seth said to his father as Jax ruffled his hair.

"Hi daddy" His 14-year old princess said as she jumped off the swing and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi princess" Jax replied back to her she smiled as he walked over towards his daughter and girlfriend.

"Hi baby" Jax said as he kissed his girlfriend on the lips.

"Hi baby" She said as she smiled at him. Jax then picked up Gigi.

"There's my little monkey." Jax said as he spun the one year old in his arms.

"Da" Gigi said as she giggled.

"Mom can I get in the pool?" Leah asked Bella.

"Baby it's too late. Tomorrow you can. It's bedtime." Bella said as she watched Leah and Seth frown. But nodded there heads as they walked into the house. Bella smiled as she picked up Abel in her arms and walked into the kitchen with Jax following behind her.

"Lets go to bed I'm tired." Jax said and Bella nodded her head they put the kids to bed and then climbed into bed them selves.

"Good night baby I love you" Jax said as he kissed Bella on the lips.

"Love you too" Bella replied as she closed her eyes.

The next morning Bella was getting ready to put the kids down for a quick nap. Before her birthday party at the club. Bella went to pick up Abel when Jax grabbed Gigi. Bella smiled as she walked toward the sliding glass door.

"10 more minutes kids then it's time to get out." Bella called out to Seth and Leah. They said okay and Bella closed the door then walked up the stairs.

"So we need to talk." Jax said as he followed his girlfriend up the stairs.

"About?" Bella asked as she put Abel down in his bed and kissed him on the cheek.

"The club" Jax replied as he put Gigi in her crib in her room. He closed the door a little.

"Hershey watch them." Bella said to the dog. The dog laid down in front of the two doors and fell asleep.

"What about the club?" Bella asked as she walked down the stairs and walked into the kitchen and got a water out of the refrigerator.

When Bella didn't hear Jax reply. She turned to see Jax looking at the ground. Bella sighed and jumped on top of the counter and opened her water.

"Okay I'll bite what's going on?" Bella asked as she took a sip of her water and watched as Jax moved his way over toward her.

"Jax what's going on?" Bella asked again Jax sighed and stood in front of Bella while putting his hands on her thighs.

"We have been having some trouble with the Russians and it got bad." Jax said to his old lady.

"How bad?" Bella asked as she held on to her bottle of water.

"So bad we had to call in for some extra help." Jax replied and Bella nodded her head.

"The Irish" Bella asked and Jax shook his head.

"Nevada" Jax said and Bella eyes got big.

"That means" Bella started to say and Jax nodded his head. Bella pushed Jax away and jumped down from the counter. She walked over to the sliding glass door watching Seth and Leah jumping in the pool.

"Bells" Jax said as he walked behind her but she turned and glared at him.

"How could he show his fucking face around here when he left." Bella growled and Jax looked at her.

"We needed extra help and him and the rest of the club are coming Bells." Jax said and Bella looked at Jax.

"What ever" Bella said as she pushed passed Jax and starting to walk out of the kitchen.

"Why do you even care." Jax called back towards her but she kept walking.

"Are you fucking kidding me. You still fucking love him!" Jax yelled and Bella turned around and glared at him.

"You're supposed to me my fucking old lady Isabella." Jax said to her.

"I am your old lady Jackson." Bella quietly yelled trying not to wake up the kids.

"Then why do you fucking care he's coming back." Jax yelled and Bella walked over towards him.

"Hush you'll wake up the kids." Bella whispered and Jax glared.

"Why is it a big problem he's coming back?" Jax whispered and Bella glared.

"He fucking left that's why it's a big problem." Bella said.

"Well I'm sorry your weekly fuck left you." Jax said but he soon regretted it.


Jax glared as he put his hand on his cheek.

"Fuck you Jackson!" Bella glared and started to leave but Jax yanked her arm back.

"It's true he was your weekly fuck and now he's coming back. Can I trust you?" Jax asked and Bella pushed him off of her.

"Why don't you go fuck one the sweet butts you fucking dick." Bella whispered harshly and tried to get away from him.

"Don't fucking walk away from me." Jax yelled waking up the babies.


Bella glared at him.

"Way to fucking go." Bella yelled.

"Just fucking leave and fuck that std bitch." Bella yelled.


Bella held her cheek as she looked at Jax and put her head down.

"Bella I" Jax tried to say.

"Fuck you get out now." Bella yelled at Jax and that got him pissed.

"Gladly" Jax yelled back as he walked passed her and opened the front door.

Slamming it behind him. Jax got on his bike and drove off.


Bella walked up to the bed room to see Gigi standing up holding onto the bars crying.

"Hey baby girl what's wrong?" Bella asked as she lifted Gigi out of the crib and calmed her down.

After an hour she had Gigi put back to sleep. Bella walked into the hallway and slid against the wall.

"Hey mom whats-" Seth said but he stopped and saw Bella leaning against the wall.

"Mom" Seth said as he rushed toward her.

"Seth she's fine why don't you go get changed and go down stairs and put the chicken back in the fridge. We will go out to dinner tonight." Leah said as she rushed over toward Bella.

"But-" Seth said.

"Sweetie I'm fine." Bella answered Seth nodded and rushed into his bedroom.

"Come on mom." Leah said as she helped Bella stand up and helped her into the room.

"He did it again didn't he?" Leah asked and Bella nodded her head. As she walked into the bathroom and sighed. She looked in the mirror and saw the red mark on her face.

"Mom" Leah sighed as she watched her sister who became her mother.

"It was an accident Leah. We had a disagreement and I said something I shouldn't of said." Bella lied.

"Mom this has to stop." Leah whispered Bella turned around and saw Leah crying.

"Oh sweetie." Bella said as she opened her arms and Leah ran into them.

"Shhhh baby I'm fine." Bella said as she tried to sooth Leah.

"But he hit you ma." Leah whispered.

"He didn't mean it baby." Bella lied.

"That's what you said last time." Leah mumbled.

"Hey why don't you go get ready so we can go to this party tonight." Bella fake smiled. Leah got the hint and sighed and nodded. She made her way towards the door when Bella stopped her.

"Leah if anyone..." Bella started to say.

"This stays between us and if anyone asks me. I say you slipped in the kitchen. I know mom." Leah whispered.

"Thank you." Bella smiled Leah nodded and walked out the door closing it behind her.

Bella sighed as she lifted up her sleeves to see her bruise on her wrist. Bella sighed and pulled her sleeves down and walked toward her closet to get changed.

Bella pulled out ripped skinny jeans with her Animal Paisley Tiered tank and her black boots with a black lace sleeve wrap. She did her makeup. Putting coverup to cover the mark on her face. She did her hair so it was curly. When she was done she walked into the hallway to see Leah coming out with a dressed up Gigi and Seth coming out with a dressed up Abel.

"Ready to go?" Bella asked and the kids nodded. Bella took Gigi from Leah's arms. Seth put Abel down and he grabbed Leah's hand they walked toward the car and got in. Bella sighed as she put her seat belt on.

"You alright mom?" Leah asked and Bella smiled.

"I'm fine baby." Bella said as she pulled out of the drive way and made her way towards the club.


Jax walked into the club house and went straight to his room. He shut the door and picked up a glass vase and threw it against the wall. Jax sighed as he walked into the bathroom and stared into the mirror.

"What is wrong with me?" Jax asked him self as he looked into the mirror.

"How could I hit her?" Jax asked again.

"Because you're a heartless basterd. That doesn't love her." Someone replied. Jax looked closer and saw his dad's reflection in the mirror.

"No I'm not. I love her." Jax replied to him.

"Really is that why she has so many bruises on her body. That's also why she has to constantly cover up with make up. She is also lying to everyone when they ask about the bruises they do see." His father said.

"It was an accident." Jax replied.

"It was an accident the first time you did it. But it stopped being an accident the second you laid your hand on her for the second time." John teller told his son.

"She knows it's an accident." Jax replied.

"Just wait for it Jax. Once Happy shows up he will see the bruises and she will go running into his arms." John said.

"No" Jax said.

"Yes Jackson" John replied.

"No" Jax said again.

"This is your fault Jackson. You're the one to blame. You're pushing her in his direction. It's no one elses fault but yours." John spoke his ear.

"No" Jax growled.

"You will be all alone and Happy and her will be happy." John said.

"No" Jax yelled as he punched the mirror watching the glass shatter and his hand get all cut up.

"Look at your self Jackson." The voice said. Jax looked down at the broken piece of mirror and saw his face.

"Look at what the club turned you into." John spoke.

"Look at the monster you have became." John Teller yelled at his son.

"You should have gotten out Jackson. You should have been smart and gotten as far away from the club as you could." The voice said and Jax glared at his reflection.

"Now look at what you're becoming!" John yelled.

"You're letting your inner demon control you!" John yelled louder and Jax fell to the floor holding his ears.

"You brought this all on your self. You have two choices get your shit together and make up with your girlfriend. Take your family as far away from Charming as possible. Or continue to be this cold hearted demon, and lose her and your family. You'll end up all alone." John whispered and he soon disappeared.

"Jackson are you alright in there?" Gemma Teller knocked on her son's bathroom.

"I'm fine ma." Jax replied as he looked down at his bloody hand.

"Well come on Clay called church." Gemma replied.

"I'll be there in a minute." Jax replied as he stood up and picked a piece of glass out of his skin. He then washed his hand. He cut one of his shirts and rapped it around his hand to stop the bleeding. Jax sighed as he made his way towards church he walked in and everyone looked at him.

"Glad you could make it VP." Clay replied as he watched Jax sit down in his chair.

"What happened?" Clay asked as he eyes his hand.

"Nothing just fell." Jax said and Clay looked at him.

"Anyway what's going on?" Jax asked as he saw the Devils Disciples standing around.

"The charter in Nevada refused to help us. All but one so we called in the Devils to help." Clay answered. Jax turned and looked at the person he wished he would never see again.

"First off we would like to welcome back Happy to Charming." Clay said as everyone clapped.

"It's good to have you home brother." Clay said and Happy nodded.

"Now we will do the hit tomorrow agreed?" Clay asked and everyone nodded.

"Alright now it's time to celebrate Bella's 21 birthday." Clay said and everyone made their way out to the bar and saw that Gemma had everything set up.

Happy's POV

Happy looked up when he saw Bella standing and talking to Cherry. Happy's heart broke when he saw how beautiful she looked. But he felt like something was off. Happy walked over toward Bella.

"Bells" He called to her Bella turned around and glared.

"I'm sorry only my friends get to call me Bells." Bella said as she looked at Cherry.

"Bella please let me-" Happy began to say.

"Save it jackass." Bella said as she kissed Cherry on the cheek and walked away. Happy looked at Cherry and he glared then went to the bar.

"What can I get you?" The bartender asked.

"Give me a jack." Happy said the bartender nodded. He took the bottle getting ready to pour it when Happy snatched the bottle out of his hands and took a big gulp from it.

"Hey you can't do that." The guy said. Happy glared at him and the guy put his hands up in surrender. Happy took another swig then he put it down and walked toward the wall. He leaned against it and he watched Bella as she moved around and talked with people. He saw her walking toward the hallway. Now would be his chance he thought to himself. He grabbed her just as she was walking out of the bathroom.

"What the-" She tried to say but Happy pushed her into his room and closed the door behind him.

Bella turned around and glared at the person standing in front of her.

"Let me go." She demanded but he shook his head.

"David move." Bella said as she tried to push her way past him but he wouldn't let her.

"We need to talk." He said.

"I have nothing to say to you." She growled. He grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall and held her there.

"Well I do." He growled at her. She glared at him.

"Fuck you...you mother fucking asshole! You fucking left not me!" She screamed at him from across the room..

"And you won't fucking let me forget about it. You're a fucking bitch!" His nostrils flared as he spat the words at her.

"Fuck you. How could you fucking leave me like that. You're a cold hearted basterd!" She screamed and threw an ash tray at him. Her hands shaking with anger.

"I'm the cold hearted basterd! You fucking chose who you wanted to be with!" He yelled as she ran her hand through her long dark brown hair in frustration.

"I had a family David. I wasn't about to give that all up for something we could have had!"

"Fuck you! And fuck him! Both of us know you could have picked me. I gave you the fucking chance Bella. I fell in love with you. You treat me like I'm some boy toy so I fucking left!" Happy yelled.

"I want the fucking truth Happy!" Bella yelled.

"Fine then." His patience snapped right in front of her eyes as he walked toward Bella.

"I got tired of watching you two together pretending to be the prefect little family. I got tired of watching the girl I fucking love be with my brother. I got tired of watching you coming into the clubhouse thinking you were here for me. When all you were here for was Jax. I got tired of being fucking hurt by you. That's why I fucking left. I couldn't take the fucking pain you kept causing me!" Happy screamed right into Bella's face as he stood close. His teeth clenched, his fists tight.

"Is that what you want to hear? That I miss throwing you up against the wall and slamming my dick inside of you making you scream my fucking name." He smirked.

"Fuck you!" Bella pulled her hand back, ready to land a blow. Wanting to wipe that smug look from his face.

"Oh no you don't!" He growled as his hands closed on her wrist before she could land the slap. Bella pulled back, a futile attempt as Happy pushed her back against the wall behind her with his body. He raised Bella's hand above her head then captured the other one and held both in one of his much larger hands. Pinning them both to the wall as she tried in vain to pull them back.

Bella struggled against him. Her feet and knees a blur. Trying to get a shot in. He pressed into her hard. The cold wall barely felt along her bare back as she struggled against him.

"Fuck you! Let me go you asshole...LET...ME...FUCKING...GO!" Bella screamed as she tried to break free.

Bella's breath was coming hard as fast as Happy looked down into her eyes. Anger blazing. He dipped his head and kissed her hard. She bit Happy's lip. Tasting blood and he pulled back.

"Do that again and you'll regret it." He growled.


His words were cold as he leaned back in and kissed me. Hard and rough. Our teeth scraped as David pushed his tongue into my mouth. I kissed him back, as hard as he kissed me. Arching my body against his as I still tried to pull my hands free from his iron grip.

"Do you have any idea how long I waited to just throw you against the wall and slam my hard dick inside of you and listen to your moans!" He whispered in my ear.

Happy's free hand moved to the front of my jacket he took it off. Then lifted my tank top above my head. I felt Happy's cold hands reach behind me and unclasp my bra. He then quickly dipped his head and captured one of my now bare breasts between his lips.

"Fuck you!" It was more of a moan as I felt his teeth against my hard nip. He bit, hard and I arched pushing more of my breast into his mouth.

"FUCK YOU!" I screamed loud as the pain mingled with pleasure when Happy released one and moved to the other.

I was mad at myself as I felt the pool of wetness between my legs. Angry as hell at him as my body responded to the feeling of his hard cock pressed against my hip. I arched again, still pulling on my hands.

"Stop complaining you fucking like it." He said as he lifted his head and kissed me hard again, moving his hands to unbutton my pants.

"Take off your pants and boots now." He growled.

I did what I was told he then whispered in my ear. "Wrap your legs around me" he said.

I complied, speechless and my eyes huge as he reached between us to first undo his zipper. He then grabbed my skimpy black thong and ripped it from my body. The friction of him pulling roughly and the sound of them ripping as he yanked them from my body almost made me cum.

He freed my hands and held onto my hips for leverage as he slammed his cock deep inside me. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck and I start to kiss him roughly as he filled my pussy. Slamming me back against the wall. Happy dropped his head and bit my nipples again and I came. Screaming as he punished my pussy without mercy.

"You fucking asshole!" I growled at him. His smug smile made me want to hit him again. My pussy convulsed and spasmed around his cock as he splayed his fingers over the cheeks of my ass and found my tight puckered asshole with one. I cried out as he slid one into me, stretching me, one...then two. My body moved with his, my hand moved down and I took off his cut. Then I ripped his dress shirt open then began pinching and pulling his nipples, hard. Digging my fingernails into his chest.

He half laughed and half moaned as he pushed harder and faster. His fingers teasing my asshole as his cock filled me over and over.

Happy pulled out of me then he turned me, bending me over the bed while holding my body steady. The look on his face kind of scared me. But it also made me wet as hell.

"Don't move ...you want to see how much I missed you then I'll show you." Happy growled as he rubbed the head of his wet cock against my ass, and then pushed in with one long slow stroke. I moaned out loud as his cock filled my tight ass. I groaned as it burned and stretched me. I lifted my hips, I couldn't help myself as the pain turned into pleasure and he started to slide in and out of my asshole. Slow at first then fast and unforgiving.

His hand came down and began to flick over the hard nub of my clit as he pumped in and out. I couldn't help myself. I came hard cursing Happy's name as he whispered in my ear.

"See how much better I am. Do you see what I can do to you. I love it when you come nice and hard all over my cock. Screaming my name." He said as he slapped my ass hard, making my body jump.

I came again gripping Happy like a velvet vice and that had sent him over the edge. He groaned as he exploded into me. His cock pulsed inside of me then I felt emptiness as he pulled out.

Happy pulled me up and turned me facing him again as his lips found mine and he began to kiss me softly as he ran his fingertips gently down my cheek.

"God you're beautiful." He touched me so softly, like I was the most precious thing in the world.

"Thank you." I smiled up at him.

"I mean it Bells you're so beautiful." Happy said as we collapsed on the bed. I laid down trying to catch my breath. I soon heard a gasp. I shot my head up and frowned.

"What the fuck is this." He demanded. I just kept quiet.

"It's nothing." I said as I snatched my wrist out of his hand and got up.

"Don't fucking lie to me Isabella." He growled. I grabbed a pair of underwear out of his drawer and got dressed.

"Did Jax fucking do that." He growled at me.

"It was an accident." I replied as I fixed my hair and checked my face.

"Bull shit." Happy growled I stayed quiet.

"How long?" He asked but I didn't say a word.

"Damn it Bella how fucking long?" Happy growled.

"It started two months ago." I whispered. I heard Happy punch the wall. I jumped and I turned and faced him.

"Bells" He said. I ran into his arms and he held me as I cried.

"I'm going to fucking kill him." Happy growled and I shook my head.

"No it was an accident." I said trying to stop Happy as he made his way toward the door.

"That's a fucking bull shit lie Bella and you know it." Happy growled, I frowned at Happy.

"Please don't." I whispered to him. He frowned and pulled me into his arms.

"Shhhh baby everything will be alright I promise." Happy said as he glared at the door thinking of ways to kill Jax.

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