So, due to popular demand from the girls (and Josh!) on Twitter, I've been asked to create smut. Pure, unadulterated, lovely smut. And since I just finished Lullaby Lane, and will be headed into making Our Love is Here to Stay (sequel), I decided that Klaine's honeymoon is a great place to have such smut! Thanks to Jocy333 on Twitter for the names of this fic, and Lullaby's sequel, and thanks to Typegirl19 on here for the honeymoon idea! Obviously, I liked it so much I used it! XD

Blaine stepped out of the cab and turned, holding his hand out for his lover. As Kurt stepped out of the cab as well, he looked around, the awe in his face enhanced by the salty air around him. They were at their hotel, but it looked more like a resort than a hotel, according to Kurt.

"Where the devil did your mom send us?" He whispered, afraid to break the quietness that was the island. Blaine smiled softly, looking deep into his husband's eyes.

"I know you were all set on going to Hawaii, but this place is a bit more secluded, Kurt," Blaine whispered, his voice going low as he slipped in behind his lover. Wrapping his arms around the taller man's waist, he pulled Kurt against him, letting him lean into the warmth of his chest.

"Aruba, the Caribbean… What a wonderful way to start a new marriage…" Kurt turned around in Blaine's arms, and held him close, kissing his soft lips gently, tasting the freshness of the mint Blaine was sucking on earlier, and the distinct flavour that was wholly Blaine. "I still can't believe your mom sent us here," Kurt murmured against Blaine's lips. Blaine smiled softly, and caressed Kurt's back with his fingers.

"I can't believe your mom and dad offered to watch all three girls for two weeks!" Kurt giggled, remembering the look on Burt's face when he realised he'd signed on for a full two week babysitting job.

"They'll be all right, Dad has Carole, and she raised Finn. How much harder can it be controlling three little girls?" Kurt giggled again, and leaned his head on Blaine's shoulder, simply enjoying the closeness of his husband.

"Sir?" The cab driver called, getting their attention.

"Yes?" They both answered at the same time, and they looked at each other and began laughing. The cab driver grinned at the joke.

"Would you like for me to bring the bags to the front entrance?" He asked, his thick accent heavy, but not indiscernible.

"Yes, please," Blaine said, pulling out a ten and handing it to the man as a tip. He and Kurt followed the man up the stairs to the front of the hotel, the breeze blowing through the open windows.

They stopped at the front desk, their eyes taking in everything around them. The walls were a brilliant white that reflected light from outside, making everything seem brighter than it actually was. The curtains on the windows blew in the breeze, a soft off white to contrast the walls. The ceiling was immensely high, white again, but with gold accent pieces, like the amazingly gorgeous chandelier that hung high overhead. It was a simple layout, but elegant, and Kurt couldn't have wished for a nicer place to spend his honeymoon.

The front desk clerk appeared, her hair meticulously pulled back in a French twist, and the pin on her lapel read "Maria". She smiled gently at the men who stood before her, and asked their names.

"Blaine and Kurt Hummel-Anderson," Blaine supplied, and she looked up the names on the computer.

"Oh, yes," She giggled softly. "Newlyweds. We have you set up in one of the cottages. A lot of privacy. You have your own private beach, and a private waterfall and pool," She grinned, and handed them the keys to the room. "It is a fair bit away from the main hotel here, though, so I'll have Josh bring you over by golf cart. He'll leave it there, in case you need to return to the main hotel for any reason during your stay. That golf cart is for your personal use during your stay here. It has all been taken care of for you," She smiled again, a soft, wistful look in her eyes as she studied the two, and then called Josh over. He was a young man; he barely looked eighteen. He had curly hair, and brilliant white teeth, set against the tanned skin of his face. He offered a small, shy smile, and led them out to the waiting golf cart. He loaded their bags onto the back of the cart, and began driving.

"So, Josh, how long have you worked here?" Kurt asked, uncomfortable with the silence in the cart. The young man looked back at them, smiled again, and returned his eyes to the front. He didn't say anything, and this led Kurt to believe he didn't speak English. Oh Well.

The remainder of the ride was endured in silence, Blaine staring at his husband softly as the sun began to set. They had an amazing view of the sunset from the back of the golf cart. Blaine reached around Kurt, settling his arm over Kurt's shoulder, as they watched the sun sink into the horizon.

"That was beautiful," a teary eyed Kurt murmured softly, as he leaned over and gave Blaine a passionate kiss. Blaine cupped Kurt's cheek and leaned into the kiss, his head beginning to swim from the lack of oxygen and the sheer overwhelming desire he felt. The cart shuddered to a halt, jolting the two men apart, and they looked over to Josh, who had a smile on his face, but looked a bit green. Then the look was gone, replaced solely by the small smile, as he reached back to grab the bags. He brought them into the little cottage, placing them gently on the floor beside the dressers. As Kurt and Blaine exclaimed over the cottage, Josh opened the cupboards and the little refrigerator, showing the men that the kitchenette was fully stocked. He turned on the sink, and flushed the toilet in the bathroom, making sure the plumbing worked properly, and returned to the front door. Turning, he bowed gently, still smiling, and turned to leave.

"Hang on, Josh," Blaine called, walking quickly to Josh, and handing him a twenty, before allowing him to leave. The young man smiled again, and Blaine could tell this was a genuine smile, rather than the fake smile he'd been using previously. He bowed his head once more, and walked from the room.

Blaine turned to his lover, alone for the first time since the wedding. He smiled, his hand reaching out to the other man. As they walked into each other's arms, their bodies collided with the passion and force of a supernova. The heat generated between them was unending, and they slowly made their way to the bed.

Blaine's fingers carded through Kurt's hair as they kissed, their lips touching, caressing, licking and nipping each other, as he slowly pushed the other man to the side of the bed. The heat in Blaine's eyes was enough to make Kurt gasp, and he threw his arms around Blaine's shoulders, pulling him ever closer. He tilted his head to the side, enjoying the lazy way Blaine's lips caressed the side of his jaw, under his ear, and down his neck. When Blaine got to the junction of his collarbone, he sucked, almost viciously, raising a dark purple mark in seconds. Blaine leaned back, admiring the dark splotch on the creamy white skin of the man he loved, and leaned forward to lave at it, washing it gently with his tongue. Kurt let a moan escape his lips, and Blaine involuntarily thrust forward.

They both fell onto the bed at the movement, a soft whooshing sound filling the air as the mattress sunk gently under their combined weight. As Kurt's mouth found its way back to Blaine's, he started pulling at Blaine's shirt, grasping everywhere, touching the heated skin at the collar and under the hem. He began undoing buttons, his fervour at having Blaine all to himself finally taking over his mind and body. He kissed Blaine's lips, and then nipped, then slowly began kissing down Blaine's jaw. It was Blaine's turn to throw his head back and moan, because damn, that felt amazing. Kurt's kisses peppered his neck as he moaned, and Kurt could feel every vibration through his lips; God, Blaine was hot like this. He flipped the two of them, so that Kurt was on top, and straddled the man underneath him, being very careful of where he placed his knees. They'd had accidents before when they weren't careful, and Kurt was determined none of that was going to happen on this trip.

He leaned over the other man, who was blinking softly at the reverse in positions, his smile glazing over when he realised that Kurt wanted to dominate this time around. That was just fine with him, Blaine thought, as he thrust upward gently with his hips. Kurt moaned, and then turned a gentle frown on Blaine.

"You're not supposed to do that, Blaine," He warned. "If you do it again, I'll have to punish you…" Blaine stilled his hips; the last time this had played out, he had been left with a hard on for two hours before Kurt had allowed him any type of relief. He wasn't sure he could hold out that long this time, so he behaved himself.

Kurt got up and slowly made his way to the suitcase that Josh had left on the floor. Never let it be said that Kurt Hummel-Anderson didn't come prepared. No pun intended. Yet.

He pulled out a couple of scarves, a bottle of lube and "Henry", the toy they had purchased together one evening when they had been feeling especially adventurous. Blaine's breath hitched; he was so turned on, just by watching Kurt pull the things they'd need from his bag, he thought he would explode. As Kurt made his way back to the bed with his treasures, Blaine thought Kurt had never looked so amazing. The sun setting had thrown all kinds of red, yellow and orange lights over the land, and some of that filtered through the window facing the ocean. Standing there, Kurt looked like some Greek or Roman god, even if he was still fully dressed. Blaine gulped, his hair standing on end as he anticipated what was coming.

Kurt placed the items on the bedside table, and reached down again, unbuttoning Blaine's shirt. He kissed every new section that was exposed before moving on to the next one, and by the time he had made it to the bottom button, Blaine was writhing in intense rapture. His body squirmed, making it difficult for Kurt to begin working on his pants, and therefore Kurt would have to do something about that.

He placed a hand squarely in the middle of Blaine's chest, forcing the older man to open his eyes and look at him. As Blaine's eyes opened, Kurt noticed he could barely see any hazel; they had darkened to the point that all Kurt could see were deep pools of jet black, and he pulled himself away before he could get sucked in and drowned.

"You have to keep still, baby," Kurt commanded, his fingers curling into gentle claws, and he raked his fingernails down Blaine's chest. Blaine sucked in a gasp as Kurt reached his pants, and began undoing them. He provided the same service as previously, kissing every exposed inch of skin until he reached his goal.

The pants came down, revealing Blaine's fully hard cock, and Kurt petted it gently. He dared a look at Blaine, who was biting his lips to try and avoid crying out in pleasure. Kurt smirked; he didn't want Blaine to hold back at all, so, straight to the point!

Cupping Blaine in his hands, he moved his mouth onto Blaine's cock, engulfing him in wet heat and taking him all the way in, bumping the back of his throat on the first try. That certainly got a response out of Blaine.

The other man sat bolt upright involuntarily, his body curling in on the sweet, wet heat engulfing him. His mouth opened in a silent "oh", and his hands flew to Kurt's hair in an attempt to bring him even closer. Kurt smiled around Blaine's cock; this was going to be easy.

Backing off of Blaine's cock, he looked up at the man, who now sat watching him with a look of lust mingled with disbelief. He snickered softly, and pushed Blaine back down on the bed, reaching over to the table where he'd left his props. Blaine moaned gently.

"You know the punishment for getting too excited, Blaine," Kurt murmured, his low voice going straight to Blaine's cock and making it twitch all over the place. He straddled Blaine again, and oh so slowly, wrapped his wrist in the first scarf, tying it carefully to the headboard. He took Blaines other wrist, kissed the inside of it gently, making Blaine moan again, and tied his other hand to the headboard. Once he was sure Blaine was secure, he leaned down, nipping at Blaine's lips again.

"You," Kiss. "Need," Nip. "To behave," Lick. "Or I'll stop, and you won't get any while we're here," He finished breathlessly, and Blaine threw his head back and groaned.

"Jesus, you're so hot," Blaine growled out, his lust-filled eyes taking in every inch of Kurt's still fully clothed body. "Why are you still wearing clothes? They should be on the floor!" Blaine cried, his eyes roaming over Kurt, who blushed from the attention. Kurt sat back, inadvertently rubbing the arse of his jeans against Blaine's still fully erect cock, and making him jump in stimulation.

"Oh, really?" Kurt quirked his eyebrows, and levelled a direct glare at Blaine, who gulped gently.

"No, no… not really," Blaine quickly acquiesced, his hard-on rubbing into the jeans fabric, sending shudders of pleasure throughout his stimulated body. He would do anything, anything, to have Kurt touching him right then. Kurt sat back, watching the man beneath him as he struggled to control himself. Oh Gaga, was he ever dead sexy when he struggled. Kurt absolutely loved putting his husband through this. It was the most amazing way of showing the faith, devotion and pure trust they had for one another.

"Good boy," Kurt murmured again, and he leaned down, kissing Blaine right behind his ear. It was one of Blaine's more sensitive spots, and he had once managed to make him come, just from kissing and licking that spot. He focussed on that tiny little spot for a good five minutes, and by the time he pulled back, Blaine was panting, writhing, and moaning deeply. He looked down at the most gorgeous man on the planet, and brought his hands back into play.

Raking his fingernails once again down Blaine's chest, he scraped them lightly over each of Blaine's nipples, feeling the restraint from Blaine as he tried not to let Kurt feel the bucking of his hips. His eyes were closed, simply revelling in the sensations of Kurt pressed against him, and the tickling of Kurt's fingers over his chest. Kurt moved lower, and Blaine's eyes flew open once more.

Kurt grabbed the half-open jeans, and slowly started yanking them down. As Blaine made to lift his hips to allow him to pull them off, Kurt placed a wet kiss to the tip of Blaine's cock, forcing an involuntary thrust into Kurt's mouth. As Kurt sucked softly, Blaine twitched; his deep guttural cry forced from his lungs as the pleasure threatened to engulf him. Kurt pulled back again, this time to prolong the delightful experience.

He managed to finish pulling Blaine's jeans from his body, the delicious view of Blaine sprawled out before him like a buffet was more than enough to make his mouth water in anticipation. He started licking Blaine again; soft, kitten licks that barely touched him, but made Blaine pant ever harder as he made his way up from his ankles. As he reached around Blaine's groin, he focussed on the hip bones, sucking deep marks into the soft skin there, leaning back and enjoying the look on Blaine's face as Blaine watched him through half-slit eyelids. He reached over to the table, hearing the soft whimper come from Blaine as he reached for the lube and Henry.

Blaine pulled his legs up, eager for penetration, but Kurt wasn't quite ready for that yet. He slowly petted Blaine's legs until they rested once more on the bed, then lifted himself from the bed and stood where Blaine could see all of him. He slowly danced, writhing gently as he took his clothes off. He went oh so slowly, making sure Blaine could view every inch of the lovely skin he knew Blaine so desperately wanted to touch. Once his clothes lay in a pile on the floor, (he never would have done that in high school, his clothes were far too precious to him back then,) he swivelled his hips gently, as he returned to the bed. Blaine was still rock hard, his eyes following every motion the other man made. Kurt positioned himself backwards to the way he had been earlier, his chest facing towards Blaine's feet, as he settled over the man he loved. He'd never tried this before, and that was saying something after having been together for over two years. He reached behind him, his fingers lightly tracing the opening to his ass. Blaine gasped, his lust-filled eyes unable to look away from Kurt's dancing fingers. As Kurt teased himself, Blaine's forehead broke out in a light sweat, his body flushing with the images before him.

Kurt's hand returned to his front, and Blaine couldn't see what was going on. Was he stroking himself? Was he getting off without showing Blaine? Oh God, was he going to leave him here, hard and turned on, while he left?

Blaine gasped again as he heard he soft squeeze of the lube bottle, and then Kurt's fingers had returned, slippery and silky with the wet liquid. He teased his entrance again, and slowly slipped one finger inside, his body tensing with the intrusion.

"You okay?" Blaine asked, his voice husky with desire, and Kurt looked back at him fondly.

"I'm fine, lover," Kurt replied, his smirk back as he watched Blaine struggle with the scarves he had tied. It was obvious Blaine wanted to be the one teasing Kurt, but that was for later. For now, Kurt wanted this to be special for Blaine. He reached behind him, placing one hand in the middle of Blaine's chest, holding him down while he used the other hand to finger himself. He teased, he writhed, he opened himself gently, and then not-so-gently, roughly shoving in three when he couldn't stand the teasing any longer. He gasped, and bore down on the pain, his body adjusting slowly to the feeling of fullness. As it stopped being painful, and started becoming pleasurable, he began moaning, his body rocking back and forth, brushing up against Blaine's cock every often, making him moan as well. Finally, he pulled his fingers out, wiping them on Blaine's cock, making the other man nearly howl with lust.

Kurt pulled Henry from its little travel case, and held him up to the slowly darkening room. He was small, just a vibrator, not even as thick or long as Blaine. But he managed to make Kurt feel amazing, especially if Henry and Blaine were inside of him at once. And that was the plan for this evening, if he could pull it off.

He coaxed Blaine forward a bit, his hips slinking down the bed and onto the pillow Kurt placed for him. His hips thrusting in the air, Blaine felt incredibly exposed, especially since all of the windows were open to allow in the night breeze. As the air cooled down the room, he could feel the heat radiating off of the man above him, and his lips curved up into a smile. He loved his husband, and nothing in this world would ever stop that love.

Kurt reached Henry back behind him, and teased himself open with the very tip of the vibrator. He was stunning, Blaine thought to himself, as he watched the other man gently insert the device, and wiggled it around. He found the right angle, and began thrusting gently, every movement rocking against Blaine's stiff cock, making his eyes roll back in his head from the sensations.

"Kurt," Blaine warned, as he realised how very close to coming he was, and the other man looked back at him. Kurt saw the look in Blaine's eyes, his own eyes widening as he realised he had made Blaine this quivering hot mess. His eyes locked with Blaine, and he slowly removed Henry from his hole.

Reaching down, he grasped Blaine lightly, barely touching him, afraid that if he gripped too tightly Blaine would start coming right then and there. He guided his lover to his hole, and slowly sank down. The fit was tight, and Blaine nearly died from the intense heat and pressure. Blaine's groan of pleasure was echoed by the man above him, and he sank deeply into Kurt with a soft sigh.

Kurt grimaced gently, this was the only part that sucked. No matter how much preparation he'd had, Blaine was always so much larger, and fuller than Henry, and stretched him so wide. It always took at least a full minute for Kurt to feel like he could move after being penetrated by Blaine.

After a few seconds he tentatively rocked back, feeling the tip of Blaine's cock brush lightly over his prostate. He jumped; it came as a surprise every time it was stroked. His voice lifted in a soft wail, his body straining for the release it had been requesting for hours. He wasn't going to last long enough to put Henry back in, he was sure of it.

Kurt felt himself flipped over, landing gently on his knees, as he tried to figure out what was happening through his lust. Blaine had somehow got free of his bonds, and had grabbed Kurt around the waist. He'd flipped them both forward, never removing himself from Kurt, and now kneeled, poised, over Kurt, his firm chest bracing against Kurt's back as they rocked together as one. Blaine grabbed the vibrator and roughly brought it between the two of them. Kurt was holding them both up with his hands, and didn't have the strength to try anything else, so Blaine carefully inserted Henry into Kurt's asshole, alongside himself. Then he turned it on. The vibrations ran up Blaine's cock, and made the experience ten times more sensitive; it was the same for Kurt, if the shivers running down his spine were any indication. Blaine rocked furiously against his lover, his body seeking more contact, deeper penetration. He judged Kurt's reactions by his breathing, and his moans, and realised the other man was nearly as close as Blaine himself was. With a soft groan of ecstasy, he pummelled Kurt's ass, and reached his free hand around to pump Kurt gently. Within seconds, Kurt was coming, his panting filling the room, and his body slamming back against Blaine, causing him to come just as hard. Blaine's voice rang out in adulation, his hands gripping the squirming man before him, coming so hard he saw stars. Kurt finally squirmed a bit too much, and Blaine softly slid from Kurt's body.

"Oh God," Kurt collapsed, his head hitting the pillow that had been situated under Blaine's hips atone point. Blaine lay down beside his lover, rubbing his hand up and down over Kurt's back and ass and thighs. "I'm never moving again," Kurt yawned, looking sleepily towards the man who lay beside him, soothing his aching muscles with a practised hand.

"You don't have to," Blaine murmured softly into Kurt's ear, as he placed a quiet, gentle kiss to Kurt's temple. Kurt closed his eyes, and he slowly began to drift into a deep sleep. Blaine sighed gently, disentangling himself from his husband. He stood shakily, his knees feeling like rubber, and slowly made his way to the bathroom. Once there, he wet a cloth and rubbed it over himself, cleaning up the lube and the come. Then he re-wet the cloth, making sure it was warm, before returning to Kurt. He slowly turned his lover over, taking in the soft sigh of contentment that escaped his lips. Blaine smiled softly, and cleaned up the mess Kurt had made. Before swiping up the bit of come on the other man's chest though, he leaned down and licked it up. He cleaned Kurt with his tongue for a few seconds, feeling the twitch of Kurt's cock stirring beneath him as he worked. Even unconscious, Kurt knew that Blaine was there and wanted him. It was something that to this day amazed Blaine, every time he had the opportunity to try it. But right now, they had a vacation to enjoy.