CH 21


Maria's Point of View

It was hard to contain ourselves at dinner after our sunset confessional. There had been enough excitement for one trip and we wanted to enjoy it between us before we announced our love to our respective families.

We even came into the dinning hall and sat down at different times to make it seem like we had not been together for the past little while.

Sometimes I would look up from my plate and coyly meet Robin's eyes. We would look away and smile respectively. At this point I might as well have told Loveday, because she kept smiling at the two of us.

I had finished my dinner early and was not interested in the conversation Loveday, Coeur de Noir, and Auxier (Noirs right hand man) were having.

Robin was preoccupying himself with Pascal and Tamer.

I excused myself from the dinner table and caught another look from Robin. He seemed disappointed, but I smiled at him and gave him my good night.

Thoughts of my kiss with Robin still floating in my head. The smell of his hair and the feel of his lips still lingered and it was hard to get rid of them.

I was walking quite slowly, not paying attention. Suddenly a hand clasped over my mouth and I was pulled backwards into a dark room.

I couldn't see from the lack of light. Although, that voice was all too familiar.

"Stay still." A woman whispered as she tried to grab my hand. It was Charlotte. It was hard to forget the voice of the girl who betrayed everyone you held dear. Conner must be the one holding me back.

I didn't hesitate to bite the hand that held my mouth. He held a muffled scream and did not move his hand. His body was uncomfortable against mine and I was fighting him every second he held me.

Charlotte lit a candle and I could now see her face. "Now I can see. This should be easier." She took my hand and held it out. Stretching my arm to its limits. I tried to scream and could no longer fight as well.

She suddenly pricked my finger and a drop of blood came from my body. With one swoop she put the droplet in a vile and let go of my hand. Conner snatched it back up and held it uncomfortably behind my back.

She held up the vile and looked at me. The blood inside the vile mixed with a clear liquid, what was she doing?

"You look pretty Maria. Those clothes will look lovely on me."

Conner made a swift movement and the world went black.

Loveday's Point of View

After Maria left the table early I leaned in towards Robin. "What was all that?"

He looked at me confused, "What are you talking about?"

"You and Maria could hardly take your eyes off one another. What is going on?"


I glared at Robin one more time. I was about to remove myself from the dinner table, it seems Robin had the same thought. He stood and bid everyone good night. After he left the grand dinning room I stood myself. Excusing myself the best I could as I rushed to go find Maria.

Once I got to her room I could hear loud noises coming from inside even before I stood in front of it. Maria wouldn't be able to make those noises by herself. I knocked on the door lightly, "Maria? What is going on in there?"

"Nothing" Her muffled voice came through the door, "Come in Loveday."

I did not hesitate to open the door. She stood there looking a bit disheveled. Her clothes not meticulously put on and her hair was certainly not the way it was at dinner. Rather messy and rushed.

"Is there anyone in here?" I asked. Knowing the answer and praying things were not as it looked.

"No, why would there be." Maria's head was held high and she spoke those words with complete confidence. Now Maria was blatantly lying to me.

This was certainly not her behavior. I saw this girl blush at the near thought of me and Benjamin in the same room alone. How could that same girl be standing in front of me hiding someone in her room.

"Maria, I know someone is in here."

Maria started to move toward me, not saying a word. Suddenly a noise came from her wardrobe and we both stop and stared. The noise became louder before the wardrobe doors flew open and someone fell onto the floor. He got to his feet and tried to close the doors to the wardrobe, but instead a girl stumbled out. It was Maria, only wearing a loose nightgown.

"What is this?" I looked around thoroughly confused. Although seeing Conner I knew this had something to do with Charlotte.

Conner grabbed the nightgown clad Maria and she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Robin's Point of View

I couldn't wait to get from under Lovedays glare. Sometimes she can be so nosey.

As soon as I was out of the wondering eyes of the dinning hall I leaned against a wall in the hallway. Maria was still on my mind. Although we had the right idea to wait until time was a little further away from the madness of their visit. It might be a good idea to atleast tell Loveday. She will surely pester one of us until she knows the truth.

None the less, going to my room seemed pointless.

I left to go find Jasper's room. I have not herd of him getting any better.

The spare room was right around the corner. I didn't bother to knock, no sense in waking anyone. Although, as I creaked the door open I saw candle light. Opening the door fully I saw Jasper sitting up in his bed with a nurse by his bedside. There was one thing that almost made me step back, one eye was covered. When he looked my direction he smiled, but my heart sank. All I could think about was his eyes and what had happened to him.

"Hey Robin! What's wrong?" Jasper was quick to greet me as the nurse took the tray from his bed and quietly left the room. It took me at least that long to compose myself. Not knowing Jaspers condition for so long made me feel guilty, the bandaged eye only made me feel worse.

"How long have you been awake?" I could barely speak, but I was moving closer to the bed.

Jasper seemed perfectly comfortable, "Since late afternoon. They are still not sure about the state of my health. I am not surprised they didn't tell you."

I moved my hand to my own eye, letting my actions say something I couldn't begin to speak.

"Oh!" Jasper yells with a laugh. "I hardly feel it. I am surprised I am not fully blind." He points to his left eye, "I suffered the most damage to this eye. Needs a while longer to heal."

Jasper calms down a little, looking at his bed sheets as he speaks. "They are not sure if I will be able to see out of that eye. To be honest, I am lucky I can see at all."

"Do they have any idea what she threw in your eye?"

"No, they can only guess. I don't want to hear it. I can't believe my own mother did something like this."

At this point I was sitting on the foot of the bed. Jasper was taking this much better than I would have. Suddenly we both herd a scream. I immediately jumped to my feet… Maria.

Jasper had practically lifted himself from the bed, I turned around. "You need to stay in bed. I will go."

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