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Wyatt Cain sat bolt upright in his bed and for a second he had no idea where he was, the nightmare had been so vivid that it had robbed him temporarily of his bearings. Looking around the dark room he recognised the fittings of his chamber in the palace at Finaqua, he was sitting alone in the middle of his bed. Not that that was unusual, he was always on his own when he woke. Since the death of his wife, Adora, he had felt alone, even after DG and Glitch had come and released him from the tin suit that had been his prison. He still wasn't the friendliest of people but two years after becoming an honorary part of the royal family and being hugged to death by the two younger princesses every morning he had regained some of the softness he had lost.

Slowly Cain climbed out of his bed and stretched, despite the fact that it was so early in the morning it should legally be classed as late Cain knew that he wouldn't be able to get back to sleep, the monstrous nightmare was still buzzing around in his mind and he had to go and make sure that it had in fact just been a dream. Cain hurried along the length of corridor that separated his room from the royal apartments and opened the doors that lead to the chambers of the three princesses.

The doors opened to reveal a large round room resembling a boarding school common room, albeit a very expensively furnished one. A fire was sputtering feebly in the grate and causing the squashy furniture and musical instruments to cast flickering shadows on the walls and floor. Cain crept over to the double doors that were directly opposite the ones he had just entered through and quietly pushed them open.

The room beyond was... well... Leilani's room was the chamber of a woman who had been ripped from her noble home at the tender age of eight and thrust into the world of resistance fighters, risen rapidly through their ranks and at the age of twenty two become the leader of a rebel army. Then after defeating the oppressor, who had in this particular scenario taken the form of an evil witch inhabiting her sister, been chucked back into the life of a princess... Suffice it to say that Princess Leilani's room was a mess. And off to the right, against the wall was a massive bed, in the middle of whose tangled sheets lay the objective of Cain's late night mission.

Leilani was fast asleep with her pitch black hair splayed across the white pillow and a beam of moon light lancing between gaps in the curtains making her skin glow a pearlescent ivory colour. Cain silently closed the door behind him and approached the bed. It had been just over a year and a half since he had helped the princesses (DG, Azkadellia and Leilani) defeat the witch but that didn't mean that the dreams of her death had stopped haunting him. They had all been in danger and dreams of the others dying had stopped months ago but for some reason, unknown to the guard, the possibility of this particular princess dying had a much larger effect on him.

Cain still didn't know why it bothered him so much that the princess could have died. He cared about her, sure he would have been upset if she had died and it would have made the whole defeating the witch thing so much harder but he had barely known the kid back then. Fine he knew her better now; he was her guard a lot of the time, alright all the time… And that was another thing Cain didn't understand, why was it so hard for him to be away from her for longer than absolutely necessary? He just couldn't comprehend why she did this to him, whatever this was.

Cain was jerked from his thoughts as the princess gave a small whimper. He looked back down and saw a small frown etch its self onto Leilani's brow. He reached down and took her hand in his as he sat on the edge of the bed, she turned her head towards him and for a second Cain feared that he had woken her, but Lei's eyes remained shut as she sighed and curled up, taking a tighter grip on the old Tin Man's hand.

When Lei woke the next morning it was to find that there was something resting on her stomach. She slowly shifted so that she could see whatever it was that was pressing gently on her abdomen; she was not entirely surprised when her gaze fell on the figure of Wyatt Cain. She quite often woke to find that the Tin Man was sitting in the armchair she had had brought up to sit by her bedroom door facing where she slept. What did shock her was that Cain was lying on her bed- at a right angle to her body- and that she was clutching his hand in one of hers. Carefully she slipped her body out from under his head and replaced it with a pillow before creeping to her en suit bathroom to take a shower and see to some urgent needs of the morning.

Once showered and dressed Lei would usually go out into the communal lounge that she shared with her sisters but this morning she had woken early and when she had stuck her head round the doors of their rooms she had found Az serenely lying on her mattress slumbering peacefully and DG dead to the world on top of the rumpled but still made bed sheets. Not being one to sit idly by Lei began to tidy her bed room. This proved to be a time well spent as she found several things that she would not wish for anyone entering her room (let alone Cain) to see.

By the time Leilani had finished the second sun had risen in the sky and the clock was telling her that breakfast was due to be served at any moment. It was then that Cain decided to wake from his slumber by slipping off the bed. Lei spun around as she heard the thump and burst into a peal of laughter as she saw Cain's head appear blearily from the other side of her double bed.

Cain heard the laughter as he sat up from where he had fallen on the floor and sort around the room for the source of the noise. It was coming from the young woman standing in the mid-morning sun on the other side of the bed; quickly she walked around the obstacle and offered Cain a hand which he took, allowing her to help him to his feet. The worst part was that Cain had had every intention of going back to bed earlier and not letting her know that he had been there, but as with every late night visit he made to check on her she looked so peaceful that he would stay a little too long to be able to leave again and then slowly her steady breathing would lull him to sleep as well.

And now she was standing beside him as his head came back into the realm of the living he realised that they were standing a little closer than Cain was comfortable with and, as was his habit, he took half a step back and nearly broke his neck tripping on over the blanket that Lei had put over him. As he fell Cain's reflexes got the better of him and he grabbed the nearest thing in an attempt to keep from toppling over. Unfortunately for him the nearest thing happened to be Lei resulting in the two of them landing in a heap on the floor with the princess all but straddling her unofficial bodyguard. Cain lay on the floor completely winded with the princess on top of him, he was worried to find that the princess appeared to be quivering in, what he assumed to be, fear,

"Are you alright Princess?" he gasped after a moment. He was shocked when said princess' mouth opened and expelled yet more laughter. Lei rolled off of the winded and now very confused Tin Man and lay on her back beside him. She couldn't speak; the laughter that was shaking her body made it near impossible for her to breath let alone create a coherent sentence.

"Princess?" Cain asked, more than a little bemused,

"I'm sorry," Lei gasped, her beautiful lavender eyes sparkling, "but the look on your face just then has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen!" Cain grimaced and stood helping up the still chuckling princess. Just then the doors opened and Azkadellia and DG came running in,

"Are you alright?" DG asked looking from the Tin Man to her sister, who nodded and smiled widely,

"We're fine; Cain just went for a trip and took me with him!"

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