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Cain was beginning to get quite worried; it had been a week since the council had decided that the princesses should be married and since the Leilani had been in a state of absolute chaos. She was going from one emotion to the next so fast that Cain could have sworn he was developing whiplash, not only that but she also seemed to be avoiding him. The worst part of it was that he was still ignorant of the cause of Lei's unpredictable mood swings; he had tried asking around but the people he asked either didn't know why she would be acting this way or refused to tell him. Of course he knew that all three of the Princesses were upset about the prospect of being forced to marry but Lei seemed to be taking it worse than the others. Azkadellia seemed particularly resigned to the fact and so it had been her that Cain decided to ask about the middle princess' erratic behaviour.

It was late in the afternoon when Cain finally approached Az, she had been reading in the gardens but looked up as he neared her. She smiled at him whilst he sat beside her on the stone bench and made small talk; eventually Cain broached the subject of Lei,

"I don't suppose you know why Leilani is acting so strangely at the moment do you Princess?" Az gave him a slightly incredulous look and he quickly amended his question, "I mean, you don't know if there are any other reasons, besides the wedding thing…" He trailed of as Azkadellia gave him a calculating look.

"Lei and DG weren't raised to be princesses they were both brought up to believe that people should marry for love. Even though Lei knew she was a Princess I don't think she ever really thought about much besides getting all of us back together and safe, she is a very loving person and the thought that she will have to give up the person she loves without him even realising is almost too much for her. I think the strange behaviour around you and the rest of our family may be her way of dealing with it without letting the council know how much this decision has affected her." Azkadellia looked out at the sky as the first sun began to dip down below the horizon. She was so calm but her serenity didn't do anything to quell Cain's nerves.

"But why would she be avoiding me?" He asked, voicing the question that had been playing on him mind for some time now. Azkadellia looked at him sharply,

"I didn't know she was but if you don't know why I'm not going to tell you." Rising she bid goodnight to the ex-Tin Man and left flowed at a discreet distance by her body guard. Cain sat and stared out at the suns set before rising and following Azkadellia's path back towards the palace where dinner was waiting.

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