Mrs S.G & Mrs D.D Lovato

Selena's POV

It had been five years since the eighteenth birthday party that led to the marriage of Demi and me four years ago which led to birth of our now three year old son, Lewis. Of course he had not been conceived naturally because that would have been impossible but the donor was a wonderful healthy and handsome man, luckily for Demi and I Lewis had only gotten his height from his dad, he was tall for a three year old.

After finishing college two years ago I got a teaching job at my former high school with Demi. We both taught English but we kept it quiet in the school that the two of us were married and gay. The teachers knew, a lot of them were my teachers back when I was in high school, we both often got questioned whether we'd been involved whilst I was a student but we both remained adamant that we weren't.

Whilst Demi and I were teaching Lewis was at day nursery with his little friends and often he would have a friend home or go home with someone. Particularly a young boy called Joe who Lewis always played cars with and watched Thomas the Tank Engine with.

Another five years later

I'm now twenty eight; my beautiful wife is thirty one. Our two boys, Lewis and Harley are eight and three. The two get on but Harley has a serious temper. He shouts and screams when he doesn't get his way but it's not his fault, he doesn't understand. Harley is slow, at three years old he can't speak properly yet, although his speech really picked up during the past month. He couldn't crawl until his first birthday and he didn't start walking until his second.

Demi and I were really worried about him at first, worried there was something seriously wrong with him. It caused our second big argument in ten years.

"Sel, I'm worried. What if he's not normal?" Demi admitted quietly after taking our two year old son upstairs and putting him to bed. I looked up from the lesson I was planning on my laptop and put it on the floor. I shifted and opened my arms which prompted Demi to come and sit on my lap.

"Why are you thinking about that? He's our little boy. He could be deformed by every meaning of the word and we'd still love him, right?" I asked her, certain of the answer.

"I suppose so but that's not what I mean anyway. I mean what if he actually is special needs or something and he gets loads of trouble at school for it. Not so much in elementary school but when he gets to middle school and high school. Kids are cruel; you of all people can't deny that. You had first-hand experience of a horrible time in high school." Demi explained sadly. I couldn't believe what she was saying; it had never even crossed my mind before because Harley was our baby end of story.

"I can't believe you'd bring that up, everything's changed in ten years and it'll change again before he even starts elementary school! He'll be absolutely fine; he'll have his big brother to look out for him and his mommies. There's more than likely nothing wrong with him anyway." I told her adamantly. Demi rolled her eyes and stood up.

"Get a grip, Sel! He's not normal, you see him at nursery and all his classmates are running around bringing out full sentences and understanding everything and Harley's having to shout for what he wants because no one really understands him." Demi stated as if I didn't know. It didn't bother me, what bothered me was that she had just said our baby wasn't normal.

"Not normal? He is fucking normal! He's slow but he'll get there and it's a simple as that. I'm not the one that needs to get a grip, it's you." I hissed at her angrily. Demi opened her mouth to speak again but I walked past her and went over to Lewis who was standing in the door sadly.

"What's up honey?" I asked him with a grin.

"Harley's awake, I think you two shouting woke him up." He told me quietly. Demi rolled her eyes and groaned.

"I'll go and check he's okay." She said quietly.

"No, you take Lewis to bed he's the normal one, after all." I told her as I kissed the top of Lewis' head. "Goodnight sweetheart." I told him before walking upstairs to Harley's room where he was lying in his bed crying. I smiled in awe and picked him up.

"Want dummy." He said quietly. I smiled again and searched his bed with my free hand for his dummy. I found it and he opened his mouth for it before sucking on it.

I lay him back down in the bed stroked his head for a little while. He took his dummy out of his mouth after a while and held his empty anyway-up cup out towards me.

"Want a mulky." He said with a cheeky, tired smile. I nodded and took the cup.

"Do you want stawby-berries, coclat, or nana flavour?" I asked him, referring to the flavours the way he did to help him understand better.

"Nana." He said before putting his dummy back in. I nodded and headed downstairs to the kitchen to make Harley a milkshake. Demi came in a few moments after and stood in the corner leaning against the fridge.

"I didn't mean it the way you interpreted it, I don't mind if there's something wrong with Harley I'm just worried he'll get trouble at school. You can't seriously think there's nothing wrong with him." She said as she looked in the fridge for something to drink, settling on a bottle of water. She saw what I was doing and got the milk out for me as well.

"Does Lewis want one?" I asked her, referring to the milkshake. Demi nodded and I put some chocolate powder in a cup for Lewis. I poured the milk into both cups and put the lids on before shaking them. "You clearly do have a problem with it otherwise you wouldn't even be arguing with me about it. I don't want to speak to you right now now anyway, you can sleep in the guest room tonight." I told her tiredly. She looked shocked but I ignored her and walked past.

How dare she say that Harley's not normal, it really pissed me off. He could have the worst disability imaginable and I would still love him and defend him. She needed to sort her opinions out. Words couldn't describe how pissed off I was. I headed up the stairs to take the boys their milkshakes but just before I went into Lewis' room I decided against making Demi sleep in the spare room, I didn't even want to be in the same house as her.

"Sweetheart I know it's late but do you want to sleep at nanny and grandad's tonight?" I asked Lewis who sat up in his bed excitedly and nodded. I motioned for him to get out of bed which he did quickly. I handed him his milkshake and he started to put the clothes Demi had laid out for him for tomorrow in a bag. "I'm going to get Harley ready and we'll go there but you must go to bed when we get there, you have school tomorrow." I told him sternly.

"Yes mom, I promise I will." He said. He was such a well behaved child. He just wanted to play call of duty all the time.

"Harley shall we go and sleep at nanny hau?" I asked him as I went into the room to see Harley lying awake in bed watching Thomas the Tank Engine waiting for him milkshake.

"Yah!" He shouted excitedly before bouncing out of his bed and putting his arms up for me to pick him up.

"You sit and watch Thomas for a bit then we'll go." I told him slowly hoping he'd understand. He seemed to because when I put him down he sat on the carpet watching the TV as I packed him a bag with his nursery clothes, a Thomas DVD, a diaper for 'just in case' and his Mickey Mouse teddy. I scooped Harley up in my arms and went into Lewis' room to grab him.

"What's going on?" Demi asked from the living room when the three of us walked in.

"I'm taking the boys and we're going to stay at my parent's house, I can't be around you right now. I'll see you at work tomorrow." I told her before leaving the house and starting the short walk next door with the boys.

The boys and me stayed with my parents for a week before I gave in and went back home with them. They missed their momma and I missed my wife. We resolved our argument the night we went home and we sealed it with a few orgasms.

The first biggest argument was caused by the fact that Lewis absolutely refused to eat. He was around four at the time and he just wouldn't eat. He'd eat a couple of chocolate bars during the day and that would be it. He was so skinny, he still is but not as bad. Demi thought there was something seriously wrong with him; I thought he was just being picky. He ended up in hospital on a drip eventually to make him eat. Demi was right.

The only thing I like about when we argue is that we always have really hot, slightly angry make-up sex after. The first time it included the school uniform I wore to the school's Halloween party; that was a good night indeed.

It was the first day back at school after the summer holidays. Demi and I were in bed after our alarm had gone off five minutes previously. It was five past six and surprising Harley was still fast asleep.

"We need to get up." Demi stated tiredly, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"I want to stay in bed forever." I told her as I shifted closer to her side. She moved her arm from around my shoulders to around my waist and kissed the top of my head softly. I hummed quietly in response and rolled over to face her and kiss her.

"I know baby but come on. We need to shower and stuff, remember we need to be at the school for eight for the staff meeting and take Harley and Lewis to your parents so they can take them to school and nursery." Demi replied whilst sitting up and climbing out of bed. She stood totally naked next to the bed and walked over to the door to grab her dressing-gown and mine.

"I love you." I told her as I watched her hungrily. Demi chuckled and threw the dressing-gown to me which I put on before getting out of bed.

"Want to save water and shower together?" She asked me with a cheeky grin. I remembered saying that to her when we first got together, she laughed and locked me out of the bathroom.

"I can't see why not." I replied happily as I went up behind Demi, wrapped my arms around her waist and started walking towards our en-suite with her.

Shower time was awesome.

It was short-lived however because Harley started crying, we could hear him through the baby monitor.

"I'll go and get him whilst you go and make breakfast." I told Demi who nodded. We were both dressed but that was it, our hair was wet and up in buns and neither of us had done our makeup. I walked across the hallway to Harley's bedroom whilst Demi went downstairs.

"Good morning sweetheart." I whispered as I picked him up and rested him on my hip. "Shall we get you dressed?" I asked him as I tickled him under his chin softly. He giggled and nodded his head so I sat him on the floor and undressed him before heading over to his closet to find him some clothes.

"Want a wee wee." He said quietly before running out of his room to the toilet. He's only recently been potty trained but he did well at it. I smiled and opened his curtains then made his bed. He came running back in and sat on the floor waiting to be dressed.

I pushed him back gently so he was lying down and put his 'cars' boxers on followed by his little jeans. He stood up and jumped slightly so I could pull them up completely then he lifted his arms for me to put his soccer shirt on.

"Shall we go and find Lewis and get you some kekfast?" I asked him referring to his breakfast. Harley nodded eagerly and ran towards Lewis' room.

"My Wewis!" He shouted as he banged the door loudly.

"Lewis babe, time to get up, first day back at school!" I called to Lewis through the door. He didn't answer so I picked Harley up and rested him on my hip then pushed the door open slightly. "Shhh" I whispered to Harley as we crept towards Lewis. Harley giggled but kept quiet. I put Harley on the bed and he looked at me puzzled. "Time to do jumping Harley." He didn't waste any time in jumping all over the bed and Lewis who sat up quickly, startled.

"Mom what? Harley get off me!" Lewis said moodily. I picked Harley up again and kissed Lewis' cheek.

"Time to wake up for school sweetie. Get up, get dressed then come downstairs for breakfast, momma's making it for you." I explained to Lewis who immediately threw the covers off himself and stood up. He'd always been such a well behaved boy.

I walked down the stairs with Harley and sat him on his seat at the table where Demi was eating a bowl of cereal. Harley wasted no time digging into his own so I sat next to Demi and started to eat the bowl prepared for me.

After the usual morning ritual of getting ourselves and the boys ready we headed to my parent's house and dropped Lewis and Harley off so that they could get a lift to school and nursery with my mom and Jonah.

My little brother was now ten years old and when we went in to say hello to my parents he was sorting his bag out ready for his first day of middle school.

Demi and I made the journey to work as we usually did and headed straight to the staffroom where most of the teachers were drinking coffee and discussing their holidays. Demi and I took our seats and waited for the principle, Mr Hockey to come in and start the meeting.

"Welcome back staff, I hope you all had wonderful holidays and are ready to be back here. Now as you all know, the uniform rule is officially in place as of today so each of you are to check that the pupils in your homeroom group are wearing the correct uniform. That is the black blazer with the school logo, a plain white shirt with either a red, green, blue or yellow tie, depending on the house they are in. They also must all be wearing black footwear and black tailored trousers…" The rest of the meeting carried on for fifteen minutes, going over the school rules, uniform checks and the welcome back assembly. The first day back always had an hour of homeroom before the students went off to their second period class and during that hour of homeroom there was a fifteen minute assembly which everyone went to in houses.

At eight fifteen we went to our classrooms ready for the pupils to start coming in at eight thirty.

The bell rang and my homeroom group started to come in, all looking different in their newly bought uniforms. The freshmen who were starting their first day all came in unsure of where to sit, most of them waited until the rest of the pupils had taken their seats so they didn't sit in someone else's seat.

"Welcome back guys, for those of you starting here today that don't know me, I'm Ms. Gomez and I'll be your homeroom tutor for the rest of your time here. I need to take a register then I need to do a uniform check, lame I know but I've been told I must." I received a slight laugh from a few pupils before proceeding with the register then the uniform check.

I didn't like referring to myself as Ms. Gomez but I knew that if I said I was Mrs Lovato most of them would put two and two together and work out who I was married to. It's not that I was embarrassed in any way but I didn't want questions and snide remarks, neither did Demi.

After the register, uniform check or the giving out of the new student planners I decided to go around to room and have people talk about their holidays.

We were about half an hour into homeroom; we'd just finished our assembly when Demi knocked the door looking extremely pleased with herself. This was never good.

"Ms. Gomez, a word please?" She asked me professionally. I nodded and gestured for her to come in which she did, closing the door behind us.

"So…" She said under her breath as she leant over my desk giving me a wonderful view of her cleavage. "I texted your mom earlier and she said that they'd have the boys tonight for us because we haven't had any… alone time in a while." She whispered with a wink. I grinned, it was true. We'd not had sex in nine days which doesn't sound like long but we like to do it at least three times a week. We'd just not had time, one of the boys always needed something and by the time we'd gotten them into bed we were both too exhausted to do anything.

"That I will not deny; do I need to iron my school uniform again or…?" I trailed off in just below a whisper, silently petrified that a pupil might hear us. Demi chuckled and shook her head.

"Oh no, we'll just go with the flow. We have to pick Lewis and Harley up after school and just drop them round, your parents said they'd take them out for dinner or something. We have the night all to ourselves." Demi muttered to me as she subtly stoked my leg with her stiletto-clad foot.

"That sounds brilliant. I can't wait." I told her breathlessly. She grinned and stood up to leave.

"Before I go, Ms. Gomez, the girl in the back with the dark glasses on… she doesn't look too happy, maybe you should get her to stick around after." Demi suggested. I looked towards the back where Luci was sitting on her own quietly, staring off into space. She was usually so bubbly and happy; it wasn't like her at all. Truth be told I hadn't even noticed her yet.

"I will indeed, Mrs Lovato. I'll see you later." I told her with a discreet wink which she returned as she left.