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A crack of thunder erupted from the force of the two bodies, causing both of them to be blown back with such force that Alfred for a second couldn't help but wonder if Arthur or the shadow like thing were going to ever get back on their feet. Arthur was the first to arise to his feet, a scowl across his features. He seemed to be unharmed, not scratches or bruises present.

"Heh, what's the matter, Arthur? Don't have as much strength as you used to? There's a food source present if you're hungry~" His crimson eyes roamed over to the defenseless boys who were huddled together.

"Never." spatted the Englishman. "When will you get it through your thick skulls that I'm not that person anymore?"

"And when will you get it, Arthur…" Antonio began, stepping towards his direction, a blade positioned in his hand. "That you don't belong here, but with us?"

"You?" Arthur nearly cackled at the words the Spaniard uttered. "Tch. I'd rather die first than go back with you…"

"So difficile Arthur!" Francis exclaimed, and did a dramatic gasp. "Your Father will not like this at all! What are we to say to 'im if you don't?"

"That's an issue you best learn how to resolve quickly." Arthur growled to the three demons. "I have no intention on following your orders…"

Gilbert snorted. "Alright, if you say so…but remember; you put this on yourself…." Before the Englishman had time to react to the Albino's words, Gilbert and Antonio ran with an incredible speed up to Arthur. They grasped both his hands tightly and pinned him against the nearest tree. After that, the plants did its work. Roots sprang up like weeds and wrapped themselves around the man's middle, arms legs, and neck; securing him tightly in place. The Briton in response struggled with all his power against the things, but they kept him firmly in place. His eyes went wide with a mixture of fear and anger.

"W-What the hell is this? L-Let me go!" he bellowed, making another desperate attempt to free himself. Antonio shrugged and stood near him.

"It's no use, amigo. Those bonds are too strong for you to break out of right now."

"It would be a breeze if you had just done what you were supposed to." Gilbert snickered. "Shame you have to learn the hard way." All the German got in response was a growl. His eyes roamed over to the still present children, he sniffed the air and blinked before frowning towards the Englishman.

"Hell, Arthur! I'm surprised you haven't done it yet; these children freakin' reek of innocence!"

"W-What does he m-mean?" Matthew whispered fearfully, shivering in place. His brother held him closer, trying his best to comfort the whimpering soul, when he hadn't the faintest clue what was going on either.

"I agree Arthur, why 'aven't you taken their innocence yet? 'ave you grown that boring?" The Englishman's eyes narrowed.

"You filthy, disgusting frog. You know I would never do that."

Without warning, Francis walked over to Alfred, holding him tightly within his hands. Alfred in return kicked and screamed for Arthur to come save him. But, the English demon could only glare at the other demon, who now had his hands on his child. "Aw, Arthur, 'e's so cute too! Why 'aven't you?"

"Francis, let him go! I told you I wouldn't do that again!"

The French demon chuckled and lifted up the boy's chin. Their lips momentarily touched before he gave a smirk towards his rival. "If you won't do it, I'd be more than happy to…"

Arthur froze. "You wouldn't dare." he managed to say through gritted teeth. In response, the demon cackled and roughly pushed his and the American's lips together. Alfred's eyes widened in shock, very much like his guardian's. The small boy tried to push him off, but his grip was way too tight for him to squirm free. Francis' hands snuck their way under the little one's shirt, massaging his belly slightly before brushing across those sensitive nipples. A smirk found its way across the Frenchman's face as his victim's face twisted in pleasure.

" 'Ou want more, oui?" Francis whispered hotly in Alfred's ear before nipping it slightly. "I could give you anything your little heart desires…all you have to do is renounce your supposed father and move onto moi~"

"Don't listen to him, Alfred!" the Englishman cried out, struggling against the bonds that Antonio and Gilbert were now holding onto.

"A-Ah….nnn~ I-I….Arthur's my g-guardian…I-I w-won't give him u-up….!" the boy said through heavy breaths.

Francis raised an eyebrow, amused by the young one's efforts. "Not even if he was revealed for what he truly is?"

Alfred managed to furrow his brows in confusion. "W-What do you m-mean?"

"My, My Arthur, you must be a good actor to fool these children…"

"That or they're just really gullible." muttered the German under his breath.

"What he is mon petit cher, is something that haunts a man's dreams, someone that feeds upon guilt, innocence, anything it hungers for..."

Alfred flushed red as the Frenchman teased his neck. "S-Stop lying, you d-demon!"

At this, Francis gave a wide grin, his sapphire eyes glowing brighter than ever. "That's exactly what I am…."

The American's eyes widened with fear. "N-No! A-Arthur! Help!" He tried once more to escape the other's grasp, kicking his little legs back in forth in hopes of loosening up. No matter how hard he did it, Francis' grip wouldn't lessen. Arthur could only watch in horror as Francis brought his lips to Alfred's once more, stealing another, more passionate kiss away from the American.

Matthew cringed at the sight of his brother being in all honesty, violated by the French demon. He knew he had to do something, but with his little legs frozen in the position they'd been in for the past few terrifying moments, the Canadian remained where he was.

Meanwhile, The Englishman was continuing to break free from the bonds. He could feel them coming loose a bit. "Yes…"

Another struggle and he was free. With fierce determination, the Englishman sprang from the tree and onto Antonio and Gilbert. They didn't even have a chance to cry out as Arthur hoisted them both up into the air with a strength Hercules would've marveled at and then threw them down onto the ground. The force of the impact sent little waves throughout the area around them. Both were knocked unconscious before flames erupted around them. When the fire died down, they had disappeared. Barely casting the area where they once laid another glance, Arthur now focused his attention on the Frenchman in front of him.

"Now, Now Arthur!" Francis began, chuckling a bit out of terror. "Let's remember that Big Brother Francis has always been there when you needed it the most!"

Not giving a second to think, Arthur pounded the other in the face before taking the wide eyed American out of his arms. Francis, like the previous two, erupted in flames and vanished from sight.

"Are you alright, little one?" He asked gently, smoothing out the other's hair.

"T-That w-was…..AWESOME!" the little boy bellowed out much to Arthur's surprise. "You were all like, pow! And they were all like oh no! Y-You were like a h-hero! Right, Matthew?" Alfred asked to his half brother who stood there, shaking. The Englishman sighed and scooped up the other child. "Let's get you two home where you belong…"


"M-Mattie? What do you mean no?" Alfred demanded, his brows furrowed. At this, the Canadian jumped out of Arthur's arms.

"N-No." he said again, this time a little more firmly. "I-I'm not going anywhere w-with that m-man!"

Arthur blinked in confusion. "Matthew…."

"No! W-We'll just get h-hurt again!" he protested and pointed a finger at the Englishman. "H-He's the reason why w-we were a-attacked! Can't you s-see that Alfred? We were better on the s-streets!"

"Don't say that!"

"Open your eyes, Alfred! Can't you see what he is?" Matthew shouted in the loudest voice he could muster at the moment. "Our parents spent their entire lives hunting them! W-Why do you think I-I f-freaked out when I went in his room? W-Why do you think our parents are d-dead?"

The Briton put the little one down and inched closer to Matthew, making calming gestures, even though his own heart raced with dread. "Please Matthew…"

Arthur's gestures only seemed to drive the boy even farther away from him. "H-He just doesn't want us to k-know that he w-was the o-one w-" Matthew's voice was cut off by something that sent shivers down his spine.

Even the Englishman froze in his tracks. The only sound that now accompanied the three was the gentle breeze of the evening. A low almost childish chuckle ripped through the air. The gentle singing of that lullaby that haunted Alfred in his dreams was now in his reality. Arthur pulled both Matthew and Alfred behind his back with such force, that the two of them toppled to the ground. He then narrowed his eyes out of what was emerging from the woods.

"What are you doing here?" Arthur growled lightly.

"Your father sent me here after he saw how even his best demons couldn't bring you home." The figure stopped, gracing a child like smile on his face. "You've been very naughty Arthur."

"W-What are you going to do then?" the man challenged. "Are you going to attempt to drag me back as well?" The Russian laughed.

"Oh, nyet; I have too much time on my hands to deal with you at the moment. I just wanted to send you this letter from your dear old Father." And with this, he tossed an envelope to him. Arthur snatched it out of the air and pocketed it.

"Is that all then?"

"Da, for now." the Russian said, maintaining his smile. "But, be warned. You know how much your Father hates to lose."

"And I apparently inherited his personality." Arthur said with a cold smile. "If that is all, off be with you."

The other nodded his head and started off, but not before letting his eyes wander over to Alfred and Matthew first. The American's heart did a leap in anxiety. He trembled behind the Englishman's coat, whimpering softly. The Russian just chuckled. "I'll be back shortly, don't worry."

All of them watched as the mysterious man disappeared back into the shadows from where he came forth.

Not a single word was uttered until after they arrived back at the mansion where the servants dutifully washed the kids and up and put them in new clothes. The shock of the night was still running through all of their heads. Matthew, upon seeing Arthur, would only turn away and walk back up to his room; much to the Englishman's dismay.

"He knows, I know he knows…" Arthur thought to himself while sipping some tea to help calm his nerves. "He has that sense, that sense his parents had as well…"

"Master Kirkland, more tea?" asked the Asian servant, bowing his head before holding up the teapot. Arthur raised his hand.

"No, I'm fine. But, Cong…" he leaned in close to the other's ear. "Don't let them escape again. That was a close call for both me and them. Is that clear?" Cong only bowed and smiled.

"But of course it is…anything else you would like for me to do?"

"Yes. I don't want them remembering any of this night's events…"

"As you wish."

Arthur took another sip of his tea. Sure, erasing these nights events from their memories could only go so far, while Alfred seemed completely clueless of his nature, Matthew had been this close to exposing him; even more so than those other three demons. He couldn't help but think back to that unfinished sentence.

"H-He just doesn't want us to k-know that he w-was the o-one w…."

Arthur gripped the tea cup nervously. Had the small one found out? Had he known all along? Could he just tell by casting one look at those emeralds?

And then there was the Russian. Ivan, as his name was, only came on special occasions; occasions where things needed to be delt with. Why of all people would his Father send that demon to give him a letter? And he couldn't help but notice the gaze that he last casted at the children. His purpose for bothering the man after all these years must be because of those children. He couldn't forget the fear he sensed in Alfred. It was like the small boy had met that demon before somewhere. Regardless, he put his thoughts aside and opened the letter. Upon reading it, his eyes widened slightly before putting it down.

"Damn." He muttered under his breath.

Morning came before Arthur had a chance to fall asleep. Like he needed it anyway, but once in awhile, it was good to get some. He waited at the table as he did every morning for his children to come down stairs and join him for breakfast. The two finally awoke and went into the dining room, a little drowsy, but seemingly happy.

Arthur smiled nervously towards the two children. "G-Good Morning, children. Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah!" Alfred replied cheerfully, hopping onto one of the chairs and grabbing the nearest plate of French toast. "Funny, I don't even remember what we did yesterday after last night's sleep! It's like yesterday never happened."

"Ah, that is odd." Arthur smiled a bit. "Well, we have a busy day today; plan on going into town to pick up a couple of items…"

"What kinda items, Artie?~" asked the young one curiously. Arthur tensed up a bit, eying his unfinished food slightly.

"Oh, just everyday ones." The man replied. He turned his gaze to the Canadian who just stared down at his pancakes. "Are you ok, Matthew?"


Ding Dong!

Arthur turned around, avoiding the Canadian's gaze. "Go get that." He said lazily to Cong. A few seconds past afterwards and the minute he heard that damning voice, was the minute he wish he could take what he ordered back.

"Ah, Arthur!" smiled the Frenchman before kissing him three times on the cheek. "I've missed you!"

"F-Francis? What the hell are you doing here now?"

Francis chuckled before going over to the two children and giving a kiss to both their heads. "Visiting my adorable little children!"

"C-Children? They're m-my children." Arthur growled. He couldn't believe it; it's like last night's events hadn't even sunken into his head at all.

"Oh Arthur, you possibly can't keep their father's children away from them forever, now can you?" he did a dramatic sigh and slumped against the wall. "Just because dear old papa's been away, traveling across the world, you think it's alright not to tell the children of my existence? Do I not matter to you anymore?"

The Englishman's face grew hot. "W-What?"

Alfred looked towards Arthur and tilted his head. "Artie, are you two married?" At this, the Frenchman grinned and went over to the startled Briton, placing a hand around his waist and pulling him close.

"But of course we're married! Arthur, cher; how could you not 'ave told them?"

"G-Get off me y-you git!" Arthur bellowed and pulled him off. "Alfred, Matthew….wait outside. I'm going to have a little chat with my…" he shivered a bit before uttering the rest. "…husband."

"Let the adults converse~" Francis cooed, tapping a finger onto Arthur's chest while looking at the two children. "Run along now, we'll be with you in a few minutes."

The children nodded their heads and headed off into the other room.

"What are you doing here?" The Englishman growled quietly. "Haven't you learned the first time?" Francis smirked.

"Well, call me stubborn…but I couldn't leave you alone, not when a certain someone visited you last night after I left."

"You know about Ivan?"

"Oui, and how he sent that letter to you. Listen mon cher; Ivan's an unstable demon, you know this. You know what 'appened all those years ago."

Arthur nodded his head slightly and twitched, trying hard not to recall those unfortunate events. "And why on earth are you telling me this?"

"You already know the answer to that Arthur. A dangerous demon such as Ivan should remain in Hell. And usually he does….unless he sees something 'e really wants." the Englishman paled.

"N-No…what would he want with them?"

"What any demon wants, cher. To devour."

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