My Welshman

Last night, I had the worst nightmare I have ever had, about my time aboard the Valiant. The pain inflicted during my confinement, I felt two fold, as if it was happening to me again, here, now.

I woke covered in sweat and screaming. It was made even worse, when I remembered that I was in my lover's bed and he woke beside me, fear in his blue eyes.

Then the fear subsided, as Ianto took me in his arms, cradled my head against his shoulder, while he sang a Welsh lullaby to me.

The tears fell for what seemed an age, but in reality was no more than ten or fifteen minutes. Kissing my damp hair, he wiped away my tears, rubbing small circles on my back, as he tried to calm me.

Moving a pillow and straightening the covers, Ianto drew me even closer, if it were possible. I felt so loved. So cherished.

I had never felt so much love for another person, as I did for this beautiful man at that moment.

My fear subsided, as he moved across to lay on top of me. His leg went between mine, parting them. He lay between my legs, his hand caressing my face. His lips kissing mine, his tongue searching my mouth.

Ianto's hands moved my legs so my calves were against the back of his thighs. He prepared to enter me. The burn lasted but seconds, as he began to pleasure me. His movements were slow, as his hand cupped my chin, tilting it up so he could kiss me.

He whispered endearments in my ear as we both came. We were breathless when we parted.

Laying there, in each other's arms, I drifted off to sleep. No more nightmares. Ianto had chased them away.

He was stronger than anyone I knew. His love for me knew no bounds, and I adored him.

When I woke next morning, my Welshman was watching me, a smile on his face.

"Feeling better?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you."

He kissed my forehead.


There were no questions, so I didn't have to find answers. There were no awkward moments between us. No silence. Just understanding and total acceptance.

We showered and dressed and then went into the Hub. I felt better and my Welshman checked on me during the day. I never want him to be more than an arms length from me, but I know that can't be. But in my mind, he's always there. That smile. That raised eyebrow. Those stunning blue eyes. He is all and everything to me. My sun. My moon. My stars. My life and I will cherish what we have for an eternity.