I re-watched this show recently and realized that I didn't write anything about this pair! And I love them since forever! So here it is- my own little tribute to Barbara and Thomas:)


This piece wasn't betaed or Britt-read- and English is: a)no my native language and b)not my strong point! There could be ( and believe me there WOULD be a lot of grammar, spelling and other errors) so consider Yourself warned;)

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When he met his new partner he did everything he could to appear polite and well-behaved the way he was brought up.


It wasn't his fault that this bloody stubborn woman did everything in her power to make his blood boil and his temper flare. No, it wasn't him, it was exclusively her fault. He tried to be polite, and she... she tossed it into his face with a snarl.

So he stopped being polite.

And no, he is still himself, but he doesn't hide behind the facade of politeness, Barbara wouldn't let him it.

With others he can pretend to be a picture of perfectly well-behaved gentleman, but not with her, never with her. Because if he ever tries that she will put him in place, probably while using a few very naughty words in process. And he loves it. He loves that with her he can be himself, he loves that no matter how impolite he may sound she will always understand the truth beneath his words.


He can't exactly pinpoint when he started feeling protective towards his partner, but he's.

He's very protective of her. Fiercely even.

Looking at it with the proper perspective it seems only natural for him. They are partners, worrying about your parter is part of a job. And if your parter happens to be a petite, far shorter than you woman, whose wrist could be crushed with one hand and who doesn't have even an ounce of the common sense when it comes to her own self-preservation, well, then as a man and partner you have every right to be double protective. Even if it drives her mad, and she tells you off when once again you find yourself standing between her and the danger.

He saw her being shot once, he's not going to repeat that experience ever again. So seeing her safe. and sound is definitely worth a few bruises and her pouting.


He is possessive man. He has always been like that, and it suits him just fine. It's part of who he's.

What so strange that when it comes to Barbara he's incredibly possessive? He admits to it without hesitation. What of it? What could be wrong in being possessive towards her?

It is completely proper, that he's possessive when it comes to a woman which is not only his partner, but also his best friend and practically the closest person in his life, a women that is his everything.

So it's entirely normal that he snaps and snarls at every fellow officer which tries to make her smile.

It is his smile they try to steal! His!

The fact that those idiots didn't notice the delightful sensitive woman which was hiding behind the facade of the tough sergeant, was their loss and his gain.


Barbara is his to quarrel with, his to protect, his to see her smile and his to wipe away her tears.


And God help anyone who would try to take her from him.