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(Amu's POV)

It was about 5 in the freackin morning, I couldn't go to sleep, I just couldn't! I tried everything! Warm milk, soft music, and nothing was working! I had no school tomorrow, so that's a good thing. I grunted and got out of my bed, then made my way onto my balcony.

A certain green chara of mine flew next to me.

"Stop being so noisy! We can't sleep desu!" I rolled my eyes and looked up at the stars, then I grabbed my humpty lock that was hanging around my neck and squeezed it. I closed my eyes and said, "Why can't I sleep Su?" Su sat on my shoulder and said, "I don't know desu… is something on your mind?" I shook my head and she started floating off, "Be quiet, or Miki is going to eat you desu!"

I continued looking up at the stars for quite some time, then I tip toed into my room. All my charas, Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia were sleeping soundly. I quietly changed into a plain black shirt, white shorts, and black flip-flops, then quietly exited my room.

In the kitchen, I ate a banana.

Then I wrote a note to my parents that said:

I went out for a walk, I just couldn't sleep. I have my phone with me and I will be back soon.

I walked outside and felt the warm early morning breeze, then I started walking wherever my feet took me. Apparently, my feet took me to this big park, and it's not the one I usually go to. I sat down at this bench and watch the sun rise.

'How beautiful…'

"HI AMU NYA!" I jumped at the sound of Yoru's voice. "Yoru! What the hell? Don't you ever scare me like that again!" Then I thought, if Yoru is here, then so should Ikuto. I started to look around but saw no sign of him, so I sighed and looked at the ground. Yoru giggled and said, "Ikuto will be here soon nya! Don't worry." Then he too started looking around, I smiled and said, "I didn't bring Miki with me, sorry Yoru." "I-I wasn't looking for Miki nya!" He said with a blush, "Sure, sure," I said, then I winked.

Yoru wasn't looking at me anymore, he was looking past my head and smiling, I turned around and shrieked. "Where you waiting for me my dear?" Asked Ikuto, he was wearing a white shirt with blue jeans. I blushed and said, "N-No I wasn't! How dare you assume that you pervert!" Ikuto raised an eyebrow, "Now how am I a pervert?" I looked at him, still blushing, and said, "You.. you do perverted things!" He moved in a little closer, "Like what?" I blushed even harder, then I jumped off the bench and yelled, "LIKE THAT!"

Ikuto sighed and looked somewhere else, "You're such a kid." I stomped my foot on the ground and yelled, "I'm not a kid, pervert!" Ikuto looked at me with a blank expression on his face, "Really?" He said, I grunted and walked somewhere else.

I heard a twig snap behind me, so I turned around and saw Ikuto and Yoru on my trail, I stopped and said, "Why are you guys following me?" Ikuto smirked and said, "You're a kid, you need adult supervision." I grunted and said, "You're not even an adult yet!" Ikuto held up his hand and said, "I'm mature enough to be."

I stomped up to him and yelled, "STOP! YOU'RE REALLY PISSING ME OFF!" Ikuto looked at me in shock, then he smirked and said, "Honey, I will piss you off aalll day long if I please." Once again, I grunted and started to stormed off to my house. But before I could, Ikuto grabbed my arm and said, "Now where do you think you're going young lady?"

I struggled to break free.

I man jogged by with his earphones in his ear, he didn't even glance at the scene in front of him. 'Bastard.'

"Let me fucking go!" I yelled, "Whoa whoa whoa! You have a very dirty mouth young lady!" I rolled my eyes and said, "Look who's talking!" I still kept trying to break free. "I have to get home!"

"Your mother wouldn't mind if you stayed a few."

"Yes she would, you're just saying this because you have no idea what it's like! You are the lucky one! You get to go wherever you please with almost no one questioning your motives!"

"Are you kidding me Amu? You have everything handed to you on a silver plate! How would you like it if you were forced to work for Easter, huh?"

I stopped moving and looked down at the ground, "Well now you're not working for Easter thanks to me. Now you are living the good life."

Ikuto shook his head and said, "Not really, Amu,"



We all stopped when the humpty lock and the dumpty key hanging on Ikuto's wrist started to glow. "I-Ikuto! What's going on?" Ikuto looked just as shocked as I was, "I don't know…"

Then bright pink mist started coming out of the humpty lock, and dark blue mist came out of the key. "Oh my goodness nya.." Said Yoru, then the two mists passed each other. The blue mist came into my lock and the pink in Ikuto's key, then there was a bright purple light, and everything was dark to me in the next second. I passed out.



I woke up on the ground, and the first thing I saw was Yoru hovering over me. "Are you okay nya?" He asked, "Yeah Yoru.. I'm fine.. I think…" I sat up and rubbed the back of my head.

But something was terribly wrong.

"WHERE'S MY HAIR?" I yelled, looking at Yoru, "What do you mean? Your hair has been the same way for years nya!" I looked at my feet, I wasn't wearing shorts anymore, I was wearing jeans. I got up and felt taller than ever, I Then looked at my hands.

'These aren't my hands…'

I looked around for Iktuo, "Yoru, where's Iktuo?" Just then I realized my voice sounded way different, so I grabbed my throat and rubbed it. 'What the fuck is this? An Adam's apple?' Yoru started laughing, "Are you joking? You're right here nya! But as for Amu… she disappeared…"

'What did he mean by that?…'

Fear rushed through me and I ran to the pond, I looked at my reflection, and screamed.

I…was in Ikuto's body.

"Ikuto! You scream like a girl nya!" Yoru said, flying over to me. My mouth hung open.

I calmed down a bit and flatly said, "Yoru, let's go," trying to sound like Ikuto. Yoru sat on my shoulder and I started running to my house.

(Ikuto's POV)

My eyelids slowly opened, and I was face to face with Midori, Amu's mom. "Are you okay dear?" She asked, very concerned, I sat up and looked around. I was in Amu's room. "What am I doing here?" I asked, "It's your room sweety." I raised an eyebrow at her, "My room?" She nodded, that's when I noticed my voice sounded like Amu's…

Pink shoulder length hair fell into my face, I looked at it in shock. I jumped off the bed and looked in the mirror, my eyes widened and my mouth fell open. "No…way…" Midori walked up behind me and put her hand on my left shoulder, "Amu, what's wrong?" I looked at the humpty lock hanging around my neck, "It's nothing… mom." Midori shrugged and left the room, I looked at my reflection in the mirror some more, 'What the fuck happened?'

Amu's yellow chara Dia flew besides me, "You're not Amu…" She said quietly. Amu's other charas were somewhere else, "How did you know?" I asked, Dia flew closer, "Different radiance." Then Dia flew into her egg and it closed, I walked up to it and poked it, "Dia, why did you go back in your egg?"

The egg moved as she spoke, "I will come out when Amu is back in her own body." 'That is, IF she gets back in her own body…' Then, I felt the need to pee. "Oh shit…" I said softly, Ran, Miki and Su came flying in, then stopped when they saw Dia's egg closed. "Amu-chan! What did you do?" Said Ran, flying over to the egg, 'I guess they can't tell I'm really Ikuto…And I really need to pee!'

I crossed my legs and said, "I don't know, I um… I guess I need to work on my radiance?" Then I ran into Amu's bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind me. I've seen Utau use the toilet once or twice when we were little, so I think I can do this. Not looking in respect for Amu, I pulled everything down quickly and sat on the toilet. "Ahhh…" I said quietly. Then I realized I had to wipe. 'This is waayy different….'

I finally succeeded, then I pulled the underwear and shorts up then flushed the toilet. I wiped the sweat off my forehead, then realized something that might kill Amu, 'What is she going to do to my body when she needs to go?' With that, I blushed.

I washed my hands, then I looked at my new face in the mirror and sighed. 'Well, at least I didn't get switch with an ugly girl…' I went back into Amu's room and heard her phone go off, on the screen, it said Ikuto.

Amu's charas weren't around, so I yelled in the phone, "AMU? IS THAT YOU?" Amu was panting, then she said, "Yeah, Come outside, I'm in front of the house." Then she hung up, 'That was weird… I was just talking to myself on the phone…'

I went outside the house without anyone noticing, and saw Amu… I mean me.. I mean… UGH! (A/n: I hope you can understand that, haha :D When someone says Ikuto, it's Amu in Ikuto's body and so forth, except for when Iktuo and Amu say their names because they are the only ones who know(Besides Dia but she's back in her egg!).)

I walked over to her and she said, "I hope you didn't do anything perverted…" Yoru raised an eyebrow, I just realized he didn't know what was going on, "Amu? Perverted?" He said. Amu looked at Yoru, "Yoru, why don't you, you know, play with your cat friends or something?" Yoru pouted, but flew off soon afterwards.

"No I promise I didn't look at anything, and am I really that tall?" I said when Yoru was out of ear shot, Amu smiled and said, "Okay good, and now you know how it feels."

There was an awkward silence as we sat on the curb. Then Amu sighed and said,

"Iktuo, I nedd to pee…."

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