You don't remember?

Ok so this is a little piece of about three or four chapters in which Steve and Kono spend the night together, drunk, and then Kono leaves before Steve wakes up and Steve doesn't remember a thing. Will she tell him? Or will she maintain it a secret?

Kono woke up with the worst headache she had ever had. Her head was throbbing and her eyelids were heavy with sleep. Her eyes fluttered open very slowly and she thanked God that it was still dark in the room because bright light was the last thing she needed right now. Hangover is a bitch.

She turned on the bed towards her bedside table so she could see what time it was, but what she saw was not her bedside table. It was a much bigger one and there were car keys and an Iphone on top of it. Uh oh. She thought. She didn't want to say this but she must have been so drunk last night that she went home with a stranger. Wait, maybe she just crashed at his place!

She fearfully lifted the sheets and sunk her head in the pillow. Nope, no clothes. She tried to move to get up but… she was kind of sore. Must have been some night…

She instead tried to roll on her side so she could see who it was she had spent the night with. She indeed saw someone on the farther side of the bed, only he was face down on the pillows and arms wrapped around them. But, wait… she had seen those biceps before… she had seen those tattoos before!

She almost choked on air as the realization of who she had slept with hit her. Oh my God! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! I slept with my boss! Ahhhhhhh!

Well it's not like you never wanted it… Shut up! You slept with Steve! Oh my God! And apparently he is good at it…

And just like that the all the memories came flooding back. She had went to his house to check on him, he had had his fair share of drinks as well, and he offered her another beer, and then one thing led to another and… .God!

She was officially freaking out… this was not happening. Sore or not, she quickly got out of bed; she couldn't handle the confrontation in the morning, not today. She went around the room in silence picking up her discarded clothes and immediately got dressed. She stopped at his mirrored wardrobe to check on her appearance. Oh crap. She had love bits all over her neck and collar bone and her wrists were kind of bruised. So were her hips… yeah, she had a pretty good idea why. Jeez, what were the guys going to say about her? How was she supposed to face Steve in the morning at work? Oh God she had never been more embarrassed.

She quickly shrugged the thoughts off. More important- get the hell out of there. She could deal with this all in the appropriate time. She rapidly went downstairs and outside. She closed the front door quietly, started the car and head home.

Steve awoke with the bright sun light filling the room through the semi-closed blinds. He could have sworn he never had a bigger headache in his entire life. He opened his eyes and squinted as they adjusted to the light, finally giving up and throwing a pillow over his head. Only… ouch! His muscles were so sore… what the hell?

He slowly turned so he could see what time it was but was surprised to see that the bed was also undone on the other side. Uh… did he fidget that much in his sleep? He quickly pushed those thoughts aside and checked the time.


He had to be at work in 20 minutes. He popped out of the bed just to realize that his back was also completely sore. What the fuck? What did he do last night? He remembered going out for drinks with the team, and then he vaguely recalled Danny splitting a cab with him so he didn't have to drive home, and then… blank. Damb throbbing! Hangover is a bitch.

He went into his bathroom and took a quick shower before he got dressed and headed downstairs for some breakfast.

Once he was done he grabbed is phone and car keys and went straight to his car. In about 10 minutes he was facing the five-0 headquarters. Still with the mother of all headaches, he climbed the stairs and pushed the glass doors open to find Danny and Chin already working on some paperwork.

"Morning Steven!" Danny greeted cheerfully.

"Danny do you have to yell that loudly?" Steve asked while he put his hands on his hears.

Danny and Chin shared an amused look before Danny replied.

"Tough night?"

Before Steve could say anything the doors opened one more time and Kono walked in head down.

"Morning rookie!" Danny greeted in the same cheerful voice.

"Danny stop yelling!" Kono argued as she too lifted her hands up to her ears.

Another look was exchanged between Danny and Chin.

"How much did you two have to drink last night?" Chin asked.

They both just ignored the question until Steve spoke up.

"Danny what the hell happened after you dropped me off last night?" Steve asked, annoyed.

Kono swirled around so quickly she almost gave herself whiplash as she did it.

"You don't remember?" she asked with a strange voice.

Steve looked over at Danny expecting him to tell him what exactly had happened, but as he didn't he turned his gaze back to Kono.

"No, why, did something happen?" Steve asked a little concerned he had done something wrong.

Kono quickly felt the blush creep up her neck and cheeks and rushed a reply.

"No, no, nothing happened, it's just weird because we all had a few drinks last night and we can all remember what happened. Very vividly…" she added under her breath.

Danny, Chin and Steve both shared a confused look before Steve spoke again.

"Well, from the loud pounding in my head I would suggest I've had more than just a few drinks last night." Steve said with a smirk.

"Right. Anyway, I should get to work." Kono said with a rush and started walking towards her desk.

"Hold it, hold it." Danny said as he got up from his own desk. "What's with the scarf?" He asked as he pointed at her turquoise colored scarf.

Oh crap! She thought. I mean, come on, it's not like she could walk around with bite marks on her neck!

"I was cold, so I brought a scarf, is that a problem?" Kono asked with a certain edge on her voice.

"It's 102 degrees out there!"Chin exclaimed, earning a menacing glance from Kono.

"Just leave it, ok?" She pleaded as she once again started walking to her desk.

"Hey, rookie?" Danny said with a smirk. "Why are you limping? Fun night?" Danny asked wiggling his eyebrows at her.

"Danny!" both cousins reprimanded as Danny shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh c'mon! You're not denying it by the way…" Danny added as he was about ready to laugh his ass off.

Steve looked at her with both his eyebrows raised. He did not see that one coming. She was seeing someone? I mean, it's not like he wasn't happy for her but truthfully… he wished he was the one she was seeing. He had had feelings for her for a while now, but he never acted on them, being her boss and all. And he was pretty sure she didn't return his feelings anyway.

Danny on his part wasn't all that surprised, but confused. He did get that she didn't talk a lot about her personal life but something about this one aspect just didn't seem right… he'd have to have a talk with her about it later.

"Danny, just drop it, ok?" Kono stated more than asked as she sunk in her chair and closed her eyes hoping that the pounding in her head went away.

"Ok, but just for now. I'm not done with this!" Danny said with a pointed finger in her direction.

"Of course you're not…" she said under her breath. Boy this was going to be a long day…