My name is Saddiq. Right now I'm having a dream, but the thing is I have a special ability if you say that allows me to be in other people's dreams. You may say that's cool and awesome but it gets annoying because every night it's someone randomly different that I may or may not know. So I have no idea whose dream this is right now. I see cherry trees surrounding me and this huge cherry tree that's just standing out in the middle. It's tall; this tree definitely stands out from all the other trees. "It's been a long time, Saddiq", what the? Who was that? "It's me Saddiq, You don't remember me?" I looked in the direction behind me and there stood a beautiful girl with gorgeous blond her and her eyes were beautiful and priceless as diamonds. Her whole appearance was dazzling. Her face I recognized but I can't remember who it is. Then I asked the girl- "who are you?" "Rrrrrr, Saddiq, you don't remember me?" "I know your face but I just can't figure out your name" I exclaimed. "That's ok …" a bell? Why did I just hear the sound of a bell and what is this heavy feeling on my stomach… wait ….. I can't move what's going on?...

"Good morning Nii-san" just when I was about to reply a text book fell flat on my face. "Nemu what the hell!" I yelled with so much anger- "why would you make me wake up like this? What kind of person wakes up someone like this?" "Sheesh calm down you're awake now, hurry up and come downstairs for breakfast." She told me with a cheerful tone even though she was about to kill me just now. She leaped from my bed and headed towards the door but before she could even touch the door knob I yelled "Wait!" "Huh is something wrong?" "Don't play silly I told her wiggling my finger back and forth. It's time for the daily morning routine c'mon" signaling her to come to me. "Ughh fine do it quick okay." Nemu and I got close, I put my arm around her waist and she tip toed towards me and soon our faces got closer and closer and….. "Ow" Nemu said. "1 2 3 4 5… ok done." "You seem to have a slight fever take, it easy today" I told her. "I hate the morning routines, why can't you check my temperature with a thermometer instead of putting our fore heads together? You always give me a hard head butt." Nemu uttered. "Well it's because when I used the thermometer you always changed the temperature" I answered her. "Can't you do it a different way?" she asked me. "Well I could unbutton you clothes and…." "Ok, ok, ok" just hurry up and come downstairs" she said while trying to leave the room quickly. -"Nii-san you baka".

Nemu is my sister and the same age as I am and we're not related by blood at all so she's more like a foster sister. Our mom and dad are overseas doing businesses at other countries. So for now it's only me and Nemu, but we don't do things you're probably thinking I respect her I only tease her because it's always a brother's job to annoy his sister am I right? Anyway I brushed my teeth and took a shower and put on my new school uniform, today is the day I start the 9th grade my first day as a high schooler, I'm pretty anxious right now. Getting back to the story I rush downstairs so I won't be scolded by Nemu sometimes she can transform into a mother figure in a snap, and it'll be pointless for me to argue with her.

"Nii san you're so slow, we have to leave early today to check where we belong and be able to go to class without any problems like last year" she looked at me giving me this funny grin. "Hey! At first I got the wrong schedule and that's why I was with those kids I bursted out." "Nii san you were in a totally different school how did you not know that?" she giggled. "Ah come one cut me some slack I was so nervous I couldn't think straight". "Nii san you ended up in a preschool god knows how!" she said bursting out laughing. "Oh ha ha ha very funny" I sarcastically responded. Anyway we got like a minute left we need to hurry. "What!" Nemu shouted with a surprised face, "We gotta go Nii san!" as she grabbed my hand and pulled me along with her I tried to tell her-"Wait I didn't even start!" But she didn't even listen and she kept running with my hand like some 5 year old.

"Nii san I don't see anybody from our school walking up our path." She worriedly told me, "Its fine I'm sure we'll be there on time" I calmly said to her. "We need to be there early so we can see what class we're in!" she cried out loud. "You don't have to be a big baby about it; even if we're late we could be lost together like last year" I said trying to make her laugh. "Shut up Nii-san and keep running" she retorted at me. We made at school just around 7:45; "Ok ya see we have plenty of time to see what class we're in and engage in conversations with your little friends. OH! I hope they're still serving breakfast because thanks to a certain someone I didn't get to have any." "OK, OK calm down Nii-san now you're the big baby" she replied while giving me a silly smirk. "Ya know what, I would give you like this whole argument but I'm just too hungry so see ya", but just before I could even take a step, "Wait Nii-san, go get your schedule and class number before you forget Again" Nemu commanded me. "Ya know I'm 14 now, not that stupid 13 year old from last year, do I have to remind you I was one of the top students last year". "I was too and I had a higher average than you" she proudly proclaimed. ~Show off~

Whatever and yet again when I was heading into the building of the school something else came up that hold me. A girl ran towards Nemu and jumped up and started to hug Nemu as if she hasn't seen her in years. "Good morning Nemu-senpai how was your summer? Did u have fun? Did you miss me? Mine was great I…" "Ah if it isn't Miharu, what are you some sort of pet to Nemu?" "Oh Saddiq-senpai morning, I like you too Saddiq, but I LOVE Nemu-senpai!... "I was right you are some kind of pet." I got a pat on my shoulder I saw my best friend Tristan who I knew since elementary, "Hey Saddiq look what I have" before I even took a look at what Tristan told me to look at I explained to him that usually someone would ask someone who they haven't seen In awhile how are they doing or 'was sup'. "You know I'm not that kind of guy, Saddiq anyway look" It's a quiz where you have to guess how many guys will ask Kotori out before graduation, - and speak of the devil there she is pointing the direction of Kotori, (one of the most beautiful girls you'll ever see in your life.)" "Yea she is hot, no girl can compare to her beauty." I said with a drooling face. "Oh really Nii-san" Nemu said irritatedly while pulling my ear, "Ow ow ow sorry sorry please let go" I begged her. "Nii-san you baka, you'll never end up with her so give up." "Yea yea yea anyway let's go check our classes I informed her." "Don't worry I went ahead and found out our class; Saddiq, you Nemu and I are in the same class" Tristan said. "Aww man why do I have to be in the same class as my troublesome sister I sarcastically said while smiling at Nemu." "Keep making fun of me and I won't let you copy my homework" Nemu threatened. "Damn you went to a cheap shot, fine I'm sorry please forgive me" giving her a stupid puppy face. "Stop that and let's go into the building" Nemu retaliated.

"There's a lot of new freshmen coming in this year besides us" Tristan notified. The school we go to is both middle and a high school and the 3 of us came from the middle school of this same school. Just when I was going to tell Nemu something I heard someone call out my name. "SADDIQ! SADDIQ! SADDIQ!" When I was about to turn around I saw Nemu blocking a little girl with just one hand, the little girl was struggling to get free. "Nemu that hurts" the little girl said. "Oh sorry my body reacted by itself; it's been a long time….. Sakura" Sakura! Yes she was the same girl from my dream earlier this morning, I knew I knew that girl, I just couldn't believe it was Sakura. "Saddiq now you must remember me right?" "Uh… are you sure you're Sakura or are you her little sister or cousin because you're so …. Small". "I know I had trouble recognizing who she was it's like she hasn't change a bit." Nemu whispered to me. "Saddiq you're so mean but I still LOOOOVE YOUUUU! She jumped out and gave me a huge hug right in the middle of the lobby attracting unwanted attention. "Saddiq are you causing problems on the first day of school already? Hurry and get to class the bell just rang." MS. Toyomi announced. Sorry Ms. Toyomi we'll go now Sakura let go. "Fine but let's have lunch together ok" before I could answer she flew off. Wow first day of school and I'm so confused, huh? "Nemu what are you day dreaming about we need to get to class." "Oh sorry Nii-san" and with that said she dashed into class. However that's not like Nemu, she's not the type to daydream or get distracted, but whatever I don't know I just need to survive 5 periods of boring work.


"There you are Nemu, I was looking for you." "I don't want to take care of you at school too Ni-san." "Why are you so upset about?" I asked her. "And you're only eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you won't grow if you're only eating that." "It's ok I'm not so hungry I'm fine" she replied back to me. "If you keep that up your tiny chest won't grow I informed her." Nemu (squeezing her milk box angrily) "Nii-san do you want to go to the hospital that bad?" she told me with a murderous intent. "S...sorry f... forgive me" I begged her without even looking her in the eye. "Um Nii-san are you sure it's ok for you to be here?" she questioned "You're suppose to be with Sakura right now am I right?" she asked. "Is that why you're giving me a negative attitude, besides don't worry about her she'll find me soon, no one could ever win a game of hide and seek against her", I told Nemu. "See what I mean" pointing the direction behind me. "I think I should hide under the table for now so that she" - "Saddiq! Found you!" "Damn I gotta go Nemu" I quickly tell her so I could get a head start away from Sakura.

"Saddiq wait!" Sakura shouted. Damn Sakura is fast… wait why am I running, my body is just moving on its own- "Saddiq, I'm good at chasing people" she yelled at me while running. Crap, I need to find a place to hide, wait I'll just go up to the roof and hide for a couple minutes. She's new here so she won't be able to find it, but as for me I've been going to this school since middle school so I have an advantage. Alright! Here it is.

"Saddiq, where did you go?" Saddiq, where are you, where you'd disappear to? Saddiq? Saddiq?"- "Phew managed to get away- huh?" "Hey Onee Chan pass the spoon" "sure lil sis, I'm going to add some onions ok" "sure Onee-chan"- "ugh why are you making a soup on the roof?" I asked the 2 girls. "Today we're making Damakko soup a Japanese meal", the older one told me. "I can't wait to try them Onee Chan, it looks good," the younger one said. ….. "Ok goodbye. Are they even allowed to do that? I wonder, but at least I escaped sakuras. Ah damnit lunch is almost over the bell is about to ring, guess I have to get ready for the next class.

"Sakura is that you?" "Nemu! Where is Saddiq" Sakura asked. "Saddiq left before us" Miharu answered her. "Oh Sakura this is Miharu" Nemu acquainted them both. "You're so small and cute!" Miharu said quickly grabbing and hugging Sakura. "Miharhu you're so soft!" Sakura replied back, embracing her tightly as well. "Wow you two are a perfect match" Nemu uttered.

"Ah I see you and Saddiq are childhood friends" Miharu said with a sigh of understanding." But why all of a sudden did you come back to New York" Miharu asked. "Because, I promised my parents I would work hard if they sent me back to New York, all because of a promise." Sakura responded. "A promise?" Miharu said with a questioning face. "Yeah, Oni Chan (Saddiq) and I made 3 promises under the Sakura tree when we were younger, just before I left; the 1st was that we'll definitely be reunited one day. The 2nd was to help each other when we're in trouble. And the 3rd is…. a secret." Sakura giggled while putting her index finger over her lips. "What! You're not telling us, that's not fair. Tell us" Miharu demanded. "No it's our secret besides its too embarrassing." "That's no fun" Miharu said in an annoyed voice.


"A secret huh" Nemu whispered to herself. "What secret?" I asked "Aaaahhhh! Nii san don't sneak up on me like that" Nemu screamed in shock. "Why are you balancing the books? It's not like we have any money." I told her. "We have to record our expenses to keep up with our money. So give me back the book. Dad told me to take care of the finances while he was gone. Hmmmmmm it seems I may have to cook our meals" Nemu said. "NOOOOOOOO! Please God I'm not ready to die yet, you can't even toast bread, the only thing you can do is prepare a bowl of cereal and sometimes you even mess that up, I dunno how you but you do," I confessed to her. "Nii san you keep aggravating me and I'll make sure you won't have any kids if you know what I mean"- (Covering my balls) "S...sorry." Then how would you like it if I lowered your allowance. She threaten me. "No! Please don't do that." "Don't worry I'll leave you enough money for food" she told me while giving me an evil grin. "I need money for my own stuff ya know." "Don't worry I'm taking some money out of my allowance too, Ni san do your share as well." "Fine fine fine, I'll be up in my room I've had a long day."

"Man I need to rest, I'm exhausted." "Hi Oni Chan" "what the!"-"How did you get into my room Sakura?" "I climbed the tree and opened your window, I knocked but you weren't there." "That's breaking and entering, it's against the law, and I have the right to call the police." "You're right Oni Chan, punish me I've been a bad girl, but be gentle ok ;)" "How the hell did the conversation end up like this? Anyway why are you here," "I came because I haven't greeted you properly"- oh yea what about school." I didn't greet you properly yet."

Sakura opened her mouth, hey Oni Chan give it to me. "G… give it t…to you." "Yes hurry up I can't wait, I've been waiting for 7 years, hurry, I want it really bad please." "H…here now?" "Yes hurry no one is watching" Sakura begged me for it so I had no choice. "Ok wait… Here"-"Thanks I haven't seen your magic in a long time Oni Chan" "yea it's been a while since I last used it," I replied back to her.

I haven't informed you guys, but there is another ability I can do, I can produce sweets from any country out of the palms of my hand. But that's all I can basically do, plus as I've said before I can see others dream. Both me and Sakura are magicians, but she is way better than I am she can do so many things. She is what you call a magician I'll go into more details later on in the story.

"Hey Oni Chan you could've just had given me a ki..." "Don't even, listen Sakura I'm really tired and I wanna sleep so if you could." "Mmmm Oni Chan you're no fun" Sakura said in an annoyed tone. "I'll talk to you tomorrow ok, I just need some rest." "Fine" Sakura told me in a disappointed voice. Knock knock "Nii san… huh… Sakura" "oh Nemu! You startled me" I told her in a nervous tone. (Sakura leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips) "I'm back home Oni Chan" Sakura left immediately after. "…Uhhhhhh…. Nemu uhhhhhh….. … NII San! You dirty pervert!:(

Nemu threw a textbook at my face and left the room and with that being said that's the end of my first day of high school. This school year will literally be hell for me.

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