Third person pov:

Sakura had a metal pole in her hand and with all her force slammed it against Miharu's head.

Miharu fell to the ground screaming in pain.

Sakura repeatedly attacked Miharu with the pole while Miharu begged her to stop.


Damn it's not even 8:30 yet, why the hell does Nemu need me?

I sucked my teeth while walking, and decided to put my hands in my pocket when suddenly I realized I had Miharu's key with me.

"Ah damnit. Fuck I have her key, what should I do? Should I run and give it to her?" I thought to myself for a moment.

"But I feel too lazy to find her." I sucked my teeth again. "Lemme go check to see if she's near, if not I'll give it to her tomorrow."

I did a jog like run to the direction where I left Miharu then I heard a scream. I paused for a moment. I was a bit scared at to what was going on so I decided to take a peek.

"But if someone is getting jumped I'm running my ass home" I told myself.

What I say was so shocking my jaw dropped like in those Tom and Jerry cartoons.

I saw Sakura beating Miharu with a metal pole.

"What the HELL!"

I ran as fast as I could and grabbed the pole from Sakura and pushed her down to the floor.

I went up to Miharu and checked on her to see if she was alright.

"Miharu, are you okay?"

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and cried out

"Saddiq senpai!" she started crying into my chest.


I was filled with rage. I looked at Sakura who was looking away at the floor as if she didn't do anything.

I went up to her.

"Why the fuck did you do that to her?"

—she didn't respond.

I repeated myself but in a more frustrated tone "Why the fuck did you do that to her?"—she still didn't respond.

I grabbed her by the collar and lifted her off the ground demanding an answer to my question.

The bitch didn't even blink—she didn't even look me in the eye.

I slammed her down into the ground, just like a big wrestler would do to a smaller opponent. She shrieked in pain.

I stared at her for a while and without even thinking I said "Alright you're not going to answer me, fine." I grabbed the pole and I said "let's see how you like being hit"

I picked the pole and started to swing it but at half way of my swing Miharu grabbed the pole and took it out of my hand.

When I saw Miharu's face I came to my senses. I looked at Sakura who had her eyes on me. And for a reason unknown to me I went to Sakura and I hugged her.

I looked at her and asked "Why?"

She replied "I….. I saw the two of you today"

"Doing what?" I asked

"hanging out the entire day, going on a date to the ice cream shop then at the park….. I….I saw the two of you" She answered.

I thought to myself for a moment then I giggled. I got up and brought Sakura up with me. I went over to Miharu.

"Let's go I'm going to drop you home."

"Um..Ok sure." Miharu replied.

"C'mon sakura after I drop her home I'm going to drop you home, and on our way I'll tell you everything."

Sakura looked at me with both a confused and questioning face but followed along.

On our way to Miharu's house I told Sakura everything from how I first found out she was a robot to the events that led to the park. After I explained everything we met Miharu's house.

"……..I…I don't know what to say. Miharu…I'm….I'm sorry.

Miharu was looking at the ground.

Miharu made a wierd sound.

"Goodnight" Miharu rushed into her house without saying another word. I let out a big sigh then I looked at Sakura who had her head down.

I put my hands around her and said "Let's go I'll talk to her tomorrow, don't worry about it okay."

"I feel so bad though"

"Like I said don't worry about it. Now let's forget about that do you have any questions about what I told you?"

"Well actually… I have a one"

"ask away" I told her.

"Why is Miharu's dad making a robot take his daughter's place it sounds crazy to me." Sakura said

I laughed and explained "I asked the same thing when I was asking Ms. Toyomi. I guess it all began when Miharu's dad first made the Miharu robot. Since he loved both Miharu and science he ended up making an exact replica of the Miharu by making a robot. He was so in love with it he wanted to patent his invention but the government came in and said that if robots come into an era like this, it'll be bad for people economically and politically because being that his robot is stronger and could handle more tasks a normal human could do, they believed that it could take people out of jobs, and start an uproar and all that other stuff, so in the end they didn't allow him to patent his invention. But after the accident with Miharu he decided to prove them wrong by showing that his invention could help society instead of destroying it."

"Wow, but that still seems a little crazy." She told me.

"Well, that's how it is and it sounds crazy to me and before I could fully understand everything I got sucked in. But it's not that bad, however it takes up a lot of time doing stuff for her."

Then an idea came to my head. "Hey Sakura!"


"Would you mind help me looking after Miharu, in school sooner or later people are gonna find out why I'm hanging around with Miharu all the time and my teachers will soon get suspicious to as why I'm going to the bathroom every period. So please will you help me look after her?"

"Sure" she replied "It's the least I could do after what I did to her today"

"Thanks, now there will be times when you'll see miharu smoking or shutting down so you just have to use this key….

Ah shit! I forgot to give her, her key! DAMN!"

"Can't you give it to her tomorrow?"

"I guess I surely won't go back now."

"Well then you have a great night then Oni Chan!"

"What?" I looked around to see where we were at and it surprised me that we were right in front of her house.

"Wow we reached already, that was kinda fast."

"Yup time flies when you're spending it with someone you love." She answered.

I gave her a smile and before I could tell her good night she gave me a kiss on the cheek. With that she dashed into her house.

I smiled again and went towards my house. I took out my keys and started to unlock my doors and the first thing I saw was no one other than NEMU.

"Nemu! hi" I said with a cheesy smile.

"Nii san! Where the hell have you been!"

"Uh… well actually a lot of places." I answered.

"What the hell were you doing with Sakura!"

"Oh boy…. You… saw that?" hoping she would say no.

"Yes!" she shouted


"Nii san explain yourself, it's a quarter to 10, where have you been all night?"

What should I say, should I tell her the whole thing about Miharu and Sakura, but I don't think I'm suppose to tell anyone about it, -oh man what to do!

Without thinking I put my index finger in my lips and said "It's a secret", after that I ran around Nemu and rushed to my room and locked the door.

As I suspected she came and started banging on my door more like she was screaming for an answer. I was praying to god that she would leave and finally something good happens and she actually left.

"Thank you lord. Crap, now I made a big gap between me and Nemu's relationship again and we just made up not too long ago. How am I going to solve things?" I gave a big sigh that sounded like the grunts Rick Ross would make in his songs.

"Looks like she's going to give me the silent treatment again. She's not going to wake me up so I guess I'll have to set my alarm. Damn, I didn't even get a chance to eat dinner or even take a shower."

I sucked my teeth "Well I guess it can't be helped"

I set my alarm clock and turned off my lights and I went to bed.

Next Morning:

Huh, what's that sound?


"What the!" I looked at my alarm clock, shit I set it too late. I jumped out of my bed and rushed to the bathroom with my towel quickly brushing my teeth and taking a shower.

After I did that I went to find a set of clothes, put them on, grabbed my bag and I ran out the door.

"Damn all of this wouldn't have happen if I hadn't have argued with Nemu last night."

I only had a couple more minutes until the bell rang so I ran as fast as I could along the Sakura trees.

"Aw man, the bell is going to ring soon; if I'm late Nemu is going to be angrier with me… huh"

I stopped running when I suddenly saw a little puppy looking at me. The thing that caught my attention wasn't that it was looking at me; it was that this puppy had red eyes.

"Wow I've never seen a puppy with red eyes before" I went close to the dog as it began to come closer to me, then my watch suddenly made a beeping sound.

"Oh no! It's eight, bye little guy I gottta go."


"Ms. Toyomi!" I shouted in shock

"You're late!" she exclaimed

" I'm so so sorry." I responded

"Come with me" she ordered.

I followed her into her room. She closed the door after I entered.

"What happened to Miharu yesterday?" She asked.

"I heard a complaint from her father, what happened to her?" she asked again.

"Uh…well…..ya see…..the thing is….ummmmmmmm…." I said the first thing that came to mind which I soon regretted.

"… oh we got jumped by niggas!" (WHY DID I SAY THAT!)

"Watch your language!" I heard Mr. Yard say across the hallway.

"Damn that man has good ears." I said to myself.

"SADDDIQ!" she looked at me with a really serious face.

"He asked me if I told anyone about this and I told that the only person that knows other than me and him is you. He asked if you did it and I said no because you wouldn't have the balls to do something like that."

What the! I can't believe that she actually said that to me? My teacher! She reminds me of my mom.

Instead getting angry I told her "What happened yesterday was kinda an accident. I assure you, no I swear to you that that will never happen again because I will always remain at her side from now on, so please forgive me!"

She looked at me for a while the she said "Fine but make sure this doesn't happen again got it?"

"Yes ma'am" I retaliated.

"Oh and one more thing make sure no one else knows about this, after yesterday Miharu's father is getting spectacle about this, OK?"

I got a bit nervous and said
"Uh well.. the thing is I actually told Sakura…sorry"

"Only her"

"Yes only her" I answered.

"Fine but don't tell anyone else ok."

"Yes ma'am"

"Class is about to begin go take your seat…"

Announcement: Attention all female students, please make your way to the gymnasium for your physicals- Thank you.

"Well I guess I'll be teaching the boys for the first half of the period" I heard Ms. Toyomi suck her teeth, I laughed a bit.


All the female students in the school including Miharu, Sakura and Nemu were all in the gymnasium.

"Ok girls, there is a list on these two walls giving the specific order of who we'll check first, once you're done you may return to your class." Said the school nurse.

"This is so stupid why the hell did they gather all the female students in school all at once to get their physicals, couldn't they do just by grades, this school is so damn stupid!" Sakura complained.

"So then why did you come to this school?" Nemu asked.

"Cuz I wanted to go to the same school as Oni Chan." Sakura said with a smile.

Nemu smacked her forehead with her palm "Why bother asking"

Nemu, Sakura and Miharu all looked at the list along with the rest of the girls and found out their names were near last on the list.

"Awww just great, we're all at the end of the list, we'll be here forever" Sakura stated with a big pout on her face.

"Let's go wait on the benches in the corner over there." Sakura directed. And without question Miharu and Nemu followed.

"Sakura why are we at the end of the gym, who knows they might end up calling one of us and we wouldn't know, then we'll get into trouble and might be suspended or expelled then…."

Sakura lightly hit Nemu on the head thus interrupting her.

"Calm down Nemu don't spaz out, we're at the end of the list and I don't like to be near a lot of people." Sakura told her, "We'll be fine"

"Okay" Nemu responded who still seem paranoid.

However she forgot all about that when she focused her attention on Miharu.

She noticed that Miharu was breathing very heavily.

"Miharu are you okay?" Nemu asked, and as soon as she said that Sakura also turned her attention to Miharu.

"Yeah I'm fine I think I just need som..." after that Miharu stopped talking and had shut down.

Nemu who was totally surprised began to freak out, "Miharu! Miharu! Oh my god Sakura go get a nurse!"

Nemu went up to Miharu and started to shake her "Miharu, wake! Wake up Miharu!"

Sakura jumped in between the both of them and grabbed Nemu and started to shake her as if she's crazy.

"Nemu calm down!" Sakura exclaimed.

"What do you mean calm down! Miharu is…"

"Look I know this is a shock to you and it's a shock to me but you need to get a hold of yourself, I think I know what to do, just watch Miharu until I comeback don't get anyone else involved, you don't want to make a big scene, just trust me."

Nemu was too confused on what was going on but she decided to follow Sakura's directions and gave her a nod in signaling an "Okay"

After that sakura dashed out the gymnasium without anyone knowing and went to the only person she knew that could help the situation- Saddiq.

She ran to Ms Toyomi's room. She entered and went up to Ms Toyomi .

Sakura whispered to her " Ms Toyomi , I need Saddiq for a minute, is that okay?"

Without hesitation Ms Toyomi called out to Saddiq.


"Yes!" Saddiq answered in a startled tone.

"Go with Sakura, after you've finished came straight to class and finish your class work, got it?" She said in a commanding voice.

"Umm..ok" Saddiq replied.

Saddiq POV:

I left the classroom and before I could even ask Sakura what was going on she ran ahead of me, consequently I followed.

"Sakura, what the heck is going on?"

"Something happened to Miharu, it's like she's shut off, I think she needs the key to help her." After Sakura told me that I totally understood what needed to be done.

"But wait Saddiq we can't go through the front, I don't think male students are allowed to enter since the female students are in there taking their physicals."

"What! Then how am I going to get to Miharu!" I exclaimed.

"Don't worry we went to the end of the bleachers which is near the back door, all we have to do is sneak you through the back door and help Miharu and that's it." She told me

"Roger!" I answered back.

We managed to sneak in by the back door which wasn't locked, which was really great for us.

After I got in almost instantly I spotted Miharu and Nemu right beside her.

I ran up to Miharu.

"Don't worry Miharu, I'll help you, just give me a second." I started to unbutton Miharu's shirt.

"Nii San what are you doing!" Nemu was about to smack me but Sakura stopped her, mid-way and told her to wait.

After I unbuttoned a few buttons on Miharu's shirt, I turned her around and started to look under her shirt for her key whole.

"Alright now let me just find that key hole and we're done"

But there was a problem

I couldn't find it.

I couldn't find her key hole!

"What the, where is her key hole?" I started to panic. "I can't find it I couldn't her key hole!"

Then I noticed when I looked really close to her back there was one area that looked as if it had a different shade of color compared to the rest of her skin.

For some unknown reason to me I poked it and I felt something, it wasn't skin it felt like... some sort of metal…but it's different from her whole body, I actually felt it before, it's

actually… actually… a hole!

I felt around the space and just like a sticker on skin I was able to pull that thing off her back and just as I thought it was her key hole.

She must've knew today was the physicals and she probably wanted to hide her hole so she used this thing so that no one wouldn't suspect anything.- smart girl!

I grabbed the key from my pocket and inserted it in her whole and just like the times before I just gave it a couple of twists and just like a toy robot she came back to life.

"Huh? What happened?" Miharu asked.

She looked around her and noticed the state she was in and turned around and she saw me.

"What? Saddiq senpai!"- what are you doi…"

I cut her off by showing her, her key.

"I was helping you, you seemed to have shut off, but you're okay now, oh and to be safe, here take your key, just in case I'm not around anyone who's near you can help you." I said while giving her the key.

"Oh I took off this, good idea trying to hide your hole, try to put it back on before they call you for your physical."

"Oh okay and thanks, for everything." She said with a smile.

"Nii san..."

Oh crap I totally forgot Nemu was here.

"What's going on?" Nemu asked me.

"Um well….." Damn I definitely can't tell her now after the promise I made to Ms. Toyomi.

"Well the thing is…"

Ding Dong

Yes saved by the bell. "Oh crap! I gotta go girls I still have to finish the class work for ."

After I said that I left ran out through the back door and went to class.


"I should put this thing on before they call my name, would one of you help me?" Miharu asked.

"I will" Nemu said.

After School-Saddiq' house- SADDIQ POV:

As soon as I came home I went to the couch and started to relax.

"Man today was a rough day" I told myself.

"Especially the thing with Miharu, but its good I got there on time and figured out that she hid her hole. I hope she's ok. I hope sakura and Nemu didn't encounter any trouble with her. Oh that's right Nemu! I haven't spoken to her all day and I haven't seen her during lunch."

Suddenly I heard the door open- speak of the devil.

I screamed "Nemu!"

She looked at me with her facial expression changed. I went up to her and asked "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine" she answered.

"You don't sound fine, are you still mad at me? Aw c'mon cut me some slack I…"

"Why didn't you tell me" she rudely interrupted.
"What do you mean" I asked which of course I really knew what she meant.

"Don't play dumb with me Nii san! Why didn't you tell me about Miharu?" she yelled.

"I didn't tell you because I made a promise to earlier today that I wouldn't tell anyone."

The argument between me and Nemu was unlike any other.

"Earlier TODAY, why didn't you tell me yesterday, Miharu told me everything, or can I even call that thing Miharu!"

"That thing is still a person, it still has feelings so I appreciate it if you didn't call her a thing." I argued

"What does it matter, that's not my best friend, my best friend is in the damn hospital!" Nemu countered.

The level of the argument began to escalate, like lava in a volcano ready to shoot off into the sky, just waiting for the…

"I can't believe you didn't tell me about this, you're my brother how can you not tell me something that awful happened to my best friend!"

"Look I'm sorry, I don't know why I didn't tell you it's just when I saw you last night I…I just don't know ok. But don't you think you're kinda overreacting?"

"OVERREACTING! Nii san my best friend is in the hospital, it may be different for you but I have friends and I care about them, unlike you!"


"Okay you know what bitch I'm tired of you, how dare you say that, I love all my friends if anything you don't care about your friends. I've been taking care of Miharu the last couple of days, using my own time for her, dedicating my life to as whether or not the real Miharu will wake up. And don't forget about Sakura, she's your cousin and I've been treating her more than family than you have. I sacrificed my time with Jun'ichi and the rest of you guys to accompany her while she was in a devastated state after learning her father was ill, and you just followed along, like the damn insect you are acting like a good person. And I'm tired of your god damn remarks; you just piss me off sometime, shit! I hate you! I hate you! I HATE YOU!"

After I said that I bolted to my room and locked my door. I went and laid down on my bed

Why- WHY did I say that?

Next day:

I managed to wake up by myself today and arrived at school a few minutes earlier than the bell. I didn't see Jun'ichi this morning which means he still asleep and Nemu must've left really early. I wonder if Jun'ichi heard our argument last night. I was cut off in my thoughts when I heard my name being called.

"Saddiq Senpai!"- It was Miharu.

"Hey Miharu how you feeling?" I asked.

"I'm feeling okay, you?"

"I'm fine; did you have any malfunctions lately after yesterday's incident?" I asked.

"No, nothing happened after yesterday."

"That's great and remember if you ever fall into trouble you not only have me anymore you also have Nemu and Sakura." When I mentioned Sakura I could tell her mood changed.

"Don't tell me you're still upset at sakura." I asked her

"Not that much…it's just I can't get it out of my head ya know?" she told me

"Listen all of that was all a huge accident and I know you can't just forget about it but, she's really sorry, so can't you give her another chance? She had the wrong idea and instead of confronting the both of us….. she took her anger on you…."

Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap that's what I did to Nemu, didn't I? Damnit!

"Saddiq senpai?"

"So yea, can you give her another chance for me please." I begged

"I'll try but only because you helped me a lot." She said.

"Now can you do one more itsy bitsy favor for me?"

"Sure senpai"

Third person POV:

The last bell had rung and Nemu was about to take her stuff out of her locker, but when she opened it a note fell out.

It's an emergency, come to the big sakura tree and see me.


"Miharu?" Nemu asked herself.

Nemu did just as the note said and went to the legendary sakura tree.

What was so special about this tree is that if you make a certain of wish on this tree it'll grant that wish for you and just like all the other trees blossom and never stop blossoming and it's also a very sacred tree used to keep promises etc.

"Miharu" Nemu called out "Miharu!" Nemu shouted again.



"Nii san! Where's Miharu!"

"She's not here I told her to write that message, we need to talk Nemu."

"There's nothing we need to talk about Nii san!"

I grabbed her by the wrist before she could get away.

"Let me go!" she demanded

"No we need to talk!"

I pulled her into my arms. "Nemu I'm sorry, I was so wrong last night in more ways than one. Nemu I should've never told you that, that was wrong, also I was wrong when I said you don't have friends or you don't care about them as much as I do, you actually care about them more than I do which is why you were so heated during that argument. Not only that Nemu…you're the only person I have. When everyone close to me left- Mom, Dad, Jun'ichi and Sakura we only had each other. And ever since Sakura came back I've been doing a lot of things that hurts you and I CAN'T do that! You've taken care of a stupid ass like me all these years and I repay you back by acting like a fuckin douche. I feel like those idiots on TV who abuse their girlfriends and suddenly goes back to them asking for forgiveness only to just start the cycle over. I'm not going to do that, I care about you too much for that. That's why under the big Sakura Tree I want you and I to pledge a promise to never keep secrets from one another no matter the conditions agreed?"

Nemu was looking at me with a smile, and it actually looked like if she was about to cry.

"Let's do it"

Both Nemu and I put our hands on the tree and began to make our pledge

"I Saddiq Abdul pledge to never keep a secret from my loving and beautiful sister Nemu no matter the condition."

"And I Nemu sister of Saddiq Abdul pledge to never keep a secret from my beloved brother no matter the condition."

The both of us began to smile at one another.

"Oh Nemu while we're here I wanted us to make another pledge, actually more of a promise.

"What is it Nii san?" she asked

"Let's promise to never ever hate each other no matter what, is it a promise?" I asked

She smiled

It's a Promise.