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Now this is a little different from my other stories. Mostly because it contains ZOMBIES (sort of)! More like the infected but that doesn't work as well as zombies does.

I will admit that I have read Marvel Zombies and played Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare and was partially inspired by them (if the title 'Blazblue Zombies' didn't quite give it away) however I'm not stealing plot points from them (kind of hard to do since there aren't superheroes in Blazblue and the technology is much more advanced than that of Undead Nightmare). However, I have not seen Highschool of the Dead. Any similarities here are purely coincidental.

Long story short, I just thought: Zombies + Blazblue = ?

Optional music: Blackwater, U.S.A from Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare: youtube. com/ watch?v=57BrkddvjDI

Enough of that though. Enjoy the first chapter!


It appeared as if the end had come for Kagutsuchi. Near enough everyone had been slaughtered. Almost the entire population of the city had been picked clean. There were few left alive. Most of whom where hiding, hoping they would not be seen by 'them'.

'They' were the others left alive, although alive didn't exactly seem to be the best term for them and was more of an overstatement. 'They' hunted down the few survivors wanting only to dine on their flesh. 'Zombies' was the name given to them by the survivors. That too was a slight overstatement. The dead had not risen nor were the 'zombies' actually dead. A more accurate name would have been the 'infected' however that name didn't roll off the tongue so well so 'zombies' was the agreed term.

No one was quite sure how it started. All the stories said that it began in the lower areas of the city, specifically in Lost Town. The evidence spoke for itself. A single Kaka shambled into other areas of the city. Where else would residents of Lost Town come from? It was currently unknown if the contagion started there or if the Kaka had become infected by someone else from a different area. No one particularly wanted to venture down there and investigate.

The story of what happened next was unknown to most. The Kaka made its way to Ronin-Gai and what happened there was only known by a few who managed to escape to other areas. The ones who escaped attempted to warn people in other areas of a man-eating Kaka who would eventually make its way to different parts of the city. Of course, no one believed them and merely continued their daily business.

When the Kaka appeared in higher areas of the city the rumours were shown to be true as it suddenly began biting and eating chunks of flesh of the populace. There appeared to be two different victims: those bitten a single time and those completely devoured.

The devoured ones only served to slightly fill the appetite of the ravenous Kaka. They were the lucky ones. They simply died and left the world. For those unfortunate enough to be bitten once such as on the arm or neck were met with a much crueler fate. Cursed to walk the earth as a flesh-eating monster much like the Kaka who bit them.

It didn't matter what kind of person it was. Both humans and beastkin were affected the same way. Although not too visible on the Kaka, the infection affected the bitten ones' appearance slightly, causing their skin to have a necrotized look. The amount of those bitten grew at an alarming rate and soon the amount of living beings began to dwindle.

Soon after, soldiers from the Librarium were called in to eliminate the threat. But they had little to no effect. Nothing did any visible damage to the infected, not even ars magus or any of the Nox Nyctores. It was a constant loop of waves of attack by the soldiers, advancing by the infected who finally bit or consumed them when they got close. This repeated until every soldier was killed or turned.

Eventually, very few managed to escape being devoured or turned. Curiously, those bitten retained their intelligence and any skills they possessed. Upon realising that they would have less food to themselves, the infected began to attack each other. To the 'zombies', other infected tasted terrible so their attentions turned to the destruction of the head in order to kill each other. It appeared to be the only way to stop them. The severity of wounds dealt to each other meant nothing. Only complete dismemberment was the surefire way to halt their advance.

With hunger sated and destruction of the lesser infected complete, something curious happened. The zombies appeared to return to their original selves albeit still infected. They began to talk among themselves.

"What's happened to us?"

"I don't know but look what it made us do!"

"All these peopleā€¦ we killed them"

"Calm down, we seem to have regained our senses for now. We need to find a way to make this last."

"Yes, we need to find a cure. Though I fear it may already be too late. We have to focus on finding a cure before the hunger comes back again" Jin Kisaragi stated. He began to walk away closely followed by the other infected: Tsubaki, Makoto, Carl, Bang, various civilians, several Ikaruga ninjas, many small Kaka and the carrier of the disease, a sleeping Taokaka being carried by Bang.

To be continued...

And there's the first chapter. Not much happened. Just explaining the basic story.

To make something clear, I don't have anything against the characters who were revealed to be zombies. They're just the ones I thought should be zombies in my original train of thought.

See you all next time!