Everyone was confused when they saw Alice and Snape run out of the castle late at night after dropping three students in the Hospital Wing. They got just outside of school grounds, where they disapparated. Arriving in front of Houndsditch, Alice saw the kids wearing a number around their necks. Alice asked one where Bumby was, but he didn't seem to know.

"Where were we just at?" Snape hinted. Going to the Moorgate train station, Alice confronted Bumby.

"You oozing sore of depravity!" Bumby turned around at the sound of Alice's voice. "... children wearing their names around their necks, as if they're breeding livestock!"

"A declaration of their pedigree. You could use one. They're proud to display their provenance." Bumby laughed.

"You brute! They can't remember who they are or where they're from. How many minds have you twisted into forgetfulness?" Alice asked, agitated.

"Not enough." Bumby answered. "Yours would have been a triumph. Still, you're an insane wreck. My work is done!"

"You've used me and abused me, but you will not destroy me." Alice declared.

"No? The damage is done. The old Alice and her Wonderland retreat are demolished. You can't even recognize what's happened. And you're powerless to change it or move against me. I've made certain of that." Bumby crossed his arms, feeling victorious.

"You corrupted my memories, but you failed to make me forget." Alice proclaimed.

"I could've made you into a tasty bit. Clients out the door waiting for a piece from a raving delusional beauty, with no memory of the past, or no sense of the future. But you wouldn't forget; you insisted on holding on to your fantasies. You're mad. Like your sister." Bumby's words filled Alice with rage.

"Don't speak of her! You didn't know her..." she yelled.

"Your sister was a tease. Pretended to despise me. She got what she wanted... in the end." Bumby said. He looked at his pocket watch, which had Lizzie's key at the end of the chain.

"I'll see you charged. In prison, some half-wit bruiser will make you his sweetheart... and then you'll hang." Alice threatened.

"Indeed? A hysterical woman, former lunatic, roaring outrageous accusations against a respectable social architect and scientist. My God, Alice, who would believe you? I scarcely believe it myself." Bumby stated.

"I believe her." Snape stepped out of the shadows.

"You monstrous creature... Such evil will be punished." Alice said.

"By whom? By what? Psychotic, silly bitch. Your madness will be punished. Now leave. I'm expecting your replacement." Bumby looked at his watch again. Alice stepped forward, snatched the key and turned to leave. Feeling the vibrations of the coming train, Alice stopped. Both men watched in awe as Alice transformed. Her dirty black and white dress was replaced with a clean, silky blue one. Her hair grew longer. She looked healthier... and more powerful. She turned back to Bumby. He stared in shock as he witnessed her change. She stepped forward, the train's engine echoing in the tunnel. She pushed Bumby onto the tracks just as the train pulled up. Looking at the key, she felt that she finally avenged her family's deaths. Exiting the station, Alice was shocked to see that Wonderland had combined with London. Buildings were twisted with trees; mushrooms grew from the streets and from buildings. It was like the Vale of Tears fused with the real world. Dropping to her knees, Alice cried.

"Is there no escape from this madness?" she cried. Chess appeared in front of her.

"Only a very few find the way; some don't recognize it when they do; some don't ever want to." he said.

"Blasted Cat! I-" Alice thought for a moment. The more she thought, the more Wonderland shrank until she was back in London. She looked up at Snape. Feeling the key in her hand, she slowly stood up. "Love. The way was love. I never needed to go to Wonderland when I was younger because I had the love of my family. I only went when I felt neglected. I was in Wonderland when I was in the asylum because I didn't have my family." Snape grabbed Alice's hand.

"Alice, I-" Snape was cut off by Alice kissing him.

"I know." she smiled. Suddenly, she noticed someone in the station. She looked around nervously. Going back in, Alice saw a girl about the same age as herself, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a scared expression.

"Have you seen Dr. Bumby?" the girl asked. "I was sent to him to be cured. He said he'd be here, but..." Alice felt sorry for her. She took the girl's hand.

"Don't worry. Dr. Bumby was nothing more than a murderer and a pervert. I'll help you." Alice said. Taking a bottle from a nearby fruit stand, Alice had the girl sit and close her eyes. The girl did, wondering what was going to happen. "Okay, now. Think of the thing that happened that made you come to Bumby."

"I'd rather not." the girl said.

"I know from experience that it hurts, but it'll be the last time it'll hurt. Think of it as an unpleasant relative that you're watching finally leaving." Alice said. The girl did so and Alice collected the memory, putting it in the bottle. Snape hid it in his pocket and Alice put away her wand. "Now open your eyes." The girl opened her eyes. They seemed brighter and happier.

"You're right! It doesn't hurt anymore! Thank you so much!" the girl hugged Alice. "How'd you do it?" she asked.

"It's just the magic of the human mind." Alice answered.