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'Up yours limp noddle'-Thinking

"Oh, get that from your mother"-Demon/Higher being talking

'No from yours last night'-Demon/Higher being thinking

-(# hours later)—Transition


Kickass no Justu-Justu/attack

Chapter 1: Fresh Start

"Come on Kit! You need to haul ass a little bit faster!" A deep and animalistic voice rang out. A boy with spiky blonde hair gritted his teeth in frustration and exhaust as he heard the voices of his pursuers come dangerously close. It also didn't help that the deep voice was complaining and blaming him for the situation they got into.

"Easy for you to say, you're in my gut, not running beside me, ya bastard!" The boy said out loud as his cerulean blue eyes searched around for any escape. Yes, that deep voice so happens to be sealed within the boy and belonged to the most powerful living biju and a very powerful demon, the Kyuubi no Kitsune or as he is also known in Makai, Kyuubi no Yoko.

Kyuubi growled in annoyance as he too was trying to think of an escape as his life was tied pretty fucking tight to the boy. In layman's terms if the boy dies so does he and the demonic fox so happens to like living. "This is all your fault you know." The fox simply stated and the boy almost tripped in disbelief.

"M-My fault!" He exclaimed while dodging a few kunai that were thrown at him. "You're to blame too you egotistical son of a bitch!" By now it was already figured that this boy was no other than Naruto Uzumaki, the Kyuubi Jinchūriki.

"Oi! You leave Kaa-san out of this, shitstain!" Kyuubi called out and Naruto resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He tried his best to ignore the fox as his thoughts drifted to what happened earlier and why he was in the current problem.

-(A few hours before)-

Naruto nervously gulped what seemed to be the tenth time today as he neared his team's training ground. 'Do you think I'm ready?' The thirteen thought to the beast within him. Kyuubi yawned at the boy making Naruto's right eye twitch. 'It was a simple question, carpet.' If anyone told Naruto he was going to befriend the reason of his village's almost destruction thirteen years ago, he would probably laugh in their face.

Then prank their ass to hell.

The fox merely grunted at the slight insult. "You want my input, fine. You're a dumbass for still trying to court that pink harpy. Trust me when I say there is much better fish in the sea than her. Hell, a jellyfish is better than that….thing." Kyuubi said and Naruto quickly went to the girl's defense making Kyuubi roll his eyes.

Now if anyone told the fox he was going to be sealed within a brat, he probably would have looked at them stupidly before crushing them beneath his paws. Then again, that's just his nature. If that same person somehow survived and told him that he was going to befriend the brat and give him dating advice, he would have forgo to just eating the poor bastard alive.

To those two, their relationship could be compared to that of rivals or bickering siblings. Kyuubi sees Naruto as a poor and idiotic soul that needed a 'superior' guidance aka him. Naruto saw the sealed beast similar to that of an older brother, a very annoying and perverted older brother. It was a big shock to Naruto when the fox actually talked to him with little hostility in his tone when he was bedridden in the hospital.

After walking bloody and bruised through the great gates of Konoha with an unconscious Sasuke Uchiha, who had defected from the village hours before to seek power from one of Konoha's most hated enemy, Orochimaru, Naruto processed to pass out. What he didn't see though was the murderous glare from a newly arrived Sakura Haruno or the uproar of the villagers but that was quickly stomped after the arrival the Hokage.

Kyuubi, however saw the whole exchange and frankly was quite pissed in Naruto's honor. Now, by no means does Kyuubi 'like' Naruto but he respects the boy for coming against the odds that were stacked against him. Naruto fought against many opponents that were superior to him in terms of power and intelligence. People like Zabuza and that girl/boy the brat met in the forest or against the Snake Sennin not once but twice and survived. Granted the fox was still pissed at the sealing during that time and allowed his anger from it to blind him.

So imagine Naruto's surprise when he was summoned into his mindscape after being bedridden due to his injuries and was given a half-assed apology from the fox. Had it been anyone else, Naruto would have just waved them off but this is the Kyuubi we're talking about. This was a beast, a demon that lived off the hatred of others so Naruto took the apology to heart. That was three weeks ago and being back to full strength and given Sakura time to gloat over the Uchiha, Naruto thought it was time to really tell her his feelings.

'Oh no! What if my breath smells like Akamaru's ass? Maybe I should go back and rebrush. What if my hair is too messy!? Gah! I'm a mess!' Naruto thought and Kyuubi really wanted to bang his head on his cage door.

"I swear to Juubi, if you complain one more time, I'm going to go mad!" The fox exclaimed and Naruto mentally pouted at the fox. "Oh don't give me that! You monkeys court in the weirdest of ways, some of them I could actually die of laughter from." Kyuubi said while scratching himself behind the ears.

Naruto just rolled his eyes at the beast. 'Oh and what's your idea of gaining a female's attention Mr. Cupid.' Naruto thought sarcastically gaining a glare from Kyuubi who just grunted at his response.

"Please all I had to do was wave my tails and them vixen would be on me like bitches in heat." Kyuubi said with arrogance dripping from his mouth. "I do remember that one time with four vixens quite well." Naruto resisted the urge to face palm at the sealed beast and gaged mentally in disgust.

'Nice to know you were a man-whore.' Naruto said nonchalantly making the fox face fault and sputter out insults. All of them failing making Naruto mentally laugh at the fox, having finally gain an upper hand on the beast.

"Oh yeah laugh it up but AT LEAST I GOT SOME ASS!" Naruto just grinned at the childish behavior of the fox. Who knew the strongest of the Biju was a child at heart? Naruto saw the familiar short pink hair of his teammate and tuned the angry fox out. He paused and took a deep breath before putting on his biggest grin and walked into the clearing.

"Morning Sakura-chan!" Naruto said exciting while closing his eyes and scratching the back of his head. Sakura gave him a small glare but quickly hid it in a fake look of wonderment and annoyance, a usual look she had for him. Wonderment, cause she wonders how he is still alive despite being a very easy target, and annoyance, cause he'll probably try to ask her out yet again.

"Do you have to be so loud and annoying in the morning?" She mumbled but Naruto heard it and his grin faltered a bit. It was quiet in the clearing as Naruto decided to give the girl some space so she wasn't annoyed with him and gave him one of her Anti-Naruto punches. Sakura raised and eyebrow at this but ignored it in favor of thinking about who she was going to see after their sensei speaks with them.

Speaking of which, the silence was soon broken by the twin sounds of crunching leaves. The two genins turned their heads to see their masked sensei, Kakashi Hatake, and a smug Sasuke, who had several places on his body that had been bandaged. Sakura face brighten as she gazed on the Uchiha while Naruto gained a small yet sad smile.'So Baa-chan really did listen to me.' He thought sadly as he remembered his conversation with the busty Hokage about Sasuke's future.

She wanted him to face life in prison for defection and removed from the Shinobi Corps., Naruto on the other hand knew it would devastate Sakura and pleaded to Tsunade to let Sasuke not only stay a Shinobi but remain on their team. At first Tsunade refused and tried to persuade the boy that the Uchiha almost killed him and was the cause of some of his friends to be in a critical situation.

"I know that Baa-chan but Sakura-chan may not understand and might do something irrational. Please, can you do this favor for me Hokage-sama."He remembered telling her and noticed the surprise look on her face when he addressed her formally.

Kakashi looked up from his porn novel to see his students looking at him expectantly. "Ahh yes, well I actually had nothing planned for the day." He mentally chuckled at his students' look of disbelief. "I just wanted to bring Sasuke over from the hospital." He patted the Uchiha on the shoulder before giving them his signature eye smiles and started to walk away.

"Try not to do anything illegal." He said over his shoulders before disappearing in a Shunshin, leaving the three genin alone in the training ground. Sakura immediately flocked over to Sasuke's side missing the look of irritation on the Uchiha's face or the sadden look on Naruto's.

"Are you ok Sasuke-kun? Do you need anything?" Sakura asked as her eyes gazed over his bandages. Sasuke scowled at her and ignored her question in favor of glaring at Naruto. Said blonde broke out of his downcast look and gave Sasuke a grin.

"How does it feel to be out, teme?" He asked using the nickname he gave the Uchiha back when they were in the academy. Sasuke's glare seemed to harden before hiding behind a look of indifference. The Uchiha grunted and Naruto chuckled at the usual response he would get from him.

Sasuke didn't forget what happened at the valley or his defeat from the hands of the 'suppose' dead last. While he won't admit it out loud, he was very jealous at Naruto. The blonde was able to defeat most of his enemies that were easily stronger than. Some of the enemies be aimed towards Sasuke only. Let's add in the fact that HE was more interested in the dope than him.

Going to Orochimaru was not only going to give him power to defeat Itachi but to also crush the blonde. No orphan street rat was going to upstage someone that came from a powerful and well known clan. It's obvious Naruto should stay at the bottom and should not rise above him. Sasuke looked around the clearing before an idea popped in his head. An evil smirk that looked oddly similar to the Snake Sennin's found a way to his face. "Well since I've been in the hospital I feel like my skills had dampen. So why don't we spar before training some?" Sasuke asked with a slight mocking tone however neither Naruto nor Sakura took notice and stared gapingly at him.

"B-But you just got out Sasuke-kun!" Sakura exclaimed and Sasuke glared at her making all her complaints stay in her mouth. Naruto gave the Uchiha an untrusting glance before shaking his head.

"No, like Sakura-chan said you just got out." Naruto said and Sasuke growled in frustration, his mind already made up.

"Fine!" The Uchiha grounded out through gritted teeth before charging at the surprised genin and sending a sharp kick to his chest. Naruto stumbled back a bit and held on to his aching chest but couldn't block a haymaker from Sasuke's fist and was sent to the floor. Naruto jumped back up, landing in a crouch position and shook away the mental cobwebs. "Fight me." The Uchiha stated.

Naruto got up and narrowed his eyes at the scene in front of him. "What the hell is you problem Sasuke? We're not making a repeat of what happened last at the hospital!" Naruto exclaimed out recalling a similar situation with the Uchiha. "I'm not going to fight you." Naruto said quietly before turning around and walking away.

Sasuke felt his anger pick up and clenched his fist to the point where it drew blood. "Don't you dare turn you back on me like I'm some common worm!" Sasuke yelled a before running at Naruto's retreating figure with a fist cocked back. Naruto quickly looked over his shoulders and ducked under the swing. Sasuke grunted and throw his leg up, hoping to catch the blonde bastard in the head.

Naruto jumped back and gave the Uchiha his own glare. "You wanna fight? Fine then, I'll enjoy kicking your ass a second time." Naruto taunted out before going into a stance. Sasuke's crimson Sharingan eyes blazed in anger at the jab of his earlier defeat and with a cry lunched out a flying kick. Naruto blocked the attack with his arm and using his arm strength pushed the Uchiha back.

Sasuke landing on the ground and narrowly avoided a jab from Naruto, thanks to his Sharingan. He smirked before grabbing the blonde's offending limb and pulled it towards him. Naruto cried out in surprised and received a hard punch to his cheek that was most likely gonna bruise. Sasuke wasn't done and quickly placed both of his hands on the ground and sent out a twin vertical kick to Naruto's chin. The Kyuubi container lifted off the ground and landed a few yards away painfully on his back.

Sasuke got up with a smirk on his face but frown when he saw Sakura come close to the battle. "Be actually useful in life and stay out of this fight!" He said harshly and Sakura was taken back by his tone and edged away from the fight. He heard a painful grunt and turned to see Naruto glaring at him with blood escaping the corner of his lips.

"Don't speak to her like that!" He growled out and Sasuke's smirk returned although with a lot more arrogance.

"And who's gonna stop me, loser?" He said and Naruto was the one to charge this time. Sasuke pulled his arms up in an 'x' to block the punch. He winched silently as he felt his bones shake from the force and looked up to see that Naruto's eyes had gotten darker. The Uchiha dodged a few jabs and was about to send out his own punched when a kick landed on his cheek, sending the boy flying. He righted himself in the air but missed the kick to the back of the head that sent him to the ground.

He felt someone grab his legs and was thrown over Naruto's shoulder into a group of three clones that landed an uppercut on his chin. Naruto watched as Sasuke landed hard back on the ground and slowly pushed away Kyuubi's influence. Seeing how the Sharingan user wasn't getting back up he started to walk away until he heard the chirping of birds.

"WE ARE NOT DONE HERE!" Sasuke screamed with a slight crazed look in his eyes. Naruto narrowed his eyes and quickly made a Kage Bunshin. The clone quickly pushed chakra around Naruto's stretched hand created an orb of chakra. The original Naruto glared out at his opponent as he thought about the following things that may happen if these attacks connect.

No doubt one of them will be hurt and since Sasuke doesn't have a demon sealed within him that could heal most of his wounds, Naruto bet that himself will be quite fine. If Sasuke did get hurt, then the blonde will have to deal with, as Kyuubi called her, the pink harpy. She'll probably berate him or just out right hit him before taking the Uchiha to the hospital. If Naruto backs off, then Sasuke surely won't and will attack him and with how murderous he looks, might try to kill him.

He doubt he'll get the same treatment from Sakura like she would for Sasuke if it was reverse. As Naruto took time to really think about it, maybe it's time he let go. It's obvious he'll never be in her mind like Sasuke was, inflicting slight jealousy in the blonde.

As he was thinking he didn't notice his anger spike or that he unconsciously leaked some of Kyuubi's Yokai into the orb turning the color from a blue to a light purple. The clone nodded before poofing away signaling the end of the attack.

The two teenagers looked at each other before charging at top speed hoping to cause some harm to each other. Naruto knew there was turning back and lunched his attack forward with Sasuke doing the same.



There was an explosion that rocked the training ground and cause dirt and pieces of rocks to fly around. Sakura shielded her eyes from the debris and struggled to remain standing as the aftermath tried to push her down. This went on for about a few minutes till it stopped and Sakura still had her arms up, not sure if she could look. Eventually she placed her arms down but gasped at the sight before her.

Sasuke was unconscious with burnt patches around his body, mainly on his right side though. Naruto looked worse as he was kneeling in pain cradling his left arm that was burned pitch black from the elbow down. The grassy area around them was burnt off giving the area a barren look.

Sakura eyes filled with immense worry as she ran towards her crush hoping he would be ok. Naruto looked through painful eyes to see the pinkette coming over. He gritted his teeth as another jolt of pain scaled through his body and contacted the beast within. 'Mind helping a bit here?' He thought impatiently and the fox in question, growled at him

"What the hell do you think I'm doing?! You just had to leek through some of my power and now look at you! Chakra Burns! It's gonna take a little longer than usual so focus on other things like that pink harpy!" Kyuubi grounded out and went working on healing the boy. Naruto ignored the stinging pain and try to stand but he didn't expect the hard slap that was delivered to his face. He was sent back to the ground but landed on his burnt arm earning a yelp of pain from the boy.

He grasped the limb and looked up to see Sakura giving him the most murderous and harm-wishing glare he has even seen on her face. In fact it remained Naruto a lot of the villagers' faces when they saw him pass by. "What the hell, you baka! Look what you did to Sasuke-kun!" She exclaimed and Naruto looked at her and then at the Uchiha, who he swore had a small smirked on his face.

"But Sakura-" He was cut off however by the genin who just bent down and, with extreme difficulty, picked up Sasuke.

"Just go away, somewhere far from me and leave us ALONE!" She cried out and dragged Sasuke away leaving Naruto alone in the clearing. It was silent in the clearing as the birds and critters ran away since the beginning of the fight. Hell, even Kyuubi didn't know what to say and opted to say quiet and heal his container's arm.

Naruto looked at the spot where his 'teammates' once stood before stuffing his hands in his pockets. Again ignoring the pain at the action, the downcast teen walked away from clearing. 'Great way to make someone hate me.' He thought bitterly.

Kyuubi finally placed in his input. "Who said she didn't already?" Naruto flinched at the thought before kicking a rock out of his way. "I mean was there any actions or thoughts that proved she liked you? While you choose not to act upon it or acknowledge it, I can hear your deepest thoughts. You never really liked her did you?" He accused and Naruto decided to remain quiet.

Kyuubi wasn't done with the boy and kept on. "Why did you have to sacrifice your happiness and life for someone you really didn't like? Hell, you didn't just 'dislike' her!" He said trying to probe the boy into talking. Still he was quiet and Kyuubi growled in frustration. "Fine, be like that!"

Naruto just sighed out loud winching every once and awhile at his injuries. His thoughts traced back to what Kyuubi tried to explain to him and his mouth twisted in a frown. After all the fox was right in all accounts but Naruto wanted to deny the truth. Deeply he found the pinkette's presence to be annoying and frustrating. Yet he thought that if he gained the girl's attention and interest, he could gain the rest of the village's respect.

Speaking of which as Naruto was lost in thought didn't noticed that he walked in the village's market place or that he bumped into a villager. "Sorry." He mumbled out still dazed and ignored the pain again. The villager apologized back until he got a full view of the boy and that apologetic looked turned into one of rage and disgust.

"Why you stupid brat!" The villager called out and Naruto broke away from his trance to narrowly avoid the intended shove from the villager. The villager immediately lost his balance and fell to the floor. Naruto gave him an indifferent look before walking away mutter something along the lines of 'idiotic villagers'. The villager quickly got up and glare at the boy's back but smiled evilly when a plan formed in his head. "ANBU, anyone, help, I've been assaulted by that brat!" He cried out.

Naruto quickly turned around only to face a growing mob of people with the smirking man in the center. The blonde rolled his eyes and prepared to give chase when he noticed some Shinobi in the crowd. Whispers broke through as Naruto felt a small amount of killer intent aimed at him.

"I knew it was only a matter of time!"

"Not only did he assault this poor man and also attacked Sasuke-kun!"

"Yeah, I heard he also gravely injured, the poor lad!"

As the revelations of Naruto's earlier fight came into view the mob seemed to grow in numbers while Naruto was thinking how they would know of their fight. "No doubt it was the pink bull horn." Kyuubi grunted out and Naruto nodded in agreement. The boy, with his good arm, reached into his jacket making the crowd tense and pulled out some smoke pellets. Slamming them to the ground, Naruto made his escape forgetting the Shinobi that were in the crowd.

"I advise you not to go home, Kit." The fox stated as Naruto jumped from rooftop to rooftop.

'And why's that?' He thought to the fox as he stopped. He didn't get an answer from the beast as the boy's danger senses went off. He quickly jumped away from the kunai that would have pierced his heart. He looked up to see a couple of Shinobi that were glare and releasing killer intent directed at the boy. 'You know I'm getting real tired of this village's shit.'

The men were probably chuunin level and seemed to be the cannon fodder type. No of them were familiar to Naruto and he smirked at them, mentally smiling as their glare deepened. "This village must have low standards of me to send out average Joes at me. I thought the village knew better." He taunted and mocked but knew he was touching fire.

The chuunin in the middle, who was probably the leader, pointed at the blonde. "Get him!" With that command the other four men rushed at Naruto. Said blonde grinned at the challenge and took off being sure to mock and taunt them every time they missed him.


"Kind of regretting mocking them now?" Kyuubi said with a sarcastic tone as Naruto jumped over a branch and growled mentally at the fox. He had somehow managed to bring the chase outside the village in hopes they would just get tired and leave. However Kami seemed to have other plans in store for the boy.

"Go suck a-GAH." As Naruto was trying to insult the beast he wasn't paying attention to his surrounding and was rewarded with a kunai in his upper thigh. Naruto crashed through to the forest floor, though being mindful of his still healing arm. "Yup I think they're serious this time." He mumbled before yanking the kunai out.

"Noooo I thought they wanted to give you a hug."

"Shut the fuck Kyuubi!" Naruto exclaimed out loud as he tried to get back to his feet only to fall to one knee. "Shit! I can't just limp away!" He said with an exhausted sigh and heard his pursuers coming closer. 'You have to know a way out of here.' He thought to the sealed demon with a little panic in his voice.

Kyuubi growled at the situation in front of him, all playfulness gone as his own well-being could be in danger. He too felt the men come closer and also felt the malicious intent rolling off of them while it was a pleasing sensation to him, the fox wanted to live. "I….I may have an idea." He spoke cautiously.

"Well don't keep it to yourself!" Naruto spoke impatiently not liking the idea of being caught. Naruto then felt a tug on his mind and was right in front of the caged fox before the boy could blink. "Or just pull me in my mindscape, not like I have people chasing my ass." He said in a smartass tone.

"Shut it midget." The fox said with a smirk knowing Naruto was sensitive about his height. "Now this 'idea' of mine was something I used a lot before I was sealed in you. Me being a high level demon, who's power can be compared to a demon lord, I'm able to travel between Ningenkai and Makai with little effort." The fox explained as Naruto was confuse about certain topics.

"Demon lords? You guys actually have rankings?" He asked and Kyuubi lowered his head so was mostly eye level with him. The fox nodded and grunted at him.

"Yes but that's a tale for another time. With this plan I have in mind, we might have some setbacks." He saw Naruto about to burst and gave him a look not interrupt. While the brat was slowly growing on him, the fox still thought of him to be a nuisance. "Makai is made specifically for demons and demons only. Humans that manage to find a gate to Makai or get there by other means usually die within two minutes of being there. The place is unforgiving and if the lesser demons don't kill you, the yokai infested atmosphere will."

Naruto looked up at him with wide eyes. "And how the fuck do you expect me to survive down there!" He practically yelled at the beast who snorted at the boy.

"You have me, plain and simple. Even though I'm trapped within you, my aura still flares around. So most of the lesser demons will leave you be, as for the poisonous air, you are already sort use to yokai thanks to me having been sealed within you. While you won't be practically taking in deep breaths, you will survive long enough for us escape back to Ningenkai." The fox explained and Naruto felt somewhat better but frowned as the biggest question came to mind.

"What's our plan to get there?" He asked and Kyuubi jabbed his head to the seal. Naruto looked at the piece of paper then at the fox. "Didn't you tell me that if I removed the seal we'll both die?" He looked at the fox skeptically who looked quite sheepish.

"Yeah about that, sort of lied there but that not what I'm trying to get. In order to perform the technique you need to know the seals and have the yokai to back it up. Since I doubt you'll be able to remember the seals or channel the yokai, I need to be the one to do that. However this damn thing restricts most of my power and so I need for you to rip the piece of shit in half from top to bottom."

"Be careful though, if you rip anymore or any less the results could turn out to be quite painful." Kyuubi informed with a warning at the end. Naruto's eyes narrowed at the fox before walking up to seal. He placed a hand on it and marveled at the power he sensed behind the thing. "Once you rip it, I'll be able to control your body for exactly three minutes before the seal will force me back in here. Just enough time to perform the technique and take your body out of here."

Naruto nodded before carefully ripping the seal the way Kyuubi had instructed. He was then thrown back from the influx of power and felt himself to be weightless. He realized he was in the outside world but not really in sync with his body. "So this is what it feels like not to be in control." He mumbled as he felt himself do some unknown handseals and talking in a different language.

Kyuubi slammed his (Naruto's) hand on the floor "Makuzgi: Makai no Seki!" Kyuubi finished with a smirk just as Naruto's pursuers came out. The men were frightened when a giant black, with a slight purple tinted, gate rose out of the ground causing the area to shake. In the center of the gate there was a silver horned grinning skull that rested upon two black handles.

Not minding the pain he strolled over and open the gate with little ease showing an ominous black portal. His smirk widen and turned around to face the group. "I would be lying if I say the boy was going to miss this wretched place or that village for that matter. Let's hope are next encounter includes me out of the seal and you begging for your life Haha!" The fox told them in voice that was not Naruto's. He then jumped in making the ninjas break out of their trance long enough to quickly unleash some jutsus at the portal hoping one of them kills the fox menace.

The gate wavered as the attacks hit before slamming shut and sinking back into the ground. The men cheered thinking they had defeated the demon and went back to the village with drinks and rewards on their minds. However what they didn't know was that the attacks that hit the gate over powered the technique just by a scratch.

Now the boy was flying through the known and unknown, let's just hope he gets control back of his body.

AN: And there this story is now a go. Already see the differences? No? Yes? Don't Fucking care?

Good I like that type of thinking. Here are some footnotes:

Makai: Hell

Ningenkai: Human world

Yokai: Demonic chakra or energy

Makuzgi: Makai no Seki- (Demonic style: Gate of Hell): A-rank demon technique that requires yokai levels from an A-rank or above demons. The user, using the incantation and demonic handseals, uses their yokai to call upon the gate of hell that is usually guarded by Cerberus, the three headed demonic dog. Anyone lower than an A-rank would suffer extreme Yokai exhaustion and energy depletion, if not rested right away can be very fatal.