Naruto Frontier

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Summary: After leaving Konoha, Naruto finds a mysterious device that brings him in a another world. With new friends and a new purpose Naruto sets off as the new warrior of Twilght




'kyuubi thinking'

Betrayal. That's what Naruto felt. It started off as a normal day, and Naruto was going tell Sakura how he really felt about her. He kept his promise by bringing back Mr. Broods a lot, Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto sees the love of his life carry flowers and walking towards the Hospital. 'Here goes nothing' Gripping tight to the rose he just bought; he walked straight to her.

"Sakura-chan I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me" Naruto said hopefully.

"Sorry Naruto but Sasuke-kun is in pretty bad shape and I want to be there for him."

Naruto gripped the rose harder until his hand started bleeding from the thorns. "Why" Naruto said in a whisper. "huh?" "WHY would you still go after that traitorous bastard" Naruto yelled at her. Sakura slapped him in the face hard. "Shutup about Sasuke-kun like that, your just jealous that Sasuke-kun is better than you will ever be. Go away and never come back you stupid DEMON" and with that last comment the screaming banshee walked furiously to the hospital.

Naruto just stood there and gripped his cheek where she hit him at. Then as he was about to walk home a rock hit him in the back. Turning around he found all the villagers looking at him with hateful stares. "Hahaha see nobody wants a demon; you killed our families and expect us to love you. You might as well just die" said a random villager and started throwing rocks at Naruto. Soon he was beings pelted by the villagers until Tsunade, the fifth Hokage with big boobs, came out.

"WHAT are you all doing" she roared. "Getting rid of the dem…" he couldn't finish with a sword through his throat. "Anybody else wants to say something" Tsunade said with a hiss in her voice. Nobody said anything until Naruto started to laugh an insane laugh. "Hahaha so everybody wants me gone well then consider me gone, but before I leave I should give you all a wonderful gift." Right at that moment a red claw came through and killed the villager that threw the first stone at him. Everybody started to scream and run while Naruto killed them all. "Naruto please stop this "cried Tsunade. Just then all of the Rookie 12 ,except Sasuke and Sakura, and their jounin sensei. Right now Naruto was in his 1 tailed cloak state and everybody was scared and well let's just say that they need a change a pants. Naruto seeing everybody coming took his claw out of a dead body charge straight at them. Everybody took out their weapons and prepared for battle only for Naruto to jump over them.

"Was that Naruto and what happened to him" Ino asked. Every jounin winced and knew that the secret was out. "We'll answer that later, let's just catch Naruto first." Said Kakashi. Soon everybody ran after Naruto.

With Naruto

"I need to get out of this village" Naruto said to himself as he hopped from tree to tree. The Kyuubi's chakra was starting to fade away and Naruto was getting tired. 'I have an idea Kit' 'Kyu is that you?' Naruto thought. 'No it's the ice cream man of course it's me baka' the kyuubi said sarcastically. 'geez, take a chill pill why don't ya' 'You're so lucky that I can't kick your DUCK' just then a kunai came out of nowhere. Looking back Naruto saw everybody catching up to him. 'Damn I'm tired what should I do' 'I know 1 justu that will probably help' 'well hurry up and tell me there almost here' 'It is called time dimension jutsu, just focus my chakra to your hand and cut the air now I'm going back to sleep' With that last comment Kyuubi went back to sleep. Naruto focused the charka into hand and formed them into claws. He stopped and watch everyone come to a stop too.

"Hehehe I guess Konoha ninjas don't quit" Naruto said to the tired out shinobi. "Naruto why are you doing this please come back" Tsunade said pleadingly. "Sorry baa-chan but this too old for me, besides why would anybody want me there. They got what they want and I hope they love my gift while they burn hell." Naruto spat out with venom. Pulling out a flash bomb he dropped it and swiped the air with his claws and yelled out Ninja Art: Time Dimension Justu. A black void started to form and Naruto took one look back at the people he used to call family. 'Goodbye everyone' and jumped through the void, disappearing from the Ninja World forever towards a new life.

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