Sup my peoples, life is going good. Well if you add in the fact that I have Finals. Then it's pretty shitty. Enough about school, I think I'm gonna get sick. To the story:

In this chapter Naruto goes hammer on Duskmon's ass. We finally see the reunion between to lovers and jealousy flows through the air.


Man, do I love catfights especially if their covered in chocolate ripping each other's clothes off. Damn I think I have a problem.

Keeper: *pops out of nowhere* Whatcha doin

10tailed: *jumps up* SWEET MOTHER OF FUCK! *drops laptop* FUCKING DAMNIT

Keeper: Are you always so grumpy

10tailed: *folds up sleeves*

Naruto: *blocks the way* Hey now no need to get so angry

10tailed: Whatever *glares*

Mom: *throws pizza* Here boy!

10tailed: *attacks pizza*

Keeper: Umm right...So yeah the plan

10tailed: *eats pizza* Which i think is stupid

Naruto: *looks at pizza* Can i have-

10tailed:*foaming* GRRRRRRR

Naruto: *backs away* don't hurt me

Mom: We have a whole box left so we should be-*hears munching*

Keeper: *Mouth full* Oh this wasn't a group pizza

Naruto: *pales*

Mom: let me rephrase that: I should be fine. Bye! *leaves and locks door*

Naruto: Please tell me she didn't lock us in here

Keeper: *eats another slice* don't really see the big-

10tailed: MINE! *tackles Keeper*

The beast roared and a fiery blast was unleashed from its body.


Duskmon dove to the side to dodge the stream of fire but was smacked to side by the beast's powerful tail. He quickly hopped up and went to jab his sword into the digimon. It didn't pierce the armor and the angry digimon grabbed Duskmon by the throat. It pointed one of its yellow gauntlets at his face. the weapon glowed red and fire bullets were fired at Duskmon's face.


It roared and threw Duskmon in the air. The beast gained a fiery aura and with a whip of its tail sent the fire towards the descending digimon. Duskmon righted himself and crossed his arms in front of his face. "Damn!" The attack sent him tumbling into a stand. The beast roared again and took to the skies.

It pointed it's gauntlet at the down digimon and sent bullet after bullets of fire towards Duskmon. Meanwhile the others looked on in horror. "W-what happened to Naruto-kun? What is that!?" Zoe said before gently touching her throat and looked at Bokomon who had an unusually serious face.

"That right there is BurningGreymon, the legendary Beast spirit of Fire." The others looked at him in confusion.

"Beast spirit? What the hell is that." Bokomon looked at BurningGreymon slamming its body onto Duskmon.

"As you know, you 4 including Naruto hold the Human spirits of the legendary warriors. Human spirits are usually not the heavy fighters and are more tactical in their thinking. So where you guys hold in your heavy fighters."

Koji's face gained realization. "In the Beast spirits, right?" Bokomon nodded.

"However the Beasts are short-tempered and are usually reckless and uncontrollable." JP crossed his arms took a glance at BurningGreymon, who was grinding Duskmon's head into the ground.

"So you're telling me the teme went to the next level of evolution but has been taking over by the Beast natural instinct to destroy?" Bokomon nodded and the group moved to the side to avoid colliding with a flying Duskmon.

Zoe looked in worry and a tear went down her face. "Is there any way to save him?" That was one question that Bokomon didn't have answer to.

Duskmon warily got up. His armor was singed and some of his eyes were closed. He also had blood scaling down his face. "Damn I didn't think you were that strong." He saw the group and an evil thought went through his head. 'I need to heal. So I'll be smart of me to let his friends calm him down.'

Duskmon ran towards the group and called out to BurningGreymon. "Dragon breath, you still mad! Well I'm sure these idiots would love to help your problem."

BurningGreymon growled and flew at Duskmon. The demon digimon jumped in the air and landed on the beast's back. The eyes that weren't closed and his hands glowed a sickly purple. "Deadly Gaze!" Purple beams shot out from their respective parts and slammed in the angry digimon. BurningGreymon howled in pain and was smacked into the ground.

Duskmon found an shadow and started to sink in it. He chuckled deviously and looked at the digidestineds. "Don't think this is over! Have fun with your friend. HAHAHA!"

The others looked worried and slowly turned to see BurningGreymon rise from his crater. "RAHHHHHHH!"

He looked around for his enemy, when he didn't see him, he turned his eyes on the group. Koji cursed and took out his D-Tector. He digivolved and turn to the other. "Look guys we need to stop him before he cause anymore damage and we can't do that as humans." Lobomon ran landed a punch to the dragon's face. It didn't seem to affect it and BurningGreymon roared as fire burst from his form.

JP looked happy and digivolved. "He's right; the teme needs a beat down to return to normal." Beetlemon flew and encased his fist in lighting. "This is for the factory! Thunder Fist!" Before he could hit the dragon swung its arms and Beetlemon was sent to the ground.

BurningGreymon's gauntlet glowed and bullets were shot at Beetlemon. Said digimon quickly rolled to the left and got up. BurningGreymon was smacked by a Lobo Kendo, then was being shot at with snowballs.

"I'm sorry Naruto-nii." Kumamon and Kazemon landed next to Beetlemon. Kazemon looked hesitant to attack BurningGreymon.

"So you guys finally joined." They nodded then charged at the dragon.

Kazemon flew closer and tried to talk sense to him. "Naruto-kun, please control yourself." BurningGreymon unleashed a wave of fire causing Kazemon to fly to the side.

"It's not going to work." Lobomon said and gathered energy into his fist. "Howling Laser."

BurningGreymon roared as the attack hit him. He flew fast at Lobomon, who was surprised. He grabbed Lobomon and threw him away. Beetlemon jumped on the beast's back and landed a Thunder Fist. "How do you like that!" BurningGreymon shook him off and smacked its tail into Beetlemon.

"Crystal Breeze" BurningGreymon felt itself being encased in ice. Kazemon took this time to dish out her own damage. She sent him an apologetic look.

"Forgive me Naruto-kun, Hurricane Waves!" BurningGreymon growled but couldn't do anything as the winds flew at him. Kazemon flew closer and delivered multiple kicks to his face. "Roseo Temporale!"

Both Lobomon and Beetlemon sent twin punches to the dragons face, sending him through a building. They huffed and panted. "Did we get him?" Beetlemon didn't see the bullets till it was too late. He was blown back, gasping in pain and turned back into human.

"JP!" Kumamon was smack by the dragon's tail and reverted back to human as well.

Lobomon yelled and ran to send a punch but BurningGreymon beat him to it. He sent bullets of fire at the light digimon and Lobomon was reverted back to a tired Koji. "D-Damn he's too strong." He mumbled out before fully collapsing.

All that was left was Kazemon. She clenched her fist and tried kicking the dragon. BurningGreymon growled grabbed her before she could do any damage. "RAHHHHH!" The beast aimed one of his gauntlets to a struggling Kazemon's face. She looked at the weapon in absolute fear.

"Naruto-kun, I know you're in there! This is not you!" The dragon snarled and Kazemon felt his grip get tighter. "Gah!"

"ZOE-CHAN!" JP screamed out and Kazemon reverted back to human.

"S-see Naruto-kun? I'm not going to hurt you. " Tears were falling slowly down her face. BurningGreymon eyes slowly widen as a tear fell on his arm.


"The villagers thought I was a bad omen since I was born that night. So they isolated me from everyone, making me have friends near impossible." Naruto said and Zoe latched herself onto him, crying on his shoulder again.

"I'm so sorry Naruto-kun. Here I am, thinking I had it bad when clearly you had it way worse." Naruto hugged Zoe back.

"I won't lie though, I should sort of thank them for molding me into what I am today." He grinned lightly and with his tree hand, scratched the back of his head. "So on a lighter note, you were a cheerleader?"

-(2nd flashback)—

Her eyes looked deeply in his. Naruto looked down sadly and it was Zoe this time who grabbed Naruto's hands.

"I-I can't tell you. You won't be able to look at me the same way." He said equally as soft and squeezed her hands. He then looked straight into her eyes. "I don't want to lose you Zoe-chan."

Zoe felt herself inch closer to him. "I don't want to lose you either Naruto-kun."

-(End of both flashback)—


She snapped her head up to see BurningGreymon looking at her in confusion. His eyes went from their angry red to a calm cerulean color. BurningGreymon shook its head and its eyes widen even further.

"Z-Zoe-chan" He gently placed her down before look at his hands. He roared in anger before running and smashing his head into a half-collapsed building. He kept on banging his head till the structure was nothing more than rubble. He reverted back to Naruto, who was on his knees, punching the dirt. He tried to hide his tears as thoughts of Ranamon invaded his mind.

"I'm sorry Zoe-chan, everyone. I'm a fucking idiot." Zoe walked over and hugged Naruto.

"It's okay Naruto-kun. It's not your fault." Naruto hugged her back and sniffed her scent.

"It is! I let my anger blind me, I-I could have killed you." Zoe pulled back and gave Naruto a smile and rubbed his whiskers.

"But you didn't. So please don't beat yourself for it." He looked at her intently and got up, bringing her with him. They walked back to the others and Naruto sighed.

"I'm sorry everybody." JP scoffed quietly and grunted at both his pain and carrying an unconscious Koji. The others seemed to have taken it or were just tired. They turned to limp back to the inn. Naruto looked up at the sky as a single tear fell down his face. 'I couldn't keep my promise.' "I'm so so sorry Rana-chan." Naruto whispered and began to walk back to the group

However a flying object crashed into the hanyou that sent him to the ground. Zoe was about to help when she saw something that made her blood boil.

That object was kissing Naruto!

-(Just before)-

Ranamon couldn't believe it! There he was walking and he didn't have a shirt on.

Bonus Points!

She ran full speed and crashed into him giving him a huge kiss. She mentally screamed out in joy when he responded. However the moment was ruined when that blonde chick kicked her off of her man. Zoe helped a dazed Naruto up and glared at the digimon who glared back.

"WHAT THE FUCK/HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" They both screamed at each other and they turned their sight onto Naruto.


Naruto's face paled and the poor bastard could only think of one thing. 'Well….FUCK!'

-(With Duskmon)—

The dark digimon teleported in front of his master. "Cherubimon-sama, it seems your plan is going well." He fell on one knee and was panting hard. The Dragon must have done more damage than he thought. However he quickly stood back up, not showing weakness to his master.

"Yes, it has. You shall be greatly rewarded for your success." Cherubimon uses his powers to heal Duskmon back to health. Raising one of its giant hands, he placed it over Duskmon's head and closed his eyes. A now healed Duskmon felt more power being added to his reserves. When Cherubimon was done, the dusk digimon sent out a punch to a nearby wall. The results were pleasing; it blew apart from the shockwave.

"Yes, this power is all I need to destroy those filth." He chuckled evilly and turned to look at his master. Cherubimon was grinning as well and motioned Duskmon to be silent.

"Indeed you have the power but I don't want them gone just yet. No, I want a little entertainment." He was interrupted by three Goblinmon bursting into his throne. They all looked tired and had their hands on their knees panting and gasping.

"Cherubimon-sama, we br-" That was all one had to say before he was stabbed in the head by Duskmon's sword.

"Dirty filth, don't interrupt Cherubimon-sama again." The poor Goblinmon was absorbed and Cherubimon grin widen before turning to the, now two, very scared Goblinmons.

"For your lives, it better be important." The two looked at each other as if doing a silent battle. The one on the right sighed and bowed before his master.

"We bring forth terrible news." He seemed to hesitate before continuing, "Ranamon has betrayed us and left with those humans."

Cherubimon laughed causing the rookie digimon to look at him in confusion. Duskmon decided to elaborate for the digimon. "That was expected of her. If that's all then leave our presences." Goblinmon shook in fear and the other Goblinmon stepped up to help his kin.

"A-actually D-Duskmon-sama, there is other terrible news." Both Goblinmons looked at each other before talking at the same time. "She has escaped!" Cherubimon immediately stopped laugh and the whole area was flooded with Killer Intent. The Goblinmons were crying and shaking in fear, even Duskmon was having a little trouble breathing.

Now some fact about Cherubimon, he hates goodness, is annoyed by kindness, and barely loses his cool. Even if he got into an argument with Ophanimon and/or Seraphimon, his voice would remain calm and even. But when he does lose his temper, which only happened once, 3 villages were destroyed. Hence, one of the reason why he was removed from the Celestial three. But if there's one thing that can push him over the edge is simple orders that can't be followed.

Quite annoying actually.

"Why don't you repeat that again before I kill you." The rookies gulped and told Cherubimon the same thing. That lead to Cherubimon killing one of the two, painfully. (He lied)

"I gave you idiots ONE fucking job. That job was to make sure SHE didn't escape! How the hell did this happen!?"

The remaining Goblinmon spilled his guts and told the angry digimon everything. "They were accomplice by a mega. They killed most of our men and flew off. Please don't kill me, I'll do anything."

"Anything!? A simple task completion seems too much for you!" Poor Goblinmon was sent flying into a wall hard enough to delete him. Duskmon looked at his master in wonder.

"A mega? Why would a mega save an ultimate with the level of a champion?" Cherubimon looked pissed and a wall was turned to dust by his power.

"I don't know why. But I do know who did it and this WON'T go without punishment! Get that bounty hunter and have those two's body brought to me. Alive."

-(Unknown forest: Night)—

Two figures were seen running through the forest, as flying would give away their positions. One resembled an angel while her partner resembled a fox goddess. "Nee-chan, how did you find me? I was captured about 2 years ago and I'm sure that asshole didn't leave any hints or clues ." The angel said to the other figured now identified as a female.

"It was hard to find where his castle was because all my spies were afraid of getting caught. However I had a feeling my imouto-chan was in there." The fox goddess grinned and the other figure, now identified as a female, started to pout.

"But I'm older than you, Nee-chan!"

"Well until you're a mega you still my reckless imouto." They shared a quick laughed and the atmosphere brighten up a bit. The ultimate started speaking again.

"Ano, Nee-chan?" The mega hummed, signaled that she had her attention. "How far is it here to the Forest Terminal?" She sighed in relief and seeing that they weren't in Cherubimon's area anymore flew to the sky with the other female following.

"The Forest Terminal is actually at the end of the Fire Forest of the North side. We could take the normal way but there are a few complications going that route." She paused and the other female frowned.


"Well, for one the damn forest is fucking huge. It'll probably take weeks to reach the forest terminal. Then there's the fact that we have to stay unpredictable from Cherubimon. Knowing that asshole, he probably has somebody already on our asses." From that revelation they started to fly faster.

She continued her answer. "Besides I know a back way." She leaned towards the left and changed her course. Her companion followed her actions.

-(With Naruto and friends)—

'I'll do fucking anything to get out of this position.' Were the thoughts of one annoyed Naruto. After the brief scuffle, they've went to go rest at the inn. Well…more like get involved in another fight at the inn.

Indeed Ranamon and Zoe has been calling each other names and fought more than once. This was one of those fights.

"TAKE THAT BACK YOU BITCH!" Ranamon was tugging at Zoe's hair, while Zoe herself was trying to choke the water digimon. Parts of clothing were flying and insults were being thrown back and forth. Had this been a lighter situation, Naruto would probably have a raging boner. However there were other males in the building. So the others made it quite awkward.

"Geez why can't they fight in a chocolate pool with swimsuits, then make out at the end? Now that'll be a fight I'll gladly watch, are you thinking about it Kit?"
Kyuubi leered at the end and images were being sent into Naruto's brain. He blushed and yelled at the perverted fox in his head.

'ERO-BAKA OF A FOX! STOP SENDING IMAGES INTO MY HEAD!' Kurama roared in laughter and Naruto forcefully severed the mental link. He sighed to bring down his blush and focused at the task at hand.

Calming down a raging Zoe and Ranamon.

He went over to the fight and grabbed Zoe off of the water hybrid by the waist. She struggled until Naruto's voice calmed her down a bit. "Whoa, Zoe-chan stop fighting." When she stopped struggling he set her down and went over to pick up Ranamon.

She looked ready to kill and turned to look at her boyfriend. She jabbed a finger at Zoe making her snarl at the digimon. "Naru-kun, who the hell is that bitch?" Zoe looked ready to fight but a pleading look from Naruto made her stop.

Zoe crossed her arms and gave Naruto a pointed look. "Naruto-kun, who the fuck is she?" Naruto stepped back and saw the other males giving him a look, he relaxed his shoulders and gave them a smile.

"Well this is Ranamon. Rana-chan, that's Zoe-chan, Tommy, Koji, JP, Bokomon and Neemon." He pointed to each person and digimon, which of them giving her a greeting. Well in Zoe's case an insult.

Ranamon decided it was the time to finally stake her claim. "And I'm his VERY lovable girlfriend!" She stated with a smirk and kissed Naruto's cheek.

Yeah, not the smartest move on Ranamon's half.

The room was deathly quiet and everybody swerved their heads to Zoe. They, even JP, knew she had a thing for Naruto. She had a broken looked and turned to run out the door.

"Wait, Zoe-chan." But she didn't want to see him or that devious smirk on Ranamon's face. Koji limped upstairs to rest and avoid the awkward situation. Both JP and Tommy were glaring at Ranamon, who ignored them. Naruto sighed angrily and while pinching the bridge of his nose, gave her a disappointing look.

Ranamon actually flinched and found the ground very interesting. "Was that really necessary?" Damn, even his voice was disappointed. She didn't like that tone and was confused . So she crossed her arms and turned her head to the side

"Well I wanted to stake mah claim before she got funny. Don't see why that's a big deal." Naruto really couldn't be that mad at her. She was staking her claim and he would have done the same if the situation was reverse.

But he wouldn't do it so uncarelessly for the others feelings. He walked to door and went to leave.

"Where are you going Naru-kun?" Naruto turned his head to give her a grim smile.

"I'm going to go check on Zoe-chan, make sure she's safe. If you want to, you can go wait for me in my room." With that said he left.

Ranamon huffed sadly and asked Kamemon where Naruto's room was. JP glared at her and the door Naruto went out. 'You're not going to get both, I can tell you that much.'

-(With Naruto)—

He quickly changed into his hanyou form and sniffed out Zoe scent, hoping she didn't go far. The smell of vanilla hit his nose and ran the southern direction.
"Some shit you got yourself into Kit." Kyuubi chuckled from within his mind. Naruto rolled his eyes and replied sharply to the fox.

'Oh? And you can do better'

"Hell yeah I can. The first moment I would have saw that blonde vixen, I would jumped her." Naruto felt a little uncomfortable and fell on his hands and ran faster into the forest.

'Ugh, what's with you and sex.'

"Well you try being stuck in a human for 17 years that SO fucking NOBLE. If hadn't been for that one incident I would have believed you played for the other team."

Naruto blushed but didn't answer, deciding that finding Zoe was more important than sex. However Kyuubi was far from done. "Tits and ass have always been thrown in your face and what do you? You start to think! When getting laid you don't fucking think, you attack that pussy head on!"

Naruto broke the link cursing about 'noisy and perverted Kitsunes'. Eventually he saw his target on a cliff with her knees pulled up to her chest and had her arms wrapped around them. He smelt tears and heard choked sobs coming from her. He softly frowned and hiding his features, went up to the troubled girl.

Zoe thought he was the one. He was funny, sweet, and determined to protect what he holds dear. Some traits that are hard to find in a man. From the moment she first saw him, she knew she was in loved. It wasn't some crush or infatuation as her feelings for him were much stronger.

He was perfect in her eyes from the moment they told each other about their home life to not wanting to lose each other. And then almost came that kiss. She just felt so safe and secure in his arms and cursed when Duskmon ruined it though.


He caused Naruto to turn into that beast and attack them. He caused her love pain physically and mentally. She was happy he recognized her and turned back into the man she fell in love with.

Zoe chuckled to herself, she has been in the digital world for a week yet she already fell in love. Her sister would be laughing at her. However she when thinking about Ranamon. When was Naruto going to tell her that he was already taken?

Was he just using her for his enjoyment till Ranamon came? Did he really mean all those things he said or was it a cover up to have her wrapped around his fingers? Questions and thoughts raced through her head and she cried again.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and jumped. She calmed a bit when she saw Naruto but turned her head away, refusing to let him see her tears. Naruto sighed when she didn't looked at him and stared blankly at the forest below.

He softly spoke, not to further agitated her. "When I met Rana-chan, the encounter was quite bumpy. Literally. She bumped into me so I offered her lunch but she rudely declined and walked off. I met her again however in a restaurant that one of my friends owned." He couldn't tell if Zoe was listening but continued anyways.

He went on and told Zoe their encounter and only leaving a few things out. During the story Zoe managed to look at him. "Back there when we were fighting Duskmon, he said something about killing someone I loved."

"It was Ranamon, right." Zoe quietly and softly said and Naruto nodded slowly.

"She was one of the few people who actually changed my life and just the thought of her getting hurt or worse is enough to send me in a blind rage."

"Do you really love her?" Naruto closed his eyes and grinned. No words were needed, she knew how he felt. It was sad that she couldn't have him but understood Ranamon had him first. "I'll leave you two alone then." She went to get up but Naruto quickly grabbed her hand softly entangling his fingers with hers. She sat back down in confusion.

Naruto reached up and placed a warm and soft hand on her cheek. "Don't." He softly said and Zoe couldn't help but snuggle in his hand but her confusion increased. Naruto elaborated. "She is not the only one though. The thought of you getting hurt inflicts the same emotion. I didn't take me long to realize my feelings for you was the same."

Zoe eyes widened and Naruto dropped his hand. "But the thought of having to chose is really fucking hard!" He gripped his hair and looked at his lap until a hand went under his chin making him look at her. She had border line tears and softly asked,

"D-do you really love me Naruto-kun."

"I do. I love you Zoe-chan." He felt her connect her lips with his and mentally smiled. She rubbed his cheeks and his hand slowly went down to her waist and pulled her closer to him.

The feel of her lips on his was driving his senses wild. He didn't want to let her go but had to get air. They separated and gasped to get oxygen back into their lungs. Zoe eyes were lidded and she moved in to get another kiss but Naruto's finger stopped her advances. "Hold on Zoe-chan. There's some things I need to come clean about."

Zoe looked worryingly but a smile from Naruto lessened her look. "It's about what I am and where I really came from." Zoe nodded happy it wasn't what she thought it was but she looked confusedly at him.

Naruto grasped her hands and smiled sadly at her. Softly sighing he began his story, "Well to tell you the truth, I actually lied that night." He chuckled bitterly. "In fact, I actually softened it for you."

"What do you mean softened, Naruto-kun." Naruto looked a bit hesitant but went on.

"Well, tell me Zoe-chan, what do you think ninjas are." Zoe didn't see how it was related but pondered the question.

"I know they're like super sneaky and wear black with swords." Naruto laughed causing her to cutely pout. He calmed down and gave her a smile.

"Well that's not the ninjas of my world. Ninja, or as we called them Shinobi, were people who had the ability to use an energy, called chakra, for combat and healing." He got up and placed his hands in to the tiger sign.

" Or if you're lazy like me, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, just use it for common things."

Four clones of Naruto popped next to original. Zoe gasped in surprised and got up to poke a Naruto in the face. The clone chuckled and Zoe faced the original. "They're real! Wow, just imagine the possibilities you can do with this technique."

Naruto nodded and dispelled the clones. He continued his story. "There in fact a whole lot of this you can do but I'm getting off topic. Each Shinobi had his or her own village which they hailed from. I'm from Konohagakure or The Village Hidden in the Leaves." Naruto stopped and deeply sighed. "17 years ago my village was attacked by a huge Nine-tailed fox known as Kyuubi….."

Naruto told her about his birth, his hardships in the village and his life as a ninja. Zoe was horrified. How can they do this to a child? She felt her anger raise as he told his story but that quickly turned into grief when he told his biggest mission. "To tell you the truth, I really don't remember that much about the mission. It just happened all too fast. I remember fighting Sasuke and him driving two Chidori threw my chest puncturing my left lung."

Zoe gasped and Naruto continued. "Fortunately I defeated him and manage to bring him back home. Baa-chan and Kakashi-sensei were happy that I survived but the village looked ready to kill me, according to Kyuubi. I passed out because of the loss of blood and was sent into the emergency room."

He finished telling Zoe the events afterwards and his journey into the digital world. By the end of his tale Zoe had a different reaction than Ranamon. She launched her body to Naruto's and cry deeply into his chest. Naruto ran his fingers threw her head and whispered soothing words into her ears.

She lifted her head up and planted a huge kiss to Naruto's lips, which he responded too. He moved his hands to her waist and she cupped his face. She opened her mouth to deepen the kiss and Naruto stuck his tongue in her mouth.

Zoe moaned and their tongues fought to claim victory. Naruto, being more experienced, won the dual and fell on his back. Zoe straddled his hips and moved her hands from his cheeks to his chest. They broke away a minute later, breathing hard.

"You really are a sweetheart and didn't deserve what those monsters did to you. I just wish I was there just to punch that pink-haired bitch in the jaw." Naruto chuckled and pulled Zoe closer to him.

"Funny, I swear Rana-chan had a similar response."

Naruto: How the hell did you manage to get all this shit

Keeper: Um...Internet *sets up trap* There

*growl* *cage rumbling*

Keeper: You got the bait

Naruto: *holds it up* Yup

Keeper: Okay now we just sit back and reeeee-


Keeper: *mumbles* well that was quick as shit

Naruto: THE HELL *dodges fallen debris*

Keeper: Maybe putting explosives in the building that we're in wasn't the smartest idea.


Batman: A bunch of goons, eh

Naruto: HEY! I'm a fucking ninja, bro.

Batman: Wait! You're that guy that took Barbra

Naruto: Who-

Batman: *grabs collar* WHERE IS SHE

Naruto: okay 1.) Don't know who that is. 2.) This collar cost me alot dude, not everybody is fucking rich. And 3.) CATCH

Batman: *drops Naruto* * Catches a fresh pizza* The hell

Keeper: *smirks and lean against cage* You should probably run *opens cage door* THAT BASTARD STOLE YOUR PIZZA, TAILED

10tailed: MINEEEEEEEEEEEE *tackles Batman*