10tailed: FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! *runs by porn store and stops* What's this, The Seductive Bitch? Wait, is that me and Mei? By Naruto Uzumaki, that's it, I'm gonna murder him. *Dodges explosives*


10tailed: *runs into warehouse* AHHHH SOMEONE HELP! I WANT TO KEEP MY DICK.

Keeper: YO BAT

Batman: WHAT THE FUC-*gets punched into fly catcher*

Keeper: *puts out hand* Told you he'll fall for it, now pay up.

Naruto: *grumbles and hands Keeper 100 dollars* Yeah, Yeah *feels murderous aura*

10tailed: YOU LITTLE SNEAKY MOTHERFUCKING BASTARD *runs but is blocked by Keeper*

Keeper: Whoa chill dude you can't kill Naruto

Naruto: *cowers behind Keeper* Yeah, listen to Keeps *dodges random knife* WHERE THE HELL DO YOU KEEP THEM!


Keeper: Damn are you getting stronger. *struggles*

Mom: *skips in* I'm back, do you have my present?

Keeper: yep he's on the fly catcher but can you help me with your- *gets pushed away*

Mom: BATSY! *runs to batman*

Keeper: *rubs head* What the fuck? Does spontaneous strength run in the fucking family?



Keeper: *winches* that look like it hurts but Tailed needs to do the AN *grins evilly* Or does he GIHIHIHI

Welcome fans and people of planet earth. This is Keeper here and Tailed seems to be out at the minute but I'll gladly do the AN for him. So here we go:

What to talk about? Oh yeah the two mysterious digimon will be revealed in this chapter as well as the rest of the cannon enemies.

Let's see I think that's it for now. Oh, do you guys want to hear about how I-


Keeper: SHIT! Keeper sighing out *runs*

10tailed: COME BACK HERE YOU PUSSY *runs after keeper*


Last time

Zoe moaned and their tongues fought to claim victory. Naruto, being more experienced, won the dual and fell on his back. Zoe straddled his hips and moved her hands from his cheeks to his chest. They broke away a minute later, breathing hard.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, I'll never do what does people did to you. I love you." Naruto had brimming tears and pulled Zoe closer to him.

"I love you too Zoe-chan." The couple came together to share another kiss.


-(Koji's room)-

Koji was laying on back, staring at the ceiling. He was thinking about the day's events and how weak he was. He grabbed his D-Tector and stared at it.

"Naruto was able to achieve to the next level. It made him stronger than us, stronger than me." He pressed a button and a picture of Lobomon came up.

"Imagine if I had that power, then this whole problem can be solved and I can go home." He kept on staring and eventually and zoned out. His screen went white and a beep brought him out of his thoughts. "What?"

"Do you want to get stronger?" A voice called out and Koji hopped to his feet. He looked around and got into a stance.

"Who's there? Show yourself." There was no reply and he relaxed until the voice called out again.

"Do you wish to achieve to the next level." Koji looked around before looking down at his D-Tector.

"Was that you?"

"Yes, do you wish to get stronger?"

"What if I do?" The device flashed before a map appeared on the screen. Koji was confused for a minute until it came to him. A red and blue dot appeared on the screen.

"Ok I guess I need to somewhere." He got dressed and placed on his shoes. He quietly walked out into the lobby not to awaken anybody. However Lady Luck was not smiling down on him, and Naruto came through the front door, carrying a sleeping Zoe.

Naruto looked a bit surprised and Koji tried to look indifferent. "Going somewhere?"

Koji folded his arms and gave Naruto a small glare. "And what if I am?" Naruto looked down at Koji's D-Tector before softly smiling. Naruto closed his eyes before moving out of Koji's way.

"It seems you are. Well I'm not going to stop you but do me two favors." Koji stood still for a couple of seconds before nodding. Naruto shifted Zoe so she was more comfortable and looked back at Koji.

"Well for one make sure you keep Bokomon and Neemon safe." Koji eyes widen and heard a yelp from behind. Turning around he saw Bokomon giving one of his lectures to a hurt Neemon. Bokomon stopped when he saw Naruto giving him a grin.

"Oh well I guess we got caught." He chuckled and rubbed his head. Neemon got up and lazily spoke to Bokomon.

"Don't you mean, you got caught?" Neemon found himself holding in a scream from when Bokomon snapped his pants.

Naruto chuckled and looked back at Koji. "Yeah keep them safe and I want you to promise to come back to help us. We're going to be heading to Spitfire Village next." Koji gave Naruto a look before sighing and nodding.

"Alright, I'll keep those two safe and come back to help you guys." Naruto nodded and walked past Koji and gave him a pat on the shoulders. Koji had a small smile and walked to the door with Bokomon and Neemon trailing behind him.

"Thanks." And then they were gone. Naruto sighed and walked to Zoe's room. Being lazy he summoned a clone to open the door and went in. He placed her on the bed and grinned as she snuggled up to the covers whispering his name.

He kissed softly on the lips before kissing her on the lips. "Goodnight Zoe-chan." He carefully and quietly walked back out and closed her door. He headed up to his door but saw that the lights were still on.

He opened the door and found Ranamon looking intently at the necklace he gave her. He closed the door quietly and walked up to the bed. He sat next to her and gave Ranamon a kissed on the cheek.

She snapped out of her trance and turned to face him. He leaned forward to deliver a kiss on the lips. Ranamon responded without hesitation and wrapped her hands around his neck. Naruto pulled her closer to him and she opened her mouth, allowing his tongue to enter.

She fell back onto the bed and Naruto, not pushing all of his weight, kept their bodies close. They came up for air and Naruto started to nip and lick at her neck. Ranamon moaned and pulled his head up to connect their lips.

Ranamon broke the lock and rose up making Naruto rise up too. She gave his a sexy smirk before lifting his shirt over his head and kissing his chest. She pushed him down and straddled his hip. Naruto 's hands went back to her waist.

"I wonder if little Naru grew since our last encounter?" She then started to ground her hips onto his. Waves of pleasures hit them both and Naruto had a growing erection. Naruto groaned and tried control himself.

It wasn't supposed to get too serious.

"D-Damn you d-definitely got b-b-bigger, ah."

Ranamon kept grinding her hips harder and faster and her volume was increasing. Naruto gritted his teeth and tried to contain his demon instinct to fuck this woman senseless. Eventually the lust faded a bit, just enough for Naruto to grab and stop Ranamon.

Said digimon looked confused and Naruto chuckled tiredly before kissing her on the forehead. "Whoa babe, if you go on like this I won't be able to stop." Ranamon just smirked and tried grind again but Naruto had a firm grip.

"Maybe I don't want you to stop, suga." Naruto sighed before getting up.

"Sorry Rana-chan but we need to talk about a few things." Ranamon looked confused and sat up on the bed. Naruto rubbed his right cheek, trying to find a way to bring this out nicely.

"Rana-chan, you know that I love you but the thing is-"

"That you love that Zoe chick, am I right." Ranamon had an unreadable expression on her face. Naruto gulped and slowly nodded. He closed his eyes and prepared for a scream, maybe it wasn't a good idea to tell her at 2:30 in the morning.

He heard nothing but a sigh and hesitantly opened one eye. Ranamon looked briefly turned into annoyance before settling on an understanding one. She reached over and placed her hand on his left cheek.

"I understand her position; it's hard not to fall in love with a person like you. That's why I'm willing to share, but on a couple of conditions."

Naruto eyes lit up and a megawatt grin appeared on his face. "You would really? I will do anything for you Rana-chan."

"Well number one, you have to share your love. You can't personally favor one over the other." Naruto nodded, it sounded pretty easy. What was the next condition?

"Second, we must have a very sexy threesome later on, okay." Naruto eyes widen and blood started dripping from his nose. It also didn't help that Kyuubi was sending images to his brain and that Ranamon grabbed his hands and placed them on her tits.

The overload caused the poor hanyou to pass out on the bed with a perverted smile on his face. Ranamon giggled and managed to place Naruto in the right position on the bed. She turned off the lights and laid back on the bed, snuggling up to Naruto's chest.

'Thank you, whatever deity is out there, for reuniting me with my love.'

-(Unknown Chamber)-

"Hahahahah. Well played my key." The figured clapped as he laughed evilly. It stood up and sent another punch at the chains. Even more of the chains chipped away and it smirked.

"You think your power was only powering me. No I have others means of getting power. Soon I'll be free to reign terror throughout the digital world."

The figure sat back down and continued watching the digital world.

-(Next morning)-

"KIT WAKE UP!" Naruto shot straight up accidently pushing Ranamon off the bed. He turned his head side to side trying to find the problem.

"Where, What, Who, How?" Kyuubi laughed which Naruto heard. A tick mark grew on his forhead and he gritted his teeth.


"I'm sorry but Kurama is unavaible. Please make a message after the beep. BEEP!" Now Naruto's eye started to twitch heavily.

'Message him that I'm going to come in that mindscape and personally shove all of his tails up his a-'

"NARUTO!" Now if there's one thing that Ranamon hate more than Cherubimon and certain people Naruto had encounter, is being forcedly woken up. Being pushed on the hard wooden floor during a special dream had really set off her buttons.

Naruto slowly cowered behind the sheets and prayed that it wouldn't hurt too bad. "Well you're personally fucked .Tell me, what color do you want your casket?" Kyuubi snickered deep in his mind.

Naruto made sure to leave a mental note of kicking Kyuubi's ass. For now, he has to deal with a raging Ranamon. Thinking quickly he pounced on her, earning a yelp and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. She relaxed enough for Naruto to break the lip lock.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Naruto got and opened it to see Zoe with a timid smile. Naruto checked the halls, seeing them cleared he gave Zoe a kissed. This stopped her from whatever she was going to say.

She responded instantly and wrapped her arms around his neck. A coughed broke them apart and zoe looked behind Naruto, to see a mildly annoyed Ranamon. Zoe reluctantly let go of Naruto and gave Ranamon a small smile.

"Sorry about yesterday Ranamon-san. It was unnecessary for me to have called you those names." Zoe apologized and Ranamon was going to leave it at that, however Naruto sent her a knowing look. So sighing she apopgized back.

"I'm sorry too; I just didn't want to let Naruto go with some random women. We talked last night and I've decided to share Naru-kun. However there was some conditions." Ranamon smirked at Zoe's confused face.

Naruto placed his hands over Ranamon's mouth, stopping her from saying anything perverted. Naruto gave Zoe a big grin. "Don't worry about the conditions Zoe-chan, besides we need to head downstairs." She nodded and the three of them headed down.

-(With Grumblemon)-

Grumblemon growled in frustration. How long was this fucking path to the next village? Arbormon sighed at his partner.

"Geez calm down will ya. The next village is not going to fly towards us." Arbormon jumped back to avoid the hammer being slammed on his body. Mercurymon took this time to appear before the two. His lips were twisted into a frown.

Grumblemon grunted and put away his hammer. He then gave Mercurymon a strange look. "What the fuck up with you?"

"It seems we hath a traitor in the group and that traitor is Ranamon." Grumblemon snorted while Arbormon was generally surprised.

"Wow I would have never imagined Ranamon betraying us. She was very fearful of Cherubimon-sama."

"Whatever, we no need her. She too weak anyway." Grumblemon crossed his arms and turned to walk in the other direction. However Mercurymon wasn't done with his findings and blocked Grumblemon's path.

"That is not all. She has been suited by a human in the group, the one they call Naruto." Grumblemon just pushed past the mirror like digimon.

"Me don't care about weak love life. Me want to collect data for Lord Cherubimon."

"Thou need to learn not to be so brash. It also seems Cherubimon-sama has given us a new mission." Mercurymon smirked as he had grabbed both Arbormon and Grumblemon's attention. Arbormon rushed him on impatiently.

"Well was is ye wait for? Spit it out already." Mercurymon lightly chuckled before walking over to a tree.

"Master hath made it more of a challenge actually. The first person to kill and bring the body of the human, Naruto, will receive power to that of a mega."

Grumblemon and Arbormon's eyes widen and jaws dropped to the ground. The power of a mega! With that power alone is enough to wipe out a dozen villages. Mercurymon vanished into the trees but made them know of one thing.

"We are not the only ones Master hath told."

When he was gone, Arbormon shook out of his daze. He looked to address Grumblemon but already saw him down the. The wooden warrior sighed and ran to catch up with his partner.

-(With Naruto)-

"Oh boy." Our blonde hero thought as he rubbed his head. After eating the group was ready to leave but they were missing an extra person and two digimons. JP as usual jumped to conclusions but Naruto managed to calm down the group enough to tell them what really happened.

Not a very smart idea.

"Oh so we can leave whenever we want but have to check in with you? Who the fuck died and handed you the leader title?" JP crossed his arms and Naruto sighed. It was a good thing they weren't in the village anymore.

"Oh and you can make a better leader? Do you know what it takes to be one?" Naruto retorted, JP was really starting to push his buttons.

"I know enough not to hurt my comrades." JP snapped back and Naruto looked a bit livid. Zoe got in between them and pushed away their chests.

"Come on guys we don't need any fighting." Zoe pleaded and Naruto sighed. He apologized to Zoe and looked at the darkening sky.

"Alright we'll stop here for now, the sun's going down. Bokomon or Neemon are not here, I'll go find food as well as firewood." He walked into the forest without another word. Ranamon and Zoe both looked worryingly at Naruto.

Ranamon ran to catch up with Naruto while Zoe stayed back. Ranamon lost Naruto but a noise made her head turn left. Running she found Naruto, in his hanyou form, punching a tree. He didn't notice her and kept on punching the tree.

"Kit, you really shouldn't blame yourself. It wasn't your fault-" Kyuubi tried saying but Naruto quickly cut him off.

'No! It was my fault, I couldn't control my emotions. What would happen if instead of gaining my beast spirit, I unleashed my hanyou form?" Naruto gave the tree one last kick and Meatapples started to fall. He quickly caught at least ten in his hands and sighed.


Naruto turned to see Ranamon looking quite worried at him. He hid his features and gave Ranamon the apples. "Can you take this back to camp Rana-chan?" He was going to leave but felt Ranamon circle her arms around his waist.

"Wait Naruto. What happened? Why are you so angry?" Naruto turned to give the water digimon and hug and a kiss on the forehead.

"I'm not angry Rana-chan just disappointed at myself. I'll tell you later why. Here." He kicked the tree and more apples fell down. He gave them to Ranamon, who still had a confused look on her face but went back to the camp.

Naruto frowned and went deeper into the forest to find firewood.

-(Back with Zoe)-

After Naruto left and Ranamon ran after him, Zoe tried to calm the tension. However JP didn't feel like talking and just brooded off into space. She sighed but felt a tap on her shoulders, turning she saw Tommy giving her a sorry smile.

"Don't worry Nee-chan, I'm sure Naruto-nii and JP will settle their differences." Zoe smiled and ruffled the fourteen year old's hair earning a pout from him.

"Thank you Tommy." That pout turned into a big grin and he engaged Zoe in a conversation. Moments later Ranamon came out of the forest, carrying an armful of Meatapples. She sat them down and gave the two a small smile.

"Um Naruto-kun went to fetch some firewood but he gave me some Meatapples." Zoe nodded and patted a spot next to her.

"Why don't you come and talk with us Ranamon?" Ranamon nodded and the three continued on with a conversation. About 10 minutes later, Naruto emerged from the woodland carrying a bundle of kindling. He sat them down and started to create the nest for a fire.

Tommy got up and kindly offered help which Naruto accepted. Seeing those two preoccupied with fire Ranamon tap Zoe's shoulders and motioned her to follow. Zoe raised an eyebrow but followed.

Once the two were away from the general hearing area, Ranamon stopped and crossed her arms. "Alright now what exactly happened back in that village before I came?"

Zoe face turned into that of a hesitant one and looked in the direction where the camp. She sighed and told Ranamon everything that happened with the fight. Ranamon's fist clenched and she gritted her teeth.

"That damn, fucking piece of data."

"You know Duskmon?" Zoe eyes narrowed.

"I used to work with him. Now don't look at me like that. I ain't proud of what I did and stopped ever since I met Naruto. Had you been in mah placed, you'd have done the same thing as me."

Zoe looked ashamed at judging Ranamon and quickly apologized. Ranamon waved off the apology and gave Zoe a small smile. "Don't worry about that but I am worried about Naruto."

"I know he keeps on blaming himself and it's tearing him in the inside." Zoe unleashed the tears. It was sad seeing your love one harming themselves mentally. Ranamon didn't know what to do and did what Naruto would. She hugged the teen and Zoe was generally surprised.

She didn't think Ranamon would be the sympathetic type. Said digimon broke the hug and gave her a grin. "I'm sure Naruto will go back being the fun lovable man that he is." Zoe smiled back and the two walked back to the camp.

-(Fire forest: Unknown area)-



"Move Nee-chan Celestial Arrow." The lighting arrow smashed into their opponent. However the figure stood right back up and dusted its leather jacket.

"Man, is that the best you've got? Geez I better get double the pay with your asses." The figure raised its weapons at the two in the air. "Double Impact"

Bullets were shot at them and they barely avoided most of them. "Fuck! Out of all the digimon that bastard could have sent, he picked Beezlemon? We need to get away from him, imouto."

"Easy for you to fucking say, this guy is powerful." Beezlemon laughed and yell up at the two.

"Come on a mega like you, Sakuyamon, should be a challenge." Sakuyamon frowned and gathered lightning in her feet.

"Thunder Kick"

Beezlemon blocked the kick with his shotguns and gave the fox beauty a head-butt. Sakuyamon staggered back and couldn't block the kick that sent her into a tree. Beezlemon chuckled and aimed his guns at the down mega.

"Say good bye –"

"Holy Air"

"Damn I forgot about that Angewomon bitch. I can't move." Beezlemon struggled to move and Angewomon swooped down and pulled Sakuyamon up to her feet.

"Thanks, let's go." Angewomon nodded and the two flew away but still can hear Beezlemon's yell.

"You bitches can run but I will find and gut the two of ya!"

-(Next Morning: With Naruto)-

The group of five continued their walk to the Spitfire village. Tension was practically swimming in the air. Naruto stayed in the front while JP was in the back brooding. The last three tried to get the two into a conversation however they either ignored them (JP) or kept quiet ( Naruto).

Ranamon huffed irritable and was ready to yell at Naruto, when he stopped. He looked around and his body become tense. The group looked at him in confusion. "Naruto-kun?" Zoe said, just then a low whistle was heard.

"GET DOWN!" Naruto yelled at the group and they did so. A huge shuriken was smashed into a poor tree followed by a curse. The group got up and took out their D-Tectors while getting in their version of a battle stance.

"Show yourself coward." JP taunted but nobody came out. Naruto eyes darted around and turned to grab a sword that would have sliced his head off. The digimon looked surprised and jumped away. Ranamon recognized him from working for Cherubimon.

"What the hell is a Ninjamon doing here?" Ninjamon took out another shuriken and prepared to attack.

"Which one of you humans is the one called Naruto?" Naruto narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms, Ninjamon picked this up and pointed at him. "So there you are. Now die! Ninja Knife Throwing"

He threw the weapon at Naruto ,who kicked it up in the air in a good display of acrobatics. The others looked amazed while Ninjamon took out his sword. "Keh, don't make this boring." He jumped in the air and sliced his sword down but hit nothing.


A flash of light temporary blinded Ninjamon and a cloud of acid was sent at him. He jumped and landed on a branch as the four finished digivolving.


The light faded and Ninjamon was too late to block the fire punch that directed him to the ground. He flipped himself in the air but moved to dodge the Thunder Fist. He then used his sword to deflect all the snowballs from Kumamon.

Kazemon gathered mini tornadoes at her fingertips. "Hurricane Waves." She swiped them at the ninja like digimon. He blocked the attack and jumped over the Draining Rain. He gave himself some space and gathered energy at his core. However Agunimon wouldn't give him the chance.

"Fire Darts."

Ninjamon cursed as he dodged the bits of fire. He hopped over Beetlemon's incoming fist and threw a shuriken at Kumamon. The ice digimon succeeded in move the hell out of the way. Kazemon flew a tried to deliver multiple kicks to his face.

But she was tackled by Agunimon as a shuriken from behind sliced through the area. "Geez, what the fuck is it with this guy and shurikens?" Agunimon didn't answer and helped her back up.

Ninjamon was going to charge at the two but felt rain drops on his face. He sensed himself get weaker and fell on one knee, looking up he saw a rain cloud. "Damn."

"Gotcha, you slippery bastard." Ranamon said victoriously. Agunimon nodded and gave the water digimon a smile. He turned towards the ninja digimon who was struggling to get back up.

"So mind telling me why you're after my head?" Agunimon interrogated Ninjamon but his mouth was sealed shut. Agunimon sighed and went to grab the digimon but Ninjamon had other plans. Right when Agunimon was going to grab him, he quickly fished out some smoke pellets.

He threw them to the ground and made his escape. Once the cloud cleared, Agunimon looked around and sensed Ninjamon running away but made no clue to find him. He reverted back to Naruto and the other followed his lead.

"Wow I wonder what that was all about." Tommy said as he scratched his head in confusion.

"He was searching for me. Why?" Naruto turned to Ranamon for the answer but she was as stumped as him. Naruto shook his head and continued walking down the path to Spitfire village. "For now let's just keep walking to the village."

-( 1 mile from Spitfire)-

"Man, how long is it to this damn village."

"We're almost there actually, just a little bit more." Naruto said to Zoe. The others were relieved and quicken their pace.

"Well look what I find. That traitor Ranamon." Ranamon froze as did everyone else. 'That voice.'

"Hm and there the target. Let's grab the brat Grumblemon." Arbormon and Grumblemon walked out from the trees. Everyone tiredly got into a stance making Arbormon chuckle.

"There ain't gonna be no trouble here. Just hand over the brat and the traitor." He answer was to block the kick sent out by Kazemon. "Spirits huh? Well Grumblemon looks like we hit the jackpot."

"Spirits have strong factual codes. Me take spirits." Grumblemon jumped in the air and brought out his hammer. "Seismic Sledge" The group jumped away from the impact and landed and couple of feet away.

"Ok then we're gonna do it like this, I'll take on the prize and the traitor. Since your better at factual codes huntin you can take care of the rest." Arbormon laid out but Grumblemon just snorted and ran at his objectives, separating them from the group.

"Where's Mercurymon you firewood?" Ranamon said. Arbormon chuckled and brought his arms out in front of him.

"He's around. Now, don't make this boring for me."


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We see the two mysterious digimon revealed as well as their assassin. In my opinion, Beezlemon is probably the most badass digimon they could ever create. So there, now my story has two badasses in it. Next chapter we see the return of two beasts as well the creation of one.

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