Nope nothing, and I'm still not sorry

Keeper: Sorry about what

10tailed: For kicking the guy's ass that doesn't mind his own fucking business.

Keeper: Oh poor bastard

Barbra: *points at Keeper* Is he an idiot or something

10tailed: Something

Keeper: Where Naruto? That asshole knows the game starts fast and I can't face these dickheads alone...YEAH I CALLED YOU A DICKHEAD, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

Mom: *comes in* Aww sweet bliss. The hell is everyone look for

10tailed: Well the blonde asshole didn't come- *get hit by a brick* Whoa two Barbras *falls down*

Barbra: *winches* Ow *picks up brick* There's a note. If you want the blonde boy, bring the Bat to Gotham's Statium at midnight.

10tailed: How did fuck did he get himself captured

Barbra: Well from the green and purple stains, it's sfae to say joker has him

Mom: Well he and this joker-bitch are going to get along cause Batsy is mine

Keeper: Hell no, I can't fight these 12 year old boys alone...GET QUICKSCOPED BITCH

10tailed: The blond bastard owes me twenty bucks and I'll damned if i don't get it.

Barbra: Wait! I may have a plan, but I dont' think you'll like it Tailed

Agunimon got into a stance and took a glance at Ranamon. "So anything on kindling here?" Ranamon had to hold in a giggle from the nickname. Arbormon, however, didn't find that funny and shot out seeds from his mouth.

"Blockade Seeds!"

Agunimon jumped back while Ranamon rolled out of the way. "That's it?" Agunimon said confusingly. That was until the ground in front of him exploded.

Arbormon let out a chuckle and crossed his arms. "Next time don't let ye guard down."

Ranamon ran to help the down digimon but Agunimon was already up, forming a plan in his head. "Agunimon, are you okay?" The fire digimon nodded and got back into his stance.

"This guy may be trouble." He said.

Ranamon nodded her head in agreement. "Besides Mercurymon, Arbormon would almost never show his skills. So I'm about as clueless as you."

Agunimon's eyes narrowed. "I see."

"If ye two are quite finish, can we get this movin." Arbormon said impatiently. Agunimon did a sharp nod and ran forward towards his enemy. Gathering his energy into his fist, the fire warrior let forth a fiery haymaker.

"Try this Pyro Punch!"

The wooden digimon dodged to the right but missed the follow up kick. "Gah!" Agunimon didn't let up his attack and managed to land another kick to Arbormon. He finished the combo with a connected haymaker, sending the wood hybrid flying. Arbormon succeeded in righting himself from his trip and stood to look at Agunimon.

"Nice attack kid but that's not going to keep me down. Blockade Seed." Arbormon sent more seed like bombs at Agunimon, who jumped in the air the dodge them. "Gotcha brat." He said while the fire digimon looked confused.

The wood like digimon sent more seeds at the in air digimon. Agunimon had no choice but to block but completely didn't see the fist connected by a long cable. "Roundhouse Punt!"

"Argh!" Agunimon grunted as the attack hit home and sent him spiraling to the ground.

Arbormon grumbled and folded his arms. "Cherubimon-sama said ye were a threat? Geez! Musta had somethin wron with that mind of his."

"Dark Vapor!"

Arbormon jumped the side to avoid the acidic cloud. "So there ye are, was beginnin to think ye ran away from the fight. After all ye is the weakest out of all of us and ye don't have your beast spirit." The wooden warrior snorted and gave her a pity glare. "If ye gives up quietly no harm will be done till yer body is sent Cherubimon-sama."

Ranamon gave her harshest glare, usually reserved for Duskmon, and let loose another Dark Vapor. "If you think I'm giving up without a fight then you, doll, are quite mistaken!"

Arbormon dodged the attack again but felt something wasn't right. "Double Fist of the Kitsune!"

"Wha-" Was he had to say until two fire powered fist slammed into his face and sent him soaring through the air. Agunimon wasn't done and unleashed a mildly condensed fire ball the size of a basketball at the still flying digimon.

"Pyro Ball!"


The attack connected, kicking up dirt and dust. The area was covered with bits of fire and some trees were burning. Agunimon panted and reverted back into Naruto. Ranamon ran to the down hanyou and have him a tight hug.

"Whew that was tiring right, babe." Naruto said grinning. Ranamon rolled her eyes and helped him up.

"Whatever let's just go help the other before twigs decide to catch his second wind." Naruto nodded and the two ran in the direction of the others. Unnoticed by either of them, a figured appeared out of a tree.

'Well, it seemth he is more of a challenge then thy thought'

-(With Kazemon)—

"Hurricane Waves!"

Grumblemon rolled to escape the attack but had the jump over the Lightning Fist. Kumamon took aim with his Romeo launcher. "Stay still, Blizzard Blaster!" Mini snowballs were shot out to the troll like digimon. Said digimon jumped over them and took out his hammer.

"Eat this Seismic Sledge!" He brought his hammer out on Kumamon who was saved by Beetlemon, punching the troll away.

"Thanks Beetlemon!" Kumamon said thankfully. Beetlemon chest raised in pride and took a quick glance at a descending Kazemon.

Grumblemon pushed himself to his feet and rubbed his aching cheek. "Stupid digimon hurt me. I show him and friends." A data cocoon wrapped around his form causing the other's eyes to widen.

"Shit he's digivolving." Beetlemon cursed and ran at the cocoon.

Grumblemon Slide Evolution.

Beetlemon couldn't block the hard haymaker sent out to his face and was smashed into the ground. "Gigasmon." Gigasmon grinned and pointed at his form. "Me powerful in form. You stand no chance." He stretched his arms out and started to spin around making a tornado out of his attack.

"BEETLEMON MOVE!" Kazemon tried yelling but it was no use and the bug like digimon smacked by the attack hard enough to revert back into a wounded and unconscious JP with a ring of data surrounding him.

"Quagmire Twister." Gigasmon stopped spinning and grinned as he saw JP's down form. "Now for spirit-"

"Roseo Temporale!" Kazemon interrupted with multiple kicks to his face and hopped away so Kumamon can deliver his damage. "Go Kumamon!"

"Right, Blizzard Blaster." This time the attack hit it's mark and Gigasmon stepped back from the attack. Seeing this is a chance Kazemon quickly got on her hands and spread her legs while spinning fast enough to create her own tornado.

"Try this! Tempest Twist!" However Gigasmon saw the attack coming and dig safety into the ground. Kazemon stopped her attack and looked around for her foe. "Where the hell did he go?" She looked at Kumamon who was just as confused as she was.

Just then Gigasmon burst through the ground into the air. "Surprise! Tectonic Slam!" As he landed a mini earthquake erupted making large fissures and crevices into the ground. Kumamon and Kazemon struggled to keep their balance and saw Gigasmon powering up another attack.

"Lupine Laser!"

A beam of energy blasted into the earth digimon sending him down on one knee. Kazemon and Kumamon looked up to see their savior as a wolf-like digimon. He was completely covered in white armor with yellow edges and blue stripes. He also had a curved yellow spike on his chest armor. He has the "Rocket Skates" on each of his feet and The "Howling Blades" on his back.

The strangest thing was that he had both Bokomon and Neemon on his back. "Whee! That was fun can we go again Bokomon?" Neemon said enthusiastically while Bokomon gained a tick mark.

"No you buffoon, can't you see their in a middle of a fight."

"Hey guys, look like you need some help." The wolf said while rolling its eyes at the two digimon by its side.

Kazemon was the first to break out of her trance, "Koji, is that you?" KendoGarurumon seemed to have nodded and turn his sight on his recovering enemy.

Gigasmon shook the spot away from his head and saw a KendoGarurumon growling at him. "Mm a beast spirit? Taking spirits be harder and me tired." An idea popped into his head and an evil grin tore through his face.

"Well then shall I do the honors? Lupine Laser!"The wolf-like digimon sent out another light beam that Gigasmon managed to jump over. The earth digimon would have sent out a counter attack had it not been for the fire covered fist that found its way to his cheek.


"Pyro Punch!"

Agunimon landed down to the others with Ranamon following his lead. "Sup guys. Koji you seem to found what you wanted right?"

KendoGarurumon chuckled, "Yeah it seems that I have." Kazemon went to Agunimon's side who gave her a small side hug. Beetlemon narrowed his eyes into slits as he slowly got up with the help of Kumamon

However Ranamon stood tense and ready, "Now don't think this is over yet. Grumblemon is one hard son of a bitch to keep down." As if called the earth digimon burst out from the ground in the group and landed 3 attacks.

A punch to Kumamon, a kick to KendoGarurumon face, and a haymaker to Agunimon's cheek. The three flew away giving Gigasmon a chance to quickly grab Beetlemon and with his amazing strength threw the digimon into Ranamon. The two flew away and he gave Kazemon a bone breaking punch to her solar plexus.

Kazemon got on her hands and knees gasping and struggling to breathe. A ring of data surrounded her form causing Gigasmon grin to multiply. The H-spirit of wind popped up and Gigasmon quickly ate it making Kazemon revert back into an unconscious Zoe. He ducked his head from the flaming punch sent by a pissed off Agunimon and rolled under a kick from an equally pissed Beetlemon and quickly hopped away.

Gigasmon laughed and brought his arms hard against the ground creating another earthquake but this formed more cracks. One crack splitting the ground under Zoe making her body fall through the crevices. Agunimon's eyes widen in fear and quickly went after her body.

His form reverted back into Naruto who sent a chakra burst out of his body making his descent fast enough. "Come on, come on!" He repeated as he reached for her hand. Finally grabbing it, he pulled her body tight against his.

"Fuck!" He cursed as he tried to use his tails to grab on to something but with the speed he was going, it wouldn't work. Kyuubi quickly contacted his successor.

"Kit, you have to go into your beast spirit. It's the only way."

"But I can't control it Kurama-"

"It's either that or let you and your mate die. And dont forget me! I'll die too! Just concentrate or something! " Kyuubi said with a panicked tone and silently prayed. Even in this current situation, Naruto rolled his eyes at the fox.

The hanyou then steeled his nerves and using his tails, quickly fished out his D-Tector. "Never asked much in life but please let this work." He silently prayed.


A data cocoon surrounded his and Zoe's form.


The cocoon burst showing BurningGreymon in all his glory carrying an unconscious Zoe. "GRAHHhhh BurningGreymon." His eyes faded from their angry red to a calming blue. The dragon stopped their descent and if he could he would be grinning like a mad man.

"I did it. I can't believe it." He said happily. He heard sounds of groaning coming from his companion and turned his sight to her. Zoe freaked when she saw a digimon so close to her face. She squirmed and wiggled to get out of the digimon's arms.

"Whoa, hey! It's me." His voice was deeper and more firm but Zoe recognized that voice.

"N-Naruto-kun?" She stuttered out and the dragon chuckled.

"Yeah it is." Zoe hugged him from her position and BurningGreymon had to make sure she didn't slip and fall. The beast of fire spread his wings and flew up to the top.

'I knew you can do it. Now I don't have to face Yami-chan!'

Ranamon carefully looked over the ledge, hoping she could see a glimpse of her boyfriend and Zoe. 'Please don't take him from me.' She mentally prayed as she looked up to the sky.

"Just let me go!" JP was struggling in the grip of Koji and surprisingly Tommy. "I'll save her!"

Ranamon saw the interaction and sighed. "Ya'll have little faith in Naru-kun, I see." JP stopped and looked over at the water digimon. He finally managed to break the other two's hold and leveled a glare at Ranamon.

"Seems you have too much faith in the teme. If anything you seem to worship him."

Ranamon clenched her hands as JP crossed his arms. She took a deep breath to calm her anger. "What's wrong doll? Jealous?" Now it was JP's turn to bristle in anger. He made a menacing step forward.

Suddenly, Ranamon ears picked up a noise, it was like the noise a bird makes when flying. The others also heard it and looked around. "Is it me or do I heard fluttering sort-of like a flying bird." Tommy pointed out.

Just then a large figured popped out from the crevice and landed and couple of feet away from Ranamon and JP. Everybody but Ranamon tensed remembering the fight with Duskmon and a wild as well as angry BurningGreymon.

Ranamon however looked confuse and wondered why everybody was so tense. Then Zoe's explanation with the fight in Flame village came into mind. 'So that's his beast spirit.' BurningGreymon carefully set Zoe on the ground and let his hands up in surrender.

"No need to look so tense guys, I managed to control it." The boys dropped their stances and relief was shown all over their face. BurningGreymon reverted back into Naruto and looked around the area.

"So where's the troll."

"The coward escaped once you went after Zoe. We would have tried to capture him but JP thought it would be a great to try and fall after you." Koji said and Naruto internally sigh. JP just snorted and ignored the small glare being aimed at him from Ranamon.

A gasp alerted their attention and everybody turn to Zoe who was looking at her D-Tector. "N-No! No! She's gone!"

Naruto placed a hand on her shoulder but Zoe just launched herself into his arms as a sob came through. Naruto looked at her D-Tector and indeed saw nothing but a static screen.

"I can give you a real good guess on what happened." Kyuubi concluded and Naruto mentally nodded as he subconsciously felt Zoe distress.

'Next time I see that ass, I make him regret ever being created!' He growled mentally and Kyuubi felt pride in his successor.

JP gritted his teeth and clenched his hands hard. He glared at Naruto with all the hate he could muster. It should be HIM, Zoe paid attention to. HE should be the leader, someone everybody should look up to dammit. Call it whatever you want but JP wasn't about to let some blonde bastard control his fate in this world.

Naruto growled as he felt JP's glare and wanted nothing more than to punch it off his face. However Zoe was more important. He gently picked her up and started walking.

"We should be able to make it to Spitfire village before nightfall. If we hurry, alright?"

JP gave no answer and walked ahead of the group. Ranamon walked besides Naruto, pouting that she wasn't being carried. Naruto chuckled at her cute pouted and leaned down slightly to whisper in her ear. "Don't worry Rana-chan, I'll make it up to you."

The water hybrid blushed slightly and unconsciously increased her pace. Tommy with Bokomon and Neemon walked behind Naruto having a conversation of some sort but Tommy would look at Zoe every once in a while with a worried look. Koji walked behind everybody with his hands behind his head in deep thought.

-(Spitfire Village)—

Once again the group even Ranamon were amazed at the place. It seemed like a busier version of Flame village but had its own beauty. It was surrounded by a small mountain range that stretched into a sea. It also seems like the village was having a festival of some sort. By the time they found an inn it was already nightfall and everyone was tired from the day's events.

Naruto sighed in content as he laid shirtless back on the bed. "Man today was so troublesome."

"Careful, you're starting to sound like that Nara. And I say some good came out of it. I mean you gave Death the finger. " Naruto chuckled at Kurama's statement but frowned as something else slipped into his mind.

"Did you find anything on the leech?" He could feel Kyuubi shake his head and growled in frustration.

"Nope, can't find not even a fucking speck of it. I wouldn't we are out of the woods yet, so still watch how much power you pour out and I'll keep finding." Naruto mentally nodded and heard the door to the bathroom open up.

A wet and smirking Ranamon walked out and his eyes were glued to her towel covered body. Ranamon saw him slightly blush while his eyes showed restrained lust. She slowly walked over to him while swaying her hips, making the hanyou's eyes go from her breasts to her hips.

The water hybrid straddled his waist and Naruto rose to wrap his arms around her waist. Ranamon put her hand on his cheek and began to trace them earning a purr from him. "You know Foxy-kun, you promise you would make it up to me."

Naruto chuckled and flipped them so she was on the bottom. "That I did and I suppose you want your gift now?" Ranamon eagerly nodded and closed her eyes in pleasure as he began to kiss and suck on her neck. Ranamon felt herself getting hotter and pulled Naruto's head up to smash her lips to his. As they battled for dominance Naruto hands inched their way to her breasts.

He pulled away and sighed in annoyance as he heard a knock on his door. Ranamon heard it too and pouted as Naruto got off to answer the door. Opening it, he was surprise to see Zoe nervously standing there. "Zoe-chan? What's up?"

"Can I come in Naruto-kun?" Naruto nodded and moved as she walked in and closed the door. Zoe stared at the ground and both Naruto and Ranamon looked at her in worry. Naruto walked over and placed a finger under chin causing Zoe to look up into Naruto's azure orbs. "Zoe-chan what's wrong." He said softly and gently.

"I don't feel myself. It's like something's missing and now without her I'm weak and useless." Zoe was now crying and Naruto wiped away the tears and softly gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

"You are not weak." Zoe looked ready to protest but another kiss silenced her. "Who stopped the many fights or group has? Who gave Tommy someone to look up? Who calmed down my angry beast spirit? It was Zoe Orimoto, not Kazemon."

Ranamon and Zoe looked in awe at Naruto's passionate proclamation, feeling their love for him go even higher. Naruto gave her a foxy grin which she returned with a small smile.

"Thank you Naruto-kun. Do you mind if I could sleep with you?" Naruto smile increased and shook his head.

"No I don't mind, is it okay with you Rana-chan?" He asked and they both turned to Ranamon.

She sighed and nodded. "It's okay but I call dibs on his right side. Now how exactly are we gonna do this because I tend to sleep in the nude and I don't feel like putting on my clothes."

Zoe face turned a dark red when Ranamon said she slept commando. Her eyes then widen when a thought crossed her mind. "H-H-Have y-you two d-done i-i-it?" Naruto was confused but Ranamon knew exactly what she was talking about.

"If you mean had sex, then yes and it was the best thing that had ever happen to me besides meeting him." Ranamon sighed dreamily. Naruto sweat-dropped at her but looked at a still blushing Zoe.

"So I wonder how we are going to this." He ran his finger through his head and sighed. He then heard he Zoe mumbled low enough that not even his superhuman hearing barely caught it. "You say something Zoe-chan?"

"I-I said, that I-I don't m-mind." Her face turned so red, Naruto thought she was going to explode at any moment. Ranamon clapped happily.

"Good." She then proceeded to drop the towel covering her body. Naruto face-palmed at her lack of modesty while Zoe turned her head to the side. "Oh come on! I don't look that bad!?"

Zoe shook her head slowly. "N-No I-I was prepared!" 'Wow I can see why Naruto was hooked.'

"Not prepared you say?" Ranamon mumbled, a mischievous glint formed into her eyes.

"Come on girls let's get some sleep." Naruto said seeing the look in Ranamon's eyes. He laid in the middle of the bed and Ranamon, still with the glint, laid on his right side while grabbing his arm and putting them between her breasts.

Zoe slowly made her way over and took his left side while nuzzling into his neck. She epped when Naruto's arm wrapped around her pulling her close to his body.

-(somewhere in Fire Forest)-

"Man, hunting these two bitches is starting to get hard." Beezlemon scratched his chin with a look of annoyance on his face. "I better get double the pay for their sweet asses."

"Thou targets being a nuisances?"

Beezlemon hopped and fished out his two shotguns, the Berenjena. "Alright come on out before I blow this whole fucking forest away."

Mercurymon chuckled and absorbed out of a tree. Beezlemon recognized him as one of Cherubimon's legend warriors, or some shit like that. "What the hell do you want, you overgrown piece of glass?"

Mercurymon lips turned into a frown and he crossed his arms. 'I must be careful with this.' "To cut straight into the point, I'm not here on Cherubimon's order. You see, I'm here to compromise in a way."

The demon lord digimon sheath Berenjena and scoffed. "I don't need a partner. I can do all of this by myself, how did you think I become a mega? Now if that's all I'll be leaving."

Mercurymon inwardly sighed and thought of a new approach. "So you are after Sakuyamon and Angewomon. Right?"

Beezlemon froze and looked back at the now grinning Mercurymon. "How the fuck did you know that? That was supposed to be confidential!" Mercurymon chuckled deviously and Beezlemon glared at him. "It wasn't a joke so fucking answer me."

"I know and seen a lot of things. Being able to absorb into solid objects is pretty useful." Mercurymon's smirk increased and Beezlemon gritted his teeth. "Now that I have your full and complete attention, I'm offering a small alliance of some sort."

Beezlemon grunted and crossed his arms. "What do you want out of it and what's in it for me?" Beezlemon said narrowing his eyes again. "How do I know you won't stab me behind my back. Not that you could anyways." He chuckled when the mirror like digimon smirk turned into a frowned.

"Well what I want is the data of Seraphimon of the Celestial Three." Beezlemon couldn't hold in his laugh and if possible made Mercurymon frown deeper.

"Oh that's rich. You, a champion I'm guessing, wants to take down a mega like Seraphimon. HAHAHAHAAA!'re serious! BWHAHAHAHAHA!"

"That's the reason why I require your assistance. All I need for him to be distracted and the rest I'll handle. As a payment I'll locate the two digimon you are searching for as well as the location of a traitor and her human." Beezlemon immediately stopped laughing as Mercurymon said the last part.

"Hmph, why would I care for a traitor and a human?"

"Oh it seems you don't know about the challenge Cherubimon sent out." Seeing Beezlemon's blank face, he took that for a yes. "I see, well it goes like this anybody that can capture Ranamon and the human, Naruto, alive to Cherubimon will receive power of a Mega."

Beezlemon snickering returned which turned into a full out laughter. "HAHAHA! Are you fucking stupid or something? Look at me, I'm already a mega as you can see-"

"But not a Super Mega." Mercury interrupted and Beezlemon scoffed.

"There's no such thing as a super mega only super ultimate."

'Excellent he's taking the bait!' "Then why don't you be in history books as the first ever super mega?" the human hybrid digimon said and watched as Beezlemon thought on the matter.

'Hmm First ever super mega? Man that sounds pretty powerful, fine why not.' "Alright Champion I accept but know this stab me behind the back and I'll fucking rip you apart. Deal?" Beezlemon said seriously and held out his hand making Mercurymon smirked evilly.


Annnd I'm going to end it right here. Side not: I don't see why people think Beezlemon should be part of the "good guys". I mean he was great in the third season but was 10x better as an evil asshole. He also deserves the right have a mouth of a sailor who has seen some shit.

Barbra: Stop moving. *adjusting mask* There! how close are we to the stateium?

Keeper: Actually we're already here *gets out of car* Hey there's no blood on it this time *fist pumps* TAKE THAT LIFE

Mom: *slaps Keeper* Shut-up. Now get your ass out that vehicle!

10tailed: This idea is fucking stupid

Barbra: Boo. Now get that ass moving and stay in character

10tailed: *grumbles*

-(with Naruto)-

Naruto: *tied up* You know,I'm trained in Sexy-fu. Maybe I could show you a few moves *wags eyebrows*

Harley: I like him. * hearts in her eyes*

Joker: *frowns* And I don't or you for that matter. Now we wait for Basty-


10tailed: *Face-palm* What happened to being fucking discreet, Mom.

Keeper: *chuckles* Hey Naruto…pfft how's it hanging? GIHIHIHIHI

Naruto: *grins* Pretty well I can see into a hot blond clown's outfit and I'm enjoying the view. *sees Barbra* I take that back. I can see into two beautiful women's clothing and I'm really enjoying the view

10tailed: *lowers head* I'm friends with idiots.

Joker: ENOUGH! Good you brought over the Bat. *holds out hand* now hand him over

10tailed: First hand over the spiky haired jackass.

Naruto: *yells* I take offense to that!


Barbra: *whisper* You're not being Batman, Tailed

10tailed: *eye twitches* I hate everyone here

Barbra: There you go!

10tailed: *breathes heavily*

Mom: You what *Shoots joker with a tranquilizer* I was saving that but I don't care.

Keeper *confuse* where the hell did you-

Harley: Mistah J!

Mom: Can it clown-bitch! *shoots her with a tranquilizer* Now grab those two and the dumbass and get out of the fucking shithole.

Naruto: *lands on the ground* You know I was still enjoy-

10tailed: *grits teeth* Naruto how did you get down?

Naruto: I'm a ninja duh, dumbass

Keeper: Ohh he got you there Tailed *high fives Naruto*

Barbra: Um Tailed *pokes him* I think we should go now