10tailed: *sits back on couch* Finally I'm away from the fucking city

Barbra: *rolls eyes* Oh come on! Gotham isn't that bad, beside you got something awesome out of it

10tailed: The pizza

Barbra: No you dipshit, me! *narrows eyes* You want to say something against that?

10tailed: *pales* N-No


Keeper: *sits on remote* Oops

Announcer: We have multiple accounts that these four criminals have indeed kidnapped Barbra Gordan and...Batman.

Keeper: *whistles* Man they really did a good job with those sketches. They almost look like-

Naruto: Well, SHIT

Keeper: Why did you come back with us

Barbra: *points at Tailed* This guy knows where to get good pizza and that's enough for me

Mom: *comes in* Heard something bout Batsy! What's up


Mom: And this concerns me why...


Mom: *grins* Well at least this asshole *points to Tailed* can reunite with Big Bubba

10tailed: MOOOOOOOOM

Now this chapter has to be without a fucking doubt the hardest as well. I just know one thing in here is going to make everybody heads turn and say 'Tailed, dude what the fuck.' Trust me someone gonna say it.

Another confrontation is made with a Demon man digimon, secrets are revealed, and pure evil places it's piece on the board.

"After yesterday's battle, I think it'll be good for us if we just relax in this village for a day." Naruto said to the group. He was right though, JP needs to blow off some steam, Zoe needs to get her mind away from her missing spirit, and everybody else still look tired and stressed.

JP snorted and walked out of the inn. "I think I'll be the one to decide what's good for me and what's not."

Naruto deeply sighed. 'He really has it bad for Zoe-chan. This group won't be able to rely on each other if everybody acts like him.'

"He sort of reminds me of a combination of you and that Uchiha dipshit."
Kyuubi said.

Naruto mentally raised an eyebrow at his observation. 'Me and the teme? How can you see that?'

Kyuubi yawned and shrugged his shoulders or a fox's equivalent to one. "Well he has that rebellious attitude the Uchiha fuck-bucket had and the almost unbreakable crush you had on that pink bitch before she, you know." Kyuubi said and Naruto couldn't help but to agree and refocused back to the group.

"So if today's a break I'm going out for a walk." Koji said nodding to Naruto and walking out outside.

Tommy gave Naruto a small smile and placed a hand on his shoulders. "I'll go look for JP, so he doesn't do anything dumb. Bokomon, Neemon do you guys want to join me?"

"Can we get something to eat while we're out there?" Neemon tiredly replied while rubbing his stomach. Everybody around him sweatdropped while Bokomon had a tic mark.

"But you just had something."

"And your point?"

Bokomon face palmed and dragged Neemon out while grumbling. Tommy nervously laughed and followed them out, leaving Naruto, Ranamon, and Zoe in the inn. "Heh Bokomon and Neemon. Those two can have their own sitcom." Naruto joked making the girls giggle.

"So what can we do Naruto-kun?" The blonde hanyou rubbed the back of his head. "I guess we could walk around of something." Ranamon put her hands on her hips and give Naruto a look.

"Sounds really boring Naru-kun. I want some form of excitement." Naruto placed his hands on his chin in a thinking position.

"I don't actually know. Do you have any ideas Zoe-chan?" The blonde female shook her head and Naruto sighed. Ranamon grinned widely as an idea popped in her head.

She walked up and placed a hand on the hanyou's chest rubbing it sensually. "I think I have an idea." She smirk as her hands travelled lower. Naruto felt his face get a warmer and took a glance at an equally blushing Zoe. Ranamon's smirk grew wider at this action. "Don't worry Naru-kun, Zoe can join in. Kami knows I need an extra hand."

Naruto gained a glazed looked in his eyes and flew back with a nose bleed. Zoe was blushing so hard she made a new shade of red. Ranamon fell to the floor laughing at both their reactions holding on to her stomach. "Haha I wish I had a camera."

Zoe pouted and helped a still dazed Naruto up. "That was cruel Ranamon." Ranamon got up, wiping tears away from her eyes and waved off Zoe comment.

"Ahh don't be such a spoilsport." After making sure Naruto was alright, the three set off into the forest.

-(With Tommy and JP)-

Tommy internally sighed at JP's complaining about their blonde leader. The two were sitting down on a bench while Bokomon and Neemon were exploring some of the sites. Tommy while not being the bravest of the bunch was the most observant. He knew Zoe and Naruto had thing going on and that Ranamon probably knew about it too.

He knew that JP was only a few emotions away doing something he may regret. He heard JP insult Naruto, calling him an arrogant bastard or a blonde ass-hole who doesn't deserve someone like Zoe. Honestly, he was tired of trying to show JP that Zoe doesn't want him and that she was infatuated with Naruto.

If JP can't get that though his head, then he is just a lost cause and Tommy is tired. 'Enough is enough, I'm sorry JP.' So having his mind made, Tommy rose from his seat and gave walked in front of JP, giving him a small glare while crossing his arms. JP seeing this action raised an eyebrow.

"Alright JP, what is your problem with Naruto-nii, truly?" Tommy shot out. JP eyes narrowed and his fist clenched at the name. He stood up towering over Tommy's 5'3 frame with his 5'10. Tommy didn't even back away or flinch, showing how much he has changed since being brought to the digital world.

"My problem!? How about his problem? He just comes strolling down the damn forest acting all high and fucking mighty, taking the role as the fucking leader, saying we don't have any experience fighting. What does that fucking prick know about my life! What's worse you guys just easily accept him like some fucking dog going to his master! Zoe doesn't know jack shit about him but she already in 'love'. Tell me what the in the 4 letters of FUCK does she or anybody else know about him. Huh!?"

There was only one word that was screaming out through his mouth that Tommy caught. "JP…are you jealous of Naruto?"


That makes perfect sense, the reason why he was acting like an ass. Naruto was obviously stronger and smarter than JP. Everything from his build to his personality was the exact opposite of JP, attracting more attention to Naruto than him.

The older boy gritted his teeth and shoved his way past Tommy. "I'm not and won't ever be jealous of some blonde fuck-bag." With that said JP walked into the crowd of digimon angrily, leaving Tommy alone with Bokomon and Neemon. The fourteen year old sighed and rubbed his head.

'Don't do anything stupid.'

-(With Naruto)-

Naruto and the girls came to stop at a clearing in the forest away from the village. Ranamon sighed and laid flat against the grass, tired of walking. 'Naru-kun better carry me back to the inn! I fucking hate walking!' She thought, irritated that they walked from the village, only to stop in some clearing in the forest.

Naruto saw Ranamon's action and couldn't help but smirk at her form. 'That's for earlier Rana-chan.' Seeing both Zoe any Ranamon looking at him with a confuse stare, Naruto cleared his throat. "I bet you two are wondering why I brought to this clearing. Well to put it in simple form, I want to teach you girls how to properly defend yourself."

Ranamon grew a tic mark and pointed at Naruto. "Well I have you know, that I can 'properly' defend myself. After all I am a digimon, doll." Naruto smirked and turned around with his hands in front of him. Zoe cutely tilted her head wondering what the blonde hanyou was doing.

"Alright then Ranamon, I want you to attack me with one of your techniques."


"Don't worry, I'll be fine." Naruto interrupted and turned his head enough to give her a grin. "Besides you won't able to touch me anyways." Even if he couldn't see her face, Naruto was mentally laughing his ass off.

Kurama smirked at his successor. "Are you trying to get yourself killed, Kit."

'Nah, it'll give her motivation plus it's funny as hell to see her pissed off." Kurama just shook his head and let Naruto do his demonstration.

Ranamon had to stop and digest his words. It only took 2 seconds her brain to comprehend what he just said. 'Did..did he just called me weak?'


Naruto chuckled and swiftly dodged Ranamon's Dark Vapor. "Ohh you missed Rana-chan." He playfully called back causing the water digimon eye to twitch. She summoned a bigger cloud and sent it soaring to the laughing hanyou, who once again dodged while taunting her some more.

Zoe giggled at the two's antics but flinched when an arm wrapped her waist, bringing her body to a very muscular one. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." Hearing that voice made her snuggle deep in the chest, making a smile form on Naruto's face.

"It's alright, besides wasn't it you that said my scared face was cute." She said letting out a relaxing sigh. Naruto chuckled making his chest vibrate.

"Yeah, that was me." He then let her go. "So while Ranamon deals with that poor clone, why don't I teach a few katas." Zoe looked hesitant and focused her eyes to the ground. Naruto let a small frown form on his face.

"Hey, just because Kazemon isn't here doesn't make make you any weaker." He said in the softest voice he could muster. She slowly raised her head and Naruto's frown turned into a smile.

"Come on, I'll show one of the simple katas." She nodded and Naruto took as step back. He looked behind the blond to see Ranamon chase a still laughing clone. He then moved his right leg behind him and crouched a bit. His closed his hands and placed his left by his hip with his right hand out in front of him.

"This stance is perfect if you're going on the offensive but it does have defensive qualities as well." He then sent out a left jab followed by a kick and a right jab.

He motioned her to get in the stance. Zoe tried to mimic his stance. Naruto walked around her and gently guided her left hand down to her hip. She blushed at his proximity. She tilted her head to see his azure orbs staring into her forest green ones.

She felt her face slowly lean in as both of Naruto's hands moved to her waist. A cough caused the two to separate and turned to a mildly annoyed Ranamon and a smirking Naruto clone.

"Well, if I had known ya'll were going to go at it, I would have probably done it with your clone." The clone cheekily grin at the comment but disappeared in a cloud of smoke when Ranamon bopped it on the head.

"Anyway are ya'll gonna-"


"THE HELL?!" Naruto yelled as he grabbed Zoe and Ranamon and used chakra to stick to the ground as the ground seemed to shake. The trio looked and saw smoke rising out in the mountains close to the sea.

"Naru-kun there's smoke coming from that direction." Ranamon pointed out and Naruto narrowed his eyes. Gently letting go of the girls Naruto took out his D-Tector.

"I don't know what happen but someone could be hurt! Let's go, girls."


A white data cocoon surrounded Naruto's form making the area light up in a bright light and Zoe and Ranamon had to shield their eyes from the light.


The area instantly heated up as the data cocoon burst showing a creature that closely resemblances a dragon. It stood upright about 7 feet on two, two-toed feet. It had three clawed fingers on both hands and a yellow blaster like weapon. Its face was covered by a white bone like masked that only showed his cerulean blue eye and mouth that was covered by a yellow mouth guard. The beast had long wings each as long as his height and a long red powerful tailed. To complete the look the dragon body was covered by red, black, and yellow armor.


"Alright let's go." The dragon said in a deeper voice and grabbed Zoe and Ranamon taking them to the skies.

-(20 minutes before)-

JP was slowly walking through the forest not caring that he was getting farther away from the village and closer to the sea. Many thoughts and emotions were running through his mind each one of them focused on two people. 'Why?' That one thought kept returning to his thoughts. 'Why me?'

"Because you are destined for something great."

JP jumped back and quickly tried to fish out his D-Tector, tripping in the process. He quickly grabbed the device and rose from the ground shakily. "W-who's t-there , s-show yourself." He responded while looking around. The voice boomed around the area and it seemed to be laughing.

"MWAHAHAHA! You, child are funny. Trying to act so high and mighty when in reality you're shaking like an absolute worm! Where is your master? Hahaha Naruto was his name?"

JP gritted his teeth and clenched his D-Tector hard enough that it almost cracked. "HE WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING CLOSE TO CONTROLLING ME!" He yelled out and the area around him grew quiet. He panted as anger scorched through his veins.

"Yes you shall be perfect. I've been watching you JP Shibayama ever since you entered the Digital world. I've viewed your memories, fear of being alone eh, despite being surrounded by people. Found the girls of your dreams only for her to be stolen by a blonde stranger as well position for leader. Everybody thinks of you as the bad guy of the group, the dumbest,


"The unimportant one!"

"Leave me alone!"


"STOP…stop please." JP pleaded as he felled back to the ground barely holding back the tears that were trying to escape. JP had never felt so down about himself. The voice chuckled boomed through the area quieting down JP's quiet sobs.

"So much untapped potential, power, ANGER! You want to be at the top so everybody adores you, to admire you. To have Zoe look up at you with love in her eyes, for your enemies to cower when your name is said don't you?"

JP remained silence and the voice grew irritated.


"YES!" JP yelled out to the sky. "Yes I do." He repeated much more quietly. The voice seemed please since its tone had changed a bit.

"Good but the first step to be great and powerful is to let go of your fears. Let your fears, fear you."

The voice faded out but JP caught everything like someone was screaming into his ears. "Let my fears, fear me." He said quietly and gripped his D-Tector. "I will be great much more powerful than that blonde shit."

"Well, well if it isn't the fat one. Sad, thought I would meet that other human but you can be warm up till he gets here." Duskmon said appearing from the shadows with evil intent in his eyes. JP slowly stood up and gave Duskmon the strongest glare he could manage.

"By the time that prick comes, you'll be nothing more than scattered data." He said coldly making the demon man digimon chuckle.

"Scattered data huh? Well let's see if you back that up." With that said he ran towards JP who quickly changed into Beetlemon and blocked Duskmon's sword.

"It's not going to be that easy, bitch!" JP quickly broke the hold and sent a haymaker towards Duskmon, who stepped to the side to avoid it. Seeing his attack miss, Beetlemon swiftly jumped back to avoid another sword swing. Taking into the air he gathered lightning into his horn.

"Eat this Lightning Blitz!" He released a stream of lightning at the digimon. Duskmon pointed one of his swords at the attack, conducting the lightning through his body and sent back at the bug like digimon. Beetlemon didn't see it coming and was shocked by his own attack.


He landed back on the ground and couldn't block the kick that sent him back a few meters. "Come on you said you were going to be a challenge." Duskmon held a bored look that internally infuriated JP.

Beetlemon shakily got back up and narrowed his eyes at the evil digimon. "I'm not done yet." Gathering thunder and lightning into his fist he ran at Duskmon to deliver a painful haymaker.

"Thunder Fist!"

Duskmon leaned back and sent out a kick into Beetlemon's chin making the digimon land hard on his back. The dusk digimon sighed and looked at the down digimon in boredom. "Must suck to know you are going to die now. Here I'll be nice, I'll make it painless."

Beetlemon, using nothing but will or stubbornness, stood to his feet. "I'm not going to die, not now, not EVER!" Gathering more lightning into his horn, he sent out an even powerful Lightning Blitz.

"Deadly Gaze."


-(Now )-

Beetlemon was flat on the ground covered in scratches and bruises. Hearing footsteps he slowly turned his head to find an unscratched Duskmon looking down on him. As the digimon was about to drive in sword through Beetlemon, bullets of fire smashed into him pushing him back.

A light beam sent him back even more with snowballs pelting on his form. Duskmon didn't have a chance to block the powerful tail that smacked him to a tree.

Beetlemon, who reverted back into JP, looked up to see BurningGreymon looking down on him. "You ok there JP." The dragon asked, JP grunted and slowly stood to feet wincing when he felt the pain in his ribs.

"You shouldn't move up so-" KendoGarurumon tried to explain but JP snapped at him.

"I'm fine."

"We'll see! Deadly Gaze!" The beams soared the air at their targets thinking quickly KendoGarurumon shot his own attack and BurningGreymon backed him up.

"Lupine Laser"

"Pyro Barrage"

"Digi-Collaboration: Lupine Barrage!"

The two attacks merged to form bullets of superheated light that connected with Duskmon's attack. The result was a large explosion that shook the entire mountain making the others struggle to keep their balance.

BurningGreymon and KendoGarurumon both nodded to each other before jumping out of the way to avoid a darkness fueled sword swing from an unscratched Duskmon."Well I have to admit, you humans sure know how to put a fight especially you two." He said pointing at BurningGreymon and KendoGarurumon.

JP gritted his teeth from his spot besides Kumamon and the others. He prepared himself to go back out into the battlefield when another spark of pain halted his movements.

Zoe looked worried and stopped JP from moving any more. "Stop agitating your wounds JP. Naruto-kun and Koji are going to take care of Duskmon."

JP found himself mentally rolling his eyes.'Yeah sure let the blonde fuck-shit get all the praise again.'

Kumamon nodded at Zoe's comment. "She right JP, while I want nothing more than to help out I think I'm going to get in their way." JP scoffed and sat back down on the grass.

Ranamon narrowed her eyes in concentration at Duskmon. 'That's impossible! How could he come out unscratched? Even BurningGreymon and KendoGarurumon have some scratches on them unless…SHIT!"


Everybody jumped from their spots and, true to Ranamon's thinking, there stood another Duskmon with his sword into the ground. He chuckled before slowly putting his weapon out of the dirt.

"Well it seems like fish skank actually has a brain in there after all. How's it going? Bet your still sucking on that human dick, you filthy whore."

"Are you still sucking Cherubimon's dick and kissing his ass?" She retorted making Duskmon glare at turned to set his sight on the others.

"Oh and it seems you made some new friends. Hehe, weaklings. I remember our fight back in that village. But it seems to be that you grew weaker the last time we fought and one of has lost their spirit."

Everybody gasped at Duskmon. "How did you know that?" Kumamon demanded, while aiming his Romeo launcher at the darkness digimon.

"Don't look surprise, darkness hears everything." He tilted his head to dodge the Dark Vapor sent out from behind by Ranamon. "Now do you think a petty attack like that would actually touch me?" He taunted causing the water digimon to clench her fist.

"Hey leave her alone!" Kumamon said taking in a deep breath and unleashing an icy cool breeze. "Crystal Breeze." Duskmon did nothing as the ice covered his form until all of his body was incase in ice. Kumamon stopped his attack and sighed.

Ranamon knowing something was wrong was too late to respond as Duskmon appeared behind him and kicked Kumamon in the back of the head hard enough to revert him back into an unconscious Tommy.

"One down."
'These guys are weak. How am I supposed to make it entertaining for Master?' Looking at Zoe a very evil idea popped into his head. 'Hmm maybe anger will be the answer to my problem.' Zoe felt unnerved by his look and slowly took a step back. Ranamon however quickly, got in-between them.

" Ya'll need to take Tommy and get Naru-kun. The Duskmon they be fighting is nothing more than a dark clone. I'll try to hold him off as fast as I can. " Ranamon commanded making Duskmon snorted and rolled his eye.

"You know suicide is the cowards way out besides they won't even make 5 steps."

"Thunder Fist!" Beetlemon appeared in front of Duskmon and manage to finally make the attack hit. Duskmon took a few steps back, his head still turned to the side.

"Is this the part where I'm supposed to say ow?" The digimon mocked before unleashing a devastating kick straight to Beetlemon's chest. The force of the kick was strong enough for the bug digimon to be lifted off the but ground. Duskmon smirked and delivered a punch to his face, sending him flying.

Beetlemon landed hard on the ground and reverted back into JP. "Now where were-"

"Draining Rain."

Duskmon sighed at the amount of attempts to touch him and swiped at the cloud. He jumped to deliver a dropkick at the water digimon, who managed to dodge the hell out the way. When his feet landed, spider web cracks formed, telling Ranamon how lucky she was to dodge.

Quickly she got back on her feet and blocked Duskmon's sword with one of her hand gauntlets. Being weaker than Duskmon she was sent on the ground using her gauntlets to stop Duskmon's sword from reaching her face. The dark digimon smirked inside his masked and pressed harder. Ranamon gritted her teeth and tried to hold back as hard as she can.

Which wasn't very hard seeing as she was going against a powered up Duskmon.

"My what disgrace to digimon everywhere. At least a human can stand 5 minutes against me. Any last words whore?" Something caught Ranamon's eye and the water digimon smirked.

"Just five, Get him, Naru-kun." Duskmon looked confused and then it him like a fire powered fist to the face…..literally.

"Off my girl, asshole." The dragon growled out as he landed back down on the ground. KendoGarurumon helped everybody up as Duskmon rose to his feet.

"Hmm it seems you have finished off my clone. I would fight you now but I want this fight to be a bit more entertaining for my Master."BurningGreymon narrowed his eyes and got his blasters ready.

Duskmon wagged his sword in front of his face while shaking his head. "Now, now, I wouldn't do that if I were you after all…" A shadow rose in front of him, forming into a human like shape. "You wouldn't want to hurt the girl." The shadow faded showing an unconscious Zoe, that fell in Duskmon's arms.

"ZOE!" BurningGreymon wanted nothing more than to rip Duskmon with his claws. His eyes were changing from a cerulean blue to an angry scarlet to a demonic crimson with slitted pupils. "You bastard, let her go NOW!" Duskmon chuckled evilly and lifted the blonde over his shoulder.

"Why don't you make me? Hahaha ta-ta for now."

"NO!" But it was too late as the evil digimon vanished into the shadows. It was silent as seconds flew by then minutes until …


Multiple trees were destroyed as a yokai infused roar echoed into the area causing everybody to cover their eyes. Ranamon tried to walk up to the distress digimon, only for him to digivolve back into Naruto. And boy, did everybody stepped back.

His eyes were a dark crimson and slitted like a cat. His whiskers deepened and his canines grew long enough to jut out of his lips. His nails grew longer like claws and 3 red with white tipped tails sported out of his back as well as 2 red with white tipped ears on his head. His form was then surrounded by a thin layer of yokai.

To Ranamon, if this was a lighter situation she'd be hugging the shit of him. To everybody else, their fear of him rose several notches. Naruto tried to calm down and Kyuubi was helping him too but the thought of Zoe being hurt or worse was too much for him.

He closed his eyes and raised his nose to the air and sniffed. He try searching to focus on her scent, that scent of sweet vanilla but it was hard as his animalistic instincts were telling him to kill anything close to him.

Ranamon tried again to walk up to him but paused as his red eyes shot opened and the pissed off hanyou raced into the trees towards the sea. "W-wait Naru-kun!" She called out but the half demon continued off without looking back.

Everybody else slowly got out of their frighten induced trance with JP being the quickest. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" He screamed out, Koji wanted to know as well but knew someone had to fill in the missing leader spot.

"We all would like to know JP but we can't focus on that right now. Duskmon has Zoe-san and Naruto-san is going after them. From what we saw Naruto-san must have picked up some sort of scent of either Duskmon or Zoe-san. Our best bet right now is to quickly follow him before something bad happens and ask questions later."

Everybody quickly nodded but JP, who was irritated that somebody else was trying to give him orders. "Now hold on a fucking minute. Who has delivered the royal leader position to you?"

Koji rolled his eyes and sighed, 'Not even 5 minutes and he's already complaining like a little kid. Now I know how Naruto-san felt.'

"Listen up JP, we don't have time for you childish bickering about leadership. Zoe or Naruto could need our help right now. So shut the fuck up and act like someone your age." Koji snapped. JP took a step back and gritted his teeth. He wanted nothing more than to kick Koji's ass but knew Zoe was in danger. So he grumbled out a not-so-innocent apology and took out his D-Tector.

Koji nodded and took out his D-Tector. "Alright everyone once I turn into KendoGarurumon I'll try to quickly get a scent, Bokomon and Neemon can get on my back and Beetlemon can carry Kumamon and Ranamon. Alright?" Everybody did a quick nod and the three humans digivolved into their respective digimon.

KendoGarurumon raised his head and sniffed the air, searching for some sort of scent that could help. 'Damn, this is harder than I thought.' The wolf thought until suddenly a foul smell caught his attention. What confused him was that the smell didn't stink but had a very evil presence to it. 'That may be Duskmon, I'm guessing.'

"Alright guys I have a scent. Let's go." Bokomon and Neemon climbed on his back and the wolf digimon took off into the forest. Beetlemon quickly grabbed Ranamon and Kumamon and followed after the digimon.

-(With Duskmon)-

Zoe awoken to find herself tied up and hearing the sounds of the ocean crashing into rocks. She fidgeted and struggled but found that the ropes got tighter the more she move. "Well look who woke up from their little nap." She froze and slowly craned head to see an amused Duskmon with his swords out.

The frighten teenager tried to move back but once again the ropes restrained her movements. "You like them? It makes escape futile Hahaha." The evil digimon chuckled.

"J-J-Just wait t-till Naruto-kun gets here." She tried to threaten, not a smart idea on her part.

Duskmon walked closer and kneeled down to look her in the eye. Zoe saw the hatred and evil in his purple orbs and couldn't help the shiver that ran through body. "I wonder if you'll still have that fiery passion when I'm done with you?"

Zoe felt all the blood drain from her face. For the first time since she has been here, she truly felt and saw fear in its truest form. Duskmon then stood up and looked down at her.

"You shouldn't have anything to worry about yet at least. I need you alive to act like bait."

"B-bait? F-for w-what?" She stuttered out and Duskmon closed his eyes to relish in her fear.

"For a BIG surprise." He then vanished into the darkness surrounding the area. Zoe took this time to slowly calm her heart rate and get her bearings straight.

Looking around, she found herself nearing the end of the forest to where the trees met the sand. 'Damnit, I truly must be the weakest to get captured again by Duskmon and my spirit taken away….Why am I even here?' As she was mentally yelling at herself, dark and vile energy blasted out of the forest. She had to close her eyes from getting any debris into her eye.

"W-what the h-hell was that?" She shivered out, suddenly a monstrous roar ranged out and a certain face flashed into her mind.


-(With Ranamon)-

"That roar!" Ranamon exclaimed out. "That has to be Naru-kun!" Kumamon nodded and Beetlemon grunted.

"You heard that KendoGarurumon?" Kumamon called down from his spot on Beetlemon.

The beast spirit of light growled. "Yeah I heard but we need to pick up the pace. Ranamon seeing how you been with Naruto the longest, can you give us a little insight." KG replied out.

The water digimon bit her lip and shook her head. "It's not mah place to say."

Beetlemon looked at her. "What the hell do you mean 'it's not you place'? We oughta know what the fuck we are trying to fight."

Ranamon gave Beetlemon a cold glare that manage to shut the bug like digimon up. "Like I fucking said, it's not mah place to say. Naru-kun had a tough life and it wouldn't feel right telling out all his secrets like that."

"I see, well it shows how loyal you are to him, which is good. Let's leave her be Beetlemon and focus on getting to Zoe." Beetlemon glared at KendoGarurumon but decided Zoe was more important. The group continued on the path eventually hearing the sound of the ocean.

"Are we close KendoGarurumon?" Kumamon called out to their temporary leader.

"We are actually- DODGE!" The wolf like digimon screamed while hopping to the side. Beetlemon flew higher into the sky to avoid a sword swing.

"You know I was hoping the other human would come. It seems I have to deal with the appetizers before I can enjoy my main meal."

Beetlemon landed the others to the ground and clenched his fists. "Oi, asshole I AM the main meal." He gathered lighting into his fist and ran towards the digimon who looked very bored.

"Please." He rolled his eyes and grabbed the Lighting Fist. "You're not even a snack." He let out a kick which made its way to Beetlemon's face, sending the digimon flying.

"Lupine Laser!"

Duskmon hopped over the beam and sent out a kick to Kumamon's face. The ice digimon rolled out of the way and aimed his Romeo launcher at him.

"Blizzard Blaster!"

The bear like digimon sent out many frozen snowballs at the Demon man digimon. He laughed as the attack missed him many times as he dodged. He took out sword to block a bite from KendoGarurumon. "It's about time for you to start acting like the dog you are." Duskmon taunted and then sent out a kick to the wolf's snout.

While they were fighting Ranamon managed to quietly and quickly go to where Zoe was tied up. "Need help, doll?" The water digimon quietly called out to Zoe.

The girl looked happy to see Ranamon. "Ranamon-chan!"

The water digimon chuckled and tried to untie Zoe. "Damn, what fucking type rope did he use?" She said when she finally got Zoe out.

"Ranamon-chan, where's Naruto-kun?" The digimon looked hesitant to answer until a beam of some sort shot the forest and slammed into Duskmon, sending him flying through the air.


"I have a feeling, that was him."

Naruto went beastly…again. Not sorry

Keeper: *rasies hand* OH! I know! How bout we build a deeeeeep hole and live there forever. There they can't find us.

10tailed: *facepalms* Idiot

Keeper: *crosses arms* So what's you smart plan, genius?

Barbra: And I swear if you saw pizza, i'm going to ban you from eating it

10tailed: Pftt You aint my Mom

Barbra: *narrows eyes* You don't believe me

Mom: Ya'll can have your girl talk later, I have an idea

10tailed: *mumbles* That's a first

Mom: What was that, son *smiles*

10tailed: *pales* nothing

Mom: thought so, now here's the plan-

*knock on the door*

Naruto: I'll get it *opens door*... *closes door* *passes out*

10tailed: What the fuck *opens door* ...Whoa... *closes door* We need to leave now

Barbra: Who was that *house shakes*

10tailed: Our ass-kickers if we don't leave