In this chapter we continue on with the flashback and the digidestineds meet their cannon enemy. Not really much to say this time besides the fact that I'm deciding whether or not to add in someone gaining their beast sprit. But don't fret I'll figure it out when I get there.

Naruto: I so call that ass when she wakes up

10tailed: *adjust ice pack* You'll fuck anything with tits and a vaggy

Naruto: *shrugs shoulders* I'm not seeing your point

Mom: Can you guys compare dick sizes later, our little prisoner is waking up *grins evilly*

Batgirl: *wakes up* Huh where am I? *looks around*

10tailed: *stops Mom from talking* you're in a underground chamber also known as a hotel in bum fuck Gotham

Batgirl: *thrashes around* let me go *pouts cutely* please you handsome men

10tailed/Naruto: *big grins* OKAY*gets slammed to the ground*

Mom: Idiots *turn towards batgirl* Alright skank, where's batman's lair

Batgirl: Not telling you, bitch *glares heavily*

Mom: *grits teeth* Where's. Batman's. lair.

Batgirl: *smirks* Up your loose ass, slut

Naruto and 10tailed: OH SHIT! *face plams*

Mom: *gains an evil aura* Why you little- *gets dragged out by Naruto*

10tailed: *yells out to Naruto* put her in a room with Spidey.

Mom: Let me go, I'll show her who's the slut.

Naruto: Yo! Tailed you gotta see this *runs back into room*

10tailed: What *grabs Ipad *

Announcer: Barbra Gordon has gone missing, but don't worry we have Batman on the case….

10tailed: i'm pretty sure that's a good thing-



10tailed: You know anger managment classes sound pretty nice right now

-(Flashback: A year ago pt.2)—

Ranamon had never been so happy and joyful in her life. Even though they met only four days before it felt like they knew each forever. Right now the two lovebirds were laying on the grass with Ranamon on Naruto's chest. She sighed in contempt and smiled. Oh the irony, here she is laying on the chest of her supposed target. But she couldn't bring herself to care.

She was broken out of her thoughts by Naruto. "Whatcha thinking about Rana-chan?" Kami, how she loved that nickname.

"Nothing much Naru-kun, just how perfect this seemed to be, I don't want this to be a dream." She felt him hold her tighter to his chest.

"It's not, this is all real." He smiled at her and Ranamon leaned up to give him a chaste kiss.

Their little moment was interrupted by Naruto's stomach that gave out quite the noise. He blushed a little and scratched behind his head.

"I'm sorry Rana-chan,sometimes this thing has a mind of it's own. Why don't we go down to Moti's food shack for lunch? I feel in the mood for Ramen!" You can say some habits won't die. Ranamon giggled and started to rub Naruto's whiskers.

"So like a date?" She sounded hopeful and when Naruto said 'yes' she tackled him to the ground with a squeal. Naruto chuckled at her antics.

-(Cherubimon's fortress)—

"Why that traitorous fish slut! Don't worry master I'll take care of her and the human!" Duskmon said as he and Cherubimon were looking upon the interaction of Ranamon and Naruto. As he was leaving Cherubimon called out to him.

"No, leave them be."

"Master, are you showing compassion for those weaklings?" Duskmon was then sent flying into a wall. One of Cherubimon's giant hand grabbed him from his indention and slammed him onto the floor. The Demon man digimon gasped in pain. Cherubimon looked more annoyed than furious. Why? Simple, compassion and kindness annoyed the hell out of him. It reminded him of when he was part of Celestial Three with Ophanimon and Seraphimon.

"Don't, over-step your boundaries Duskmon. I brought you into reality and I can easily take you out. Understand digimon?" Duskmon nodded his head pretty fast and Cherubimon's let him go, allowing him breathe more easily. "Good and it's best if you remember it. Now with the human and his whore, I'll let things play out for now. I'll make it seem like I don't know of their plans and the moment when their guard in down. I'll kill them both where they stand."

Duskmon nodded at his master's plan. After all how can his plan go wrong? Both the human and its bitch were weak in his eyes. 'Just wait, soon darkness shall prevail.' He and his master evil laugh echoed in the castle.

-(Moti's Food Shack)—

Naruto was stuffing his face with ramen when he felt a very bad feeling of dread that washed over his body. He repressed a shudder and continued with his meal. Kyuubi growled, his senses telling him that Naruto's choice may come to bite them back in the ass.

"Kit, I still think this is a bad idea. You barely even know the vixen!"

'Yet she made me the happiest man in the world in just four days. Just let me try this out Kurama.'

Kurama sighed and let the topic go. Naruto thanked him and went back to talking with Ranamon. Ranamon stopped eating and stared at her plate intently. Naruto noticed and looked at her in confusion. "Is there something wrong Rana-chan?" She shook her head and looked at Naruto.

"Well, I don't won't to say Naru-kun." Naruto placed his hands on top of her smaller ones and gave Ranamon a comforting smile. She took a big breath and told Naruto her concern. "A few days ago, at the river, what was that transformation? You grew claws and fangs! Your eyes turned from the gorgeous blue to that scary red! And what's bothering me the most is that I get the feeling you're not what we all think you are!" Ranamon was truly curious and Naruto sighed sadly.

He quickly finished his food and stood. He lent out his hands which Ranamon took. He made a clone and told it to inform the Motimons of his departure. Ranamon stood shock of the two Naruto's.

"H-h-how di-"

"Don't worry it'll be explain. Do you trust me?" Ranamon shook her head yes and Naruto pulled her close to his chest. They both were enveloped in a column of fire. Ranamon panicked and but Naruto calmed her down.

-(Some meadow)-

Soon they were in some meadow covered by Floramon lilies. Naruto sat down and motioned the spot in front of him. Ranamon sat and Naruto began his story. "Well you're right. I'm not the guy that that seem to be." He paused for a moment to gauge Ranamon's reaction. "I'm not entirely human, in fact I'm not even even a even human even a human from the parallel world." Ranamon gasped but other than that remained quiet.

"I'm hanyou or half demon, in simple terms, I gave away half of my humanity to give me a new life."

"A new life? What happened to your old one?"

Naruto chuckled darkly. "What didn't happen, should be the true question."

From there Naruto told her everything from his birth to his teens. As he was telling her, emotions of all kinds were evident on her face. However if it was one emotion that truly showed was anger.

Anger towards the village doing horrible things to Naruto.

Anger towards this Orochimaru guy from being the root for most of Naruto's problems.

And she especially felt deep hatred and anger towards Sasuke and Sakura.

Sasuke drove not one but TWO lighting attacks through her boyfriend's chest.

All for what?



Some sort-of bullshit recognition?

The prick sounds too much like Duskmon. However that pales in comparison to what she feels about that bitch, in her opinion.

Naruto tried his best to show his affection for the pink-haired monkey only for her to shove her hate and resentment back into his face. Worse of all, Naruto sacrificed his other relationships to try and please that bitch!

Naruto was surprised at Ranamon's emotions. He sort-of expected her to be sad but instead she looked fucking piss.


Ranamon shot out an acid cloud at an unsuspected tree. The poor tree started to melt and toppled over.

"Those ignorant BASTARDS! How dare they do this to you!? They better fucking pray to whatever deity is out there cause if I catch them in the digital world, I'll turn their fucking bodies to paste." She was angry and just wanted to hit something. She felt two strong arms encircled her and turned in his arms to return the hug.

"I'm happy that you care, Rana-chan."

"Can I see it?" Naruto was confused to Ranamon decided to elaborate. "Your Hanyou form."

"Are you sure? I-I don't want you to be afraid of me." Naruto was extremely nervous but Ranamon gave him a deep kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and stroked his hair. Soon breathing became necessity and the two broke apart gasping for air. Ranamon gave Naruto a sexy smirk.

"Does that answer your question , suga?" Naruto slowly nodded and relaxed. His features began to change as a vermillion tail sprouted from the back of his spine. His nails grew longer as well as his canines. Two red fox ears appeared on his head and his whiskers were more pronounced. Finally his eyes were crimson with black slits for pupils.

All in all he looked quite terrifying to the common mind. However Ranamon was not apart of said group and stiffened. Naruto was scared as Ranamon gained this strange look in her eyes.

"A-a-ah R-r-rana-ch-"

"KAWAII!" She pounced on Naruto cussing to fall backwards from the unexpected attack. She rubbed his tails and ears, happily yelling how 'cute' and 'adorable' her boyfriend was.

"Aww look at wittle Narwuto getting pet like a doggie. Narwuto's a good boy! HAHAHA!" Kyuubi mocked and toppled on the ground laughing. Naruto mentally growled cussing the fox to laugh even harder.

'Yeah yeah laugh all you want BUT AT LEAST I CAN GET A GIRL TO TOUCH ME!' The mindscape grew quiet to which Naruto happily cut the mental link. He then settled in her touch while she petted him.

Later Ranamon grew tired and cuddled up to Naruto. He laid his tail on to serve as a blanket. With the warmness of Naruto's chest and the soft feel of his tail she was soon asleep. Naruto saw that she was asleep and chuckled. Getting up carefully as to not to awaken her, he carried her to his log house. He set her down on the bed and was about to leave when a certain pair of arms wrapped around his neck.

"Where do you think you're going, suga?" The way she said it had his pants feeling a little tight. He felt her C-cupped breast pushed onto his back, which didn't help with his 'growing' problem. He gulped and turned his head to look at her.

"" It was just something about her that made him so nervous. Ranamon gave him a demanding look and motioned to the bed. He sighed again but gained and devious smirk.

He quickly picked her up bridal style gaining an epp from her and jumped on the bed. They both laugh and cuddle in the sheets. Naruto, who hadn't canceled his transformation, wrapped her in his tail. They feel asleep with smiles on their faces.

-(Timeskip: Three days later boo)-

Ranamon awoke to the sun glaring at her and turned her head to snuggle with Naruto's chest. He mumbled something an 'asshole fox' before bringing her closer to his chest. However a certain thought made her jump from his embrace.

'NO, NO, NO, it can't be that day, today!' Hot tears quickly scaled down her face and a sob tore from her throat. This is what Naruto awoken to and pulled Ranamon to his chest saying comforting words. He gritted his teeth to control the throbbing anger as he too knew what day it was.

It was the deadline for Ranamon's mission.

The night before they went into a heated argument about Ranamon's fate, Naruto decided it was safer if she just went back to Cherubimon.

This of course led to Ranamon yelling at him.

Naruto knew it wasn't smart, but it would keep her safe and that's all he wanted. The plan itself was quite simple. All he would do is simply fake his death to make it seem like Ranamon completed her mission. Naruto kissed away her tears and cupped her cheeks. He spoke to her in the softest voice he could gather.

"Rana-chan, it's going to be okay. Don't cry over what is going to happen. I told you nothing is going to happen to you ever again. And I intend to keep that promise. I never break a promise because that's my nindo, my ninja way."

Naruto then proceeded to give her the deepest and most passionate kiss they've ever shared. The whole world could have ended right then and there but the couple would not separate. After getting cleaned up and eating, they walked through the forest to find the main part of the plan, a huge ass waterfall. When they found one,thanks to Naruto's sense of smell and hearing, they gasped at the pure size of it.

Well Ranamon did, Naruto paled as he was the one that had to jump in it.

For a human, a drop straight down would have probably squashed their bodies. Naruto silently thanked kami for his regenerative abilities.

They then turned to face each other.

Naruto frown as he took off and tore apart his shirt and made his tail impale him on the shoulders. Ranamon had to clench her hands real tight in order to stop herself from stopping Naruto.

He grunted and let his blood soak up in his torn shirt. If the situation was right Ranamon would have blushed, like she has many times, upon seeing Naruto's tone body. He gave her the shirt and unclipped the necklace from his neck giving that to her as well.

She gave him a questioning look."This necklace was given to me by a woman who I could consider a mother. Keep it safe for me? I'll come back for it soon." She nodded enthusiastically.

He smiled sadly before giving it to her one last kiss. When they were done, not even Naruto could stop the single tear that ran down his face.

"If though I may not know what love is, given my circumstances, but I can proudly say that whatever I'm feeling must be love. I love you Rana-chan." If possible the tears were descending even harder on Ranamon's face. Naruto backed away till he was right on the edge.

"I love you too foxy-kun." She then frowned deeply. "Please come back to me." Naruto chuckled softly and nodded. Looking over the edge, he gave her one last look before jumping in the waterfall.

'I promise Rana-chan, I'll find you again.'

' Naruto.'

-(Flashback end)-

Ranamon stopped running to catch her breath. "Damn, I don't even know where he could be! But I can't give up!"

"Thou lookith for someone?" Mercurymon popped into view scaring the living shit out of Ranamon.

"Don't fucking do that!"

Mercurymon chuckled and leaned against the tree. "Thou won't find a suitor with such language."

Ranamon gained a tick mark but bit back a vulgar remark. Instead she focused on more important topics at hand. "Where are the troll and firewood?"

Mercurymon's lips twisted into a frown. He jabbed his head in the two's direction. "Those two went to destroy the next village. I was about to follow them when I saw a peculiar sight. Humans, 5 of them to be exact with two smaller digimon, walking down the path to the Flame village."

Ranamon heart stopped for a bit. Many thoughts and possibilities were running through her head. She shook them away before focusing back to Mercurymon. "W-w-what d-d-did they look like?" She didn't stop herself from stuttering and hope he was in that group.

Mercurymon became very suspicious but didn't voice his thoughts instead he told Ranamon the info she wanted. "Well there was a female blond, a brunette boy that looked a bit overweight, a raven head male, a human that looked younger than the rest."

'None of them matched Naruto-kun's description. Maybe I'm overthinkin-'

"And there was a blond spiky haired male."

Ranamon had to hold in her joy. She could finally see him after being a year apart, she just wanted to cuddle up to his soft tail and warm chest. "I see, well Mercurymon why don't you head over to watch those two buffoons."

If Mercurymon had eyes he would be narrowing them right about now. Ranamon could barely contain container excitement "And what wilt thou do?"

Ranamon tried to play it off as best as she can. She shrugged her shoulders playfully and put on a very sexy smirk. "Imma go and met the humans. The blond boy sounds like quite the cutie." She started to hop in the desired direction. Mercurymon shook his head at her antics and absorbed back into the tree.

The moment she couldn't see Mercurymon anymore she broke out into a run.

'Naruto, I'm coming.'

-(With Naruto)—

"Huh?" Naruto could have sworn he heard his name but passed it off as his ears acting funny. He sighed and continued his conversation with Kurama.

"I'm telling you Kit, it's probably the way for me to find that leech."

'I know Kurama, can you imagine the amount of power I'll lose.'

"I don't know can you imagine having over half your power sealed within a mortal trapped in the fucking Shinigami's stomach? Or how bout the other half of your power given to a dumbass midget in order to escape a place worse than hell, leaving you to be a shell of your former self?"


Naruto was so into his conversation that he couldn't hear Zoe until she placed both of her hands at the side of his cheeks. He shook out of his trance to find her so close to him. He could smell her scent of vanilla and found that he enjoyed it quite well.

"Huh? What's up Zoe-chan?" Zoe sighed, ever since this morning Naruto has been acting funny and it's making her worry. She let go of his cheeks, but secretly enjoyed rubbing his marks

"I said, should we stop at the Flame village to rest tonight?" Naruto looked forwards to see JP and Tommy in a conversation and Koji brooding off to the side.

"Sure, why not?" He shrugged and they walked faster to catch up with the group. Naruto called out them, "We're going stay at this village tonight is that alright with you guys?" Well everybody but JP, who remained silent, agreed so they picked up the pace.

'Alright jackass, we'll go with your way for now.' Naruto really didn't like the idea but knew it was for his own good. Kyuubi sighed enthusiastically,

"Finally, I thought I had to use a simpler way to get you attention. Now first settle down with the group and your side-mate –"

'I'm going to pretend like i didn't heard that.' Acting like he didn't heard Naruto, Kurama continued his instructions.

"As I was saying, after you settle down go into the forest. Find a small clearing and I'll give further instructions then. Sounds simple enough?" Naruto mentally nodded and the group entered the village.

Compared to the other villages they went into a passed, Flame village was a masterpiece. Like an actual human village there were shops and inns as well as a capital building. Everybody but Naruto, Bokomon and Neemon were in awe and surprise.

They walked through the streets and Naruto guided them to an inn. A Kamemon came out a greeted the digidestineds. Its voice reminded Naruto of Shikamaru, dull and lazy. "Welcome to…'s the name to this place? Ahh forget it, too much work as it is." The group sweatdropped at the digimon's laziness.

Naruto was the first to shake out of the trance. "My name's Naruto and these are my friends. I was wondering if you have any rooms open for us?"

-(An hour later)—

After settling in their rooms, Zoe and Tommy wanted to explore the village. JP tagged along to be close to Zoe, they've asked Koji if he wanted join. However he rudely declined the offer and turned in for the night. Now we find the 3 digidestineds with Bokomon and Neemon at Naruto's door.

JP paused Zoe from knocking on Naruto's door. "I don't think the teme would want to join us Zoe-chan. It's best if we just go on." Zoe ignored him and knocked anyways. The door opened to reveal a shirtless and wet Naruto. His hair was flat and covered his eyes.

Zoe blushed pretty hard and her eyes followed the trail of a water droplet that went into his pants. JP leveled another glare which was again ignored by Naruto who smiled mentally.

"May I help you, guys?" Tommy who was oblivious to the actions and thoughts of the other two human asked Naruto if he would like to join them in their exploration. Naruto gave them a sheepish smiled and rubbed the back of his head.

"Sorry guys but I'm pretty beat from the walking. I'm going to retire for the night, tell me how it goes tomorrow, kay?" They (being everybody except JP) nodded and left Naruto to his devices. Zoe was sad that he couldn't go but understood his reasons.

After they left Naruto sighed and went to put on a shirt. 'Yo! Is this a good time?'

"Yes the sooner you do this, the more time we have to find that annoying leech." Naruto nodded and snuck out of his room.

He went into an alley and placed on a Henge to look like an Agumon. While walking towards the entrance, he found the others enjoying the sights. It made him smile that they're relishing their time away from the fighting and stress.

He quickly made it out into the forest and released his Henge. Smirking he took to the trees. About an hour later Naruto jumped from the trees into a small clearing. Nodding to himself in approval he contacted the fox. 'Alright what now Kurama?'

"Call upon the Eyes." Naruto was confused till a flashbank popped in his head. He did some unknown handseals with the last one being fox.

"Makuzgi: Mentama no Juu."

Transferring some Yokai to his palms, he slammed his hands on the ground. The ground shook and ten eyes, with different colored iris but each had a silted pupil, arose from the ground. They covered Naruto in a circle, making him a bit freaked out but brushed it off.

Naruto went through more handseals and the area around him glowed. The glowing vanished and Naruto proceeded to ask Kyuubi the next part of this process.

"Now I want you to unleash about 7 tail worth of power. This part is going to be the hardest so listen carefully. You need to seal that amount of power into 7 of the eyes." Naruto sweated at the instructions, he knew only how to control at least 3 tail worths.

'Kurama,I can't do it. I'll lose control and that barrier I placed on won't hold me for long.' Kyuubi sighed or growled softly and tried to calm down the troubled teen.

"I know but it's the only way. You have to at least be in control for a minute. Can you do that?" Naruto exhaled slowly and gained a determined look.

'I-I'll will try.'

Kyuubi wished Naruto good luck and the mental link was severed. Naruto closed his eyes and let loose 7 tails worth of power. Said number of tails sprouted from his back and Naruto felt the evil and demonic power quickly taking over his body and mind. He tried to hold off the influence and focused on the eyes. His skin was started to peel away revealing red Yokai.


He pushed out the Yokai towards the eyes and felt the power leave him. The eyes, like they were made for, kept absorbing the demonic energy. Each time an eye had its fill, it would close with the Kanji '1' on it.

Soon 7 of the ten eyes were closed and all ten eyes slowly sank back into the ground. Naruto, who was covered in burns, fell forward, passed out from the feeling of being drained.

"Good work….Naruto."

-(the next morning)—

Zoe awoken from her slumber, completely refreshed and ready for day's activities. She got out of her bed and stretched the kinks out of her muscles. "Ah what a beautiful morning." Indeed outside the sun was up and the town looked peaceful. She went to the shower to prepare for the day. She was happy that ,for some odd reason, the inn had a laundry room.

A fucking laundry room.

But hey, who is she to complain?

After getting dressed, she walked downstairs to have some breakfast. She sat down in a seat and saw that everyone was down and enjoying breakfast…well except for a blonde haired male.

Speaking of Naruto, he came tiredly through the door wincing and grunting at every step. Zoe gasped at his appearance. His leather jacket was missing, a few strands of fiber were what was left of his shirt, and his pants had some burned holes. His hair was messy and he had some dried blood on places of his body.

He smiled tiredly and gave them a small greeting.


"OH MY KAMI! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!" She ran towards Naruto and helped him into a seat. Naruto grunted as he sat down and laid back.

" got blindsided by a digimon." Came his oh-so-intelligent reply, which of course earned him a mental slap from Kyuubi. Zoe didn't seem to buy it and leveled a glare at Naruto.

"Bullshit, Naruto-kun! I don't think you'll let a digimon do this much damage to you."

"Glad you know me so well." Came his sarcastic comment usually reserved for a certain fox. No sooner had he said that, had wished he never did. A brief look of hurt flash appeared on her face before it vanished.

She asked kindly to Kamemon for a medical kit, who nodded and went to go fetch it. She turned to Naruto and crossed her arms. "I guess I don't," Naruto winced a little and it wasn't because of the pain. "But those wounds won't wrap themselves."

Kamemon came with the med kit and Zoe carefully brought Naruto upstairs so they won't bother the others while they ate. JP fist clenched hard and gritted his teeth at Naruto's retreating figure.

'DAMMIT! Why won't Zoe-chan look at me like that? Why is it that blonde asshole?' JP excused himself from the table and went outside to blow off some steam. This just left Tommy, the 3 digimon, and Koji at the table. Koji quietly got up and went to watch the clouds on the roof.

Kamemon gave the remaining 3 a smile. "Have you guys ever played Digi-oply?"

-(Naruto and Zoe)—

Zoe was wrapping a bandage around Naruto's stomach, a small blush seen on her face. The room had an awkward feel as both remained quiet. The only sounds were Naruto's grunting and the bandages.

"I'm sorry Zoe-chan from my actions back there-"

"It's okay, I understand. I'm still a stranger, so what do I know?" She didn't look up at him and continued patching him up. Naruto seemed to have froze for a few seconds before gently grabbing Zoe's hands.

"You're not a stranger." He then lifted her chin up so her eyes met his. "You're my friend, someone I can trust. You're one of my precious people."

"Then tell me what really happened." She said softly, her eyes look almost pleading. "Did it have do with something that happened yesterday? Please Naruto-kun I want to help you."

Her eyes looked deeply in his. Naruto looked down sadly and it was Zoe this time who grabbed Naruto's hands.

"I-I can't tell you. You won't be able to look at me the same way." He said equally as soft and squeezed her hands. He then looked straight into her eyes. "I don't want to lose you Zoe-chan."

Zoe felt herself inch closer to him. "I don't want to lose you either Naruto-kun." Neither of the two realized how close they were till they practically touching foreheads. Naruto really took this time to study his fellow blond's face.

Her heart shaped face, those forest green eyes, her cute button nose, and those damn kissable lips drove him wild. Naruto felt his head inch closer towards her as well. Zoe's hands went from Naruto's hands to his cheeks and Naruto brought his hands to her waist. They went close till they could feel each other breath. Their lips just a centimeter away.

'Come on just a bit closer…'

'She's so beautiful, so perfect.'


The inn shook and the pair jumped away both wearing matching blushes. Naruto ran to the window and saw smoke rising from the market district as well digimons running away from said place.

"That sure as hell doesn't look right!? Let's go Zoe-chan!" Naruto ran out and Zoe followed his lead.

The pair ran to the area only to find Kumamon, Lobomon, and Beetlemon engaging in a battle Duskmon. Duskmon was currently kicking their asses.

Pretty hard actually.

"Ah it seems we have more company." Naruto, responding quickly, grabbed Zoe and jumped to the side dodging a swing that would have sliced their heads off. "Oh I missed?"

Naruto and Zoe both pulled out their D-Tectors. Duskmon looked at Naruto in wonderment before his eyes gained realization.

"Ready?" Getting a nod, Naruto leveled a glare on Duskmon. "Then let's do this."


Both were covered in a cocoon of data and Duskmon mentally smirked.


The cocoon burst showing the forms of Kazemon and Agunimon.


Kazemon took to the air and Agunimon charged at Duskmon. "Heh weaklings."

He ducked under a punch and rose an arm to blocked the kick Agunimon sent to him. He jumped over Agunimon and grabbing on to his shoulders, threw the fire hybrid into a stand. "Is that the best you got?"

"Hurricane Waves."

Duskmon jumped to the right to avoid the attack and set his sights on Kazemon. He disappeared from view, confusing the fairy digimon. He reappeared above her and sent down a hard elbow to the base of her spine.

Kazemon gasped in pain and slammed into the ground. The dark digimon placed his sword below his body and let gravity do its job. Agunimon got up and grabbed his aching head. Panting, he ran and tackled Duskmon from Kazemon.

"Fire Dash."

"You're fighting me." His tired voice made another smirk form it's easy entry onto Duskmon's armored face. "Now who are you?" Using the metal gauntlets on his wrist, he blocked Duskmon's sword and was struggling to overpower him.

"And here I thought you were actually going to be a challenge."

Agunimon gritted his teeth and Duskmon released the hold making Naruto lose his balance. He landed a hard kick to Agunimon's face before slicing at his chest. While it didn't pierced his armor it did leave a semi-deep scratch.

Duskmon had to jump over the Lobo Kendo that Lobomon sent out. Lobomon turned only to receive multiple strikes to the head and chest before being kicked away. He de-digivolved back into a wounded Koji.

"Koji!" Kumamon jumped in the air and breathed in deeply and Beetlemon gathered thunder into his fist and ran at Duskmon who looked mildly annoyed.

"Teh, annoying fools."

"Crystal Breeze"

"Thunder Fist"

Duskmon grabbed the thunder encased fist, surprising Beetlemon and landed a strike into his stomach making Beetlemon double over. Quickly he grabbed Beetlemon's horn and used him as a shield from Kumamon's attack.

The attacked landed, covering Beetlemon in iceand Duskmon threw the digimon as hard as he could into to the bear-like digimon. They crashed hard and were reverted back to humans. Happy with his work, Duskmon tilted his head to the side dodging the kick from Kazemon.

He sidestepped Agunimon's Pyro Punch and gave them a bored look.

"Is this the best you can really do?" Kazemon flew to stand next to Agunimon.

"What do we do? All he does is dodge before spewing out in taunts." Agunimon narrowed his eyes before a thought popped into his head.

"I'm going to send out a fire based attack and I need you to power it up with your wind, Ok?"

"If you two are quite done? Shall I continue you beating?" Naruto nodded at Kazemon and ran towards Duskmon. "It seems you still haven't learned your lesson?"

Agunimon sent out a fiery punch which Duskmon ducked over and sent out a roundhouse blocked it with his forearm and backed away quickly. Gathering most of his energy to his fist, he shot it forwards to Duskmon. Kazemon unleashed all of her wind making the attack grow bigger and flew faster.

"Take this Fist of the Kitsune."

"Hurricane Waves"

"Digi-Collaboration: Rapid Strike of the Kitsune!"

"Heh, finally a challenge."

The attack hit home causing a mini explosion and both Agunimon and Kazemon were panting hard. She landed next to him .

"Did…we…get him?"

Naruto was about to answer, when Duskmon came out of the explosion with some scratches on his armor. He chuckled before punching Kazemon in the solar plexus and landed a kick to Agunimon's. They both doubled over in pain before Duskmon kicked the now human Naruto away to the others.

He then grabbed Zoe by the neck. "Heh, I expected a challenge from you, human."

Naruto quickly got up but fell on one knee gripping his broken ribs. Bit of blood dripped between his lips and leveled a harsh glare towards the dark digimon.

"Let her go you asshole!" He cursed inwardly as his healing rate got the backlash of the sealing. His canines began to grow longer due to his frustration. He then gritted his teeth and Duskmon mentally smiled.

"Oh, it seems you have feeling for this one human." His eyes gain a sadistic glint and his hold on Zoe got tighter. "I wonder if she'll scream as loud as that fish slut did before I ended her pathetic existence."

Naruto's eyes quickly went a crimson and he dug his hand into the dirt. "What the fuck are you talking about!?"

"Hahaha! Are you an idiot or something!? Then you really think that pathetic plan would work? I enjoyed beating that bitch to nothing before slicing her head from her shoulders."

Naruto felt like his world just crashed, as he lowered his head. "N-No y-you didn't! YOU LIE!" Fire started to erupt from his form.

Duskmon smirked and saw that he needed just a final push. Squeezing Zoe so her gasps of air was heard, Duskmon delivered the final blow.

"Do you want to know the best part of all? She kept on yelling and crying out your name!" Duskmon dropped Zoe. "She was nothing more than a whore that master wasted data on."

Naruto's head quickly snapped up making everybody see his raging red eyes. He gripped his D-Tector hard as the screen went towards a crimson color.


The fire around Naruto burst out destroying a couple of buildings. Out of the destruction a glowing figure flow to Naruto. It seemly was absorbed into Naruto taking the form of a creature that looked like a dragon.

It stood upright about 7 feet on two, two-toed feet. It had three clawed fingers on both hands and a yellow blaster like weapon. Its face was covered by a white bone like masked that only showed his angry red eyes and mouth that was covered by a yellow mouth guard. The beast had long wings each as long as his height and a long red powerful tailed. To complete the look the dragon's body was covered by red, black, and yellow armor.


Oh shit, things just got real. And there my fellow readers, I conclude you with the chapter. Now to a couple of things:

One: Why the fuck did you seal away 7 of Naruto's tails? Because I wanted too. That and it helps with the big man fights in later chapters. Mostly likely I'm going to get some flame but I personally don't care.

Two: Why the flying fuck did you make Naruto so weak? Well you try having about 70% of your powers taken from you and try to fight someone like Duskmon when you're still recovering.

So there it is two of the main questions I'll probably get. But anywho, in next chapter we finally see the reunion of two lovers and some catfights.

Man I can't even wait and I-

Mom: Stop playing with your dick and get your ass out here.

10tailed: What the fuck is the plan now. I mean we have fucking Batgirl in our basement and now we got motherfucking Batman on our asses.

Naruto *waves off worries* Don't worry I manage to find an reliable ally *door knocks* that should be him *opens door* Yo!

Mom: Who the fuck are you?

Keeper: just call me the Keeper *walks in*

Mom: *snorts* whatever *turns to Naruto* Why the fuck is he here

10tailed: *mumbles* talk about being rude *clears throat* Naruto says he can help us catch Batman.

Keeper: Yup! *jabs thumb at his chest* I know Batsy's true weakness.

Mom: Whatever, just let it be known *grabs Keeper's collar* if you screw up even once, I'll fucking torture you

10tailed: Not really a scary threat

Mom: *smiles kindly* What was that dear?

10tailed: *pales* nothing mom, nothing at all

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