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Note: Finally! I have time to revise and - dun, dun, DUN! - complete this fanfiction! Red is the name I'm using for the Pokèmon Trainer.

Chapter 1: The Gathering

Most people wouldn't think that something was being planned out in space. Anyone that would was called insane and the topic was dropped at that. Little did they know that the 'insane' ones were actually right.

A massive hand tapped its fingers on nothing, trying to come up with something to do, because let's face it – space is probably extremely boring if you're a giant hand with no entertainment. This hand went by Master Hand, or simply Master would do, thank you very much. It was seemingly out of nowhere that Master came up with its – it was probably a male hand – most grand idea. "Another reunion of the Smashers should be just the thing to amuse me," and with a mad laugh, the hand was gone.

Meta Knight was flying over Dream Land, patrolling it to make sure King Dedede wasn't doing anything stupid, as well as making sure no evil was afoot. Around his fourth lap above the peaceful world, a voice resounded in his mind. "This is now. Now is the time. Time for another Smashers tournament!" it said.

"Master Hand? What do you want?" the masked knight asked.

A deep chuckle and, "Oh, nothing really. Just something to entertain me," was his reply.

With a boom and a flash, Meta Knight, Kirby, and King Dedede found themselves back in the Smash Mansion once again.

Jigglypuff and Pikachu were walking and chit-chatting as a gloved hand appeared before them. Both of them moved as if to attack when the hand told them that he was throwing a party of sorts, and that they – along with Red (aka the Pokèmon Trainer) – were cordially invited. Another boom and flash later, they were at the Mansion as well.

The six Smashers were alone in the foyer of the Mansion, for Master Hand hadn't reached all the other important worlds quite yet. Jigglypuff shyly walked towards Meta Knight. "Hey there," she said simply. "How did the hand get you?"

Surprised at the fact that someone actually wanted to talk to him, the mysterious Dream Land denizen hesitated before answering. "He said he wanted something to 'entertain him', and with a boom and a flash, we wound up here. You?"

Jigglypuff grimaced. "We were just talking – Pikachu and me, that is – and he comes to us and he's all, 'I'm throwing a little party, and you're invited!' And now we're here with you, Red, Kirby, and Dedede."

Meta Knight couldn't help but laugh at the way she said the self-proclaimed king's name. It was uttered with such a serious face and such sarcasm that, despite his staid demeanor, he let out a chuckle. Eventually that chuckle caused the balloon Pokèmon to laugh, and that in itself caused a chain reaction of laughter til both of them were almost on the floor and their sides hurt.

By this time, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Wario, Peach, Bowser, and others had arrived.

For some reason, in spite of the suspicious intentions of Master Hand, Meta Knight had a feeling that this would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.