This is an idea that was given to me by the lovely Katerina! (: I hope you guys enjoy it, it's a brilliant idea (:

I'm pretty much gonna be killing myself with all the ideas you guys have been asking me to write. I'm starting this one and two others today. Cross your fingers that I'm able to keep up. :D

And if you HAVEN'T listened to Someone Like You (Messed Dubstep Remix) by MusicForRealMen yet, you need to do that. ASAP. I want to cry from the awesomeness when I listen to it. :'D

Sirens Suck


September 12, 2011


"Tucker! Tucker, please, you have to help's Parthenope, she took him...he's gone!"

"Whoa, slow down. Parthenope took him? Where, to the Ghost Zone?"


"Okay, okay, I hear you. Calm down."

"What do I do? He's gone, she took him...Tucker, what do I do?"

"Calm down. I'm sure he's fine, he can take care of himself in the Ghost Zone..."

"But she has him under that spell, he doesn't even know his own name anymore. Tucker, I refuse to leave him alone with her. She'll hurt him, she'll kill him if we don't hurry. Please, Tuck, you have to help me..."

"There's nothing I can do. You know that. Only you can save him, Sam."

"I don't know if I can do that..."

"It's the only way to save him. You want to save him, don't you?"

"What kind of a question is that? Of course I want to save him. I just...I think there's another way,"

"Really? Do tell."

"...maybe there isn't another way. This is just so hard. What if...what if it doesn't work?"

"It'll work. Trust me. I know him. It'll work."

"I really hope you're right, Tuck..."

"When am I not right?"

"When you say you can get a date."

"...I know you're upset about Danny, but there's no need to lash out."

"That wasn't me being upset. That was"

"Sadly, I already knew that. Now hurry up, the longer we wait, the stronger the spell gets."

"Wish me luck..."

"Good luck...not that you need it, or anything,"

"Thanks, Tuck. See you soon, hopefully..."

"I'll see you soon. Bye, Sam."

"Bye, Tuck,"


There's an app for that.

Not really.

Don't worry, all will be explained le soon. Happy day.

You guys, my hair is all kinds of curly today. Like hard-core curlin'.


- Tori