"hey did you guys hear there's going to be a new girl today?" Charlie said looking at her twin sister, Quinn and two best friends Brittany and Santana

"yea apparently pucks known her forever! He said she's hot and he would have but she keeps turning him down!"

"we've got to get to cheer but we'll see you in history char!"

"sure" Charlie waved the trio off as she reached her locker

"hey Charlie"

"hey Finn!" Charlie closing her locker and turned to look at the taller boy

"I just drove past Puckerman and the new girl, I almost crashed because of her, she's smokin'"

"you almost crashed because a puppy was playing in someone's front yard!"

"its was a cute puppy!"

"hey Finnio Chacha" puck said pounding his fist off Finn's before slinging his arm around his shoulder "this is my good friend Rachel, Rachel this is Charlie and Finn!" Charlie staring at the girl, Finn was right she was pretty hot long brown hair dreamy brown eyes and who knew someone that was so short could have such long legs, Charlie shook her head lightly when she realized she was starring, Rachel grinned at the blonde

"Rachel berry"

"ch-" Charlie started realizing her voice was higher than normal so she coughed trying to get it back to normal "Charlie Fabray!"

"umm could you show me to my locker?" Rachel asked looking the blonde square in the eye, Charlie nodded


"do you think we should tell her about Quinn and Charlie being twins or?"

puck shook her head with a mischief's grin on his face "you know I would be she's so far away plus its more fun this way!"

Finn laughed hi5'in puck before the boys left to go to football

"here's your locker!"

"thank you" Rachel smiled and began fidgeting with the lock

"so what made you change schools half way through?" Charlie asked leaning against the locker a few down from Rachel

"kind of got into a fight at my old school and got kicked out and this was the closest school to my house so.." Rachel shrugged throwing books into her locker

"a fight? You don't really seam the type!"

"you've known me about five minutes and you already think I'm a type?" Rachel looked at Charlie with one eyebrow arched

"no I mean, I don't know, you just seam nice!"

"I am nice!"

"nice girls don't get into fights!" Charlie arched her eyebrow in true Fabray fashion making Rachel smile

"I rebellious what can I say!" Rachel shrugged closing her locker and leaning against it looked at Charlie

"hum a rebel huh? well how would the rebel feel about coming to starbucks with me for lunch?"

"she'll think about it"

"well your going to have to let me know soon I might have someone else to take!" Charlie smiled moving close to the smaller girl leaning against the locker closest to Rachel's

"you wont find anyone better than me so like I said if I want to go and don't get a better offer ill met you here at lunch!" Rachel winked at the blonde before turning and strutting off to her next class

"well someone works fast, she hasn't even been to her first class yet and your already flirting with her!" Charlie smiled turning to look at her best friend, Sam

"yea well she's really cute and knowing Quinn she would of going to in there before me so..."

"when is this whole sibling war thing going to stop!" Sam asked taking Charlie's bag and slung it over his shoulder as they began walking to there class

"she started this whole thing!"

"and you keep it going"

"so your taking her side!"

"no of course not!" Sam held his hands up in defense as they walked into history "I just saying that maybe its gone on for long enough"

"yea then as soon as I let my guard down BAMM she kicks me in the shines and takes everything I care about, not a chance Sam!"

"your over reacting char" but she wasn't Quinn has done it plenty of times before Charlie had tried to make everything right between them only to have countless girlfriends and friends ripped away from her by Quinn only to be dropped when Quinn got bored, Quinn was the kind of sister that wanted everything Charlie had. Sure the girls act civil to each other and yea they cared and would do anything for each other but there was always that jealousy between them if one was happy the other would tear them down

at lunch Charlie stood at the brunettes locker one foot placed on the locker she was leaning on fidgeting with her phone, she hadn't told Brittany Santana or Quinn about going to lunch with the new girl because they would of insisted on coming and she didn't want that, Charlie looked up from her phone just as Rachel turned the corner head held high like she'd been going to this school for years, a grin formed on the brunettes face when she saw Charlie perched against her locker

"so you came!" Charlie smiled pushing herself away from the locker

"well the only other offer was from with weird kid with an afro and you were a little more appealing!"

"I can not believe you just compared me to jewfro!"

"he's kind of cute if you put a paper bag over his head!" Rachel said casually with a shrug

"I'm cuter right" Rachel's eyes traveled down the blonde going from the girls eyes down to her legs then back to her eyes

"maybe!" Rachel shrugged again walking past Charlie towards the parking lot

"ooh come on admit it you totally would!" Charlie teased following the smaller girl

"someone's full of themselves!"

"someone's in denial!" Rachel laughed looking at the blonde next to her

"so my car or yours?"

"mine!" Charlie took the girls bag throwing it in the back seat with her own, getting in the drivers seat searching through the glove box pulling out a pair of dark sunglasses slipping them over her eyes before pulling out of the car park heading towards starbucks

"you could be a murderer of something yet I still got in your car after what? A five minute conversation?"

"hey come on do I look like a murderer!"

"the pretty girls are always the lethal ones"

Charlie smirked glancing over at the girl "so you think I pretty!"

"anyone with two eyes would, god I can perfectly see you ego growing!"

"hey I do not have an ego!"

"could of fooled me, you have the biggest ego of anyone that iv spoke to today!"

"ooh no there's no way my egos bigger than Puckerman's!"

"humm ok the second biggest ego!"

"yea that's better I was about to kick you out of the car if you said my ego was bigger then pucks!"

"Noah's not that bad!"

"ooh well you clearly haven't seen him hitting on girls then huh? He still hits on me after 3 years of shooting him down!"

"he's been hitting on me since he could speak, I surprised his first words weren't 'how you doin''" Rachel said trying to do the Joey voice while pointing her fingers at Charlie

"that was awful!" Charlie laughed making the other girl smack her arm

"what wasn't it charming?"

"no not at all! You just sounded like you were one of those weird dudes that hang around outside McDonald's!"

"hey that's wasn't very nice was it!"

"like you said the pretty ones are always the lethal ones!" Charlie smiled as they pulling into starbucks parking lot "so what do you want?"

"ill ge..."

"no I invited you here now what do you want?" Rachel smiled sitting at the table they had just came to

"surprise me!"

"your going to regret that but ok!"

before Rachel could ask Charlie had walked off towards the counter returning a few minutes later

"so what is it?"

"hot chocolate with marshmallows, cream, strawberry bread crumbs and a shot of caramel!"

"god I developed diabetes just hearing you say that"

"don't knock it until you've tried it!"

"I totally wasn't knocking it I'm just saying!" Rachel took a sip out of her cup "ooh my god this is amazing"

Charlie grinned into her cup just as her phone rang. "sorry" she mumbled answering the call "hey Sam what's up?"

"where are you?"

"at starbucks why?"

"Puckerman was looking for you something about not being able to fine the new girl?"

"you didn't tell puck you where here?" Charlie whispered to Rachel who shook her head with a grin "tell puck I sorry Sam and that I stole her for an hour and ill have her back in one piece OK?"

"we have football after school so puck asked could you drop her off after school?"

"if she'll get in my car again then sure"

"OK I'll see you later charr"

"bye" Charlie hung up her phone before leaning her elbows on the table looking at Rachel "looks like I your ride home today"

"its a good job I've decided your not a murderer isn't it"

"C'mon we better go if we want to make it back on time" both girls took a last slip of there drinks before heading out to the car, the ride was filled with small talk and both girls getting to know one and other

"you'd better go if you don't want to be late" Charlie smiled leaning against her locker making the other girl stop walking

"I have to go to the principals office"

"down the hall last door on your right"

"thanks" Rachel grinned pecking Charlie on the cheek before whispering in her ear "ill see you after school"

Charlie nodded as Rachel walked down the hallway swaying her hips as she went, she took a deep breath trying to get her head straight before heading to math

Quinn walked into the locker rooms about to get changed for P.e she was late, about ten minutes late in fact but she didn't' really care she was Quinn Fabray goddammit those idiot gym teachers couldn't touch her, Quinn jumped slightly when the door was swung open and the new girl came strutting in, god Finn was right she was hot

"hey!" the brunette mumbled with her back to Quinn, Quinn frowned looking around the locker room expecting there to be someone else but no it was just her and Rachel,

"hey" Quinn smirked walking towards the smaller girl kneeling on the bench next to her "I didn't know you were in this class?"

"yea well neither did I until five minutes ago" Rachel grinned a grin the same as Quinn, shocking the girl a little no one ever had the balls to flirt with Quinn, save Finn who was stupid enough to do anything, and Quinn would be dammed if she was going to let some new girl get the better of her

"well I glad there's now someone in this class worth looking at"

"are you trying to sweet talk me?" Rachel's eyebrow arched

"maybe why is it working"

"maybe" Rachel reached over moving a strand of blonde hair behind the girls ear "but maybe not" Rachel got up off the bench and began shoving stuff in her locker, Quinn shook her head slightly before getting up and standing right behind the girl

"well we don't have to go to gym I could think of a few thinks that..." Quinn put her hand on the girls hip bringing her mouth closet to her ear "could count as exercise and will sure as hell be more fun than laps"

Rachel grinned before spinning around pinning the blonde against the row of lockers

"your not going to get the better of me" Rachel whispered letting her lips touch the blondes ear lightly "no one gets the better off me"

"what and you think your going to get the better of me" Quinn husked making the smaller girl smile before pressing her lips onto the blondes neck making Quinn gasp lowly

"definitely" Rachel whispered after sucking on the blondes neck a few times, when Quinn didn't say anything Rachel grinned "ill see you later" before Quinn could talk Rachel was gone leaving Quinn shocked no one had ever done or made her feel like that before, her legs felt like they were about to give way, Quinn took a few deep breaths before heading towards the mirror to fix her hair

"son of a bitch" she mumbled noticing the purple mark on her neck, Quinn piled make up on the mark in an attempted to cover it up which only barely works

"so how was your first day Rach?" puck asked walking up to the girls locker

"awesome, I don't get her first she changes just to get changed again for gym then gets changed back into those cloths!" Rachel mumbled nodding to Charlie who was walking to her locker

"what are you talking about she hasn't changed at all? She didn't even have gym today"

"yes she did she's in my P.e class and she was wearing a cheerleading uniform!",

"oooh my god what did you do"

"what do you mean?"

"look at Charlie's locker" Rachel frowned looking up from her phone seeing Charlie standing with a girl the spitting image of her except in a cheerios uniform

"what the fuck"

"I think you've met Quinn Charlie's twin"

"tell me your kidding?"

"nope what did you do, where you the one who gave her the hickey!"

"god puck what have I done" Rachel whined pushing her head into the boys chest

"well you went on a date with Charlie before sucking the neck off of her sister Quinn"

"fuck! Noah I can not get in that car with them, please take me home"

"no way this will be a good lesson for you!"

"what lesson do I have to learn? Ask every girl if she has a twin just incase!"

"noo the lesson here is-" puck stopped and thought, he wasn't even sure when the lesson was, hell he was proud of his little Jew " I have no idea but there is a lesson I just to proud and slightly turned on to think of it"

"Noah" Rachel growled smacking his chest

"hey Rachel you ready?" Charlie asked walking up behind Rachel, Rachel jumped turning to look at the our girls in front of her, Brittany was the only on openly checking her out, Quinn's eyebrow was arched with a slight smirk on her face, Santana was standing with her arms folded over her chest slyly, or what she thought was slyly, checking Rachel out and Charlie was just standing there her eyes shining at the brunette

"I umm, I actually trying out for the football team"

Santana Quinn and Charlie frowned and Brittany grinned "you'd look totally hot in a football uniform Rachel"

"thanks Brittany, I umm we got to go" Rachel ranted pushing Noah's chest but he never budged until Rachel put more force in and the boy stumbled backwards

"yea we got to go, see you around lezpez, twinnios blondie" he nodded at the foursome looping his arm around Rachel's waist and started walking towards the locker room but Rachel pushed him away slapping his chest, gaining laughs off the group they'd just left

"so your really going to try out?",

"well I have to now, at least I know I wont get in"

"next time don't cope of with both sisters in one day and it would be less hassle!"

"shut up Noah" she growled walking into the locker room, she could not believe that she was going to do this, try out for the football team what was she thinking? But at leased she wouldn't get in, then all she had to do was avoid the twins and that was it, easy right? Right?