Hey, sorry it has been a while, college kind of sucks sometimes, you know? but I'm trying to start back doing this and I'm thinking about starting 'Fake Date' again (I've only posted that on livejournal, will post it on here tomorrow) so, yea here's part five and i hope you enjoy it and please review, it makes me happy!

"so... You're planning on fitting all of us into that?" Rachel mumbled looking at the so called 'van' parked in Pucks garage

"well yea it has beds and whatever inside"

"dude you do realize there is going to be twelve of us here today right?"

"why only twelve shouldn't there be fifteen"

"Artie, Lauren and Blaine can't make it"

"so that just leaves me, you, the twin's, Finn, the changes, Santana, Brittany, Kurt, Sam and Mercedes?"

"yea Noah and how do you expect us to fit in that!"

"well there will be three up front and I'm sure Charlie and Quinn wouldn't mind sitting on your knee, a knee each its perfect!"

Rachel took a deep breath and pointed at the boy, "you're so lucky my dads are watching!"

"ooh come on like you haven't though about getting it on with both of the twins"

"dude stop it, sure it was funny, kind of, at first but I'm dating Charlie now!"

"and yet you called her Quinn last night when we were playing the xbox"

"you know what, screw if my dads are watching!" Rachel growled and began chasing after Puck who just laughed as her jumped the small hedge that separated his garden from Rachel's

"ooh come on Rach, I was kidding, though you did call her Quinn" Puck said hidding behind the tree in Rachel's garden

"shut up" Rachel hissed as Quinn, Charlie and Finn walked over to them

"what's going on?"

"Noah's an ass!"

"and Rachel loves it!"

"what did he do?" Charlie asked walking over to Rachel and linking there hands together, Rachel smiled and turned to the girl

"it doesn't matter!"

"go get our bags Finn" Quinn mumbled, picking at one of her nails


"now Finn" Quinn barked making the boy nodded and rush towards the car

"got him whipped I see Quinn" Puck said with a grin

"yea well its easy when you know the right things to threaten him with" Quinn said sending a fake smile towards Puck before turning and frowning at the van "that's what we're traveling in?"

"thank you! See Puckerman that wont do!" Rachel snapped

"well that's just to bad, it will have to do!"

"whatever dude, I have to go get my case, I'll be back in a minute OK?" Rachel said turning to Charlie who nodded, Rachel nodded to pecking the blonde on the lips before turning and running up to her house

"so who's the girl?" her dad asked leaning against the door frame, one eyebrow arched

"that Charlie, you probably know her dad, Fabray!"

"Russell Fabray"

"one in the same!"

"hang on, are you sure, I mean Russell is the biggest homophobe ever! I'm pretty sure his daughter wouldn't be gay"

"ooh no dad, not just the one, both of'em"

"are you sure?"

"trust me dad, I know from first hand experience!" her dad frowned, thinking about what she meant before a sense of realization washed over her face

"you didn't?"

"come on Rach, we're leaving!" Puck yelled as he swung the door to her house open

"we'll talk more about it when I get home, tell daddy I said bye!"

"OK so I'll take the first six hours, then Hudson will take the next six and Sam can take the last seven hours yea?"

"dude why do I get the last seven hours and you only six!"

"because that's the best we can do!"


"OK how about I do the last hour?" Rachel snapped pushing past puck and throwing her case next to everyone else's

"no Sam will do it!"

"Fine!" the blonde boy snapped getting in the front of the van with Finn and Puck

"just a little hint of what this weeks going to be like, ooh the joys!" Rachel mumbled to Charlie as they climbed into the van

Charlie chuckled, letting her head fall onto Rachel's shoulder when they sat down on one of the single beds

"are your mom and dad OK with you coming here this week?" Rachel asked taking Charlie's hand into her own and let her cheek rest on the blondes head

"yea, well kind of, we only told them half the story, that we were going away for the week to a beach hour but we said it was Mercedes beach house and it would only be me, Quinn, Mercedes and Kurt!"

"you parents don't like the rest of us huh?"

"its not that, he just doesn't trust us around boys, he knows Santana and Brittany are kind of, you know..." Charlie wiggled her eyebrows making Rachel frown

"no way!"

"ooh come on you didn't notice?" the blonde said pointing towards the couple who where tucked away in the corner, Brittany's legs draped over Santana's thighs as they whispered and giggled to each other

"I guess but Santana said that Kerofsky was her boyfriend"

"totally beard"

Rachel nodded, it all starting to make sense to her now "so why couldn't you tell your parents you where going away with me?"

"I know this sounds awful but my dad knows your dads and he wouldn't have let us come if he knew, I did want to say but Quinn said it was better not to but..."

"hey, its OK Char I understand" Charlie looked up at Rachel with a frown "honestly, I do understand, I'm just glad you could come!" the brunette said pecking Charlie on the lips "it would of sucked without you!"

Charlie smiled curling more into Rachel's side

"how long is it going to take to get to this place dude!" Mike called making Finn turn around

"its about nineteen hours broo" the boy said smiling at Quinn who was sat quietly to Rachel's right, Rachel was going to ask her if she was OK but her attention was caught by the other blonde that was curled up against her side yawning

"are you tired?" Charlie nodded against the girls neck making Rachel smiled "get some sleep, I promise I wont let Santana near you with that sharpy pen that she just so happens to have in her jean pocket!" Rachel said raising her eyebrow at Santana who frowned but then smirks

"that's in my back pocket, Berry what are you doing look at my ass?"

"couldn't exactly miss it when it was practically shoved in my face while you tried to climb into this thing!"

"you so love it!"

"yea like a slap in the face" the diva said making the latina glare before grinned and turning back to Brittany

it was about five hours into the journey and everyone was asleep except Rachel who was fiddling with her ipod, Quinn, who was playing angry birds on her phone and Puck who was obviously driving

"are you OK?" Rachel finally asks after about half an hour of weighing out the pros and cons

"fine, why?"

"you're moodier then usually, if that's even possible!"

"I don't even want to be here!" the blonde snaps throwing her phone down in the space between her and Rachel

"why not?" Quinn's eyes went from her to Charlie then to Santana and Brittany before returning to the floor

"just don't want to spend a week with you losers!"

Rachel actually smiled at that because there was no hate or anger behind the sentence like there usually was in ever sentence she said to Rachel "now try saying it like you mean it!"


"ooh come on Quinn! If you didn't want to be here you wouldn't be!"

"trust me, I don't want to be here! But Finn begged me and then Charlie begged me, I couldn't say no!"

"since when did you do when Charlie and Finn wanted you to do!"

"yea you're right this has nothing to do with Finn but Charlie wanted me here and no matter what you or anyone else thinks of me, I don't say no to my sister!"

"OK, chill out, believe it or not I was asking because I cared but whatever!"

"you don't care"

"trust me Quinn as much as I wish I didn't, I do, OK?"


"I don't know!" Rachel mumbled turning her attention back to her iPod just as the van jumped to a stop "why are we stopping Noah?"

"need gas," the boy said before getting out the van

"I'm going to get something to eat, do you want anything?" Rachel asked looking over at Quinn

"its cool, I'll come in with you!" Rachel nodded and moved away from Charlie, careful not to let her fall onto her side and followed Quinn out of the van and into the gas station

"are you going to get Charlie something or should I?" Rachel asked looking along the selection of sandwiches on the shelf

"you get her something" Quinn mumbled grabbing a sandwich off the shelf and heading to the counter, Rachel sighed and nodded to herself before grabbing two cheese sandwiches and heading over to pay for them

"you ready to go Puckerman?" Rachel asked

"yup lets go!"

the trio headed back to the van where Santana and Kurt where now awake

"ooh well that's disappointing!" Santana mumbled making Rachel and Quinn frown


"Santana was hoping you guys got kidnapped" Kurt said with a shrug

"charming!" Rachel mumbled settling back into her seat next to Charlie

"yea yea whatever, so what'dya buy?"

"nothing for you!" Rachel said smirking when Santana glared at her

Rachel groaned as she stumbled out of the van "we call dibs on the big room dude!" she mumbled grabbing her case with one hand and grabbing a hold of Charlie's hand with the other

"whatever, unpack and come down stairs and we'll get this party started!"

Rachel ignored the boy and slumped into the house and up the stairs to her room

"are you OK?" Charlie asked

"just exhausted, didn't get to sleep on that trip" the brunette groaned falling back onto the double bed "I think I'm just going to go to bed"

"ooh OK, well I'll just go get changed and I'll be back in"

"no you don't have to go to bed to, go down stairs have a little fun, just don't get to drunk"

Charlie smiled and sat on the edge of the bed "and your sure you're OK?"

Rachel pushed herself up on her elbows "I'm fine babe, honest, just go have fun" Rachel said putting her hand on Charlie's cheek

The blonde smiled and leant forwards pecking Rachel on the lips "good night!"

Rachel smiled and fell back onto the bed again "night!" she mumbled cuddling up to her pillow, Charlie got up off the bed and walked to the door before turning back to Rachel

"you're sure you don't want me to stay?"

"no Charlie its fine,"

"OK, I'll see you in the morning!"

Rachel groaned when she felt someone shaking her shoulders "five more minutes dad!" she mumbled turning away from the person

"Rachel get up!" the blonde growled making Rachel frown and look over her shoulder

"Quinn! What the hell are you doing!"

"get up!"


"just come with me Rachel!" Quinn said pulling Rachel out of the bed and dragged her down stairs

"where are you taking me Quinn, I'm really not in the mood for your little games right now!"

Quinn didn't answer she just continued dragging Rachel out the house "right Quinn stop!" the brunette snapped grabbing Quinn's arm and forced her to stop "what's going on, Quinn?"

"come swimming with me?"

"you're kidding right, its like 4 am Quinn we'll freeze!"

"come on Rachel trust me!"

"not being funny but that's the last thing I'd do!"

"fine!" the blonde snapped before turning on her heels and heading towards the water

"Quinn where are you going!" Rachel yelled but the blonde didn't answer, "come on Quinn this isn't funny, you'll catch a cold in that water!"

"then come with me!"

"you have got to be kidding me!" Quinn ignored Rachel making the brunette groaned and follow the blonde "Quinn Fabray don't you dare go in that water!"

"is that a threat?" the blonde said turning to look at Rachel but continued walking backwards towards the water

"it will be if I have to make it one!"

"yea? Well come get me" the blonde said stumbling backwards and just managing to stay on her feet before grinning at Rachel

"how much did you have to drink Quinn!"

"some but I'm not drunk"

"come on Quinn stop fooling around!"

"I'm not!" Quinn snapped pulling her top over her head and throwing it on the sand "come on Berry live a little!"

Rachel dragged her tongue along her bottom lip before pulling her bottom lip in between her teeth "we really shouldn't Quinn"

"yea I know we shouldn't doesn't mean we can't!" The blond shivered slightly when the water washed over her bare feet and shin

"come on Quinn, lets just go inside and have a game of the xbox or something!" Rachel said, yelping slightly and jumping back when the water washed over her feet

"you get used to it" the cheerleader said walking towards Rachel and grabbing both of her hands "I know you don't trust me, and I don't really blame you, but just live a little" Quinn said pulling Rachel towards her before balling up the bottom of her shirt "even if this is the last time, please, just trust me Rachel!"

Rachel nodded letting Quinn pull her shirt over her head

The blonde grabbed onto Rachel's hand again and tried to pull her towards the water but Rachel didn't move "I promise I'm not going to do anything to hurt you Rachel, but I might do this!" Quinn grinned kicked the water over Rachel

"holly shit, that's freezing!" the diva gasped before looking back at the grinning cheerleader "you're so dead!"

"yea? Bring it on!" Quinn grinned walking back into the water that was now knee level

"fine!" Rachel lunged forward, tackling Quinn into the water "I guess football does do some good!"

"I guess it does" Quinn mumbled moving a strand of wet hair out of Rachel's face

"you're shivering!"

"yea well it is real cold, I think a more appropriate question is why aren't you shivering?"

"warm blooded" Rachel joked with a shrug

"I bet"

"we should go inside, I don't want you getting sick" Rachel said, frowning what Quinn smiled "what?"

"just, if it was Finn that was out here with me now he wouldn't care about me getting sick or anything like that"

"like I said before, I care, I don't know why but I do"

"I think I've got you all wrong Berry!"

"yea, but when you wake up, sober, you wont remember thinking that!"

"I told you I didn't;t have a lot to drink, few shots and a vodka and coke, Charlie was the one who got drunk and fell asleep on the sofa"

"I'm going to be really cranky tomorrow because you woke me up you know!"

"was it worth it?"

"in the freezing cold water, half naked, at god-awful times in the morning? Yea I guess it was worth it"

Quinn frown "so even though its freezing and early you still think it was worth it?"

"yea, I got to know that you aren't the hard faced Cheerleader that you pretend to be in school"

"yea, I'm not as good as Santana at keeping up the act"

"why do you do it? If you were like this from the first time I met you and knew who you were I would..."

"you would what?"

"we could've been friend"

Quinn smiled and nodded "do you want to go inside, get changed, and I brought a few horror movies if you want to watch them?"

"yea that sounds good, even I'm beginning to shiver"

Quinn smiled, and took Rachel slightly by surprise when she ran her hand how the brunettes bare arm before linking there hands together and tugged her towards the house

"Finn's passed out in my room so we'll have to go to yours"

Rachel nodded "sure, I don't have any DVD's in my room though"

"I'll grab some when I'm in my room getting changed"

"sure!" the brunette nodded before walking into her room quickly getting changed into a pair of sweats and a hoodie, she sat on the bed pulling her hair into a pony just as the door opened reveling Quinn who was dressed pretty much the same as Rachel

"I have Paranormal Entity or Episode 50?" the blonde said sitting down on the bed next to Rachel and showing her both cases

"what's that one?"

"what this one?" Quinn held up the 'Episode 50' case making Rachel nod "is basically about two films crews, one trying to prove that ghosts are real the other trying to prove they're not, its kind of better not knowing what its about before you watch it, I don't really know how to explain it without, like, ruining it!"

"OK put that one in"

"you don't get nightmares do you Rachel?" the blonde said throwing a grin over her shoulder as she put the disk in the player

"nah, I'm a big girl" Rachel said moving up in the bed leaning back onto her elbows

"hardly" Quinn mumbled gaining a glare from Rachel as she lay down on her back, looking up at Rachel "this film doesn't have a patch on 'Paranormal Entity'"

"I've seen Paranormal Entity though, I haven't seen this one yet"

"have you seen insidious yet?"

"yea, that was an awesome film"

"agreed" the blonde mumbled turning her head towards the TV, Rachel smiled, doing the same as Quinn but stayed probed up on her elbows

"so is this like, the real footage or what?"

"supposable, yea, but I think its like the Paranormal activity's, based off a true story but vastly exaggerated! And don't worry there's no clowns"

Rachel frowned looking down at Quinn "how did you know I'm scared of clowns?"

"I listen, I might not look like I do, but I do"

"you're probably the only person" Rachel said looking back at the TV

"what about Charlie, doesn't she listen?"

"most of the time, yea, but there's just sometimes I can tell she's not listening you know?"

"ooh yea I know, I've lived with her for like seventeen years"

Rachel nodded looking at her hands before looking back to the Tv

"what's wrong?" Quinn asked sitting up like Rachel


"ooh come on, you only look at your hands if you're nervous or upset"

"I just feel bad, for kissing you behind Charlie's back"

"OK, one, you guys weren't dating and two, you kissed me first!"


"no, its the truth, she might have saw you first but you kissed me first!"

"I'm not some object that you can claim because you saw it first!"

"I know I didn't mean it like that!, just, can we watch the movie" the blonde said laying back down and turning her back to Rachel



"look at me!"

Quinn did as she was told looking over her shoulder towards Rachel, Rachel Put her hand on Quinn's cheek taking the blonde by surprise at first but so the blonde was laying on her back looking up at Rachel "I'm not making the first move this time" Quinn whispered making Rachel lean forward, bumping her nose lightly of Quinn's, making the blonde smile slightly, before pushing her lips onto Quinn's, Quinn kissed back instantly, digging one hand into Rachel's hair and the other wrapped around her waist, pulling the smaller girl towards her

"wait" Quinn said pulling away from Rachel, who groaned at the lose of contact "the movie, you haven't seen it" Rachel gave Quinn a 'are you fucking kidding me' look making Quinn smile "sorry" she mumbled and Rachel just nodded and both girls leant forward at the same time meeting each other half way, Quinn wrapped her arm around Rachel's waist again, this time pulling the girl fully on top of her

Rachel fixed herself so that she was now straddling Quinn's waist, one hand in her hair, the other on her side, she couldn't believe she was kissing Quinn, again, the third time except now it was different, now she was dating Charlie,yet she couldn't force herself to pull away especially after Quinn's hand slide under her shirt to the skin on her lower back

Both girls where forced to pull away though then the door swung open, Rachel let out a sigh of relief when she saw Puck standing there, a passed out Charlie in his arms,

Rachel quickly jumped off Quinn and went over to Puck "is she OK?"

"drunk, but fine" the boy said laying her down on the bed Quinn had just got off of "night Rach, Quinn" he said before leaving the room

"I better go in to my room" Quinn mumbled turning and walking out of the door

"goddammit Rachel!" the small girl snapped to herself running her hands through her hair before walking over and laying down on the bed next to Charlie and began running her hands through the blondes hair "I'm so sorry char!"