Butterfly, butterfly floating in the wind,

Came home so I can see you again,

If you don't I will not cry,

I'll just lie,

And say goodbye,

It's been ten years since she died, and he was still heart broken. It was sich a sudden attack that he didn't even have time to think, it was the day the worls stopped turning. And in the moments where the world stood still, he life was taken.

Now, ten years later, he's still stuck here, withoout the girl he loved. He's a butterfly with a broken wing, and a broken spirit. Without the ony one who could ever hurt him this much.

People ask him daily if he's alright, he just nods and says, "I'm fine, no need to worry." It's a lie, and he knows it.

His friends worry about him, his mom and dad cfry for him, and he, he will never forget her. Never in a million lifetimes. They say that in a second life you can be born related to the one you loved in your past life, and thats what he was hoping would happen to him, so he could once again know her. The one that stole his heart.

As plunged the dagger into his chest he took in one last breath to say one last thing, "I will forever love you... Hinamori Amu..."

~Two Weeks Later~

They all stood in front of the graves of the two people who were once in love... and alive. They're graves read:

Tsyukinomi Ikuto


A loved son, friend, brother, and fiancee

He will always be in our hearts, even if he's not here himself.

Hinamori Amu

1985- 2001

A loved daughter, friend, cousin, sister, and fiancee

She will never leave us no matter how hard we try to let her go.

There they laid, side by side for the rest of eternaty. And they were happy together in the afterlife.

My dear butterfly,

I will love you to the day I die.