Title: Bend Over For Me

Author Name: Edward's Peacock and TwistedMindofPervs

Rating: M

Word Count:

Pairing: Edward/Jasper

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Disclaimer: While we don't own Edward and Jasper, we love making them do dirty, kinky things.

Summary: When you hide your true passions, what's left? Edward has hidden who he really is his whole life. Will a chance meeting one night in a biker's bar change everything? Or is back to business as usual in the morning? m/m Slash You've been warned. 18 only.

Chapter 4


It took me twenty minutes to make the trip back to my house. Pulling my bike into the garage, I climbed off and headed inside, leaving the door open so that Edward could park. I knew my boy well enough to know that when he did show up, he wouldn't want to leave his precious Bella on the street. Not just because he was afraid it would disappear, but because Edward didn't want anyone to know that he was inside my house doing deliciously naughty things to my ass.

Walking into the small kitchen, I dropped my keys on the counter and saw there were two messages on my answering machine. I pressed play before I opened the fridge and pulled out a beer, popping the top off as my mother's voice filled the air.

"Jasper, sweetheart, are you home? Hmm, I guess you're out." She paused and sighed. "So, I was talking to Mrs. Chambliss and she said her son, Patrick was coming to town next week. I thought maybe you could, I don't know, show him around or something. She and I thought that you'd be able to . . . help him. You know maybe take him to dinner or a movie." I shook my head, a chuckle rumbling out of my chest. She would never stop trying to set me up. "Anyway, call me. I miss you. Oh, and Dad says hello, too."

The machine beeped before moving on to the next message, this one from my landlord.

"Jasper, Phil here. I just wanted to remind you that your rent is due next week, not that you're ever late, but anyway. Also, I've contacted an exterminator to come spray for termites. Not sure when he will be there, but I'll let you know."

I deleted both messages before walking into the living room. The small tutor style house I rented wasn't much, only two bedrooms and one bathroom, but it was cheap and close enough to both work and Mac's that I could have the best of both worlds. Phil was nice enough, too; though he was a little rough around the edges. I'd never come out and told him that I was gay, but I had a feeling he'd already figured it out. As long as I paid my rent on time, he didn't seem to care. He just wasn't the kind to pry.

Setting my beer on the oak coffee table that my mother insisted went with the room, I gathered up the newspapers that littered the couch and tossed them into the trash in the kitchen. Edward and I had been too wrapped up in each other for him to notice the state of my house, but knowing that he'd be on my doorstep any minute, I felt the urge to make my place presentable. Edward had money and lived a lifestyle that would make it hard to compete with. It's not that I was ashamed of my place, but I didn't want Edward to decide that he couldn't be with me because of it. Just the thought of him leaving me had me clutching my chest. I wouldn't let him go — not now that I've had the pleasure of tasting him on my tongue. Just the thought of his cum in my mouth had me licking my lips in anticipation.

Once I had the living room somewhat tidy, I picked my beer back up and wandered down the hallway to my bedroom. Taking a swing of my drink, I set it on the dresser and began to remove my work clothes. The khaki slacks and white dress shirt I wore wasn't who I was; I wanted to wear my blue jeans, AC/DC T-shirt, and my leather motorcycle boots. I wanted to be able to show my ink, let my true self out for the world to see. While I could do that here at home, or even down at Mac's Biker Hideout, I couldn't do that at work. No, the office was all about presenting the perfect image of its workers, even the lowly minions that worked in the mailroom.

Tossing my shirt into the hamper inside of my closet, I suppressed a scoff. If I'd never seen Edward, I would have quit a long time ago. He was the only reason I put up with their narrow-minded attitudes toward ink: the glimpses of him at the elevator, the sound of his commanding voice when he chewed someone's ass out over the phone. The man had a power over me, one I needed him to enforce over me.

I wondered if I should even bother putting any clothes on. Every time Edward and I were in the same room together, we ended up naked with his cock in my mouth or ass. Just the way I wanted him to be. However, I knew that Edward was going to be nervous when he showed up, and I had no doubt that he would actually be here. Whether he was willing to admit it or not, he needed me.

I'd just slid my legs into a pair of faded blue jeans, forgoing any underwear, when my phone rang. Picking up the receiver in my bedroom, I chuckled when I saw my parents' number flash across the caller ID. Part of me wanted to ignore it, but the other half knew that my mother would keep calling until I talked to her.

Sighing, I hit talk and brought the phone up to my ear. "Hello, Mom."

"Jasper, sweetheart, you're home. I called earlier, but you didn't answer. I got worried," she rambled on. "Did you get my message? Jasper, are you there?"

"Yes, Mom, I'm here and, yes, I got your message, but I can't show Patrick around. I'm busy."

"Busy? You don't even know when he is coming to town," she scoffed. Before I could reply, she gasped. I could almost see her jumping up and down in the kitchen, the cord to the rotary style phone they had on the kitchen wall swinging from her excitement. "You met someone, didn't you?"

"Mom," I began, but she cut me off when she squealed.

"Tell me about him," she pleaded.

Shaking my head, I sat down on the side of my bed. The images of Edward behind me last night, the feel of his weight pressed down on my body as he fucked me had me shivering. Shaking those thoughts out of my head, I told her, "He's — well, he's amazing."

"Where did you meet him?" she asked.

"Down at Mac's," I answered. On one of their visits up last year, I'd taken my parents by the biker bar. Just like they were with my sexuality, they were equally accepting of my love of motorcycles and tattoos. As long as I was happy, so were they.

"So, he's a biker, too?"

"Mmhmm," I hummed.

"What does he look like?" she pressed, searching for more information.

"Mom," I groaned, resting my elbow on my knee. "He's gorgeous. Deep green eyes, auburn hair. He's a little taller than me, I guess. He's just . . . incredible."

"Does this Mr. Incredible have a name?"

I nodded, even though I knew she couldn't see me through the phone. "Edward, his name is Edward."

"Strong family name," she mused. "Is it serious between you?"

Before I could answer her, I heard the roar as Edward pulled Bella into my garage. I scrambled to my feet, mumbling, "Gotta go, Mom. Love you and tell Dad I said hi."

Without giving her a chance to reply, I ended the call and tossed the phone onto my nightstand. I dragged my palms down the side of my jeans, trying to wipe away the moisture that had been building. I walked into the kitchen at the same moment that a loud knock echoed through the room. Taking a deep breath, I crossed over and opened the door. My mouth flopped open at the site in front of me. Edward was a god.

Edward's POV

Long after the door closed, I stood there gaping like an idiot. Jasper wanted me just as I was, not the man in the suit, not the boss, just me — ink and all. That struck me as funny. Everyone wanted something from me, but not the simple man from the mailroom. All he asked for was me not to hide myself. He didn't know that was next to impossible. Something inside me yearned for more, more of him, the way he touched me, and without a doubt, his acceptance. What had he done to me? And would he do it again?

My skin continued to tingle as I slipped my suit back on. I shoved my documents into my briefcase and headed for the door. Too many questions rambled around my brain while I took the elevator down to the garage. My cell phone chirped the new e-mail. Flipping it open revealed a new e-mail from my aunt asking if I would be joining the family for dinner.

In reality, I wanted nothing more than to shed my suit and take Bella for a ride. Before I really thought about it, I found myself typing on the keyboard telling her I had a dinner meeting. The last thing I wanted was another heated conversation about how I needed to marry someone suitable. I wasn't 100% sure that I could hide the fact that I'd met somebody. They'd never approve. Just as quickly, she replied back. Reading it, I huffed, dropping into the front seat of my car. It would appear she invited company. No doubt it was another fix up. I shot her another apologetic refusal to join them and shut off my phone.

I pulled my keys out of my pocket and started my car. There was no way to parade Jasper around like I would have wanted to do; however, that didn't mean I couldn't give him everything inside me. That single thought solidified my evening plans.

An hour later, I was home, showered, and dressed in my black leather pants and matching leather jacket, over my white wife beater. The only thing left was to figure out what to bring for dinner. Then I remembered there was something I hadn't eaten in years. I slipped into the garage, hopped on Bella, and kick started the engine. Flying out the garage, I cruised down the driveway.

My house was outside the city, giving me the needed privacy so people wouldn't see me on my bike. The freedom that came with cruising at 100 miles per an hour on my hog was indescribable.

I grabbed dinner a mile from Jasper house. The nervousness of last night drifted away to be replaced by the thrill of excitement racing through me. I dropped Bella's stand and propped her to the left. She'd be safe in Jasper's garage with his. Shutting off the light and closing the door, I headed to the back door.

Shifting dinner into one hand, I knocked. It didn't take long for the door to open and his beautiful face to appear. His grinning spoke volumes of how happy he was to see me standing there.

"What took you so long?"

I wiggled my eyebrows. "Dinner."

"You coming in or are we going to eat on the stairs?" He laughed.

Jasper stepped back and waved me in. I dropped the pizzas on the table and spun on my heel. Before he could say anything, I stalked forward, pushing him back against the refrigerator. Latching on to the freezer door with my fingers, I rested my forearms against the cool metal surface, caging him in. His eyes shifted from the cardboard boxes and back to me. "The pizza's gonna get cold."

My lips curled into a smirk. "Then you better kiss me quickly."

"What if I want you to be the one to kiss me?" he challenged.

I stepped closer, leaving no space between us. "I'd do it — for you."

"Please, your teasing me again," he breathed, a storm brewing in his blue eyes.

"No teasing, baby." To prove it to both of us, I crushed my lips to his.

There was no resistance when my tongue swiped across his lower lip begging for entrance. I swallowed his guttural groan when I ground my hardened cock against his thigh. Jasper slipped his hands under the hem of my shirt and yanked it up, hooking behind my neck. Leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses across his cheeks, I moved to nip at the sensitive skin below his ear.

"Let's eat." I chuckled, trying to pull back.

His greedy hands ripped my shirt the rest of the way off. "I'm suddenly in the mood for cold pizza."

When he grabbed my belt buckle, I stilled his hands. "No rushing tonight." I shook my head, moving my hand to cup his cheek. "This is our first date. Call me old fashioned, but I think a little wooing is in order."

His hand slid up to rest over my heart. "I'm sorry. You're right. I should be wooing you and not tearing off your clothes."

Grinning, I rested my forehead against his. "I meant I should be wooing you."

Jasper bit his lip. "Okay, you seduce me and I'll rip your clothes off."

My skin goose bumped under his stroking hands. "Fuck, baby. You have no idea how badly I want you right now."

"I'm not sorry, but you win. Dinner, then wild sex." His offer was too tempting to not accept with a nod.

Jasper grabbed my hands and led me to sit at the kitchen table, pushing me into a chair. The smell of the meat lover's pie drifted up when he flipped the top open. We decided to eat right from the box. Between the two of us, we polished off the first one and half the Hawaiian one, too, while we talked about just any stupid shit that came to mind. I left out the details of the family dinner. Someone once told me not to bring up anything that might make a date uncomfortable. And somehow I thought hearing about Victoria would be a bad idea.

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