The Bodyguard

Summary: When a strange army of supper human soldiers terrorize the Satan family Mrs Satan takes it upon her self to

hire Gohan to protect her family and find these mysterious enemies, but how will Videl and her father handle the idea

and can Gohan survive living with the Satan family and take on this new threat without Videls' knowledge? Will the new

closeness with Videl spark feelings between the pair or will Gohans secrets drive them farther apart? A GV pairing with

a new twist.

Chapter 1: Mysterious Energy Fighters

Night had just fallen on the Satan mansion high a top a hill over looking Satan City; formally Orange Star City. The quiet sound of the night slowly replaced the sound of the busy city noises as the sun sank under the horizon. Unfortunately that was not the only sounds ecohing over the large property. A very faint sound of swishing freshly wet grass could be heard slowly approaching the house. Foot steps of a large unknown group came quickly towards the front gate. As they approached the gate the pace of the foot steps quickened and became louder, but the sound of the guards TV and laughter drowned out any hint as to the approaching danger. In a black blur both guards throats were slashed as there limp bodies fell to the soft grass and bleed out without a single scream escaping there mouths. The glow of the guards gate lights did little to show the intruders as they passed.

The group began to advance on the front door of the house speeding up even more to an almost inhuman speed. Suddenly the majority of the group came to a dead stop, digging there heals in to the muddy grass. The two leading men kept up the pace however and with a large bound they smashed threw the front wall on the third story of the mansion. Brick and plaster giving way as easily as paper. It only took a couple of seconds for the a loud air horn siren to sound and echo over the massive property. Every light in the house turned on and yelling of security guards, barking of watch dogs, and screams of maids bursted out of the small house. These sound however were drowned out after the defining sound of multiple machine gun fire and flashes from there barrels burst out the huge mansion.

Amber Satan the lady of the house jump from her bed and quickly turned to her husband who she saw had already struggling to throw on his usual brown fighting gi.

'Why must he be so stubborn this is the third time our house has been attacked like this in two weeks and it obvious he doesn't stand a chance against these guys' Amber thought as she dress in her usual evening wear.

"Mr and Mrs Satan we have multiple intruders" A security guard said bursting into the bedroom wielding an large machine gun. "We have to get you guys to safety" the guard paused as a look of panic struck his face" oh shit were's Videl". Amber wasn't fazed though as she had sent her daughter Videl to a friends house after the last attack.

"Its ok shes at Erasa's house" Amber said noticing the shocked look on her husbands face "We'll if your to proud to go to the police with this problem then fine, but I won't have you endangering Videl".

"HAHAHAH! Videl endanger HAHAHA not with The Great Mr. Satan around" he bellowed "I took out cell ,these guys are nothing but wimps". Just then the fare wall of the bedroom crumbled as a dark figure wearing a ninja like body suit came flying in. He stood there as the dust settled around him. Immediately the security guard open fire on the assailant and two more security guards burst in doing the same. The man however seem rather unaffected by the cloud of bullets being directed at him. Bits of black fabric were the only casulties from this firing squad as the attacker didn't even flinch. A blade shot out of his hand and he gripped it and dove at the security guards slicing open all three with one powerful swing. Mr. and Mrs Satan took this time to escape from the man and began running down the maze of hall ways of the Satan Mansion. Joining up with another group of security guards, about 5, they started to run toward the roof were there were a number of expensive jet copters that they could use to escape. There escape plans hadn't wroked even once but there wasn't much else they could do. It seemed no one was a match for there unknow attackers, so all they could do was run away. Unfortunately there path was quickly blocked as the second man that entered the building burst threw the wall and stood in the path of the group. He looked identical to the first attacker and just as strong and emotionless as he stood there unafraid of the heavely armed gaurds.

"Get Down!" the group of security guards yelled and they all opened up on the man knowing very well that it would probably have little effect. They were right as the man jumped in between the group and took out each security guard one at a time with bone crushing kicks and punches. Soon only he remained standing with Mr. and Mrs Satan cowering at his feet.

"SATAN PUNCH!" Mr. Satan yelled jumping to his feet and punching the man straight in the jaw. The man smirked obviously unaffected by the champs signature move. " What no way that's the punch I used to take out cell" He said staring at his hands in disbelief.

'Oh god hes been lying for so long he's confusing reality' Amber thought well aware that Mr. Satan had not defeat the monster Cell. It had been seven years since that day and she can still remember watching the Cell games videos.

Cell was some kind of monster that had appeared out of no were. He ran around sucking up peoples energy,then he started to destroy cities and whole islands for what seem like no reason other then enjoyment. Finally he announced to the world that he was holding a tournament and for all the strongest fighters to come and challenge him. Her husband Mr. Satan was world champion at the time so he join in the monsters tournament but was effortlessly defeated. A group of strangers with incredible power ended up defeating cell but they left and since no one actually saw them defeat Cell Mr. Satan claimed victory against cell. What bothered Amber the most thought was she actually believed him that he defeated Cell and glorified him like the rest of the world, but after both her and her daughter Videl surpassed him in the ring it became obvious that he didn't beat Cell. She felt bad because she had never told anyone about her discovery, not even her own daughter. They all believed that Mr. Satan was there saviour and a great hero and she couldn't take that away from people. Now Mr. Satan ego had exploded and that's why they were in this mess. He was to arrogant to ask for help from the police or army, he just kept adding more security but it was obviously not enough. These men these things were beyond believe as nothing seemed to effect them at all.

Mr. Satan still stunned by how ineffective his punch was didn't even see the quick shuffle kick that collided with his side. He immediately felt a couple of his ribs breaking and then was out cold as he collided with the hallway wall and smashed threw to his private study. Mrs. Satan now alone took off running again down the hall, she was stronger then her husband but even she would have been out cold if hit with her husbands Satan Punch. Running down the hall as fast as possible she slid on a loose rug and smashed into a small night stand cutting up her thigh pretty badly. Fearing for her life she quickly got back up and began to run again. The man obviously had taken a faster route and rounded the corner towards her. Finally she had enough of running and using the moment of her run she leaped up landing a fears drop kick to the mans head. To her surprise the man did not budge from his spot leaving her to fall flat on her back.

The man simply looked down at the women and smiled a creepy, perverted smile. He wasn't going to kill her right away, she knew what he wanted and she was unsure if she could stop him. Its then she notice threw the man mask, his left eyes was not an eye at all but glowed red like some kind of computer screen. It began to beep in an urgent tone, and the mans face although mostly covered showed fear. Quickly the man reached into his black gi and pulled out a video tape. He dropped it in the her lap and took off at amazing speed down the hall and out of the house.

The house became eerily quite and Amber was unable to get up from her spot still frozen in shock. As she calmed her self down she took in the magnitude of the nights events. The hall she was in was badly damaged several holes in the walls smouldering as if were cut out with fire. The floor boards were cracked were the man had walked as if he was un aware of his own strength. She looked behind her and was shock to find a trial of blood which she conclude was hers, but there was a lot of blood that smeared the walls .She then looked back at the tape she had just received from the intruder. It was a simple black tape with a white labile. On the lable in black marker it read

To Our Hero Mr. Satan

"EKKKK! OH MY GOD!" a scream eloped threw the house from the front lobby. "MOM, DAD WERE ARE YOU?" Amber recognised her daughter voice immediately

"VIDEL!" amber screamed but was relieved they hadn't gone after her again. She quickly jumped up ignoring the pain from her cut and began to run to the lobby were her daughter was. She quickly saw why she was screaming, the lobby was even worse then the hallways blood was smeared on the floor, walls, roof. Dead security guards were every were lying in a pile of there own bullet casings. There was also a large skylight added to the lobby and she could clearly see the stars and part of the moon. "Oh thank kami your all right!" she said throwing her arms around her shacking daughter.

"Were's dad?" Videl asked not seeing him anywhere and her mind immediately trailing to the worst possible answer. Amber looked stunned then remembered were he had fallen and lead her daughter to were she had last left him find the hole in the wall were he was thrown she ran to his side. He was also a blooded mess but from his unconscious winning and the rising and falling of his chest she knew he would be all right. Amber help her husband out of the wall and began to patch him up well Videl went and called 911.

Just out side of Satan city

"Fuck! I could have sworn I sensed some power levels higher then humans" Vegeta said hovering about 100 meters above the city. "which way did those weakling go" Vegeta looked rather pissed off He had rushed out toward the city three time this week already and every time he got near they ran and there ki's' just disappeared. Growling angrily he turn around and headed back home.

Satan Mansion: 4 hours later

" Hello Hercules" a man voice came from the large screen TV in the den. He looked like any one of the men that had attacked the house wearing the black ninja gi with his face completely covered. The tape they left was a message for Hercule and Amber felt sick the moment the man appeared on her TV screen.

" I'm getting very annoyed with you, I keep sending out my grunts to test just how strong you are but every time you disappoint me" the man on the screen walked over to a large oak desk and sat behind it.

"So I guess you think this is some kind of game I'm playing" The man tone turn to a pissed off one." I assure you this is not a game and if you don't stop playing around and start fighting my men then I may just have them kill you daughter" The whole Satan family along with a few of the police officer, who were viewing the tapes as well, gasped.

"And just to prove we are not bluffing, I want you to say hello to Kimberly" he said pulling a blanket that was covering the tied up and gagged young women.

"Shes a really big Hercules Fan, she volunteers at your fan club and believes your the greatest" He said stroking the girls cheek making her cry even harder then before. "She's waiting for her hero to come and save her from the evil men" he said stepping back from the women and raising his right palm towards the women, quickly a bright light formed in his palm.

"To bad he was foolish enough and decided to play games with me?" with that the ball of light grew bigger and shot out at the women. It wasn't to powerful but the women screamed a blood curdling scream and when the beam cut off and the smoke cleared there was nothing left but pieces of clothing and a small crater burnt into the cement floor. Videl had to look away as the sight turned her stomach.

"Don't Fuck with me or that will happen to your wife and daughter" That was his last words as the recording cut off leaving nothing but a digital snow storm. Everyone sat in silence for a long moment then the police offered to put them in the witness protection program but Hercule being too proud told the police that he the great Hercule would take care of his family. Videl seemed some what satisfied with her father proposal but Amber was not fooled as she showed the police the to the door.

Amber Knew that she would have to protect her family because her husband was just to stupid to admit that he was out classed and over his head. She had seen those kind of energy attacks witch her husband always refereed to as tricks before. Once at the cell games and once when she was younger and dating a rookie baseball player name Yamacha. He had mention something about a group of special forces or Z-Fighter as he called them. 'Yes!' Amber though closing the door as the police left, she would need them to help her protect her family. The Only problem would be to find these so called warriors and even harder to convince them to help her and her family when her husband claimed there technics cheap and useless tricks. That wasn't going to stop Amber Satan though she would protect her family with or without there consent.