The Bodyguard

Chapter 24: Happy Endings

It took the clearing of Mrs Satan's throat to finally drive the young Sayians eyes from the sleep girl. Finally pulling his mind back to the here and now Gohan turned to see Videl's parent standing behind him impatiently. Mrs Satan had disapproving, if fake look on her face as she stood there with her arms folded over her chest. Mr Satan seemed to be in deliberation whether to be angry or understanding of the situation. Gohan blushed wildly as he stood up, Videl still in his arms and rubbed the back of his head.

"Ha Ha well I guess she's a little tired...ha-ha" Gohan said trying to draw the attention away from his and Videl's moment. Mrs Satan walked over and ran her hand threw Videl's hair as she lay in Gohan arms asleep.

"She's pretty banged up...we should get her to a hospital" Mrs Satan said concern written all over her face. Gohan just smiled looking back down at her sleeping form.

"Nah she'll be fine...she's tough. She just needs to rest" Gohan said trying to make her mother feel more at ease. "Besides I've got something better to take care of these wounds." Gohan looked over to Mr Satan, seeing as his mind might have started to settle on angry walked over to the large man first.

"There's a dirt path just outside the gates that leads up to a hillside to the west" Gohan said handing the father his daughter back gently. Videl stirred slightly but remained in her peaceful sleep. "Just wait for me up there, okay Mr S?"

"...thank you, I mean that" It was probably the most honest and real thing Gohan had ever heard Hercule say. The man may have been a boastful, arrogant and over bearing man but he was still a father. Gohan just waved him off before stepping back and raising a hand to the wall beside where General Toe had broken threw. With a golden flash Gohan blasted a nice size hole in the wall before motioning the Satan's towards it. The sun was up now and shone through the hole like a beacon of hope.

"You're not coming with us?" Mrs Satan said dismayed.

"I've just got something to take care of her first then I'll meet ya on the hillside" Gohan explain. Mr Satan just nodded and he carried his daughter threw the hole followed by Mrs Satan. Gohan watched the hole for a few more seconds before getting to work. He quickly phased out and appeared by the much larger hole where the blast door had been. He took a hiding super soldier off guard who screamed and fell over in terror. Gohan looked down at the man with an angry glaring stare.\

"Take General Toe and tell everyone else to get as far away from here as they can...or they'll deal with me!" Was Golan's warning as he took a threatening step forward to get the man moving. The man stumbled a bit but was off running in fear. Gohan could hear him screaming at everyone to run for their lives. Satisfied with this Gohan left the building and began his search for what he was looking for. Occasionally Gohan would blow up a tank or a small building on his stroll through the base, just to get the remaining soldier up and running. Gohan began blasting his way into buildings rummaging threw offices and laboratories. He would take a few files and anything incriminating to the Red Ribbon army and thing linking them to Capsule Inc. He carefully destroyed anything related to Dr Gero so no one else could use the technology in the future. The base was empting nicely as only a few screaming and running soldier where left. Gohan emerged from the office, his evidence tucked away in his GI. He blew up a few more things just to make his point. He saw the good Doctor who had attempted to imprison him earlier in the day. Gohan just gave a little wave and a smirk to the man who was now running in fear like the rest of them. Gohan knew they would have to be rounded up later but for now this was more important.

Up at the top of the hill the Satan family had just made it to the arranged meeting spot as an exhausted Mr Satan sat down in the grass with his daughter still asleep in his arms. They looked down at the base which looked really tiny from the hillside. They could see the occasional thing explode now and again and soldier spreading out in all direction fleeing those explosions. Mr Satan, feeling Videl stir in his arms looked down to see Vide begin to open her eyes.

"Hey daddy" was Videl weak and groggy voice as she smiled up at her father who had such a worried look on his face. "Did we win?" To this Mr Satan just smiled even harder at his daughter, she knew she had.

"How are you feeling sweetie?" Mrs Satan said placing her hand on her daughter forehead.

"Like I just got hit by a bus" Videl giggled a little but it came out as more of a groan. She was exhausted and soar all over but she never felt better. Videl lifted her head slightly peering around her parents. "Where's Gohan?" Videl said blushing just a little at her last memory before she slept.

"HEY! Mr and Mrs Satan" A voice yelled from above. Gohan slowly descended from the sky to land softly beside Mrs Satan. "Sorry I took so long" Gohan said scratching the back of his head and laughing. Videl with a reassuring look at her father lowered herself to her feet. She walked over to where Gohan was on her wobbly legs. The two teens just looked at each other blushing as they did. Seeing Videl wobble a little he help her to a seat in the grass before join beside her.

"So that wasn't such a choir now was it?" Gohan said looking over to Videl who just shoved him playfully.

"Speak for yourself there superman" Videl said playfully looking back down at the base they had just left. They had been through so much; it was kind of hard to believe it was over. "So what now?"

"We'll you and your folks should probably get home and gets some rest...You've been through allot" Gohan said taking and capsule from his GI sash and tossing it to Mrs Satan. "I'm just gonna stay here and cleanup" Gohan explained matter of factly. Videl just smiled looking longingly at the blue sky above her. It had been so long since she had been home, she could hardly remember it. Videl's day dreams where interrupted as she remember something.

"Hey it's over now so that means you have to spill it mister" Videl said remembering his promise. Gohan just laughed rubbing his head.

"Tell you what, I'll come and visit tonight and tell you everything. Okay?" Gohan said getting to his feet and give her a two fingered salute. "I promise" Videl was too tired to argue as she just nodded a beamed up at the man.

"I guess that'll work...but no running out on me got it" Videl explained as her mother began to help her too her feet. Gohan agreed before returning his gaze back on the base.

"Is everyone out of the base Videl?" Gohan asked already knowing the answer but just wanting to test his student one more time. Videl closed her eyes and reach out to feel for the base.

"Nope it's completely deserted...why?" Videl asked as Gohan was already taking flight. He landed on a hill top just to the right of the one they had been standing on. The Satan's shared a confused glance with each other before turning their attention back to Gohan.

"What's he doing?" Mrs Satan asked as Gohan began to stretched his arms out before bring them together in front of him. His palms facing towards the base, his hands cupped as if holding a ball.

"KAAAAAAA!" Gohan's voice echo over the hillside and threw the trees below.

"Oh Oh!" Mr Satan said to himself causing both Satan girls to look puzzled at him.

"MAAAAAAA!" Videl could feel a warm breeze pick up, coming from the direction of Gohan. She could feel the build up of KI forming inside Gohan's body.

"Get down" Mr Satan said as he pulled both his wife and daughter down as he took cover on the ground.

"Why?" Mrs Satan asked confused but still laying down on the ground with her husband and daughter.

"Monster beam" Was his reasons only creating more questions from his family.

"HAAAAAA" A blue ball of light formed in Gohan's hand as the warm breeze picked up into a steady wind.

"MAAAAAA!" The light became blinding as they had to shield their eyes from it. "HAAAAAAA!" With an explosion of raw power Gohan's attack blasted down the hill side shaking the ground as in passed. It struck with amazing force as an explosion that enveloped half the base ripped away buildings and vehicles with ease. Videl popped out from her spot under her father arms to admire the power of the technique but was quickly pulled back down by her father.

"Not done yet" Hercule said not lifting his head from its covered position. Just as he had said, the explosion had just been the power of the impact and as a blue glow escaped from every door, window and hatch on the base. The ground seemed to lift a few feet in the air as the pressure of the explosion lifted the soil itself.


The side of the mountain that the base had been built on instantly evaporated as a mushroom cloud rocked towards the sky. The ground under their feet shook violently as piece of building and rock fell all around the adjacent forests. As the cloud began to dissipate and the last of the debris settled Gohan landed beside the huddle that was the Satan family smiling down at them with a laugh. Slowly they rose from there spot on the ground and looked down in Awwh at the aftermath.

"Wow" Both Videl and her mother echo together as they couldn't take their eyes off of the gaping hole in the side of the mountain.

Once there shock had settle Gohan helped Videl and her mother into the hover car and said his goodbyes to Amber and Hercule. Videl lay in the backseat of the convertible hover car her head rested on her father's jacket.

"So I'll see you tonight right?" Videl asked a little afraid that if she left she may never see Gohan again. She was fighting sleep again because she was worried that maybe all that had happened would all be some kind of dream.

"Don't worry Videl I promise I'll come after I'm done here" Gohan said laughing. Videl summoned up a little courage and practically leaped forward kissing Gohan on the lips.

"You better" She said smiling as Gohan had turned red in the face. Gohan just nodded ignoring the look he was receiving from Mr Satan in the driver seat. Gohan watched as the car took flight and zoomed across the mountain landscape.

Several Hours later

Videls room was dark even though the sun was still up outside. The last of the sunlight seeped through the curtains only slightly. They had gotten home a couple of hours ago happy to find the house mostly repaired and only concerned house workers waiting for them. It had been a little weird at first to come back to the place where the attack had happened but the relief of being home as a family again over powered it. They had shown up to a mob of reporters at their front gate but like always her father was more than willing to entertain them well her and her mother sliped inside. There were waves of question ranging from the mysterious destruction of the base to how they managed to capture her father. Even a few about the mysterious youth they saw on T.V with her. She felt sure her father had made up a useful little lie to cover all those areas. If there was something her father could do it was making up stories. Apparently her celebrity had grown immensely in the last 24hrs and she wasn't quite sure if she like that or not. She had always tried her hardest to become an accomplished martial artist and that always came with fame. Now though it all seemed a little silly to her. She still wanted to be as strong as she could be but with people like Gohan and his friends around it seemed like the fame would just be a lie.

When she had finally made it to her bedroom her father had come in to talk with her. He had brought her mother as well and had sat them down and told them all about the Cell games. He had made it sound like it was going to rock there whole world. They had known it was not him since the beginning but when he explained the similarities between Gohan and the fighters it did open there eyes quiet a bit. Her and her mother had made sure to appear angry at the man but in truth they were both glade to have the truth out in the open. After her parents had left she was quickly able to fall asleep not even waiting for Gohan could overpower her exhaustion.

Her curtain flutter as Gohan landed softly on her window balcony pushing open the door with his KI. "Videl...Videl you awake?" He whispered into the gloom of the room. Videl immediately stirred out of her sleep a smile on her face.

"'s about time" Was Videl's groggy response. She sat up slightly as Gohan made his way over to her bedside. Gohan seemed to deliberate for a second as he began to lean into Videl before stepping back again. Then just as quickly as he had stepped back he leaned in and stole a quick kiss from Videl blushing as he stood back up. Videl just smiled back at the goofy teenager at her bed side.

"How you feeling Videl" Gohan ask with concern as he finally shook of his embarrassment.

"I'm alright...still pretty soar" Videl explained as she rubbed the purple bruise under her right eye. Gohan just smiled in an understanding manner. Gohan then made his way around to the other side of Videl's bed climbing in beside her. Videl's heart suddenly jumped wildly as she sat up quickly pulling the covers up closer over her body. When she realized Gohan was just getting comfortable atop her covers she then felt a little stupid for it all.

"Ya! that'll happen" Gohan explained as he put his hand behind his head. They both sat there silently for a few minutes before Gohan finally broke the silence. "So are you going to ask me?" Videl just looked puzzled at him for a minute. "Hey a promise is a promise!" This reminded Videl as she nearly jumped out of her bed in excitement. "I've got to go away for awhile after I leave tonight...maybe a week"

"Oh ya! I..Well...just tell me everything." Videl began but she remembered the hesitation he had shown before and had second thoughts. "Only if you want to though...I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to"

"No...No it's fine. I think I'm ready to tell you all about my self...just don't be too weirded out...okay?" Gohan said making Videl even more excited. "Now where to start..." Gohan said as he fluffed Videl's pillow and made her lay back down well he began to tell his story.

Videl would later kick herself but she fell asleep before Gohan could finish his story. She heard about the Alien race of warriors the Sayian and that Gohan's father was one of them along with Bulma's husband. All about Vegeta and his plan to destroy the earth. He explained about being kidnapped first by Radits and then by Piccolo who was also an alien. It all seemed so unbelievable but the way Gohan told it, she had no doubt it was true. She would later remember just pieces about someone named Freeza and all about his father becoming a Super Sayian. Vaguely she remembered him, talking about some kind of magical balls or something like that. She didn't remember him talking about Cell at all or the kiss he had stolen when he had left that night. She would have to make him tell it again later.

While Videl was still laying a sleep in her bed early the next morning Gohan had gathered up his friends and the cleanup had begun.

In the forest just a couple of miles East of where Gohan had blown up the base a few soldiers where running through the bush in panic. One screaming at the top his lungs as he kept looking over his shoulder in fear. Out of the tree line came a blur of green as a hand snaked its way through the tree tops. It shot down in a flash and grabbed the back of the collar of one of the soldiers lifting him off his feet. The man began to scream but the green hand started to retract like a tape measure throwing him against a tree as it did. Piccolo dropped from the tree line in front of the other soldiers who just fell and began to cry in fear. Piccolo just looked a little annoyed as he added the two soldiers to the pile he had flung over his shoulder. He stood there for a moment scanning his environment before taking to the air in search of more targets.

At the same time Yamacha and Krillen where landing in the backyard of Capsule corp. there arms full of soldier as well. Inside Bulma's father was tinkering away on one of the soldiers. Deactivating all of their enhancements so they couldn't use them against anyone else. There were at least a hundred soldiers unwillingly waiting in line for their turn to be re-humanized as they had begun to call it.

"Fuck this! You can't make me do this!" One soldier yelled as you took off down a hallway. Mr Breifs paid little attention how ever for as soon as he had left they could all hear a scream and a thud. Shortly after Android 18 came walking into the room dragging the unconscious soldier behind her. The rest looked on in terror and sat there silently waiting their turn.

In East City Bulma briefs was walking in the front doors of Capsule Inc wearing a very elegant business suit. She was accompanied by several well dressed lawyers and a police escort. She walked up to the man behind a desk throwing a stack of folders onto the desk in front of him.

"You're Finished...I want all files that you stole from Capsule Corp and anything you have on the Red Ribbon army" Bulma said very authoritatively.

"I have no idea what you are talking about" The man said looking over the files that Gohan had taken from the Red Ribbon base before he destroyed it. Bulma just smile mischiefly at the man for his bad attempt at lying.

"So you're telling me there are none of those Red Ribbon soldier in this building?" Bulma said placing her hands on her hips.

"That's what I said now get out of my office or else" The man said standing up behind his desk getting into the Blue haired women's face.

"Oh Trucks dear!" Bulma called out causing Trunks and Goten to come through the door behind her. Trunks came in his arms folded over his chest giving his best Vegeta glare just like his mother had told him. Goten on the other hand, completely missing the intimidation factor just strolled behind him his hand behind his head. He studied the pictures on the wall bored of the stupid building already. "Is there any super soldier's in the building Hun?"

"Ya" was Trunks sort answer a little embarrassed at his mother use of the word 'Hun'. Bulma just looked back at the man smiling making sure to make eye contact with the man.

"For every soldier you guys bring back to me I'll buy you 2 toys" Bulma explained causing Goten to break out of his trance with excitement.

"Really!" Goten said before closing his eye for a moment concentrating on the soldier KI. "I'm going to catch them all!" Goten cheered as he easily smashed his way through a wall on the other side of the office.

"Hey that's not fair you got a head start!" Trunks yelled forgetting his tough guys act. He jumped threw the other side wall and began smashing his way around the building. To the horror of the man behind the desk he could hear wall after wall being smashed down as the boys began to round up the super soldier hidden in the building.

"Hey I've got one!" Goten yelled out happily.

"There's more upstairs!" Trunks said jumping threw the ceiling and onto the next floor.

"I'm going to get all of the Mega Robots for this one!"

"No fair that's what I was going to get!" Bulma just smiled down at the man as he sat back down in h is chair defeated.

That night in a clearing out in the woods where a large bonfire light up the night sky. Around it stood a couple of hundred soldiers cheering in unison. One stood atop a military jeep yelling to the crowd.

"THE GENERAL IS GONE BUT THAT DOSEN'T MEAN WE JUST PACK UP AND GO HOME" The man atop the jeep yelled out pumping his fist in the air as he did.

"NOOOO!" The whole group cheered in unison.





"We'll aren't we the loud one this late at night?" Came a voice from the darkness just to the left of the elected leader

"Who's there?" The man said in a scared childlike manner. Slowly a figure began to appear just on the edge of the fires light.

"Were going to play a little game" Vegeta's black spiky hair broke into the light first followed by his face which held an evil grin on it. He held a fist in the palm of his hand cracking it as he strolled his way towards the group of soldiers. "Try to make it entertaining for me or else...I'll be very upset with you all" Vegeta grinned standing before the hundreds of soldiers.

"GET HIM!" was the first and last word the soldier said that night. The forested mountain terrain was filled with the screams and pleas of hundreds of men before it once again fell silent just as quickly as it had started.

3 Weeks Later

Videl sat in class bored, just vaguely listening to her English teacher spouting off about something or another. It had been 3 weeks since Gohan had left her room that night. She couldn't stand the waiting anymore. He had said it would only take a week or so but now she was beginning to worry. Would she ever see him again? Did he really want to? Maybe he had just been doing a good dead by helping her all this time and now he was out saving some other girls. That last though defiantly made Videl mad and she wasn't denying the reason for it anymore. S he loved him and there time apart was killing her.

"Hey Videl can I borrow your pencil?" Erasa said breaking her out of her trance. Videl just nodded handing it over, not like she was using it anyway. The idea of being back at school was a little crazy after all that had happened to her. At first everyone one was clapping and praising her for her accomplishments. Reports where all over the place asking about her experience but slowly things went back to same old same old. It wasn't the same however for her though. She had been through so much and she knew so much more about the world.


This time it was the bell that brought her out of her trance as her and Erasa made their way to their next class. She sat down vaguely hearing Erasa talk about clothes or something. Lisa and Lime both looked on knowingly, Videl had been distracted the last couple of days and they all knew why.

"Okay class today we have a new student to introduce to you today" The teacher explained thought Videl hadn't heard a word of it. She just kept on stewing in her own uncertainty.

"We'll come on boy introduce you're self already" The teacher said annoyed, wanting to get back to his lectures. Again Videl heard nothing but a single word brought her crashing back to reality. To her left she heard Lisa practically whispered to herself.

"Gohan...?" Videl eyes snapped forward in an instant. There he was the single thought that had been on her mind for the last couple weeks. Gohan stood next to the teacher looking nervously around the room before locking eyes with Videl. He was wearing red pants and a black vest that was completely out of place on the young man. Videl wasn't sure when she had stood up or when she had started in a desperate dash towards Gohan. She didn't so much as drop the books in her hand it was more liek she just let go of them as papers and pens cascading to the ground and out of her way. She had wanted to be angry with him for not coming back when he had said he would. She wanted to play it cool and not to come on so quickly but now all that was gone. She continued her desperate dash towards him, as if she didn't get there soon enough he would be gone again.

"Hey Vid..." Gohan began but Videl had already leaped forwards jumping into his arms. She wrapped her legs around him and buried her lips into his in desperation. Her heart leaped and her body flushed as she finally got what she had been wanting for so long. Gohan was wide eyed at fist but soon closed his eye and ran his hands through Videl's hair. They both stayed like that for quite awhile ignoring the childish Owwwws and Ahhhhhhs from the class around them.

"Well I was going to get Angela to show Mr Son around but I'm guessing you can do that for him, Videl" The teacher said as both teens finally broke apart and stared at each other longingly.

"I think I can do that" Videl said mischieflly as she never broke eye contact with the boy. Gohan just smiled back eagerly.

"So this is high school huh?" Gohan said looking over to Videl's friends grinning. "I think I'm going to like high school!"