I kept seeing all the ClaireBender stories and decided to make one for a OTP of mine. :P

muse: Arms by Christina Perri

i. Sunday

I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart
But you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start
You put your arms around me
And I believe that it's easier for you to let me go
You put your arms around me and I'm home

The phone didn't ring.

Not once.

She tried to pretend that she wasn't hopelessly waiting for him to call her like he said he would before his dad honked the horn for the last time. Busying herself with things to do – all of which somehow revolved around the phone in the living room – all day to keep herself occupied so she didn't focus on the phone, on Andrew. When her mother asked what she was doing, she insisted that she was only sitting on the couch (right next to the phone to be the first one to answer it incase he called) to do some light reading.

He's going to call… she told herself again and again as she sat on the couch, watching old re-runs of I Love Lucy and M*A*S*H to pass the time. He's only busy – he might even be grounded. She wanted to snort at that: kids like Andrew Clarke don't get grounded the same as regular kids like her do. They get a slap on the wrist and a little, "don't do it again", then sent off to do whatever.

She continuously lied to herself with excuses that were slowly growing more feeble as the day passed and her mother called her for lunch, then for dinner, then her father turned the channel to watch some stupid game show, then when her mother told her to get ready for bed because there was school tomorrow, and she missed to much of it already.

Gulping down the last of what remained of her desert, she imagined that it was Andrew's head she was stabbing each time the fork make a squelching sound as it sliced through the apple crumble and against the porcelain plate.

He was just like all those other stupid jerks that taunted and teased her at school. Let's try and get a rile out of Alison, she mocked in her mind, losing her appetite completely. Her chest hurt (not due to Andrew; chest pains had nothing to do with him) and her throat was getting tight. She swallowed the last bit of apple crumble down with a harsh gulp.

She wasn't going to waste her time on some stupid boy.